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When it comes to epic and unnecessary feats of strength, the Millennium Dumbbell is up at the top of the list.

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The Millennium Dumbbell is an extremely impractical dumbbell that was created as a strongman challenge.

This is not a dumbbell like you’d find at your local gym, or one that really anyone in the world would use for day-to-day dumbbell only workouts.

The strongest men and women in the world have extreme difficulty picking this baby up, and the list of people who have done so one-handed is very short.

You could say it’s an extreme way of measuring your fitness level, if you can pick it up you are very strong.

While I wasn’t able to find the exact origin, the common thinking is that this name refers to it being the ultimate dumbbell and that only one of one thousand strongmen would be able to lift it.

It was introduced by strongman Steve Gardner as a step-up from the previous ultimate dumbbell, “the one-inch dumbbell”.

What Are The Weight And Dimensions Of This Monster Dumbbell?

The Millennium Dumbbell weighs in at an enormous 228lbs.

This alone is not what makes the dumbbell so hard to lift – it beats even the heavier cheap adjustable dumbbell options on the market.

For some comparison, the handle is about the size of a soda can, hands down wider than your average bar.

The larger the handle is, the harder it is to get a proper grip on it in order to lift.

To lift this dumbbell then, you not only need to have the strength to lift 228lbs off the ground with one hand but also the grip strength to support that weight with such a big handle.

If your hands are smaller (this is definitely not for youth weight lifting training, sorry kids), it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be able to get the grip needed to lift it even if you can deadlift 1000lbs on your smith machine .

Is The Millennium Dumbbell For Sale?

If you’re reading this and thinking, that would be a fun addition to that diy dumbbell rack in my backyard gym, you’re not alone.

One of the people involved in creating the dumbbell said shipping would cost around $1,000 to get this to a home or gym in the US.

That would mean having to spend more on a dumbbell than you would on some of the most budget cardio machines on the market today.

Several companies make extremely large dumbbells that are for sale like the Rogue Monsterbell, but even these fall quite short of the original design in weight and handle size.

What Is The Millennium Dumbbell Challenge?

The Millennium Dumbbell challenge is fairly straightforward.

You simply have to lift the dumbbell off the ground with one hand.

While this sounds simple, it’s only been achieved by a handful of people.

Who Has Lifted the Millennium Dumbbell?

A few of the known lifters who have completed this challenge are Laine Snook, Steve Gardner, Odd Haugen, Brian Shaw, and Joel Sword.

Laine Snook – Millennium Dumbbell Record Holder

Laine Snook is the only person to not only lift the Millennium Dumbbell, but lift two of them at once!

If you watch this video and think it doesn’t look that hard, that’s only because Laine is a monster of a man.

Joel Sward – Millennium Dumbbell Lift

Joel Sward can be seen picking up the Millennium Dumbbell here.

You can see him struggle with this dumbbell and despite his incredible strength, he cannot do a full deadlift with the weight.

Steve Gardner – Creator Of The Millennium Dumbbell

Steve Gardner brought the Millennium Dumbbell into this world and was the first person to get it off the ground.

You can see him lifting the dumbbell here.

Steve Haugen is known in the grip strength world as one of the best.

You can see Steve lifting the dumbbell off the ground here, and also the ridiculous amount of weight he’s able to grip with one hand.

You can see Brian lifting the Millennium Dumbbell here.

Keep in mind, this man has set world records for deadlifts of over 1,000lbs.

And he still struggled to lift this dumbbell.

Is It Different From The Millennium Dumbbell?

Thomas Inch, an English strongman, invented a new dumbbell to meet his desire for hard-to-lift weights.

He created a dumbbell that weighed 172lbs, with a handle diameter of close to 2.5”.

As with the Millennium Dumbbell, the handle of the Inch Dumbbell was about the size of a soda can.

While the weight of the dumbbell itself is not impossible for an intermediate to advanced lifter to pick up, the handle made it impossible for most, not to mention being able to pull off any weight exercises with this bad boy.

He held the title of “Britain’s Strongest Man” for the duration of his career, and was known around the world for his crazy feats of strength.

Thomas Inch was known to collect weights that were hard to lift, such as dumbbells with odd shapes and handle sizes.

These dumbbells proved to be a challenge for him and his muscly friends when they felt lifting normal weights just wasn’t enough exercise for their massive long head biceps and insane grip strength.

The name of the dumbbell then comes not from its handle diameter, but from its creator’s last name.

Thomas succeeded in his mission of creating a near-impossible-to-lift dumbbell.

He was one of a handful of people at the time that was able to pick it up off the ground, much less perform a full deadlift.

As long as we’re on the subject of ridiculous heavy dumbbells, let’s talk about the heaviest dumbbell in the world.

Hardest to lift, and heaviest.

What’s The Hardest-To-Lift Dumbbell In The World?

If we’re talking the hardest dumbbell in the world to lift, the Millennium Dumbbell takes the cake.

It’s only been lifted single-handedly by around 10 people based on the videos and records I was able to find.

So for the hardest to lift, this dumbbell still takes the cake due to its ridiculously large handle size.

The current record for the world’s heaviest dumbbell, purely from a weight perspective, is the 420lb dumbbell created by Furious Pete.

You can check out the video of him having this dumbbell made, and see the ridiculous proportions on his YouTube channel.

This dumbbell has a standard handle size, which makes it much, much easier to grip than the Inch Dumbbell or the Millennium Dumbbell.

With that said, it’s ridiculously heavy for a dumbbell which makes it incredibly challenging to lift.

With that said, you can see Jujimufu lift the dumbbell single-handedly.

Due to the fact that there is only one in existence, not many people have had the chance to lift this dumbbell.

I have no doubt that the people who have lifted the Millennium Dumbbell would be able to lift the 420lb dumbbell as well.

At the time this video was recorded in late 2017, Furious Pete says that no one has been able to lift it single-handedly.

I attribute this to lack of attempts by the world’s strongest men, and not due solely to its weight.

There are no videos of people like Brian Shaw, or Laine Snook attempting to lift Pete’s dumbbell.

What Exactly Is The Point Of Creating Such Heavy And Impractical Dumbbells?

These aren’t useful or practical dumbbells and are used as feats of strength.

When you’re at the top of your game in the strongman world, you start wondering how far you can push the limits of what is possible.

These dumbbells are a result of very strong men wanting a challenge, and bragging rights over their friends.

And personally, I think it’s great.

If you’ve enjoyed this article and like these crazy feats of strength, I’d recommend checking out the World’s Strongest Man competitions on YouTube (or live depending on when you’re reading this).

BWSS Adjustable Dumbbells vs Cheaper Options In 2022 (Review And Comparison)

Heavy dumbbells are great because they are the most versatile gym equipment that you can have.

However, have you ever wondered what is the heaviest dumbbell in the world and how many people can lift it?

As a whole, the heaviest dumbbell in the world weighs 420lbs (190kg) and was manufactured by Armactool Inc, a company from Ontario in 2017.

However, the dumbbell was custom-ordered by Peter Czerwinski, better known as Furious Pete, and is not available at a commercial gym.

Today I will explain what is the world’s heaviest dumbbell that the strongest man in the world would give anything to lift (anyway, read this one, you will like it).

The History Of The World’s Heaviest Dumbbell

There are several companies like Rogue or Kingsbox that specialize in creating ridiculously heavy dumbbells for powerlifters and strongmen.

Most of these dumbbells (also called monster bells) weigh between 100 to 250 lbs.

As much as 250-pound dumbbells sound impressive, this is not the heaviest dumbbell that’s ever been made.

In about 1906, the British Strongman Thomas Inch created a dumbbell that weighs 172lbs (78kg), which at the time was considered the world’s heaviest dumbbell in the world.

Inch was the only person who was able to lift this heavy iron cast off the floor.

The Inch Dumbbell has a handle with a diameter of 2.5 inches, which equates to the diameter of a can of soda, and was extremely difficult to hold.

This overly thick handle makes the Inch Dumbbell almost impossible to lift and it requires gigantic grip strength.

Over 100 years ago, Thomas Inch traveled across the world to prove that he is the only person who can lift that heavy dumbbell.

For almost 100 years, many people tried to lift this iron cast from the floor to overhead using only one hand and nobody was able to do it.

What Is The Heaviest Dumbbell In The World Today?

In general, the heaviest dumbbell in the world belongs to the Canadian competitive eater and YouTube personality, Furious Pete.

In 2017, Peter Czerwinski created a 420lbs dumbbell, which was made of two cast iron rolls that weigh over 200-pounds each, an 11-inch long metal handlebar, and a safety bolt that keeps the weight together.

According to Pete, the goal of this project was to shake up the current fitness industry and invite famous people in the powerlifting space into his gym to try to lift that dumbbell.

Pete said that he saw several fitness personalities playing around with 375lbs of dumbbells, which were just a couple of dumbbells glued together.

These types of dumbbells are heavy, but they are way too long and uncomfortable to hold.

The idea behind his 420lbs dumbbell was to create a solid weight that is shorter in length, yet much denser so it takes less space and is easier to hold with both hands.

The handle of this 420lbs monster is long enough so that people have enough space not only for a two-hand grip but also to wrap the lifting straps around the dumbbell.

How To Make The Worlds Heaviest Dumbbell

How To Make The Worlds Heaviest Dumbbell

The heaviest dumbbell in the world was manufactured in Canada by a company called Armactool, a die shop that specializes in sheet metal stamping.

The dumbbell has engraved “420” and “furious” on both sides of the weight.

According to Greg MacPherson, the owner of the Armactool, the company used over 450 pounds of steel to create this monster.

Here in the video below you can see the whole process of making the world’s heaviest dumbbell.

How Heavy Do Dumbbells Go?

Normally, dumbbells in commercial gyms usually go up to 150 pounds, depending on the type of gym.

Some powerlifting and strong man gyms that specialize in heavy weight lifting can have dumbbells up to 300 pounds.

For example, Gold’s Gym is a chain of fitness clubs that caters mainly to bodybuilders and weight lifters.

They offer dumbbells that range from 5 to 300 pounds, depending on the location.

I personally saw 300 pounds of dumbbells during my visit to the Gold’s Gym in Venice beach.

Another example is the Powerhouse Gym, which is also well-known to have a HUGE variety of equipment.

These gyms offer resistance training machines, barbells, and dumbbells that range up to 375lbs (more on that later).

On the other hand, gyms like LA Fitness or Planet Fitness have a restriction cap on how heavy dumbbells they use.

Most Planet Fitness gyms do not have barbells, squat racks, barbell pads, and heavy weights.

The heaviest dumbbells on the planet fitness are up to 80 pounds (in some locations you won’t find heavier dumbbells than 50-pounds).

The “Judgement Free” and “no intimidation” policy ensures that members do not see people lift extremely heavy weights, therefore, do not feel intimidated by them.

Learn more: Click if you wanna learn more about if planet fitness have barbell pads, check out my article here.

The heaviest dumbbells at LA fitness have around 120 pounds, and the heaviest kettlebells have around 50 pounds.

However, the weight of dumbbells is not universal for all LA fitness gyms and will depend on which location you’re in.

What Is The Maximum Dumbbell Weight In The Gym?

In general, the maximum dumbbell weight accessible in a commercial gym is 375lb and it’s available at Powerhouse Gym in Yucaipa, California.

This dumbbell is made of 36 10-pound plates (18 on each side) and a 10-pound handle that has enough space to fit both hands.

Many people visited this gym not only for training but also to see the legendary vault, the 2000-pound steel doors where the 375lbs dumbbells are stored.

Inside the vault, you can see the old-school bench, a bunch of cast iron plates, and several dumbbells, including the 375lbs beast.

Who Can Lift The Worlds Heaviest Dumbbells?

Not many people can lift the heaviest dumbbell in the world.

What Is The Heaviest Dumbbell Weight You Can Buy?

Overall, the heaviest dumbbell weight you can buy in the shops varies, depending on the type of dumbells.

For example, the heaviest adjustable dumbbells are up to 90lbs, whereas the heaviest monster balls that are sold online are up to 250-pounds.

The most popular heavy dumbbells that are used for strongman events and competitions are loadable dumbbells.

Loadable dumbbells mean you can add or reduce the amount of weight by using thin 5kg (11lbs) steel plates.

For example, Strengthshop.eu offers Monster dumbbells that weigh 35kg (77lbs) when they’re empty, and up to 105kg (231lbs) when fully loaded.

On the other hand, other brands like Watson Gym Equipment, which is based in the UK, are currently selling 150kg (330lbs) dumbbells.

This dumbbell is solid, which means you cannot regular its weight.

The price for this dumbbell (take a deep breath) is $1,810 per piece (the company offers worldwide shipping).

Overall, you can find the world’s heaviest dumbbell available to the public in the Powerhouse Gym in Yucaipa, California.

This dumbbell weighs 375lbs and is stored behind the 2000-pound vault.

Only a handful of people were able to lift it, yet, many tried.

However, the world’s heaviest dumbbell that was ever built (weighs 420 pounds) belongs to famous YouTuber, Peter Czerwinski.

Peter hosts a number of events in his gym where he invites fitness celebrities and challenges them to lift that weight off the floor.

With such a large variety of dumbbells on the market, it’s easy to become stuck in analysis paralysis when choosing the perfect dumbbells.

Because today I’ll be sharing 9 of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get to build muscle!

The heaviest adjustable dumbbells weigh 90lbs.

They commonly adjust in 2.5 to 5lbs increments and some high-end models can have up to 28 or more different weight increments in a single unit.

Adjustable weights rarely exceed 90lbs.

“The demand simply isn’t there for dumbbells that exceed 40kg (90lbs).

Additionally, weights over 40kg will put the locking mechanism under strain”Muscle Squad

So I’ve gathered 9 of the best 90lb dumbbells for you (or as close as possible anyway).

9 Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells Available1) Ironmaster Quick Lock – 165lbs.2) Bowflex SelectTech 1090 – 90lbs.3) Powerblock Pro Series – 90lbs.4) Powerblock Elite USA Series – 90lbs (MY RECOMMENDATION)5) Net Fit Boss Adjustable – 90lbs.6) DN Fitness Adjustable – 90lbs.7) Braingain Adjustable – 90lbs.8) BWSS Nuobell – 80lbs.9) Ativafit Dialtech – 71.5lbs.Which Is The Best Adjustable Dumbbell?Recap Of My Favourite Heavy Adjustable DumbbellsConclusion

9 Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells Available

ModelWeight Range# of WeightsWeight IncrementsCheapest Place To BuyIronmaster Quicklock 1654.5lb-165lb92.5-22.5lbIronmaster websiteBowflex SelectTech 109010-90lb175lbAmazonPowerblock Pro EXP 70-90 2.5lb-90lb272.5-5lbPowerblock websitePowerblock Elite USA 70-90 (MY CHOICE)2.5lb-90lb282.5-5lbAmazonNetfitboss 90 Adjustables5-90lb175lbNetfitboss websiteDN Fitness 40 Adjustables10-90lb174.5-6.5lbAmazonBraingain 40 Adjustables10-90lb174.5-6.5lbBraingain websiteBWSS Nuo 805-80lb165lbSmrtft websiteAtivafit Dialtech 71.5 Adjustable11-71.5lb175.5lbAmazon

Next, I’ll examine the pros and cons for each of these heavy-hitting dumbbells.

Being adjustable dumbbells, they all share common advantages:

Compact with a low footprint.Quick weight changes.Replaces an entire dumbbell set.Ready to use out the box.Versatile and can be used to train all muscle groups.Relatively cheap compared to a fixed-weight dumbbell set.Therefore I won’t include these in my analysis.

Note: I’ve personally used and tested some of these dumbbells and others I rely on peer review.

1) Ironmaster Quick Lock – 165lbs.

Well, that’s what the guys at Ironmaster have created- the dumbbell equivalent of the T-800.

“The worlds strongest adjustable dumbbell”Ironmaster

Not only are the Ironmaster Quick Lock 165’s extremely resilient, due to the welded steel and iron design, but they are also very heavy.

In fact, they are the heaviest adjustable dumbbells on the market (as far as I know).

The patented quick-lock screw system is a hybrid between a selectorized and spinlock adjustable mechanism.

And this allows you to quickly change weights.

Heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get.

Great if you want to lift heavy and build big muscle at home.Looks and feels like a classic dumbbell.

Solid steel with knurling (the ethcing on the handle) is a great feature for experienced lifters.Solid steel and iron construction.

Important for exercises like the dumbbell bench press where the dumbbell needs to be kicked up.Anti-roll square shape.

They are the heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get, but also cost an arm and a leg.

You can find out why adjustable dumbbells tend to be so expensive in my other article.Quick lock mechanism is not the fastest.

Dial and pin selectorized adjustable dumbbells feature quicker weight changes.Long dumbbell length.

These dumbbells are long from end-to-end and this can feel awkward for exercises like the bench press as they bump into each other.Requires math to select weight.

These don’t have weight readouts, unlike the other adjustable dumbbells which have marked readouts.You might also be interested in my other post to find out the best dumbbells for male lifters.

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review: The Lifters Choice!Watch this video on YouTube

If you want the absolute heaviest adjustable dumbbell for your home gym, then these are ideal for you.

The expansions required to take the Ironmasters to 165 pounds will cost $1477.

That’s almost double the price of the other Premium brands (Bowflex and Powerblock).

And the competitors don’t even come close when it comes to overall weight, durability, and traditional look/feel.

2) Bowflex SelectTech 1090 – 90lbs.

Bowflex is the OG of the adjustable dumbbell world.

The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 is the heaviest in the entire Bowflex adjustable dumbbell range.

It’s heavier but also more expensive than it’s little brother, the Bowflex 552 (link for my hands-on review).

They pack 17 different weights into a single 44cm x 24cm (17″ x 9″) unit.

The maximum and minimum weight is 90 pounds and 10 pounds, respectively.

Weight changes are made using the dual-dial mechanism.

Each dumbbell has 2 dials on either side controlling the weight on that particular side of the dumbbell.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single Dumbbell)

10 – 90 lbs per Adjustable Dumbbell

Anyone else think these look like a dumbbell Optimus Prime would use?!Quick weight changes.

The dial-a-weight- mechanism is quick and intuitive (great for super sets and drop sets).Anti-roll flat bottom.

Prevents a heavy dumbbell from rolling on sloped surfaces.Rounded end-caps.

They can be used to replicate all dumbbell exercises including ones that use unconventional grips (like the overhead tricep extension).Solid rotating handle with different grip choices.

You can choose to have your grip resting on a knurled or smooth surface.Dual weight adjustments on both sides of each dumbbell.

Great for exercises which benefit from an uneven weight distribution (e.g. overhead extensions where it helps to have less weight plates on the bottom side).You can check out my other article to find out what exercises you can do with Bowflex dumbbells.

Long length at lower weights.

The length of the 1090’s remains the same regardless of weight.

This can be awkward for smaller exercises such as the bicep curl.Thick handles are not liked by all.

The handle is thicker than traditional fixed-weight dumbbells and can be hard to grip at heavier weights.Rotating handles can dig into your hands.

This is especially annoying when using the heavier weight settings.Plates need to be aligned when placed into the cradle.

Otherwise the dumbbell can scratch or get stuck which can be tedious during workouts.Fragile for a heavy adjustable dumbbell.

It comes with a “do not drop” label which is something you’d expect to happen when lifting heavy dumbbells right?!You can check out my other article to find out how much the average man can dumbbell curl.

If you live in the UK- the Bowflex 1090’s are the cheapest and best adjustable dumbbells in the UK that are from the premium brands (Ironmaster, Bowflex, and Powerblock).

That’s because the Powerblock Elite series (cheapest in US) is not currently available to UK residents, and needs to be imported.

So if you’re a Brit who’s after one of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells with a strong brand name and a good price, then these are for you.

Adjustable DumbbellMax WeightUS PriceUK PriceIronmaster Quicklock 165165lb$1447£1447Powerblock Pro EXP 70-90 90lb$817£910Bowflex SelectTech 109090lb$799£750Powerblock Elite USA 70-9090lb$627£1079 (ebay)

These 90-pound adjustable dumbbells will allow you to do heavy home workouts.

I’ve personally tested these, and they are awesome for heavy compound lifting.

And the quick weight changes are great for quick workouts.

But the durability seems to be lacking when compared to the Ironmasters and Powerblocks.

You can get the Bowflex dumbbells on Amazon here.

Or you can go to my other article to find out how to get strong with just dumbbells!

3) Powerblock Pro Series – 90lbs.

Powerblock is a company that started in 1993 and they are the other OG of adjustable dumbbells.

Where Bowflex is Nike, Powerblock could be considered the Adidas of the adjustable dumbbell market.

The Powerblock Pro series weighs in at 50-pounds standard.

But you have the option to upgrade to 90-pounds with the stage 1 and stage 2 kit (both required to create 90-pound adjustable dumbbells).

It uses a pin mechanism to adjust the weight.

This replaces 28 weights you would otherwise have to purchase if you were to buy individual dumbbells.

Lowest footprint of all the adjustable dumbbells.

You can check out my other article for a full comparison between PowerBlock and Bowflex dumbbells.Great warranty and customer support.

Each dumbbell comes with a 5 year limited warranty.One of the fastest weight adjustment mechanisms.

The pin mechanism can change weight in seconds.Pin insertion makes a satisfying click noise.

To me this is a sign of good build quality.Feels very durable.

Solid construction and a flexible pin makes the unit feel like it will last.Long padded handles.

Makes these dumbbell less abrasive to the floor and other belongings.

Makes the unit feel awkward to use for people who are new to Powerblocks (find details of the differences between each model here).

These aren’t the best dumbbells for exercises such as the goblet squat and overhead tricep extension.Pin susceptible to damage.

More costly than the Bowflex 1090’s and Powerblock Elite series.Chrome tubes rattle when shaken.

The tubes allow you to make 5lb increments, but rattle inside the cavity.You can go to my other article to find out what’s considered to be heavy dumbbells here.

Powerblock PRO EXP Dumbbells Review- Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 KitsWatch this video on YouTube

I’ve personally tested the Powerblock Pro, Elite, and Bowflex 1090 series.

These are all 90lb adjustable dumbbells.

The Powerblock Pro series is the most expensive, but you don’t really get much more for the money.

All 3 are some of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can find (only the Ironmasters go heavier) and I would personally choose the other 2 dumbbells over the Powerblock Pros.

That being said, the Pro series does feel very durable.

So if you want a heavy adjustable dumbbell with a solid feel, then spend the extra cash for the Powerblock Pro’s!

You can get the Powerblocks the cheapest on their website here.

Or check out my other article for 15 reasons why adjustable dumbbells are worth the money!

4) Powerblock Elite USA Series – 90lbs (MY RECOMMENDATION)

The Powerblock Elite series is the younger brother to the Pro series (available in the US only)

The two dumbbells are very similar, only differing in build quality.

As with the older brother, the Elite series comes standard with 50-pounds which can be expanded to 90-pounds.

And just like the Pro series, the Elite’s adjust weight with a pin-selector mechanism.

POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell (2020 Model)

The Elite EXP has a weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand.

Elite EXP replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells in the space of 1.

EXP stands for expandable and the Elite EXP can be expanded later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs per hand so it can grow in weight as your needs change

Elite EXP (2020 model) has auto-lock handle feature and includes two Chrome adder weights that allow you to micro-load your weight adjustments in 2.

They have the lowest cubic volume out of all the heavy adjustable dumbbells.Weight-guide label informs you how much weight is selected.

Great for beginners to choose weight effortlessly.Flat base prevents rolling.

This makes them perfect for ground exercises like the dumbbell push-up and renegade row.Cheaper than the Powerblock Pro series.

And has a similar degree of functionality.Quiet weight changes.

Can be rested comfortably on the thighs.You can find my full hands-on PowerBlock Elite review here.

This restricts certain ways you can grip the dumbbell (like in the overhead tricep extension).Internal handle cavity is small.

Can be restrictive of you have large hands.Same issues as the Elite series.You may be interested in my other article to find out how much dumbbells should cost per pound of weight!

Gyms are CLOSED, Now What | Power Block Elite Dumbbell Review | Dad’s Home GymWatch this video on YouTube

For US residents- these are an awesome pair of 90lb adjustable dumbbells.

Having tested both the Pro and Elite, I would choose the Elite series purely because I don’t feel the extra cost of the Pro’s are justified (just my opinion).

There are other UK adjustable dumbbells you should consider instead (Bowflex 1090’s, Powerblock Pros, and budget brands).

So depending on where you are buying from, the Elites could be good or bad.

But overall, the Powerblock Elites are a great pair of 90lb dumbbells.

If you’re happy with a heavy dumbbell that’s protected by a great warranty and will get the job done, then these are for you!

You can get the cheapest Powerblock Elites price here.

If you’re from the UK, then the Powerblock Sports from Sweatband UK (you can find the full specs here) will be your best alternative.

5) Net Fit Boss Adjustable – 90lbs.

The Net Fit Boss 90’s are the flagship model from this small US retailer.

At 90 pounds, they are one of the cheapest and heaviest adjustable dumbbells on the US market.

The design itself is based on the Bowflex 1090 dumbbell.

It features 17 weights that take the dumbbell from 5 pounds all the way to 90 pounds.

And the weight is selected by a dial-mechanism just like the Bowflex.

Just a heads up: these are re-branded generic dumbbells.

This means the retailer has sourced a generic dumbbell design from China and sold it as their own.

That said, they are a great way to lift heavy weights at an affordable price.

It’s a small company but they’ve been around for a while.Great price-weight ratio.

At $3 per pound, they are one of the cheapest and heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get in America.Sleek and modern design.

Similar looks to the Bowflex 1090’s.Contoured handles with knurling.

Provides the dumbbell with comfortable lifting ergonomics.Anti-roll flat base.

Prevents the dumbbell rolling on uneven surfaces.Very cheap for 90lb adjustable dumbbells.

This is not a reputable brand like Ironmaster, Bowflex, or Powerblock.Fragile and can’t be dropped.

Just like the Bowflex’s which they are based on.1 year limited warranty.

This isn’t great for a small-time dealer with mixed reviews.Generic dumbbell.

Same design can be found from other retailers.Weight plates become easily scuffed.

These are some of the cheapest 90lb adjustable dumbbells you can buy in the US.

I’ve not personally tested them and the company themselves don’t have great reviews.

As such, I would recommend you to spend the extra $80 and go for the Powerblock Elites.

Doing this would also give you reputable customer support and a 5-year warranty from Powerblock.

Go to my other article to find out what dumbbell weight you should buy.

6) DN Fitness Adjustable – 90lbs.

The DN Fitness 40’s are the UK generic equivalent to the Nuobell 80’s (which you’ll see later are great adjustable dumbbells).

That being said, it packs a lot of features, and many dumbbells are made in China these days (even premium brands).

These are one of the more affordable and heaviest adjustable dumbbells in the UK.

They contain 17 weights which go from 10 pounds all the way to 90 pounds.

The weights are selected with a handle-turn mechanism.

Mid-range adjustable dumbbell brand.

Up to 30-50% cheaper than the premium brands but still offer some of the heaviest adjustable weights in the UK (when purchased at their current discounted price).Handle-turn mechanism is very efficient.

Makes for rapid weight changes.Great design.

Minimalistic and looks and feels like a traditional dumbbell.2 year warranty.

Not bad for a mid-range dumbbell.Great reviews.

Long length makes it awkward for some users.

Expect the dumbbells to bang into each other in exercises such as the bench press and curl.Relatively expensive when not on sale.

At £700 RRP, you could spend an extra £50 and get yourself a pair of Bowflex’s.Generic adjustable dumbbell.

I’ve not personally tested these, but the user reviews seem great.

Worth every penny if you want to train at home, all i’ve got is a bench and a set of these and I don’t need anything else.Jimmy (customer review)

If you’re looking for one of the cheaper (yet heaviest) adjustable dumbbells in the UK, then these are for you.

They go up to 90lbs just like the Powerblock and Bowflex, but at a fraction of the price.

In fact, these are some of the best UK adjustable dumbbells if you’re looking to lift heavy (and don’t mind them being rebranded generics).

You can find out how much the average man lifts on the dumbbell bench press here.

7) Braingain Adjustable – 90lbs.

The Braingain 40 adjustable is the UK equivalent of the Net Fit Boss 90 (from the US).

In fact, they are the exact same generic dumbbell sourced from China.

These are the cheapest and heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get in the UK (at 90lbs) but come with the same drawbacks as the Net Fit Boss 90.

It uses a dial-selector mechanism just like the Bowflex 1090.

Same benefits as the Net Fit Boss 90.Braingain has great customer support.

100% positive user-feedback and 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.Cheapest 90lb adjustable dumbbell in the UK.

Same drawbacks as the Net Fit Boss 90.6 month warranty is not very long.

Not many reviews mention the long-term durability of these dumbbells.

Just as with the Net Fit Boss 90’s, I’ve not personally tested these.

But the reviews are generally great (5-star rating) and they are THE cheapest and heaviest adjustable dumbbells available in the UK (as far as I know).

If you want a pair of 90lb adjustable dumbbells without forking out the cash for the premium brands, then these are for you.

8) BWSS Nuobell – 80lbs.

They aren’t the heaviest adjustable dumbbell on the market, but they have one of the fastest weight-change mechanisms out there

The weight is adjusted by a handle-twist mechanism.

It also looks and feels just like a traditional dumbbell.

Fastest weight change mechanism.

Adds up to quicker workouts.Satisfying clicking sound from weight changes.

Indicates a great build quality.Traditional dumbbell shape.

Great for exercises like the overhead tricep extension and goblet squat which requires you to hold the dumbbell using an unconventional grip.Straight knurled and steel-welded handle.

Feels like a barbell handle.80lb max capacity.

Not the heaviest, but still heavy enough for most peoples needs.Machined iron weight plates.

Long-term protection.You can check out my other post for the best dumbbells for arm workouts!

Not the heaviest adjustable dumbbell on the market.

Go for 90lb dumbbells if you need a heavier weight.Plastic connective components are susceptible to failure.

These are located on the weight plates and handle joints.High weight-cost ratio.

At $4.68 per pound, these are expensive for the weight you get.Requires proper alignment when re-inserting into the cradle.

They can damage floors and be uncomfortable on exercises like the goblet squat.Rattles when shaken.

NÜOBELL Review: the Good & the BadWatch this video on YouTube

I’ve not personally used these but overall, the reviews are positive.

If you want a sleek and well-designed dumbbell and don’t mind paying the premium for the fast weight change mechanism, the Nuobells are awesome.

In fact, the rapid weight change mechanism is their main selling point (not the weight capacity).

Adjustable DumbbellTime Required To Change From 10-90lbsNuobell<1 second (^)Powerblock2 seconds (*)Bowflex3 seconds (*)Braingain3 seconds (^)Net Fit Boss3 seconds (^)Ativafit2 seconds (*)Ironmaster9 seconds (^)* Based on personal testing / ^ based on video reviews. If on the other hand, you want the heaviest dumbbell at a reasonable price, then the Nuobells may not be suitable. At this kind of price, you can get the Bowflex, Powerblocks, and even the budget dumbbells which provide you with 90 pounds per hand. Or check out my other article for the best dumbbell exercises for skinny guys! 9) Ativafit Dialtech – 71.5lbs. But that’s more of a statement about the price of Bowflex than it is about the quality of Ativafit. And the weight is adjusted using a single dial-selector mechanism. Unlike the Bowflex, which requires you to adjust both dials, the Ativafit changes weight by turning just one dial. This makes for faster weight changes. Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbell Weights Fitness Dial Dumbbell 27.5/44/55/71.5 Lbs for Home Gym Set SPACE SAVING – One dumbbell equal to 12 different weights dumbbells, compact design save your space at home Quick Switch Weight – You can rapidly switch the weight you want in 3 seconds with a turn of a dial WIDELY APPLICATION – Multiple weight range suitable for performing basic body workouts, core fitness, strength exercises and heavy leg lifts HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Contoured, textured and soft grip handle design provides comfortable and secure grip control Mid-range company selling moderately priced heavy dumbbells. Not as premium as Bowflex or Powerblock, but still an established name.Mainly iron and steel components. These come together to form a durable dumbbell.Single dial-mechanism is fast. Leads to quicker workouts.Smooth dial changes. The mechanism feels good quality.Contoured rubber grip with knurling. Easy to grip and good for beginners (check out my beginner’s dumbbell recommendations here) who don’t like metal knurling.Compact design. An inch smaller in all dimensions compared to the Bowflex 1090’s. Long dumbbell length. Awkward to use for some exercises such as the bench press.The paint on the weight plates are prone to scratches. This switch needs to be pressed to unlock the weight change dial. So if this becomes damaged, the mechanism becomes unusable.Not the heaviest adjustable dumbbell available. Only goes up to 71.5 pounds.You can check out my other article for my best dumbbell recommendations for chest training!

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Compared To The Other Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells:

Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells Review (HOME GYM DUMBBELLS)Watch this video on YouTube

Having tested these when they first came out, I can say that the dumbbells themselves are of great build quality for the price.

They feel sturdy (more so than the Bowflex’s but less so than the Powerblocks).

So if you want a heavy adjustable dumbbell that’s slightly cheaper than the premium brands, then these are for you.

But bear in mind they aren’t the heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get, and only go up to 71.5lbs.

If they were to go up to 90lbs, they would be a great choice for most people.

In general, UK buyers should avoid these as they can currently only be imported and are pricey (go with the Bowflex, Powerblock, Braingain, or DN Fitness dumbbells instead).

You can get the cheapest Ativafit price here on Amazon.

Or find out how to get ripped with dumbbells in my other article!

Which Is The Best Adjustable Dumbbell?

It really depends on your budget and weight requirements.

Here’s how 9 of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells compare in terms of weight and price:

The 3 premium brands (Ironmaster, Bowflex, Powerblock, Nuobell) offer good design, build quality, and warranties.

But if these don’t matter to you, you can go for the budget brands (Net Fit Boss, Braingain, DN Fitness, Ativafit).

Ultimately, these are all some of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells in the US and UK.

Having researched over a dozen different models, I decided to go with the Powerblock Elites with the stage 2 addon and stage 3 addon.

They’re pricey but are also one of the best value and heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can buy.

Recap Of My Favourite Heavy Adjustable Dumbbells

DumbbellBrandDescriptionPrimeBuyTopBowflex90lb dial selectorized adjustable dumbbell to build muscle and strength at homePrimeEligibleCheck Amazon PriceTopTopPowerBlock50lb pin selectorized adjustable dumbbell to build muscle and strength at home.

DumbbellBrandDescriptionPrimeBuyTopBowflex90lb dial selectorized adjustable dumbbell to build muscle and strength at homePrimeEligibleCheck Amazon PriceTopTopPowerBlock50lb pin selectorized adjustable dumbbell to build muscle and strength at home.

Can be upgraded to 70lbs and 90lbs with stage 2 and stage 3 addon kits.PrimeEligibleCheck Amazon PriceTopAtivafit71.5lb dial selectorized adjustable dumbbell to build muscle and strength at homePrimeEligibleCheck Amazon PriceTopFlybirdAffordable weight bench to go with heavy adjustable dumbbells.

Can be upgraded to 70lbs and 90lbs with stage 2 and stage 3 addon kits.PrimeEligibleCheck Amazon PriceTopAtivafit71.5lb dial selectorized adjustable dumbbell to build muscle and strength at homePrimeEligibleCheck Amazon PriceTopFlybirdAffordable weight bench to go with heavy adjustable dumbbells.

Fully adjustable with flat/incline/decline settings and can also be folded after a workout.PrimeEligibleCheck Amazon Price

Fully adjustable with flat/incline/decline settings and can also be folded after a workout.PrimeEligibleCheck Amazon Price

Today I’ve shared 9 of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can get in the US and UK.

The heaviest adjustables on the market go up to 90lbs.

But these are are unique in that they use the patented Quick-Lock system whereas the others use a selectorized mechanism.

In general, the premium brands such as Bowflex and Powerblock are well designed, sturdy, and come with great warranties.

In contrast, budget brands such as Braingain, Net Fit Boss, and DN Fitness are cheaper yet they can still reach 90lbs.

My personal choice is the Powerblock Elites which I feel offer the best balance in price and function.

Which of these heavy adjustable dumbbells will you be choosing?

You may also be interested in the downloadable Kalibre Blueprint PDF which details exactly how I gained 40lbs of lean muscle (it’s 100% free!).

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