140+ Really Hard Trivia Questions and Answers

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What’s more, they make for excellent ice breaker questionsSo, what are you waiting for?

Pour yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee to wake up those brain cells, and let’s get started!Hard Trivia Video139 Best Hard Trivia Questions and Answers – Test your knowledge

Watch this video on YouTubeContentsRandomFor AdultsFunFunnyFor KidsHistoryThanksgivingHard but EasyChristmasBibleHalloween80sAnimalBarMusicMovieHow16 Best Hard Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Falaq LazuardiWe like to start things with a bang, so let’s begin with our favorite hard trivia questions1

What’s the Loudest Animal on Earth?Show AnswerAnswerThe sperm whaleMore InformationThe sperm whale’s calls can reach up to 230 dB

What Are Baby Owls Called?Show AnswerAnswerOwlets or nestlingsMore InformationOwlets like to explore their surroundings and can often be spotted around and under their home nest

What’s the Only Kind of Parrot That Can’t Fly?Show AnswerAnswerThe KakapoMore InformationKakapos use their wings for balance, support, and to parachute to the forest floor, but they can’t fly5

Which Colors Do Colorblind People Have Trouble Distinguishing?Show AnswerAnswerRed and greenMore InformationPeople with normal vision can see up to 1 million distinct shades

Colorblind people, however, can see as few as 10 thousand colors or just 1% of the normal rangevia: Unsplash / Robert Katzki6

The Thermometer Was Invented by Who?Show AnswerAnswerGalileo GalileiMore InformationIn 1596, Galileo invented the thermoscope, an instrument that could indicate temperature differences (but not measure different temperatures)

Which Asian Country Fought in 7 of the Deadliest Wars in Human History?Show AnswerAnswerChinaMore InformationChina fought in WW2, the Taiping rebellion, the Qing Conquest of the Ming Dynasty, the Mongol Conquest, the Lushan Rebellion, the Dungan Revolt, and the Conquests of Timur10

Which Is the Only Country Which Sports the Bible on Its Flag?Show AnswerAnswerDominican RepublicMore InformationThe country’s flag features the Bible that is said to be opened to John 8:32 which reads, “And the truth shall make you free”via: Unsplash / Alex Grodkiewicz11

Which Country Consumes the Most Chocolate per Capita?Show AnswerAnswerSwitzerlandMore InformationIn 2017, the Swiss people consumed 194 lbs

In Which Country Does It Lie?Show AnswerAnswerArgentinaMore InformationNot only is Aconcagua the highest mountain in the Americas, but it’s also the highest mountain outside Asia, with a summit elevation of 22,837 ft (6,9608 meters)14

What City Elected Sadiq Khan, Its First Mayor from an Ethnic Minority, in 2016?Show AnswerAnswerLondon, EnglandMore InformationMr Khan was born to a working-class British Pakistani familyvia: Unsplash / Arnaud Jaegers16

What Indian Mausoleum Was Called a “Teardrop… on the Cheek of Time”?Show AnswerAnswerThe Taj MahalMore InformationThe Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan of the Mughal dynasty in memory of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal who died in childbirth12 Hard Random Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Priscilla Du PreezIf you really want to make an impression on people, you should try some of our truly random trivia questions and answers at your next social event

Which English City Was Once Known as Duroliponte?Show AnswerAnswerCambridgeMore InformationDuroliponte was a small town in Roman Britannia20

Who Won the First Football World Cup, and What Year Was It?Show AnswerAnswerUruguay, in 1930More InformationUruguay also hosted the championshipvia: Unsplash / Fauzan Saari21

What Singer Staged a Comeback with The Emancipation of Mimi, the Second-Best-Selling Album Worldwide in 2005?Show AnswerAnswerMariah CareyMore Information“Mimi” was Carey’s real-life nickname22

Which Fashion House Is Behind the Perfume Light Blue?Show AnswerAnswerDolce & GabbanaMore InformationThe signature fragrance was inspired by Sicily and took over two years to perfect25

What’s the Oldest Continuously Inhabited City in the World?Show AnswerAnswerDamascus, SyriaMore InformationDamascus boasts archeological evidence of human habitation dating back at least 11,000 yearsvia: Unsplash / Michael Behrens26

Humphrey Bogart Won His Only Oscar for What Motion Picture?Show AnswerAnswerThe African QueenMore InformationThe film also stars Hollywood’s mega-star Katharine Hepburn and is set in German East Africa on the eve of World War I27

What Geothermal Icelandic Site Has the Same Name as a 1980 Movie?Show AnswerAnswerThe Blue LagoonMore InformationThe Blue Lagoon is actually man-made

The water comes from the neighboring geothermal power plant Svartsengi8 Hard Trivia Questions for Adultsvia: Unsplash / YTCountIf you are going to a grown-up social event, you might need some trivia questions for adults29

Which Country Has the Most Fresh Water?Show AnswerAnswerBrazilMore InformationBrazil boasts the world’s largest renewable water resources or nearly twice as much as Russia and 12–16% of the total global supply30

What Nickname Was Given to the Serial Killer Jack the Ripper?Show AnswerAnswerThe Whitechapel MurdererMore InformationMost of his murders were committed in London’s Whitechapel district32

What Did the Romans Use as Mouthwash?Show AnswerAnswerUrineMore InformationUrine is high in ammonia, which is a powerful cleansing agent

How Many Earths Could Fit Inside the Sun?Show AnswerAnswer13 millionMore InformationYet, the Sun is an average-sized star

Some stars are up to 100 times larger

What’s the Smallest Bone in the Human Body?Show AnswerAnswerStapesMore InformationIt’s located in the middle ear and measures just 011’’ x 019’’ (3 x 5 mm) in size35

Where in the Human Body Would You Find the Medulla Oblongata?Show AnswerAnswerIn the brainMore InformationThe medulla oblongata is responsible for involuntary functions such as vomiting and sneezingvia: Unsplash / Guillaume Issaly36

You’re Most Likely to Find It in Which Country?Show AnswerAnswerFinlandMore InformationSahti also has a slight banana taste due to the use of baking yeast8 Hard Fun Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Ben McLeodAre you in the mood for fun trivia questions that are also great brain-twisters?

The Vatican Bank Has the Only ATM in the World That Allows Users to Do What?Show AnswerAnswerCarry out transactions in LatinMore InformationThe Vatican is doing its best to keep Latin relevant

What Language Has the Most Words?Show AnswerAnswerEnglishMore InformationThe Oxford English Dictionary has more than 200,000 words

That’s due to its high sugar content, low pH, and the bees’ nearly-magical honey-making processvia: Unsplash / Tamas Pap41

On Which Planet Is a Year Longer Than a Day?Show AnswerAnswerVenusMore InformationIt takes 243 Earth days for Venus to complete one full rotation on its axis and 225 Earth days for it to go around the Sun42

Which Country Should You Visit to Spot a Wild Platypus?Show AnswerAnswerAustraliaMore InformationThe platypus is an egg-laying mammal that is only found in eastern Australia and Tasmania43

The “Tina” in Tina Fey Is Short for What Name?Show AnswerAnswerStamatinaMore InformationThe name is of Italian origin and means “this morning”44

In Swedish, a Skvader Is a Rabbit with What Unusual Feature?Show AnswerAnswerWingsMore InformationThe skvader is a fictional creature

It was constructed in 1918 by the Swedish taxidermist Rudolf Granberg and has the forequarters and hindlegs of a hare and the wings, back, and tail of a wood grouse3 Hard Funny Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Joe CiciarelliIf you want to have some giggles, funny trivia questions are the way to go45

At the time, it was widely believed that the devil could cause gastro-intestinal disorders47

What Movie Star Uses His Middle Initial, B, for “Bakari,” to Avoid Confusion with a Retired Basketball Star?Show AnswerAnswerMichael B

Jordan is best known for his roles in Black Panther (2018) and Creed (2015)11 Hard Trivia for Kidsvia: Unsplash / RachelIf you will be around kids anytime soon, it’s always a good idea to have some trivia for kids handy to keep them happy and entertained48

Which Beans Did Mexicans Once Use as Payment for Goods and Services?Show AnswerAnswerCocoa BeansMore InformationThe Maya used cocoa beans as currency and to make a bitter drink called Xocoatl (that was nothing like the hot chocolate we know and love today)via: Pexels / Viktor Smith51

The Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty?Show AnswerAnswerThe Eiffel TowerMore InformationThe Eiffel Tower is 106272 ft (342 m) tall, while the Statue of Liberty stands at 30504 ft (93 m) only52

What Does the Richter Scale Measure?Show AnswerAnswerThe magnitude of earthquakesMore InformationThe scale was developed by Charles F

The Statue of Liberty Was Gifted to the United States by Which Country?Show AnswerAnswerFranceMore InformationThe people of France gifted the Statue of Liberty to the US in commemoration of the alliance of the two countries during the American Revolution54

How Many Stars Are on the National Flag of the USA?Show AnswerAnswer50 starsMore InformationThe 50 stars represent the 50 states, and the 13 stripes represent the 13 colonies that declared independence from Britain and became the first US statesvia: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska56

Which Disney Princess Had Two Stepsisters, Anastasia And Drizella?Show AnswerAnswerCinderellaMore InformationThe evil stepmother was called Lady Tremaine57

K RowlingMore InformationThe prequel is set three years before Harry’s birth

What Princess Was Traditionally Called Badr Al-Budur Before Disney Renamed Her?Show AnswerAnswerJasmineMore InformationBadr Al-Budur means “full moon of full moons” in Arabic9 Hard History Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / AksonAre you a history buff?

If that’s a yes, you should love our history trivia questions!59

What Was the First Film Directed by a Woman to Gross Over $100 Million at the Box Office?Show AnswerAnswerBigMore InformationBig (1988) was directed by Penny Marshall

It stars Tom Hanks in the role of a young boy wishes “to be big” and magically becomes an adult overnight60

What Nation Celebrates Its Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1898?Show AnswerAnswerThe PhilippinesMore InformationThe Republic of the Philippines was part of the Spanish Empire from 1565 to 1898via: Unsplash / Vernon Raineil Cenzon61

Kersti Kaljulaid Was 46 Years Old When She Became the Youngest President Ever Elected to Lead Which Country?Show AnswerAnswerEstoniaMore InformationMs Kaljulaid has been in office since 10 October 2016

What Was the First American Prime-Time Network TV Drama Since the 1970s to Star a Black Woman as the Lead Character?Show AnswerAnswerScandalMore InformationIn Scandal, Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, an ex-media consultant to the President of the United States and a head of a crisis management firm63

The World’s Oldest Known Musical Instruments Are 42,000-Year-Old Flutes Made from Bird Bone and the Ivory of What Mammal?Show AnswerAnswerMammothMore InformationThe flutes were found in a cave in southern Germany64

Shostakovich’s Symphony No 7 Is a Musical Tribute to Which Battle of World War 2?Show AnswerAnswerThe 900-Day Siege of LeningradMore InformationShostakovich composed and microfilmed the score in the USSR in 1941 and had it smuggled to New York via Tehran and Cairo

The symphony was broadcast in the US on July 19, 1942 and quickly became a symbol of resistance to fascism, with Time magazine even placing Shostakovich on its cover65

Who Was the Youngest British Prime Minister?Show AnswerAnswerWilliam Pitt the YoungerMore InformationIn 1783, he became the youngest prime minister of Great Britain at the age of 24via: Unsplash / Roberto Catarinicchia66

Queen Mary Tudor of England Is Better Known to History by What Name?Show AnswerAnswerBloody MaryMore InformationIn the span of just five years, Mary had more than 280 religious dissenters burned at the stake — hence the graphic nickname6 Hard Thanksgiving Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / AntennaTime flies fast, so you might want to prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving with our Thanksgiving trivia questions68

Which Native American Tribe Took Part in the First Thanksgiving Feast?Show AnswerAnswerWampanoagMore InformationThe Wampanoag lived in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts at the turn of the 17th century69

Which of the Founding Fathers Thought the Turkey Would Be a Better National Symbol Than the Bald Eagle?Show AnswerAnswerBenjamin FranklinMore InformationFranklin thought the eagle “a bird of bad moral character” because it stole food from the fishing hawk70

Is It the Female or the Male Turkeys That Gobble?Show AnswerAnswerThe maleMore InformationFemale turkeys cacklevia: Unsplash / Mikkel Bergmann71

When Is Canada’s Thanksgiving?Show AnswerAnswerThe second Monday of OctoberMore InformationThe holiday celebrates the harvest and blessings of the past yearvia: Unsplash / Samantha Gades72

In What Century Were the First Pumpkin Pies Made?Show AnswerAnswerThe 17th centuryMore InformationThe first pumpkin pies were made by filling a hollowed-out pumpkin shell with honey, milk, and spices, and baking it in hot ashes73

In What Year Did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Take Place?Show AnswerAnswer1924More InformationThe annual Thanksgiving parade in New York City is the world’s largest5 Hard but Can Be Easy Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Tyler NixEveryone can handle easy trivia questions

Which Country’s Flag Features an Eagle Eating a Snake?Show AnswerAnswerMexicoMore InformationThe coat of arms comes from an Aztec legend, according to which the gods told them to build a city where they saw an eagle eating a serpent5 Hard Christmas Trivia Questionsvia: Pexels / fauxelsThe holiday season comes every year, so it won’t hurt to have a few Christmas trivia questions ready79

When Did the North American Aerospace Defense Command Start Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve?Show AnswerAnswer1955More InformationThe tradition started after a child phoned the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD), believing she was calling Santa Clausvia: Unsplash / Lynda Hinton81

Who Did the German Nazi Regime Replace Santa Claus With?Show AnswerAnswerOdinMore InformationThe Nazis claimed that Santa was a Christian take on the Germanic god Odin82

Whose Team Lost a Christmas-Decorating Contest When She Was an Inmate at Alderson?Show AnswerAnswerMartha StewartMore InformationStewart and her stockbroker were convicted of lying about why she unloaded shares in 2001 just before the price dropped5 Hard Bible Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Greyson JoralemonIf you are into Bible studies, you might enjoy our Bible trivia questions84

HD 140283 Is One of the Most Ancient Known Stars, at Over 135 Billion Years Old It Also Has What Biblical Name?Show AnswerAnswerMethuselahMore InformationMethuselah was the son of Enoch, the grandfather of Noah — and was said to have lived to 96985

The Apostle Paul Was Called by Jesus on the Road to Which City?Show AnswerAnswerDamascusMore InformationPaul was sent from Jerusalem to Damascus to find and arrest followers of Jesusvia: Unsplash / jhudel baguio86

What Relationship Was Lot to Abraham?Show AnswerAnswerHis nephewMore InformationLot escaped the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, but his wife didn’t — she turned into a pillar of salt5 Hard Halloween Triviavia: Unsplash / Daniel LincolnHow about some Halloween trivia to wrap things up?89

What Was Bram Stoker’s Original Name for Dracula?Show AnswerAnswerCount WampyrMore InformationStoker stumbled upon the name Dracula in his research on Romanian history, and replaced the name that he had originally intended to give his charactervia: Unsplash / Dorothea OLDANI91

In What Country Was the Phrase “Trick or Treat” First Used?Show AnswerAnswerCanadaMore InformationThe first recorded use of the term was in 1927 in Lethbridge, Alberta92

When People Go House to House While “Souling”, What Do They Ask For?Show AnswerAnswerSoul cakesMore InformationThese small round cakes are made to commemorate the dead on Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day93

The winner in the game would be the next one allowed to marry8 Hard 80s Trivia Questions and Answersvia: Unsplash / Brett JordanWere you alive in the 80s?

Let’s see if you can manage our extra-hard 80s trivia questions and answers!94

Which singer was killed by his father in 1984?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Marvin GayeMore InformationHis father shot him in a heated argument95

What was the best-selling single of the decade in the UK?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band AidMore InformationIt sold a million copies in its first week alone!via: Unsplash / blocks96

Which singer was killed by a fan in New York on December 8?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: John LennonMore InformationThe killer, Mark Chapman, was angered by Lennon’s statements about God97

What is Bono’s real name?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Paul David HewsonMore InformationHe earned his stage name as a teenager in Ireland, where he became known as Bono Vox of O’Connell Street98

Which movie character uttered the phrase that sums up the go-go 80s: “Greed is good”?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Gordon GekkoMore InformationMichael Douglas received an Academy Award for his portrayal of the infamous Wall Street character99

Who was the first woman in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Aretha FranklinMore InformationIt wasn’t that long ago: it happened in 1987100

Who won the 1981 Grammy for Record of the Year?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Christopher Cross for “Sailing “More InformationThe song became a precursor of the yacht rock genrevia: Unsplash / Ryan Clark101

What color is Gargamel’s robe in the Smurfs?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: BlackMore InformationSmurf is derived from “schtroumpf”, a word that Smurfs’ creator and Belgian comics artist Peyo invented when he couldn’t remember the word… “salt “102

Which Texas town was Jessica McClure, the baby in the well, from?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: MidlandMore InformationIt took rescuers 56 hours to free her from the 22-feet-deep well12 Hard Animal Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Anastasia UlyanovaCalling all animal lovers: do you think you can handle our super-hard animal trivia questions?103

What is the only mammal capable of true flight?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: BatMore InformationThere is more to bats than deadly viruses104

What is the fastest-flying bird?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Peregrine falconMore InformationIt is the fastest animal, period

A newborn kangaroo is about the size of what?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Lima beanMore InformationOr 02 to 09 inchesvia: Unsplash / Fidel Fernando106

What’s the smallest mammal?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Bumblebee batMore InformationIt doesn’t grow longer than 130 inches107

How far away can a wolf smell its prey?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: 175 milesMore InformationSo better be careful when walking in the woods!108

What is the most poisonous spider?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Brazilian wandering spiderMore InformationFortunately, there is an effective anti-venom109

How big is the largest-known ant colony?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: 3,700 milesMore InformationIt spans northern Italy and southern France and reaches the Spanish Atlantic coast110

Which organ accounts for up to 30% of a shark’s body mass?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Its liverMore InformationAnd around 90% of it is pure, liquid fatvia: Unsplash / Nariman Mesharrafa111

How often does a giant panda poop each day?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: 40 timesMore InformationPandas consume 26–84 pounds of bamboo daily, so it has to go somewhere112

What color is spider blood?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: BlueMore InformationThat’s due to the presence of hemocyanin in spider lymph113

What is the primary purpose of a kangaroo tail?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: PropulsionMore InformationA kangaroo’s tail works much like a third leg114

What is the only dog that can’t bark?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: BasenjiMore InformationBasenjis are not mute, though: they make a sound that’s something like a chortle meets yodel7 Hard Bar Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / CrewReady to level up your bar game?

Hard bar trivia questions are just the thing you need115

Where in the human body is the medulla oblongata located?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: In the brainMore InformationThe medulla oblongata is a stem-like structure that makes up part of the brainstem

Barani, Rudolph, and Randolph are techniques in which sport?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: TrampoliningMore InformationIt is much harder than it seems!117

Which gas is formed when a hydrogen bomb is detonated?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: HeliumMore InformationThat process is knowns as thermonuclear fusion118

In which country does it lie?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: ArgentinaMore InformationIt is 22,837 ft high!119

In which 31 BC sea battle did Octavian defeat Mark Antony?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: ActiumMore InformationThat marked the death of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire120

Where would you find an oxbow lake?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: On a meandering riverMore InformationThese U-shaped lakes are created when a wide meander is cut off121

How many legs do lobsters have?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: TenMore InformationTechnically, they have two claws and eight walking legs8 Hard Music Trivia Questions and Answersvia: Unsplash / Lilibeth Bustos LinaresLet’s turn the volume up with these hard music trivia questions and answers!122

Named after the Greek God of wind, this musical instrument is played by passing an air current over its strings

What is it?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Aeolian harpMore InformationIt’s played only by the wind!

What was the first single she released after bagging the crown?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: “A Moment Like This “More InformationIt broke the record for the biggest leap on the Billboard Hot 100, jumping from #52 to #1 in a single week124

Who is the artist who sings ‘Beauty School Dropout’ in the movie Grease?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Frankie AvalonMore InformationHe played the role of the Teen Angel, a phantom teen idol who only appears once in the musical125

Which superstar married Sean Penn in 1985?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: MadonnaMore InformationThey divorced in 1989126

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure organized Live Aid Which two bands did they front?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Ultravox and The Boomtown RatsMore InformationNearly 40% of the world’s population watched the live broadcast127

Which dance band released their debut album, Experience, in 1992?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: The ProdigyMore InformationTogether with Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy pioneered the big beat genre128

Which word links the titles of singles by Marcy Playground, Salt-N-Pepa, and Color Me Badd?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: SexMore InformationIt features in “Sex and Candy,” “Let’s Talk About Sex,” and “I Wanna Sex You Up “129

Which dance act had hits with “You’ve Got The Power” and “Rhythm is a Dancer”?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Snap!More InformationThe German Eurodance group was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt10 Hard Movie Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Austin DistelWhere’s your popcorn?

You’ll need some brain food to answer our extra-difficult movie trivia questions!130

In Black Panther, T’Challa is the king of what nation?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: WakandaMore InformationIt is a fictional country in sub-Saharan Africa131

The Wind Rises is set in which country?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: JapanMore InformationThis animated film recounts the fictionalized biography of Jiro Horikoshi, who designed the WWII fighter aircrafts Mitsubishi A5M and A6M Zero132

Who played the wife of Goose in Top Gun?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Meg RyanMore InformationShe was only 25 at the time133

The tagline “Justice has its price” comes from which 1998 movie?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: A Civil ActionMore InformationIt starred John Travolta and Robert Duvall134

How does Zorin die in the James Bond film A View To A Kill?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Falls to his deathMore InformationZorin, the antihero, planned to destroy the Silicon Valley135

What was Harrison Ford’s first credited feature film?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: A Time for KillingMore InformationThe 1967 Western follows the shenanigans of a group of Confederate soldiers on the run, unaware that the war is over136

“Fear takes flight” is the tagline for what 2005 film?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Red EyeMore InformationThe story follows a hotel manager who gets involved in a terrorist plot while aboard a Miami-bound night flight137

In which 2000 movie did George Clooney play Captain Billy Tyne?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: The Perfect StormMore InformationThe film tells the story of a real-life fishing vessel that was lost at sea in the Perfect Storm of 1991138

Which US city does Crash depict?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: LAMore InformationCrash explores the racial and social tensions in the City of Angels139

What is Superman’s real name?View AnswerAnswerAnswer: Kal ElMore InformationAlso known as The Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton, The Man of Tomorrow, and moreHow to Pick the Hardest Trivia Questionsvia: Unsplash / Austin DistelLast but not least, here are a few tried-and-tested tips on how to pick the best trivia prompts1

Don’t Go Easy on Peoplevia: Unsplash / Nadine ShaabanaHard trivia questions are supposed to be hard

Don’t ask questions that are too basic or common knowledge2

Double-Check Your Factsvia: Pexels / PixabayIf you are going to be impressing people with facts, make sure that you have them 100% right3

Be Ready to Answer Questionsvia: Unsplash / Johan GodínezYour conversation partners may have excellent trivia too — so give them a chance to ask you a question or two as wellDownloadable and Printable List of Hard Trivia QuestionsHere is a downloadable and printable list of hard trivia questions (right click the image and select Save Image As):via: MantelligenceMore Awesome Ice Breaker Games And Questions To AskWant more?Check out the benefits of trivia questionsPlay our fun ice breaker games at your next partyRead our selection of would you rather questionsDon’t forget our most likely to questionsChallenge your friends and family to a game of never have I everIn ConclusionHard trivia questions make for excellent ice breaker questions

So, you might want to add them to your collection of questions to ask for the next time you find yourself in need of a conversation topic

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