7 Items That Weigh One Kilogram

There are many common factors that weigh one kilogram You can make some comparisons of the things you find in your daily life For example, one kilogram is about the same as 22 pounds So, you can learn about this measure while shopping at the supermarket Let’s make a list of common items that weigh one kilogram or close to it

ItemWeight (kg)
One liter of vegetable oil096
6 bags of sugar1
6 medium-sized apples1
7 chicken pieces095
7 bags of rice1
10-inch stainless steel pans1
1 bottle of water1
2 pineapples1
2 packets of ground beef1
1 bunch of sweet potatoes1
1 small computer1

One liter of vegetable oil

Oil is lighter than water If one liter of vegetable oil is measured, it is close to one kilogram The oil depends on the amount estimated at about 096 kg/liter A bag of sugar

Sugar is another simple example that is easily available A typical bag of sugar weighs about 1kg or about two pounds If you take a cube or a teaspoon of sugar, it is 4 grams 6 Average Size of Apple

In this tutorial, we will use an apple of medium size You can take six medium-sized apples to weigh 1kg If you try to weigh them, you will get about 22 pounds, equivalent to 1kg You can recognize their weight when you are in the supermarket It’s perfect for those of you who like to bite into something bad 7 Pieces of Chicken

Try to buy 1 kg of chicken feet, and you will get seven pieces The net weight is estimated at around 950 grams Uncooked rice

Uncooked rice is another ingredient that you can use for the recipe It is a food item that can be used as an uncomplicated way to determine the kilogram weight If you measure an average bag of rice, it weighs about two pounds This weight is about 1kg A toaster

A toaster is a common item that weighs one kilogram You can use it every day without knowing its weight You will find a few heavy duty toasters It was very heavy about 25 kilos So, it is about one kilogram A simple design may weigh 1 kilo 10-inch Stainless Steel Pans

However, did you realize that a 10-inch pan weighs about 1kg? Although it is very light, the weight is around 22 pounds Water Bottle

As mentioned earlier, water is dense compared to oil If you mix water with oil, you will see that the water stays on the bottom One liter of bottled water weighs about 1 kilogram At its maximum height, it is around 2205 pounds 2 Pineapples

Although larger than any other fruit, an average pineapple can weigh around 1kg Yes, it weighs about one kilogram Of course, each pineapple is a different size It depends on

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