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You need the most durable BJJ gi because weak flimsy gis can’t keep up with your pressure, am I right?

In this article I share which BJJ gis are the most durable and why (spoiler: the heavyweight BJJ gis are most durable, because they’re heavy…)

So go ahead and choose one of the most durable BJJ gis from my list below

A BJJ gi that ripped right through the collar!

Origin gis are built in America and built to last

And ‘The Path’ is their strongest, yet breathable, BJJ gi due to a unique weave technique

The Gold BJJ Valiant is a durable medium heavyweight BJJ gi

It’s 550 gsm (grams per square meter), which is the heaviest gi I still consider practical for BJJ

So I think this is the most durable ‘real’ BJJ gi

Read Valiant Review

If you want the most durable gi ever, look no further: the Tatami ‘The Tank’ is 950 gsm which is extremely heavy

Read Tatami Review

What makes a BJJ gi durable?

What makes a BJJ gi durable?

There are a few things that make a BJJ gi durable

Material: A BJJ gi made of durable material will last longer than one made of less durable material

(But most gis are made of cotton, which is a strong fabric, so you don’t have to worry about this one too much )Weave: A BJJ gi with gold or pearl weave stitching is more durable than one with a traditional weak single weave and a double weave is stronger than single weave

(But most single weave gis nowadays are at least pearl weave, and double weaves are more for judo gis because it makes the gi very stiff – so basically you don’t have to worry about this )Reinforced stitching: A durable BJJ needs reinforced stitching at the key areas that break most often in a gi, such as around the collar, the armpit and under the kneesWeight: A heavier BJJ gi is more durable than a lighter one

This is actually the most important factor for a durable BJJ gi, which is why I’ll recommend several heavyweight BJJ gis in this article

The Most Durable BJJ Gi

The Most Durable BJJ Gi

Let me tell you about the most durable BJJ gis

Most of these are heavyweight gis, but I also put in the most durable gis among the lighter weight options

GiWeightDurabilityGold BJJ Valiant (shop this gi)550 gsmVery highOrigin the Path (shop this gi)unknownVery highTatami ‘the Tank’ (shop this gi)950 gsmRidiculously highGold BJJ ultra strong (shop this gi)450 gsmVery highGold BJJ Aeroweave (shop this gi)270 gsmHighTable: The most durable BJJ per weight

The Gold BJJ Valiant gi is the most durable BJJ gi from Gold BJJ (a brand I really like)

The Valiant is 550 grams per square meter (gsm)

That’s 22% heavier than the standard 450 gsm BJJ gis

And this gi still has all the reinforced stichting techniques that make the other Gold BJJ models so strong

So the combination of weight and reinforced stichting very strong and I recommend it highly if you’re looking for a durable BJJ gi

Origin is the BJJ gi brand from Jocko Willink, a famous retired navy Seal (you may have heard him on the Joe Rogan podcast)

They are all about quality, and all their gis are made in America

It uses a patented new weave technique which makes it both more breathable and stronger

Buy this gi on OriginMainecom

3 Tatami ‘The Tank’ Heavyweight BJJ Gi

3 Tatami ‘The Tank’ Heavyweight BJJ Gi

The Tatami ‘the Tank’ is an ultra heavyweight BJJ gi

I’ll mention it here because it’s super durable, even though I don’t recommend that you buy it

It’s 950 grams per square meter (gsm), which makes it more than twice as heavy as normal 450 gsm BJJ gis

There are more heavy gis like this, most of them from Judo

But you should understand that Judo gis also fit much looser, so it’s less problematic that they’re so stiff

And you simply need less mobility in Judo than in BJJ

So I don’t recommend buying such a heavy BJJ gi, because they’re so stiff that you can’t move around freely

Shop this gi on Rollmorecom

4 Gold BJJ Ultra Strong Kimono

4 Gold BJJ Ultra Strong Kimono

The Gold BJJ Ultra Strong model is another durable gi from Gold BJJ

This one weighs in at 450 gsm, which is normal for BJJ gis

So it’s not quite as strong and durable as the Valiant gi I mentioned above, which is 550 gsm

But the upshot is that it’s lighter, which in my opinion makes it more comfortable

So if you want a durable BJJ gi that isn’t very heavy, I recommend this one

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is actually a lightweight gi, which automatically makes it not the most durable BJJ gi out there

But I want to mention it because of the lightweight gis, it’s the most durable one

I’m a huge fan of lightweight gis myself, because they’re very comfortable and they keep you cool during rolling, which is important for your cardio

So if you want a durable BJJ gi, but you also want it to be lightweight, I recommend this one

How to maintain a durable bjj gi?

How to maintain a durable bjj gi?

You can make your BJJ gi more durable by treating it well

Here are some things that you do that affect how durable a BJJ gi is:

If you have multiple gis that you rotate they will last much longer than when you always use the same one

Washing your BJJ gi in cold water and hanging it to dry will make it last longer than washing it in hot water and putting it in the dryerWhat you wash it with

Washing your BJJ gi with a mild detergent will make it last longer than washing it with a harsh detergent

Where is my BJJ gi most likely to break?

Where is my BJJ gi most likely to break?

A BJJ gi commonly breaks around the areas that receive the moest stress, which are the ares around the collars, the armpit and the knees

Collars: The collar areas on your BJJ gi can rip because people are always yanking on your collarsArmpit: The armpits of your kimono can rip because they strech out a lot when you move your arm (this is also a problem for normal clothes)Knees: The knees of your BJJ gi pants are oftern worn down gradually because you sit on your knees a lot, and then eventually they rip when someone makes a grip on your pant legs

A BJJ gi that ripped at the knees (very common)

That’s why gis with reinforced stichting in strategic areas are much more durable than gis without it

What’s the heaviest BJJ gi?

What’s the heaviest BJJ gi?

The heaviest BJJ gi I ever saw is the Keiko Gold Weave Kimono at 1000 grams per square meter (gsm)

Runner up heavyweight gis are the Tatami Tank and the Panda Armor at 950 gsm

And I’m sure there are some Judo gis that are even heavier

Are you ready for a more premium BJJ gi?

It’s a natural progression for BJJ practitioners to start out with a basic gi when they’re a beginner, and then graduate into more and more high end jiu jitsu gis as they become more advanced

In this post I give you some options for what I think are the best premium BJJ gi options

Origin is known for producing the highest quality BJJ gis

All of their gi’s are made in America and this DNA Atleta competition gi is their most popular model

Read DNA Atleta Review

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is a premium BJJ gi for an affordable price

It’s very lightweight and comfortable but also very strong and durable

Read Aeroweave Review

Shogun makes BJJ gis with beautiful Samurai inspired artwork on the inside

Read Shogun Tao Review

BJJ GiWhat makes it premium?Origin DNA Atleta (shop this gi on OriginMaine)High quality, made in USAGold BJJ Aeroweave (shop this gi on Amazon)Ultra lightweightShogun Tao (shop this gi on Amazon)Fancy design (beautiful)Gold BJJ Ultra Strong (shop this gi on Amazon)Extra strong, gold weaveGold BJJ Valiant (shop this gi on Amazon)22% thicker than normalShoyoRollLimited edition, aestheticsSanabul NASA (shop this gi on Amazon)Fancy design (is it beautiful? )

The Best Premium BJJ Gis

The Best Premium BJJ Gis

1 Origin Comp DNA Atleta

1 Origin Comp DNA Atleta

Origin is the leading producer of premium BJJ gis and the competition DNA Atleta gi is their most popular product

All Origin products are made in America and they stand for quality above all

The gis aren’t fancy but have a clean and classic design

2 Gold BJJ Aeroweave

2 Gold BJJ Aeroweave

2 Gold BJJ Aeroweave

2 Gold BJJ Aeroweave

2 Gold BJJ Aeroweave

2 Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is a lightweight premium jiu jitsu gi

It’s the lightest BJJ gi ever made, but it’s also very strong due to strategic reinforced stiching

It looks great, it’s super comfortable and it’s surprisingly affordable

The Shogun Tao is a premium design BJJ gi

It has beautiful Japanese inspired artwork and I think it looks very cool

It’s a nice touch because it makes you gi much cooler, without doing away with the classic look of the gi while you wear ir

4 Gold BJJ Ultra Strong gi

4 Gold BJJ Ultra Strong gi

The Gold BJJ Ultra strong gi is a premium quality BJJ gi

It’s 450 grams per square meter (which is a standard weight for gi’s) but with an extra strong gold weave

And the gold logo looks really classy

5 Gold BJJ Valiant Gi

5 Gold BJJ Valiant Gi

5 Gold BJJ Valiant Gi

5 Gold BJJ Valiant Gi

5 Gold BJJ Valiant Gi

5 Gold BJJ Valiant Gi

The Valiant gi is the heaviest gi from Gold BJJ

Coming in at 550 gsm compared to the normal 450 gsm it’s 22% heavier than normal gis

Gold BJJ puts this forward as a good competition gi – but keep in mind that you’ll have to weigh in wearing this monster of a gi!

6 Shoyoroll BJJ Gi

6 Shoyoroll BJJ Gi

Shoyoroll is a limited edition luxury BJJ gi brand

They’re famous for colabs with high profile athletes and them make extremely high end, expensive BJJ gis

I do like Shoyoroll, but it’s hard for me to recommend them, because Shoyoroll gis are always out of stock

And they work with drops so if you read this post a 2 months after I wrote it, their product line might be completely different already

The Sanabul Nasa gi is a limited edition BJJ gi (it might be sold out when you read this)

It’s definitely a fancy BJJ gi

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

*SelectLightweightNormalDo you want a classic looking gi or a fashion gi?

*SelectLightweightNormalDo you want a classic looking gi or a fashion gi?

*SelectI want a cheap giI can spend a bit more money to get a better giRecommend the perfect gi for me

*SelectI want a cheap giI can spend a bit more money to get a better giRecommend the perfect gi for me

Also read: The ultimate BJJ gi buyer’s guide

Also read: The ultimate BJJ gi buyer’s guide

My top picks for: Beginner gis | Premium gis | Gi brands | Cheap gis | Lightweight gis | Gis for skinny guys | Gis for big guys | Durable gis

My top picks for: Beginner gis | Premium gis | Gi brands | Cheap gis | Lightweight gis | Gis for skinny guys | Gis for big guys | Durable gis

What Do I Need a Premium BJJ Gi for?

What Do I Need a Premium BJJ Gi for?

There’s a few reasons why you might want to upgrade to a more premium high end BJJ gi as you get further into the journey

One reason to buy a more premium BJJ gi is because they look better

Some common design features of premium BJJ gis are uncommon gi color, cool patches, and art on the inside of the gi jacket

But also you just avoid a ‘cheap’ look that some lower end gis have

Another common reason to buy a premium gi is if you have to do a weight cut for competition

In that case you want a gi that’s as light as possible for your weight cut, and as strong as possible so that it survives the competition

And the combination of lightweight + strong comes at a premium price

(Also check my guide on the best lightweight BJJ gis if you’re interested in this )

Some gis even use anti-gripping technology to help competitors in their matches

They do this by using a different weave for the collars and sleeves that is harder to get a grip on than the standard weave

People that are very tall and skinny or very short and sturdy often don’t get a nice fit in the regular gi sizes

Fortunately, the major brands are now putting out more gis for uncommon body types

But extreme cases still need to get a gi from a brand that specializes in their body type

(Check my guide on the best BJJ gis for tall and skinny guys if this is your situation )

One of the main advantages of premium BJJ gis is that they last way longer

They’re often thicker overall, and also add extra padding and stitches on critical pressure points, such as on the knees (did you ever notice that your gi pants always rip right below your knees? )

Some gis are even dual weave, which means that for example the top half of the jacket is made thicker than the bottom half, to make it strong where necessary while keeping it light overall

Obviously, this is a hassle to make for the manufacturer, which is why these types of gis are more expensive as well

Learn BJJ much faster

Why are BJJ gis so expensive?

Why are BJJ gis so expensive?

There’s plenty of cheap BJJ gis out there, but the best premium BJJ gis are more expensive for a good reason

They’re made to last longer, to look better, to compete in or for uncommon body types

These specializes BJJ gis are harder to make and therefore more expensive

Spread the loveWatching the professionals may get us excited, but there are a lot of things to learn before diving deep into a martial art like the Brazilian Jiu-JitsuIt is a tough discipline that requires control of mind, body, and the use of proper gear for training sessionsWe’re here to help you with that last part

Today, we’ll review the following equipment to find the best BJJ Gi for youKeep in mind that finding the perfect size and comfortable fit may take some time

Don’t get frustrated if you continue to stumble onto Gis that aren’t compatible with your bodyWith that warning in mind, now we can continue with the article to learn what makes a top-quality BJJ GiThings to Consider before Buying a BJJ and Jiu-Jitsu GiWhat are some essential features to consider?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to find your perfect BJJ Gi;MaterialsCommonly, most Gis feature cotton as their construction material

It is a type of fabric that delivers almost everything; softness, durability, and reduces impacts efficientlyCollar FillCotton for the outside, and rubber as backup

That’s the only material combination you’ll need if you want high-quality collar fill

They are light and comfortable, but also an advantage on the mat, as it makes grabbing more difficultColorsColors are essential when it comes to choosing your Gi equipment

If you want to compete, you may only use black, blue or white, as per regulations

Make sure to clear doubts with your trainerIBJJF CertificationAlso known as the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

Every BJJ Gi must meet its standards to guarantee its qualityWeave VariationsJust as if you didn’t have enough to think about before buying a Gi, there’s also the weave style, which is another feature you should keep in mind before buying a new BJJ GiThere are three types, and many more miscellaneous, so we’ll go through them briefly;Single WeaveThe standard type of weave you’ll find in a Gi Usually, these Gis are available at a reasonable price, allowing every new student to get them even with tight budgets

Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages you have to rememberSingle weave Gis are not as resilient as the other categories, but they do weigh less

When do they become necessary?These Gis are suitable for beginners and students living in hot temperatures        Double WeaveBy far, way more durable than our previous type

They are extra-thick, meaning that you’ll be able to use them when there’s a lot of pressure and abuse during your training sessionsNaturally, they are far more expensive too

But, once you consider double weave Gis will last longer, paying a little bit more is more than understandable

After all, you won’t have to buy another one in a couple of months, but in several years ahead if you care for it properlyGold WeaveHere’s the alternative when single and double weave are not enough, or for people who can’t decide between the two

This type of weave design takes the best out of both worlds, sort of speech

By doing that, the result is a strong and highly reliable Gi with a comfortable weightGold weave Gis are rather advanced equipment that requires some experience in this art

So, before making the call on this weave style, make sure to think about it for a little while

Of course, if you feel ready and have the money at hand, then, by all means, go aheadOther WeaveOf course, some brands prefer to go a different route and offer their unique takes on high-quality Gis by using new techniques

Such is the case of the ripstop, honeycomb or pearl weave, which are somewhat exclusive, and of premium qualityGi SizingGis are regularly available in sizes ranging between A0 and A6, where the first one is the smallest and the later the largest

When you’re looking for kid’s apparel, you’ll encounter Gis labeled with other lettersAlso, even when brands share the same size labels, that doesn’t mean the measurements are the same

Make sure to check the uniform thoroughly before making your final decisionOn the other hand, there are two labels that you may encounter when looking for your BJJ Gi, those are either Pre-shrunk or Shrink-to-fit

This label means that the material will not shrink after washing it

Be sure to keep track of itShrink-To-FitThese Gis continue getting smaller, and way tighter as you wash them

In due time, they will be the perfect fit for youOther Things to ConsiderHere are some other stuff worth considering when buying your BJJ Gi;SleevesThe last thing you want is having a pair of sleeves that feel saggy

Also, it is quite tough to find the right measurements, meaning that you may have to spend some more time looking at options until you find the right oneDon’t lose patience and continue researching until you find the perfect fit

You won’t regret itTrousersOddly enough, many people don’t consider the trousers while picking a Gis uniform

So, consider buying one that offers knees reinforcements to protect your joints

Ripstop 10 oz is a safe bet for most peopleDurabilityMore often than not, we underestimate the benefits of having long-lasting equipment

We choose to go for cheaper options to reduce costs when paying a little extra could be better in the long runIt is no different with Gis Even if it means investing a couple of bucks more, it is always better to have durable equipment since it allows us to get used to the fabric and make it work to our advantageHere, having pre-shrunk or shrink-to-fit Gis is a decisive factor

The first one often lasts more than the otherAs long as you take care of your BJJ Gi, it should serve you well for years to come10 Best BJJ Gi BrandsNow that you have a clearer image of what you need to consider before choosing your BJJ Gi, our next step is to review the offers available in the market

Let’s take a look at our top ten picksBy the end, you’ll have found your top BJJ Gi for your purposes1Top bjj gi Brand –Hayabusa Goorudo 30 BJJ Gi Take a moment to get a closer look at this Gi, and then ask yourself, do you need anything else?

It looks incredible, feels comfortable, and allows you to move as freely as possibleIt offers the perfect balance between weight and softness, quickly becoming the preferred choice for training and competition alikeThe performance of this uniform is possible thanks to the 550 GSM design, featuring the gold weave construction using high-quality cotton

Just like most of the other Gis here, this one reinforces stress areas and the kneesWhile most Gi pants feature ripstop 10 oz, this one offers 12 oz cotton

If an accident occurs, your limbs and joints won’t take a hard blowThere are three colors available; blue, white and black

They don’t go too far when it comes to innovative design, but they work perfectly, and that’s enough for usHighlighted Features Available in three beautiful colors; black, white, and blue Gold weave design featuring cotton material 550 GSM reinforcement for the jacket 12 oz pants with cotton2

Reevo Aerolight V2 BJJ Gi When you’re looking for innovation, there aren’t many Gis capable of offering new and improved features like our next pick

It may not seem like a big deal, but it may be a game-changer for peopleFor training sessions, it is an addition that works well for people that sweat a lot

It reduces inconveniences and frustrating moments by feeling comfortable throughout the routineFor ultimate performance, this Gi features high-quality pearl weave construction design for the jacket, which turns into a less gritty apparel when compared to other brands

It is a manufacturing choice that makes the fabric work with 450 GSM to endure the abuseThe ripstop quality is present in both items, and those are the collar and the pants

Furthermore, it also has quadruple stitching that works as an efficient reinforcement method in fragile spotsYou get everything when buying this Gi; there’s a jacket, the pants, and a sling bag unique to the brand, ReevoHighlighted Features Includes innovative features like proper tech for ventilation below the arms 450 GMS design Pearl weave construction Ripstop pants and collar3Fuji Suparaito BJJ GI — Best bjj gi for beginners It is easy to disregard this uniform under the first impression, as it doesn’t look like anything new, just the standard stuff you’ll encounter with any other brand out there

But, after trying it thanks to a recommendation from a friend, the performance was more than pleasingYes, it is a Gi that offers very standard features like basic colors in blue, white, or black

The fabric is light, and it relies on a pearl weave to work when you’re either training or in a competition

As you can see, just because it is pretty normal, it doesn’t mean the uniform is badThe jacket is pearl weave, but the pants take all the compliments because of their triple reinforcement, which only makes the ripstop even betterAs a minor but interesting observation, we have the contrast between the stitching and the background colors

And, if there’s ever any tearing, you’ll be able to figure it out and act quickly to prevent it ruins the fabric Highlighted Features Pearl weave design for the jacket Triple reinforcement on the pants High-quality stitching with contrast to the fabric Available in three colors4SHOGUN Jiu Jitsu Gi — Best lightweight bjj gi What we have here is an ultra-light Gi available in three colors; black, blue, and white

Inside, you’ll find a beautiful drawing that matches well with any style even though not many people may be a fan of itThe Gi is equipment made from 450 GSM and a combination of pearl weave with cotton for the jacket

Furthermore, the woven tape works as reinforcement for the jacket’s bottom, right at the base, and the sleeve cuffs tooFor the pants, the brand uses the sturdiness that only ripstop quality brings

They feel comfortable, tightly fit, and since it also includes cotton, it is capable of lasting a long time as wellAlmost everyone gets a chance to wear this Gi for their training

It also counts with IBJJF certification as a clear sign of qualityWhen you get the uniform out of the bag, don’t let the unpleasant smell put you off

Wash it, and it will go offHighlighted Features Lightweight 450 GSM Pearl weave Durable cotton construction Available in different sizes, from A0 to A55

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Like most of the Gis included on this list, this one is also available in the familiar colors; black, blue, and white

Each one features gold weave, which provides an outstanding feel on the skin, and more durability to withstand both the abuse and the test of timeAfter all, it is a 450 GSM fabric that gives us the best medium weight and quality weave to offer

Benefits like strength and durability, to name a few

When you’re wearing it, regular tasks like rolling or training become way more bearableYou also get the rashguard neck lining, ensuring an incredible performance since the moment you try the Gi on

It draws inspiration from real-life culture, creating a beautiful design that looks beautifulThe pants are 10 oz ripstop

No longer will you have to take breaks every couple of minutes to get rid of moisture or sweatFinally, the reinforced collar is yet another element worth pointing outHighlighted Features Gold weave offers many benefits such as softness and durability `Rashguard neck lining Ripstop pants Reinforced collar6

Sanabul Essentials V2 BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi It may take some washing cycles to get this Gi to its perfect condition

For us, the A4 version is one of the best out of any brand, as it provides a spacious room in the section near the shouldersThis Gi features the gold weave design, famously known for being two things; very comfortable, and highly durable

It uses a 400 GSM weave that combines the resistant of the double weave, and the lightweight from the standard single weaveThe pants are ultra-light, combined with breathable cotton to handle the sweating and water properly

If you sweat a lot, perhaps here’s the solution you needed all alongOn the other hand, the collar is stiff with reinforced quality

Also, since it has some EVA rubber, it feels strongerFinally, the rashguard neck lining, which not only does make the Gi look incredible, but also safe to wearHighlighted Features 450 GSM jacket with a gold weave design Rashguard neck lining Reinforced collar with high-quality EVA rubber Ripstop pants Ultra-light7

Hayabusa Shinju 30 Jiu Jitsu Gi One of the very first things you get to notice about this BJJ Gi is how light it is when you get it out of the package

It sure does live up to its fame from people commenting on how comfortable it is to wearUpon further inspection, the jacket is such a well-made piece of apparel that it is almost unbelievable how cheap it is

When other Gis require some washing to break and feel incredible, this one manages to provide that comfort from the first momentIts success lies entirely in the 500 GSM construction using the pearl weave style combined with cotton

Additionally, there’s a reinforced lapel and the stress areasFor the pants, the manufacturer uses ripstop 10 oz, which offers reinforcement for the knees

Because of that, both novice and professionals could make good use of the Gi, taking advantage of all of its benefitsAfter washing, the Gi may shrink a little, but not too much to make it uncomfortable Highlighted Features Resistant materials that feel light 500 GSM jacket with pearl weave design Reinforced lapel and knees areas Ripstop pants It shrinks, but not too much8

Mamba Martial Arts BJJ Gi Here’s the most interesting BJJ Gi we have on this list, for better and worse

Fortunately, this equipment offers more benefits than disadvantages, so that’s one less concern for you, my friendIt is a BJJ Gi that looks and feels right from the moment you get it out of the packageAfter trying it on a 5’6” person with 145lbs, it is almost as if it was intended specifically for those body dimensions

It is something we appreciate since it is not always you find a matching Gi for people of this heightEven when many Gis look awful after washing, that’s not the case with this one

It manages to remain both incredibly good-looking and lightweight tooThere’s a built-in neck rashguard as well

It is comfortable from the moment you wear it, up until you take it off

You will also enjoy it if you like to wear your uniform without a shirt below

Hey, we’re not judging here!This equipment is, for many reasons, one of the best fitting Gis the market has to offer to usHighlighted Features Pre-shrunk design Athletic style 400 GSM with pearl weave Collar created with EVA foam Ripstop pants9

Fuji BJJ Gi This mid-weight BJJ Gi offers a sturdy and thick collar which, combined with multiple reinforcement features thoroughly, ensures that it fits your body comfortably during the most intense training or for grappling techniquesCertified as top-quality IBJJF equipment, every single item in this uniform offers a comfortable wear

The premium cotton combination is also pretty durable when compared to other Gis, which gives you a better idea about why we included it here on our listAlso, the BJJ Gi is very reliable, considering its low price

The pant waist, in particular, is one of our favorites as it fits perfectlyNow, once you get to inspect the pants, you may find that they are a bit too large

It may not be an issue for everyone, but if it turns into a problem for you, know that you can solve it by shrinking the fabric through a couple of washing sessionsA seemingly impossible issue to fix is the shoulders size, though

High-quality material at a low price The waist on the pants fit perfectly Mid-weight Thicker collar Reinforcement for the stress points10

Elite Sports Ultra-Light BJJ Gi We’re finishing up our reviews with a no shrinking Gi It features pre-shrunk material, so there won’t be any reason for you to worry about whether or not it will fit you in a couple of months

Regardless of how regularly you wash the fabric, it maintains its shape and size tooIt counts with IBJJF’s approval as the ultimate sign of quality

Better yet, you can find it in different sizes available for both men and women between 18 and 55 years old

For color variety, there are seven options you can choose varying between black, blue, green, grey, navy, pink, and whiteSomething this Gi does right is the capacity to repel unpleasant smells

It does it through the anti-odor tech to disperse the sweatingBoth the ripstop pants and the beautiful top jacket feel comfortable and make us look dominant on the matIncluded with the purchase, you get a free belt

Starting in any new martial arts is expensive for some people, so we can appreciate it when the brands are thoughtful with little details like this oneHighlighted Features Pre-shrunk materials IBJJF certified Available in different colors and many sizes Suitable for both males and females Includes a free belt Anti-odorBJJ Weight GuideAre you confused about the Gis weight?

Here’s our brief guide to understand them better;Ultra-light GisThese are the lightest type of Gis you can find, and they are better suited for regions with humid weather because they are not a burden, and the material is breathable, which is yet another benefit under warm temperaturesUltra-light Gis feature special weaves for more durability while requiring less material

You can use these during weighing when your body is near the weight limitHybrid GisEvery Gis that falls into this category is a mixture of the lightness provided by ultra-light materials and the many benefits provided by heavier gear, such as being thick without feeling like a burdenYou can use the hybrid light Gis for both competitions and trainingMidweightThe equipment in this category is quite similar to the previous in terms of lightness and durabilityHowever, they have a better performance with noticeable improvements like materials of higher quality, such as; super-soft cotton, the weaves are thicker but remain light, better embroidery, and stitchingHeavyweightTo create these Gis, manufacturers use more materials, which consequently translates into more weight over your body when you’re wearing it

With Gis under this category, you’ll have a double-weave style for a thicker apparelSince there is more material involved, the price could be higher when compared to the other categoriesOf course, not everything is bad, as you get many benefits in return

For instance, the Gis are far more durable, giving you reliable gear for years to come

It also makes it harder for the adversaries to grab you, so there’s that tooBJJ Gi HistoryEveryone training in Jiu Jitsu arts are well aware of what a Gi is, but do you know how they came to be?Its origin traces back over a decade ago, in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan

There, the Judo legend named Jigoro Kano took notice of how the routinary equipment was not what he envisioned for his studentsHe wanted something else; he needed a uniform to withstand the pressure and intensity during every sessionDrawing inspiration from a traditional Japanese outfit like the Kimono, Mr Kano had an epiphany; he had found what he was looking for, and so he began his task of creating proper uniforms for those practicing JudoOriginally created using heavy cotton material, Jigoro Kano had designed the very first Gi uniform

Later on, as decades passed, the outfit would expand everywhere in Japanese martial arts, and it was perfectHow to Fit Perfect Gi FitHaving the perfect Gi could be complicated because you’ll want it to fit not too tightly, but enough so it doesn’t feel too saggy either

Once you find that perfect balance in-between, you’ve hit the jackpotHere we give you some quick checking you must do to see if the equipment fits youThe TrousersBefore putting on your jacket, you need to check on the trousers first

In case there’s shrinking, you’ll still have enough fabric to fitNext, do some testing; move around and lift your knees to check there isn’t too much drag

Then, give it a little pull to make it fit comfortably over the chest without extra fabric getting in the way

Do a quick inspection to confirm it falls slightly below your waist, meeting the low side of your backThe Sleeve’s LengthPull the jacket down once again to set it perfectly straight, and continue by sticking your arms out

Tug the sleeves to its maximum range, and point your wrist up with your fingers all upHere, the backside of your hand, right where it meets the wrist, should touch the cuffs, but just a little bit

That way, in the future, when it shrinks, it’ll have the perfect lengthThe sleeves should never go beyond your fingers’ jointThe Thumb TestIt is nothing complicated; set your arms down, thumbs up, and start lifting your arms bending the elbow joint allowing your thumbs to touch the shouldersMovement TestsPull your chest out, raise both arms above the head, and do many movements to check the jacket doesn’t come out of the belt

Also, wearing this uniform is a way to honor the first Jiu-Jitsu practitioners2

How many Gis do I need?The standard amount of Gis to have would be two

But not all of them are cheap, and we often don’t have the luxury to invest in many uniforms3

Should I consider buying crossover Gis?A crossover Gi refers to Aikido, Judo, and sometimes Sambo Gis They’re all efficient for their purposes, but they fall short when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu

For instance, they are not as durable4

For starters, you have to remember the size may vary between brands, but the regular measurements usually range between A0 to A6

Consult with the manufacturer to find the perfect fit5

Is color important in Gis?Yes, they are important

There are regulations for competition that only allow the use of certain colors, which are white, blue, and black

For training, the rules are more flexible, but you need to check with the trainer either wayConclusionWith the best BJJ Gi, every student has the right tools to become the master in due time

Consider all of your options to find one that fits, and then you’ll be ready to start putting the hard work in the training sessionsYou may likeHow to Train Like A Professional MMA fighter?

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