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If you love having lots of room to stretch out, or if you simply need a roomy RV to accommodate your large family, you may be wondering what are some of the largest 6 to 8 camper vans?

Right from the start, the Grand Design Solitude 380FL is a true behemoth that offers a lot of space, while still being surprisingly easy to tow.

Although it’s certainly not the only large turntable trailer worth considering.

Grand Design Solitude 380FL Fifth Wheel RV 2.

Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV 4.

Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT – DSO FAQ How big of a pickup do I need to pull a large turntable?

Conclusion 5 Greatest Flip Top Campers On The Market Of course, finding a great flip top is easy, but finding one that’s well worth the money requires a little more discerning eyes.

We also took time to think about specialty needs while reviewing the best large turntable strollers, to meet the needs of large families and people with their own niche interests.

Here are five of the largest turntables on the market that work well for larger families: Grand Design Solitude 380FL Fifth Wheel RVKeystone Fuzion 419 Fifth Wheel RVEclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RVKeystone Montana 3763BP RV Fifth-Wheeled River Ceek Edition 35LFT – DSO 1.

Grand Design Solitude 380FL Fifth Wheel RV GVWR of 16,800 lbs. Payload capacity of 1,934 lbs.

93 Gallon Fresh Water Capacity 106 Gallon Black Water Capacity 106 Gallon Gray Water Capacity Sleeps up to 6 The Grand Design Solitude 380FL is a truly huge tipping tipper with a gross weight of 16,800 lbs.

It’s even more impressive when you’re parked and extend the five extendable sections to further maximize interior living space.

Families with teenagers will appreciate the fact that the master suite is located in the back with its own entertainment center.

The living room with secondary sleeping space is up forward, with the galley amidships.

Behind the master bedroom with its queen size bed is a huge bathroom space with a combination tub and shower as well as large amounts of closet storage.

The kitchen accommodates an additional toilet space to keep the master bathroom as private as possible.

2. Keystone Fuzion 419 Fifth Wheel RV Dry Weight 13,646GVWR 16,230Length 44’Sleeps up to 8 peopleTotal fresh water capacity of 106 gallonsTotal gray water capacity of up to 88 gallonsTotal black water capacity of up to 44 gallons The Keystone Fuz floor plan includes a 419 toy transport garage that measures in at a an impressive 15 feet tall.

Of course, with a gross weight of over 16,000 pounds, you’re going to need a really sturdy tow vehicle to pull this leviathan on the road.

With the toys laid out, you can turn the garage into a spacious second living room, complete with its own entertainment center, sofas and a sleeper.

It’s a great way to give your teenagers their own place to hang out without them dominating the large living room and kitchen in the middle of the ship.

The master suite of the Keystone Fuzion 419 is conveniently located at the front of the fifth wheel toy dumper.

This gives you plenty of distance from the noise of the rear garage area without sacrificing comfortable living space.

The master suite has a queen size bed as standard but can easily be upgraded to a king.

3. Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV Length of 44′ 5″ GVWR of 19,000 Total fresh water capacity of 150 gallons Total gray water capacity of up to 50 gallons Total black water capacity of up to 50 gallons Sleeps up to 4 people that it only holds up to 4 people , but it weighs 19,000 pounds.The Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR is a giant fifth-wheel toy dumper for small families who love a lot of elbow room.

Even the rear garage flows through into the main living area to give it a cavernous feel.

An example of this is the 34-foot open span from the back door of the toy hauler garage to the counter in the open concept living room and kitchen.

The main living area then steps up to the truly king-size master suite at the front of the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR.

It comes with a king size bed as standard as well as plenty of storage and an impressively large full master bathroom. If there’s one potential minor complaint with this big five-wheeled toy wagon, it’s that there’s only one bathroom.

Which is a bit strange when you consider the enormous capacity of the 150 liter fresh water tank.

Most turntable trailers this large with storage tanks this large have two bathrooms to provide separate space for the kids.

Although this is not a problem at all if you are a traveling couple or a small family who are used to sharing bathroom space in the morning.

4. Keystone Montana 3763BP Fifth-Wheel RV Length of 41 feet Dry weight of 14,218 lbs. Payload capacity of 2,852 lbs. GVWR of 16,980 lbs. Total fresh water capacity of 66 gallons Total gray water capacity of 4 88 gallons to a total of 88 gallons of black water capacity. 6 person Keystone Montana 3763BP is a large turntable that really knows how to spread its wings with five extendable sections.

It is also a good option for small to medium sized families who love to cook and gather in the kitchen.

However, this is a bit of a problem for a turntable this big, when you consider the large master bathroom in the back of the camper.

The master suite even comes with washer and dryer setup so you can keep your clothes clean during long vacations, without wasting a lot of time in RV parks.

5. Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT – DSO Length of 40′ 11” Dry Weight of 13,324 lbs. GVWR of 16,050 lbs. 69 gallon total fresh water capacity 80 gallon total gray water capacity 40 gallon total black water capacity to sleep 7 people Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT – The DSO is a large 40 foot turntable with an impressive bunk above the rear office area.

It’s a great turntable for a traveling family that still needs to get some work done while on the road.

The large living room and kitchen are part of a flow-through concept at midships.

The master suite on the front of the Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT – DSO is nothing short of impressive.

It has a king-size bed as standard, as well as its own entertainment centre.

The master bathroom is also impressively large and has a walk-in shower.

Frequently Asked Questions How big a truck do I need to haul a large turntable?

A one-ton pickup truck is ideal for pulling a large turntable.

Especially if you’re looking to take it boondocking on rough roads, or if you like to camp in the mountains and need a tow vehicle with the power to pull a really massive trailer up some potentially steep slopes.

Just like motorhomes, turntable trailers will suffer some steep depreciation.

Conclusion Large tipper trailers offer the luxury and living space of a Class A motorhome while still allowing you to disconnect from your tow vehicle to explore the surrounding area.

This makes them a great option for families who want to maintain a home base with plenty of room for the family, while still being able to explore, without always having to break camp.

The best large convertible stroller that is right for your family depends on how you like to travel as well as the number of heads you need to sleep.

If you have a large family, with teenagers in tow, and you want to take your ATVs or other toys with you, the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR may be the best large turntable stroller for the money.

It lets you take your toys with you, and then you can turn the garage into a functional living space that keeps the kids out of your hair while still being under the same roof.

If your family loves to boondock off the grid, the Grand Design Solitude 380FL may be the best large turntable trailer for you.

If you love strollers and elbow room is a priority, chances are the best large stroller for your family can be found somewhere on this list.

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