5 Large RVs That Are Ready for Your Next Adventure

An RV can come in almost any size and for any budget.

A large RV can be made for the budget-conscious, while another of the same size could be made for those with richer tastes.

Then there are the special RVs that pull out all the stops.

For example, the five luxury RVs below are among the largest ever made and have features that will blow your mind.

Prevost Marathon Coach

The Prevost Marathon RV is built on a bus chassis and is available in several plans.

A lounge area, pull-out beds and kitchen fill the space with high-end materials.

The one in the video below is a 2018 model that has not just one bathroom, but two.

Marathon coaches have been likened to a five-star hotel that you take with you.

The Newman King Aire RV is even bigger than the aforementioned Marathon.

It exists solely to represent the crown jewel of luxury travel.

The 2017 model in the video below has tons of space that includes sliders, a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and his and her sinks in the bathroom.

Element Palace

Palazzo has no traditional style.

The RV also has a cocktail bar, master bedroom, heated floor, outdoor grill station and is 45 feet long.

Will Smith’s custom RV

Actor Will Smith is one of the highest paid talents in Hollywood.

So he created a custom RV to meet his needs when he was filming and to rent when he wasn’t.

It is a transformative two-story luxury residential and office combination that has over 1,200 square feet of living space.

It is pulled by a semi-tractor.

Motorcycle trailer RVs are a thing

The strong trainer

Last on the list of the biggest RVs ever is the Powerhouse Coach.

It is custom made and stretches 122 feet long.

It is so long that it is split into two separate RV cabins.

Although it doesn’t have many of the luxury finishes, its size alone is enough to surprise.

Each of these RVs easily goes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

Their size is impressive.

Their luxurious touches are impressive.

Overall, the ability of these giants to bring the best of travel to your doorstep is amazing.

Indeed, they are among the biggest products, but also the best for going glamping.

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