“American Bully Growth & Size Chart | Weight Chart”

The American Bully is a breed between the American Pitbull and the American Staffordshire Terrier and comes in four main sizes: Standard, Classic, Pocket, and XL

Keeping an American Bully size chart will ensure that your puppy’s growth is monitored to ensure that they remain at a healthy weight

American Bullies are protective and loyal dogs that make great family companions

Their size often deters people looking to adopt these dogs but with proper training and care, an American Bully is a great addition to any family

Continue reading to learn more on how you can help your American Bully maintain a healthy weight, the health conditions that may affect them, and many more!

American Bullies stop growing when they reach the age of one year

This is when they reach their adult height and weight, however, this does not mean they completely stop growing

Their muscles and bones will still develop, and they may even get slightly taller or heavier until the age of two years

Certain factors affect American Bullies’ growth, including genetics, health, nutrition, and exercise

To ensure that your Bully achieves optimal growth, ensure that you feed them a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients for growth and take them to the vet regularly for a checkup

The best way to determine the weight of your Bully at the different stages of their growth is to take them to the vet for a weigh-in or weigh them at home using your bathroom scale

You must monitor your Bully’s weight to ensure that they are not underweight or overweight as this could lead to health conditions associated with weight changes

At three months, your American Bully should weigh between 20 and 35 pounds, at 6 months they should weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, and at one year they should weigh between 55 and 75 pounds

The weight of your specific American Bully may differ from these numbers, and they could be slightly heavier or lighter

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American Bully Puppy Development Stages

This is the neonatal stage and is very crucial for the development of an American Bully Puppy

The puppy depends on the mother for warmth and food because they cannot generate their body heat

The mother’s milk provides all the nutrients the puppy needs to develop at this stage

The puppy feeds and sleeps most of the time

Because their bodies are weak at this stage, they are susceptible to worms, therefore, you should deworm them as soon as possible

Your puppy’s eyes will open, and their ears start operating, and eventually, their milk teeth will also appear and they will eat solid foods eventually

When they turn two months, your puppy needs to be vaccinated and they can be moved to their permanent homes

At 12 weeks your puppy is beginning their adolescent stage and their rate of development slows down from here

Your American Bully becomes a teenager at the age of 4 months, and they will start showing signs of dominance making it the right time to train them to reinforce positive behavior to prevent the development of undesirable ones

They become sexually mature at 6 months old, but it does not mean they should mate as they are still puppies

You can talk to your vet about spaying or neutering your puppy at this stage

At this stage, your puppy will attain their adult height and weight

They will be switching from puppy food to adult food and require to be exercised to avoid diseases such as diabetes and obesity

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Your puppy’s growth plates begin to close and harden during this time

Underweight Bullies may continue to grow until the age of 18 months while overfed dogs may stop growing as early as 10 months

As an adult, your American Bully has stopped growing; all they require is a balanced diet and good exercise to maintain a healthy weight and remain healthy

Regular visits to the vet should be included in their schedule so that any health conditions can be caught at early stages

The most common American Bullies are the standard ones

When they are fully grown, the females weigh between 40 and 60 pounds with a height of around 16 and 19 inches while the males weigh between 50 and 70 pounds with a height of about 17 and 20 inches

Figuring out how big your American Bully will get is crucial because you may not have the luxury of owning a house with a backyard or living in a big apartment that a large dog needs

Looking at the parents is one way of figuring out the future size of your Bully

Another way is to look at the paws, if they are unusually large, chances are your puppy is still growing and will be a big dog

Doing a DNA test and checking the American Bully growth chart can also help you estimate the adult size of your American Bully

American Bully Puppy Size Chart

American Bullies come in different sizes, and you should consult with your breeder or vet to know the exact size of your Bully

This is because they can provide you with more accurate information based on your puppy’s bloodline and weight chart

The different sizes of American Bullies include Standard, classic, pocket, and XL

You should remember that your puppy may not fall perfectly into one of the different sizes as they have different weights and heights

The Standard American Bully weighs between 40 and 70 pounds with a height of between 16 and 20 inches

The Classic American Bully weighs between 60 and 120 pounds and has a height of between 16 and 20 inches

The Pocket American Bully weighs between 25 and 50 pounds with a height of between 13 and 17 inches

Finally, the XL American Bully weighs between 100 and 120+ pounds with a height of around 19 to 23 inches

There is a relationship between spaying/neutering and growth

You cannot spay or neuter the puppy at two months because it is unnecessary

The best age to neuter or spay your American Bully is between four to nine months

It is at this stage that the females get their heat cycle and hence can be spayed if there are no plans of breeding them

However, waiting until your dog has stopped growing is the best time to spay or neuter your dog

Neutering or spaying can affect the growth of the American Bully if done early

American Bulldog vs American Bully size

They are often mistaken for the American Pitbull and the American Bulldog is slightly larger than the American Bully

The standard height for the male American Bully is 17 to 20 inches tall and for females 16 to 19 inches

The male American bulldog is taller and goes to a height of 20 to 28 inches and females reach 20 to 24 inches

Males American Bullies grow up to 110 pounds while American Bulldogs grow up to 120 pounds in weight

Factors That Affect American Bully Growth

The growth of your dog can be affected by genetic health problems

Hence, it is crucial to ask the breeder to look at the puppy’s parents and their health records

See also  Bull Terrier Size Chart – Growth & Weight ChartGenetics will let you know which diseases your dog is prone to or what your dog will look like as an adult

Female dogs are usually smaller than their male counterparts

It is important to feed your dog but most importantly is the type of food you feed them

Unsuitable food can cause health problems or stunt your dog’s growth

Buy your American Bully food from smaller brands with protein-based recipes

Physical activities will help in maintaining your dog’s health

Exercise helps your dog to remain at the right weight and be physically fit

The overall health of the dog is also important in the growth curve and the health problems later

How Much to Feed a Growing American Bully Puppy

When the puppy is ten months and above, should be given three to four meals a day

When the puppy is ten months and above, should be given three to four meals a day

When the puppy is ten months and above, should be given three to four meals a day

These meals combined with an active lifestyle full of activities like hiking, running, and playing games will give your American Bully a healthy life

Given the dog, one giant meal a day is not a good idea

This may lead the dog to have low blood sugar

When the time intervals are too long between the feedings it can hurt the dog

This can make the dog develop bloat which usually affects large dogs and is usually fatal at some point

How To Tell If Your American Bully Is Underweight or Overweight

When you look at your American Bully, it should have a visible tuck behind the chest cavity

The Body score is a score used to determine the ideal weight of pets and it helps determine if the dog is the right weight

American Bullies’ ideal Body Condition Score is a 3/5 or a 5/9 which indicates that they are well proportioned

American Bullies who are too thin fall under 1/5 or 1/9 while obese dogs fall under 5/5 or 9/9

Hence, the dogs that appear on either end need veterinary attention

An underweight dog has visible ribs, and a visible waist, and their tummies have ribcages

An overweight dog has no waist and no distinction between the waist and the stomach

The overweight dog also pants a lot when walking and naps more than usual

What are the most common conditions to be aware of in growing America Bully puppies?

If you are not familiar with the American Bully breed, you may get surprised when you learn that they are prone to several health issues

Understanding the health issues associated with the American Bully is important for informed decisions about their health

The following health conditions are what to look out for in the American Bullies; Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism, and common allergies like Food allergies, Environmental allergies, and Medication allergies

Do American Bullies Experience Growing Pain

Giant breeds like American Bully are prone to disorders of the bones and joints during the growing stage

The American Bullies are high pain tolerance, but they can suffer quietly hence good to be keen to be able to tell when they have any pain

When you get a puppy, track its growth by observing the body changes of the dog and learning the standard American Bully size charts

There are parameters like the age of the dog which can tell if the weight is appropriate for the puppy’s stage, but it should not be a problem if they are not identical

An overweight or obese dog shows too much fat on their ribs while an underweight dog has a visible rib cage and looks exhausted

If you notice that your dog is overweight or underweight consult a vet

Exercise your dog daily through games, runs, and hikes

See also  American Bulldog Weight Chart – Size & Growth ChartIf you have done all that and your dog is still obese, visit the vet because there could be hidden health problems

When the dog is underweight:

Check the back of the dog food because the first ingredient should be real proteins

Do not choose dog food with fillers like corn or soy or meat by-products

Provide your dog with a daily dose of vitamins, proteins, carbs, and minerals

Don’t provide your dog with kibble that has less protein content and high carb content

American bullies need puppy food in their early stages but should be moved into grown-up food after one year to aid in their weight control

Adhering to the feeding suggestion in the food you choose for your dog is vital because it can lead to obesity or other medical problems

When you find that your American Bully is overweight change the diet to low calories which has high protein and is free from carbs because they function as pointless fillers

Consider exercising your dog regularly but do not overdo it because the added weight he has can strain his joints

How To Properly Weight My American Bully

Getting an accurate measurement of your American Bully weight helps in determining its size category

The most important way to do this is by taking your dog to the vet but if you don’t have enough time to get to the vet

The following are simple ways to get the right measurement of your American Bully:

The second thing is you need something that the dog can stand on while being weighed

For small dogs, a bathroom scale works but for the American Bully, you need a large piece of cardboard

Place the digital scale on the floor, ensure it is flat, then have your dog stand on the scale while being held steady by someone

When the dog stands still, take the weight measurement

When you get the weight of your dog, use the weight chart to determine the size category it belongs to

This will help you to get their expected adult weight

American Bully Genetics and Common Health Problems

Hip dysplasia – this condition is usually undetectable till the dog gets to adulthood

It is a deformation when there is an abnormal growth of the hip joint leading to a deformity that affects the dog’s mobility

Patellar luxation – this is an abnormal growth of the kneecap which later dislocates causing severe pain and limping

This condition requires cosmetic surgery to improve the general lifestyle of the dog

Demodectic mange – the American Bully do not have a rich double coat hence it is easy to notice the demodectic mange in them

Congenital heart failure is also known as an enlarged heart which is a condition that leads to fluids being released into the body

These American Bullies have giant hearts

Ichthyosis is a skin condition that causes the peeling and thickening of the paw pads of the dog

Cataracts are another eye disease that affects the American Bully causing vision loss and can be corrected with surgery

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is an eye disease that disintegrates the eyesight of the dog while leading to blindness

The American Bully growth chart is a valuable resource for anyone who owns a bully or wants to get one

American Bullies go through a lot of changes in their first year of life and knowing what to expect will ensure that they receive the best care possible

Your puppy must maintain a healthy weight throughout their life and the steps mentioned in this article will help them lose or gain weight if their weight is not ideal for their age category

The American Bully is one of the fastest growing dog breeds in the world, with households taken in by the strong Pitbull physique combined with the calm temperament of a Staffordshire Terrier

Understanding the American Bully size chart is pivotal for adopters of this dog breed as it will allow you to support your dog from early years through to adulthood and keep them on track for a healthy life

In this article, we present information on the American Bully breed, the growth stages and factors that can impact puppy growth

American Bullies will stop growing when they are about the age of one year

This is when they attain their adult height and weight, but it doesn’t mean they completely stop growing

Their bones and muscles are still growing and developing and might still get slightly taller or heavier until they are two years of age

Specific factors affecting American Bullies’ growth include health, nutrition, exercise, and genetics

To ensure that your American Bully attain maximum growth, ensure that you feed them a balanced diet with the necessary nutrients for their growth

American Bully Weight Chart

American Bully Weight Chart

The American Bully weight chart for a specific American Bully depends on their size category

The American Bully weight chart for a specific American Bully depends on their size category

The best way you can determine the weight of your American Bully at specific stages of their growth is by taking them to the vet for a weight check or doing a weight check for your dog at home

Monitor your dog’s weight to ensure they are the right weight to prevent health conditions associated with weight changes

By three months, your American Bully should be between 20 and 35 pounds; by the age of 6 months, they should be about 50 to 70 pounds

Your American Bully should weigh between 55 and 75 pounds in one year

The weight of a specific American Bully may differ slightly from these numbers because they could be slightly lighter or heavier

American Bully SizeWeightHeight MaleHeight Female

This American Bully breed variety can only be recognized by his full adult height

These are the shortest American Bully variation; however, they are not toy or pocket-sized like other breeds

They are the shortest of all Bullies and compact American Bully

The male pocket American bully breed reaches the heights of about 14 to 17 inches for males, while the females stand between 13- and 16-inches tall pocket

American Bullies are slightly smaller than other Bully varieties but still with similar proportions

The Pocket American Bully dogs are widely sought after because caring for them is more straightforward than other large varieties

This is another common type of American Bully

As the name suggests, this dog has a classic bulldog body shape

They are incredibly similar to the Standard American Bull but have some distinguishing features

The height of a Classic bully is about the same size as the Standard American Bully and reaches about 17 to 20 inches

These dogs also weigh the same, about 65 to 85 lbs

Well, the Classic breed variety is more petite and less muscular than the standard size, and they are also built a little less boxy with still massive heads and necks

This is a variation of the standard size

This breed was developed in the 1990s as the show version of the American Pit Bull Terrier

The males of this variety are between 17 and 20 inches, while the females grow tall between 16 and 19 inches

The Standard American Bully has a life expectancy of about ten to fourteen years

They have a large skull characterized by well-defined jaws, prominent cheeks, broad chests, and muscular and solid body structures

The extreme Bully is the most significant variation of the standard Bully

They are not as big as the Mastiff dogs, but the Extreme Bullies are considered large breed dogs that are strong and have massive body structures

The adult Extreme American Bully has lots of muscle mass and is thick with heavy bones

This Extreme American Bully has a muscular and arched neck with broad shoulders, and we can call them bodybuilder dogs

Besides their muscular build, you can easily recognize the Extreme American Bully because they have loose lips and a higher rear

Like they are named, the XL Buy is heavier and taller than the standard American Bully dogs

The males of this breed variety stand between 20 and 23 inches, while the females reach between 19 and 22 inches

This breed is the largest of all the American Bully types

The Extra-large American Bully has the same solid build as the Standard bullies, with big heads and large and deep chests but with more massive bodies

Their necks are also slightly arched, and they have thicker shoulders

Neutering or spaying does not have much effect on the overall growth of the puppy

But this doesn’t mean it can be performed at any stage of the puppy’s life

For example, it can’t be possible to perform the procedure when the puppy is just two months

Let the puppy grow up a little before performing the procedure is suitable

It is unnecessary to get the dog spayed or neutered too early; the most recommended stage is four to nine months of age

But at this age, the female puppies will be at the first heat cycle and hence need to be spayed if you have no plan of breeding your American Bully female

Neutering primarily affects the dog’s behavior because neutered dogs don’t wander like unneutered males and are less likely to develop aggressive behavior

There is a high chance that you will find the Standard American Bully because they are the most common breed

American Bullies grow to a height of 16 to 20 inches and a weight of about 50 to 70 pounds

Finding out how your American Bully will get is essential because you may not enjoy the luxury of living in a big apartment or owning a house that a large dog needs

There are many ways to know how big the American Bully puppy will get, but the best way is to look at the parent dogs and talk to their breeders about the size of the puppy’s grandparents

Females using look like their moms, while male puppies usually look like their fathers

There is also DNA testing that can be used to determine the future size of a puppy

You can tell your vet to perform the test if you are curious about your puppy’s size, which will help you estimate your puppy’s size when they grow

The other way is by looking at the paws of the puppy

If the puppy has large paws, then it can be a sign that it will grow into a big dog

Using our American Bully size chart, you can also predict how your puppy will grow

This is done by keeping track of your puppy’s growth and determining the dog’s weight at every stage

How Much To Feed Your American Bully Puppy?

If your American Bully puppy is younger than four months it should be given three meals per day

This increases to five meals per day from four to 10 months as they grow rapidly

Once growth stabilizes after 10 months you can reduce the meals back down to three to four meals per day

Combining these meals with a healthy active lifestyle which includes brisk walking, running and games will ensure your American Bully has a long and healthy life

Due to the active nature of the breed, avoid giving your American Bully puppy one large meal, it should be spread out over the day

Loading the food into one meal can cause low blood sugar which can in turn lead to health issues

Likewise, if meal intervals are too long your puppy may also suffer from issues such as bloat which should be avoided

What Is The Average American Bully’s Neck Size?

Knowing the neck size of your American Bully is helpful as it allows you to buy appropriate attire such as a collar, harness and jersey

The average American Bully will have a neck size that ranges from 14 to 18 inches in circumference

If you’re purchasing items for a puppy be aware that they will grow rapidly so consider adjustable attire otherwise the items will quickly fall out of use

American Bully Vs American Bulldog Size Comparison

The American Bulldog and American Bully are commonly mistaken

Both breeds have large types and some similarly muscular builds

Typically, American Bulldogs stand larger than American Bullies

A male American Bulldog measures 20 to 28 inches in height, reducing to 20 to 24 inches for females

Male American Bullies range from 17 to 20 inches in height and 16 to 19 inches for females

American Bulldogs will also generally weigh heavier than Bullies, with males reaching 120 pounds, compared to 110 for American Bulldogs

American Bully Growth Stages

The neonatal stage is crucial in the early development of an American Bully puppy

During this phase, the puppy is dependent on its mother for sustenance through the milk and also warmth as they’re unable to generate body heat

The puppy will sleep most of the time in the initial weeks

The milk teeth will start appearing and by 12 weeks can start to eat solid foods

At the two-month stage, the puppy needs to be vaccinated and ready to find it a forever home

At the age of four months, your American Bully becomes a teenager

Mental and physical stimulation is very important during this period as this encourages healthy brain development and prevents destructive behavior patterns

By six months, an American Bully reaches sexual maturity however as they are still puppies they are not mentally ready to mate

Speak to your vet about spaying or neutering

At 10 months, your American Bully puppy should reach their maximum height

The switch from puppy food to adult should occur as well as a regular exercise routine

By adulthood, an American Bully will be fully formed in terms of height and weight

Weight can fluctuate based on lifestyle so maintain a healthy feeding schedule and exercise routine

Regular visits to the vet are recommended to ensure your pup is on track and can catch any health concerns in the early stages

The American Bully breed has a distinctive head shape that is well-known

The head is broad and large but is rarely disproportionate to the overall body size

The cheek muscles are fairly prominent in the overall character of the face while most Bullies are also free of wrinkles

The American Bully next is moderate in size and fairly muscular

The neck shape has a slightly arched crest and it widens from the point at which it joins the skull and blends into the laid-back shoulders

The American Bully’s body shape is close-coupled, characterized by a deep, broad chest and define ribs

Bullies are also defined by a firm, wide back which gives them a muscular appearance

American Bullies should have an equal distance from withers to elbow and elbow to the bottom of feet to give extra stability and balance

American Bully shoulder blades are typically muscular in tone with significant length and width

The American Bully’s back is broad, muscular and strong, with a deep, filled rump

Looking from a side-on angle, the Bullies have a strong bend in the hock joint with rear pasterns that are perpendicular to the ground

The American Bully has a distinctive tail which is often called a pump handle or crank tail

When observing the dog, the tail appears as an extension of the topline and tapers off

When a Bully is moving state the tail carries level with the topline

When the dog is calm, the tail naturally carries low, extending to the hock

Different Factors That Affect American Bully Puppy Growth 

The genetics of an American Bully is a significant factor in determining the growth trajectory

When purchasing from a reputable breeder, they should be able to provide information on the ancestry of your pup, including the health records of the parents

The genetic information will provide insights into the height and weight of the parents which indicates the adult size of your pup

It will also highlight health issues that your Bully may be prone to

Food and nutrition can be controlled by the adopters of an American Bully and are crucial in ensuring a long and healthy life

Poor-quality food can cause health issues and stunt your dog’s growth

You must take time to research good quality foods which have a range of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the diet

Establish a regular feeding routine to ensure your dog has sustenance throughout the day

The key to healthy growth is physical activity

Exercise burns calories and allows your Bully to develop its muscles as they grow

During adulthood, exercise is key in preventing excessive weight gain

Daily, American Bullies need at least 60 minutes of fairly intense exercise and cover a distance of around 16 miles per week

How Much Does An American Bully Puppy Cost?

American Bullies are not the cheapest breed to purchase with the average price of the breed ranging from $2,000 to $10,000

Some pups from prestigious Bully bloodlines can cost up to $20,000

Of the size varieties, the Standard is the most affordable costing between $2,000 to $5,000

Pocket Bullies will range from $3,000 to $8,000 while the larger XL Bullies can cost between $5,000 and $10,000

American Bullies with broad chests, muscular builds and strong blockheads will cost the most

What To Do If My American Bully Is Underweight Or Overweight?

If you suspect your American Bully is significantly under or overweight, you should consider visiting a vet for a check-up

While it is normal for dogs to slightly deviate from the American Bully weight chart, anything beyond 15% deviation could be cause for greater examination

Likewise, if you have noticed a sudden weight drop or gain in the space of a week, there is a likely health issue which is behind it and your dog should be checked up immediately

An underweight Bully has visible ribs and a visible waist

An overweight dog will have no distinction between the waist and the stomach

Overweight dogs will also be lethargic and pant a lot

If your dog is mildly under or overweight, then you can simply make some adjustments to the feeding or exercise routine

You may consider increasing or reducing the daily portion size and frequency of meals while amending the amount of daily exercise

American Bully Body Condition Score (BCS) Explained 

The Body Condition Score is a system used to measure dog weight that can be compared across breeds

The formula calculates the recommended weight of your dog, similar to BMI for humans

The 5 mark ensures that your Bully is at the ideal weight according to the breed standard

Features of this mark include dogs with a visible weight when looking from above and a rib cage that is not too covered by fat

Common Health Issues In American Bullies

Common health conditions in American Bullies are found below

This is noticeable if your dog is limping or in severe pain

While it won’t lead to serious health complications it can impinge on the quality of life for your dog

As the American Bully does not have a thick coat this condition is very easy to spot

American Bullies have large hearts so are susceptible to this condition

Hopefully, this article has shed light on the essential details of the American Bully growth chart, giving you confidence in knowing how to support your American Bully

American Bullies are increasingly popular due to the incredibly loyal companionship and energy they provide households

Monitoring their growth throughout their life is an essential activity that adopters should do to ensure they are on track to living a long and healthy life

If you suspect they are under or overweight or have experienced changes in behavior, you should visit the vet as soon as possible as the changes may be caused by an underlying health issue

American Bullies were created from breeding American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bulls to numerous bulldog-types

It is a fairly new dog breed

If you would like to own an American Bully, it would be useful to consult an American Bully weight chart to monitor their progress and development

There are four main categories of the American Bully, which are the Standard, Classic, XL, and Pocket

These days there has been another one added to make these five American Bully types

Even though puppies are officially seen as adult dogs when they are 12 months old, puppies continue to develop

Their height and size and bones still develop, and it could take anywhere from 6 to 24 months

As a new or potential owner of an American Bully puppy, you want to know when he will attain his full-grown status

Large canine breeds such as the American Bully, require approximately 24 months to be considered full grown

Their weight should be proportional to the body frame and there is no standard weight for each type of American Bully

The average weight of an American Bully is around 66 – 88 lb

Remember that even within the same breed, there will be dogs that grow at a slower or faster pace than others

Make sure that your dog grows up in an environment that is healthy and is provided with the best possible nutrition

Routine vet visits and comparing his weight with an American Bully weight chart should also be a part of his care

American Bully Growth Chart

Standard American Bully Weight

Standard American Bully Weight

First created in the 1990s, the Standard Bully was bred to be a show variety of the American Pit Bull Terrier, and also a companion dog

They usually have a heavy and broadhead that is proportionally suited to their bodies, but they have proud cheek muscles with large skulls

They have well-defined jaws and a muscular, thick, and solid body

It’s important to note that American Bullies may have a high tolerance for pain, but this trait has the potential to work against them

Classic American Bully Weight

Classic American Bully Weight

Set apart by its body build, the Classic American Bully is a variation of the Standard Bully

Having a lighter body frame, the Classic Bully possesses a lower overall body mass but still exhibits “bully” traits

If you were to ignore their lesser physique, the Classic Bullies have the same Standard type traits

They are usually solid and fierce-looking, but less muscular and thick than the Standard Bully with well-defined jaws and a large head

Classics are lighter, with fewer muscles and a broad chest, that gives the look of a dominant dog

XL American Bully Weight

XL American Bully Weight

Even though they are bulkier and taller, the XL Bully also has the same build that the Standard has

XLs are also heavier in comparison to Standards, as they have greater body mass

They possess the same traits as the Standard, and so far they are the largest American Bully

They have a considerably larger body structure than the Classic and Standard Bullies

They have the same solid and thick build as the Standard, however, they are bulkier and taller than other American Bullies

They have bulging cheek muscles and jaws that are well-defined giving them a distinct look

Pocket American Bully Weight

Pocket American Bully Weight

Recognized only by its height at adult age, the Pocket Bully is another variation of the Standard type

Despite being heavy and muscular like all Bully types, they have the shortest height of their type

If you love American Bullies, on the other hand, want a reduced and more condensed breed, this breed may be for you

This breed is perfect for a dog parent that has an ordinary life when it comes to available time for exercising, grooming, socializing, and quality time with their dog

The males are usually 14” – 17” and the females are 13” – 16” in size

The males are usually 14” – 17” and the females are 13” – 16” in size

The males are usually 14” – 17” and the females are 13” – 16” in size

The males are usually 14” – 17” and the females are 13” – 16” in size

Muscular bodies with a wide chest and head that is proportional to their bodies

Extreme American Bully Weight

Extreme American Bully Weight

The Extreme Bully is another variation of the Standard Bully, determined by a heavier body structure and weight

They have a greater body mass than the standard type and a wider look that is achieved through their very thick and heavy bones

They have a smaller body structure than the standard Bullies but have the same Standard type traits

They have a smaller body structure than the standard Bullies but have the same Standard type traits

The males and the females have no official size

They have a solid and muscular body with a wide chest

Their heads are proportional to their body size with a slightly arched, muscular neck and strong shoulders giving them an overall tough and striking look

Do American Bullies Still Grow After Being Neutered & Spayed?

Neutering and spaying your American Bully can affect their growth if it is done too early, but if it is done at the right time your puppy will continue growing at a normal rate

The general recommendation for when you can spay or neuter your American Bully is between the ages of four and nine months

There are various reasons why your American Bully should be spayed or neutered

Neutering also reduces the risk of testicular cancer, minimizes aggressive behavior, and prevents your dog from roaming around

How Big Will My American Bully Puppy Get?

There are different ways to predict the adult size of your American Bully

Your American Bully is likely to take the size of their mother if they are female and generally, male dogs are slightly bigger than female dogs

If you do not have access to the parents, your vet can help you do the DNA test and you can find more information about your puppy’s adult size based on the results

If they are unusually large compared to the body, then they still have some time to grow so that the body and the paws are proportional

On average, the standard American Bully weighs between 65 and 85 pounds as adults and stands at a height of around 16 to 20 inches

Stages Of American Bully Development

During this stage, the puppy depends fully on the mother for feeding, cleaning, and being warm as they are entirely helpless

This is the period between zero and 2 weeks and the puppy spends most of their time sleeping and eating

Between the ages of 3 and 12 weeks, your puppy is at the socialization period which is the most important stage because whatever they learn here will last throughout their life

At this stage, your puppy learns about their environment and how to socialize with other pets and people

From 12 weeks to adolescence, your puppy is in the juvenile period

At this stage, the rate of their growth will slow down, and their sensory organs will fully develop

You need to introduce your puppy to a training program and socialize them consistently because they have a short attention span

American Bully will reach their sexual maturity at around the age of 6 months and if they are female, they will have their first cycle of heat where they can mate

Male dogs reach their sexual maturity earlier than female dogs

However, they are still considered puppies at this stage

If you notice signs of aggression, disobedience, wandering, poor socialization, and plenty of behavior, then your puppy has reached the adolescent stage

More training will help you and your puppy get through this stage smoothly

American Bullies reach their adulthood at the age of 18 months when they have attained their adult weight and height

This is the time to transition them to adult food from puppy food

The process should be done slowly over one week to give time for their stomach to get used to the new food

At this stage, your dog needs enough exercise so that he can maintain a healthy weight to prevent them from suffering from weight-related illnesses such as obesity and diabetes

American Bully Size Chart

American Bully Size Chart

American Bully Size Chart

The American Bully breed can be classified into four categories including Standard, Classic, Pocket, and XL

The Standard and Classic American Bullies have the same height of between 17 to 29 inches for males and around 16 to 19 inches for females

The shortest of them all is the Pocket American Bully with males standing at a height of around 14 to17 inches while females have a height of between 13 to 16 inches

The biggest of the 4 types is the XL American Bully

Male XL Bullies have a height of between 20 and 23 inches while their female counterparts stand at a height of between 19 and 22 inches

How To Properly Weigh An American Bully

Monitoring the weight of your American Bully by weighing them regularly will ensure that they maintain a healthy weight throughout the different stages of their life

The weight measurements will also help you to keep track and identify any weight changes that may happen whether your Bully is losing or gaining weight

To weigh your American Bully, use a dog weighing machine especially if they are too heavy for you to carry them

What Is An American Bully’s Neck Size?

Knowing the neck size of your American Bully will enable you to buy them a comfortable and secure collar that is not too tight

You need a flexible and soft measuring tape to find out the neck size of your Bully

On average, the neck size of an American Bully is between 14 and 18 inches

American Bully Body Condition Score (BCS)

Body Condition Score (BCS) is used to determine the ideal weight of pets including dogs

The ideal BCS for an American Bully is either 3/5 or 5/9

This means that your dog is well proportioned, their abdominal tuck is present, you can see their waist from above, and you can feel the ribs without excess fat covering

If your dog has a BCS rating of 1/5 or 1/9 they are emaciated and if the rating is 9/9 or 5/5, they are severely obese

How To Help Your American Bully Lose Weight If He Is Overweight

How To Help Your American Bully Lose Weight If He Is Overweight

If your American Bully is overweight, you can help them lose weight by doing the following:

Take them to the vet to check whether there is an underlying condition causing the weight gain

American Bully Appearance

American Bully Appearance

Bullies have a medium-length head that is deep-looking and a skull that is a justly broad skull

Their necks are usually heavy, slightly arched, tapering from shoulders to back of the skull

They have one of the most athletic and muscular bodies when it comes to canines

Their shoulder blades are usually long, wide, muscular, and well laid back

In comparison to size, the tail is short, low set, tapering to a fine point

It is often a ‘crank’ or ‘pump handle’ tail that kinks, even though the tail of the American Bully may be straight in some individuals

Factors That Affect American Bully Puppy Growth 

Your dog’s growth can be affected by issues related to his genetics

It will also define the diseases he is prone to develop, his coat color, eye color, bone structure, and other physical characteristics

For example, if your bully has two parents that are on the shorter end of the range when it comes to height, he will most like be a shorter dog himself

These genetic traits play a major role in your American Bully’s progress

The importance of feeding your dog quality food can’t be overstated

The food he is given can even affect his genetics and his future offspring to come

A good dog owner would give their dog the best food on the market because an imbalanced diet can lead to serious health complications

Not only that but there are some food available that can actually stunt his growth or make him sick

The testosterone of strange dogs is another issue that concerns Bullies

Monitor your dog’s overall health in terms of eating and sleeping patterns, energy levels, and by looking at his coat, and eyes

What If My American Bully Is Not The Right Weight 

What If My American Bully Is Not The Right Weight 

You need to examine your dog carefully and study the American Bully size chart to understand whether or not he is the right weight

The first thing you should do is take note of your dog’s age and consult the American Bully growth chart for an approximate weight

If your dog falls within the range then you have nothing to worry about

On the other hand, if your dog somehow has a weight that is outside of the range then you need to conduct further examinations

If your dog is under the weight range then you should look at the ribs on his underside

Since an American Bully has less fur than other breeds, this should be fairly simple

It may be a serious issue or you just need to increase his food

How Much Does It Cost To Own An American Bully?

In order to buy an American Bully puppy, you need to have around $2,500-$5,000

For your American Bully’s lifetime, the average cost should be about $16,135

To take handle his needs such as food supplies, licenses, medical expenses, training costs, and grooming expenses

American Bully And Common Health Problems 

Usually, an American Bully has a life expectancy of approximately 8-12 years

Some of their most common health problems are as follows:

Rabies – The American Bully is more likely to suffer from rabies

Worms –  American Bullies are also more likely to have problems with worms in the body

When it comes to the American Bully, there are still many scattered views

Nevertheless, others will see American Bullies as very different from the Staffordshire and Pit Bull Terriers

All the American Bully types are playful, sweet-tempered, and affectionate, while still protective

Anyone who wants to have an American Bully as a pet will be pleased with their choice

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