Best Electric Bikes of 2023: Road, City and F

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The word lightweight isn’t something that usually springs to mind when thinking about electric bikes.

Traditionally e-bikes have been very heavy, mainly down to the extra weight of the electric motor, and in particular the battery.

Thanks to recent developments in technology, the best lightweight electric bikes are barely distinguishable from their unassisted counterparts.

About 20 years ago, early e-bikes were still using very heavy sealed lead acid batteries, as we moved through the first decade of the 21st century, NiCAD batteries started to be used but it wasn’t until this last decade we saw lithium battery technology become commonplace.

The upshot of this, is a more powerful battery, that is not only smaller but considerably lighter.

Another big leap in technology is motor efficiency.

Back in the day when e-bikes first became available, the motors used were typically heavy direct-drive hub motors.

The latest generation of electric bike motors like the Fazua Evation and X35 ebikemotion are small, lightweight and efficient.

Not only that, but they result in an e-bike that is practically indistinguishable from a regular bicycle.

lighter e-bikes generally appeal to people who are looking to make a return to regular cycling, or regular cyclists who want to take the edge off a hilly commute.

At the bottom of this article, I have listed the key benefits of owning a lightweight electric bike.

Best Lightweight Electric Bikes in 2023

On to my list of the 12 best lightweight e-bikes, that are available in 2023.

None of the e-bikes featured below are particularly cheap.

There are cheaper bikes available, but I have gone with models that, in my opinion, offer the best all-around riding experience, quality and versatility.

If you want to go even lighter, read my article on flat-bar electric road bikes.

Trek FX+ 2 Lightweight Hybrid E-Bike

MotorHeyena HyDrive 250-watt Rear Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange56 kmBrakesHydraulic BrakesGearing9-speedWeight17.5 kgPrice / Availability£2250 Buy direct from Trek Bikes

New for 2023, the Trek FX+ 2 looks almost indistinguishable from its unassisted counterpart.

Weighing in at 17.5 kg, it’s not too heavy considering the full complement of accessories fitted.

The FX+ features the HyDrive motor with a 250Wh internal battery and sophisticated torque-sensing pedal assist.

This is going to be a great e-bike for commuting on, and even better for exploring the countryside.

With Shimano 9-speed gearing, hydraulic brakes, mudguards, a pannier rack, lights and a kickstand, the Trek FX+ 2 wants for nothing!

Tenways CGO600 Belt Drive City E-Bike

MotorMivice M070 250W Rear Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange43 Miles / 70 km (eco mode)BrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearingSingle Speed with Gates Belt DriveWeight15 kg Price / Availability£1399 Available from Tenways (US, UK and EU)

The Tenways CGO660 is a lightweight single-speed e-bike that features a low-maintenance Gates Carbon belt drive.

The CGO660 offers a really good spec for the price and is available in the US, EU and UK.

Weighing in at just 15 kg, it’s nice and light.

Plus, it has a nice frame geometry, Tektro hydraulic brakes and torque-sensing pedal assist.

The motor is a 250w brushless, geared rear hub motor and the 252Wh battery is integrated into the frame.

The claimed maximum range is 70 km, which should be possible in the lowest assist mode on flat roads.

There’s also a smartphone app which gives more detailed info, like total distance covered and range remaining.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, lightweight e-bike and don’t mind a single-speed.

Available direct from Tenways (US, UK and EU) 👉Includes Free Mudguards and Kickstand

Raleigh Trace Electric Bike

MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30 – 80 MilesBrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearing9-speedWeight16.5 kg Price / Availability£2199 Available from Tredz

Iconic UK-based brand Raleigh has all but turned their back on regular bikes.

Their range now comprises almost exclusively e-bikes.

The Raleigh Trace is the first lightweight electric bike in their lineup, and it looks like a great option.

Featuring the Mahle X35 ebikemotion system wrapped up in a lightweight alloy frame and full carbon fork, the Trace comes in at a respectable 16.5 kg.

In addition, there are quality components like Shimano Alivio 9-speed gearing and Tektro flat-mount hydraulic brakes.

There are also WTB gravel tyres, mudguards, lights and a pannier rack.

The Raleigh Trace is a light and practical e-bike with sporty looks.

MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30 – 80 MilesBrakesShimano MT200 Hydraulic BrakesGearingSRAM NX 1 x 11 SpeedWeight15 kg Price / Availability£2499 Visit Ribble for more info

The Ribble Hybrid AL e is a popular lightweight e-bike.

Weighing in at under 15kg, it’s very light for a hybrid e-bike.

Featuring quality components like the excellent SRAM NX 1 x 11 gearing and Shimano hydraulic brakes.

The motor is the Mahle ebikemotion with a 252Wh internal battery.

Ribble has succeeded in producing a practical and versatile electric bike that not only looks great but is substantially lighter than some of the competition.

Here is an e-bike that will be equally comfortable on canal paths and urban streets.

Use the assist only when you need it and ride it like a regular bike any other time – the best of both worlds!

I had one of these on loan for a few months at the beginning of last year, read my Ribble Hybrid AL e review to see what I thought.

MotorSpecialized SL 1.1 250-watt Mid-Drive MotorBattery320Wh Internal BatteryRange40 – 80 miles BrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Deore 10-speedWeight16 kg Price / Availability£3500 Direct from Specialized UK)

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 uses their SL 1.1 mid-drive motor, which was developed in collaboration with German company Mahle (who also makes the x35 system).

Riding the Turbo Vado SL is a whole lot of fun!

What the Specialized offers, isn’t a motor that takes over, but an assist system that mechanically enhances your abilities in a way that makes you feel superhuman!

Tipping the scales at just 14.9kg, the Vado SL is an easy bike to get along with.

When you bear in mind the impressive 320Wh internal battery and the 1.96kg motor, you have the perfect combination of e-assist combined with a potential range of up to 80 miles.

In my opinion, the Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 is one of the best lightweight electric bikes available, and well worth considering if your budget allows.

Available direct from Specialized (USA)

MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30 – 80 MilesBrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Deore 10-speedWeight16.5 kg Price / Availability£1949 Available from Sigma Sports

The Orbea Vibe H30 uses the latest version of the tried and tested Mahle X35 ebikemotion system which is a small and lightweight 250w rear hub motor and 250Wh (watt hour) internal battery.

Pedal assist is provided by a magnetic sensor ring installed on the rear freehub.

This ensures smooth electric assistance as and when needed.

If it’s lightweight you’re looking for, the Orbea Vibe H30 will fit the bill perfectly.

Weighing in at under 14kg it weighs about the same as a regular hardtail mountain bike.

The 42t front chainring combined with an 11-46 10-speed rear cassette gives a good spread of gears and the excellent Magura MT30 hydraulic brakes do a good job of slowing the rider down.

Available from Sigma Sports – currently on sale at £1949

Check out 100’s nearly new e-bikes on the Pro’s Closet (USA only)

Check out 100’s nearly new e-bikes on the Pro’s Closet (USA only)

MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30 – 80 MilesBrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Deore M510011-SpeedWeight17 kg (approx)Price / Availability€2159 Check Availability

Another classic, stylish-looking lightweight e-bike from French brand Lapierre.

The E-Shaper 3.2 is a sporty fitness-orientated electric bike, that’s kitted out for daily riding.

Featuring the Mahle X35 motor and some nice components, the Lapierre is another good option.

Featuring the excellent Shimano Deore M5100 1 x 11 drivetrain and Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic brakes.

MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30 – 80 MilesBrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearing8-speedWeight18.5 kg (approx)Price / Availability£2000 Available from Tredz

The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ is a fun and practical lightweight e-bike, that’s designed to be comfortable.

Featuring the same torque-sensing Hydrive motor as the Trek, the Cannondale is a practical urban hybrid e-bike, that has the added feature of a large front basket for carrying things like shopping bags.

It’s a nice-looking e-bike with relaxed frame geometry and durable 650b wheels with wide 47c tyres.

Perfect for riding on tarmac, or ideal if you want to venture off the beaten track.

Other features include powerful Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes and Microshift 8-speed gearing.

If it’s a comfy urban bike you’re after, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ is worth considering.

MotorShimano Steps E6100 Mid-Drive MotorBattery504Wh Removable BatteryRangeUp to 100 miles (eco mode)BrakesShimano MT200 Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Alivio 9-speedWeight17.5 kgPrice / Availability£1729 Available from Chain Reaction Cycles

The Vitus Mach E is a well-made e-bike.

I owned an earlier model for 12 months and in that time covered nearly 2000 trouble-free miles.

And, the 504Wh battery will get you 50-70 miles between charges.

The Mach E weighs in at just over 17 kg, which is very light for a mid-drive e-bike.

It’s a great all-rounder and at the current price is unbeatable.

Based on my personal experience, I cannot recommend this bike highly enough.

Read the Vitus Mach E Urban Review.

MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt Hub MotorBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30 – 80 milesBrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Deore 10-speedWeight17 kg (approx)Price / Availability£1640 Available from Sigma Sports

Kinesis are a UK brand whose focus has been designing bikes with the British rider in mind.

Their range of e-bikes includes the Kinesis Lyfe Equipped, which is a lightweight e-bike aimed at commuters or weekend leisure riders.

The Lyfe features the Mahle X35 motor with a very nice alloy frameset with a tapered fork.

There are also some quality components, like Shimano Deore 10-speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes.

Plus, it’s fully equipped with front and rear lights, mudguards, a pannier rack and a kickstand.

At its current discounted price of £1640, it’s an absolute bargain!

MotorBafang G20 250-watt Hub Motor wBattery252Wh Internal BatteryRange30-60 MilesBrakesShimano MT200 Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Deore 10-speedWeight19.2 kg Price / Availability£1119 Available from Bikester

I’ve included the Ortler Speeder, as I recently acquired one of these in part exchange for another e-bike.

So far, I have covered over 300 miles on it, and it’s a cracking bike for the current price of around £1200 plus delivery.

Featuring a Bafang G20 rear hub motor, torque-sensing pedal assist, and a 252Wh internal battery, the Speeder is reasonably lightweight and very nice to ride.

There is Shimano Deore 10-speed gearing, Shimano hydraulic brakes, Ergon grips, Velo saddle, SKS mudguards and more.

The motor is smooth and efficient and it feels like you’re riding a regular bike without the assist activated.

For more info, read my review of the Ortler Speeder.

MotorFazua Evation 250-watt Mid-DriveBattery252Wh Removable BatteryRange40-80 MilesBrakesTektro Hydraulic BrakesGearingShimano Deore M6000 10-speedWeight16 kg (approx)Price / Availability£2299 Available from Halfords

It uses the excellent Fazua Evation drive system, and the total bike weighs in at under 16kg.

Better still, if you want to ride without the motor and battery, you can remove it in seconds, fit a blanking plate (optional extra) and away you go!

There are some nice components fitted to the Boardman, including a Shimano Deore M6000 1 x 10 drivetrain, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

It’s a well-designed bike, that can comfortably handle a mixture of terrain.

It’s a bit heavier than the Ribble and lighter than the Trek.

But, it has the benefit of an easily removable drive system and battery.

Benefits of Owning a Lightweight E-Bike

Owning a lightweight e-bike is a particularly good idea if you have trouble lugging heavy items around.

One of the first questions a lot of my customers used to ask me was ‘How heavy will my bike be’ after I had fitted a conversion kit.

Another thing to think about is a lot of bike racks made for cars have a weight limit, and a lot of modern e-bikes exceed this limit.

Below I have listed four of the key benefits of owning a lightweight electric bike.

With the difference in weight being as much as 10kg, owning a sub-15kg electric bike is going to make life a lot easier, particularly if you want to put your bike on a car rack or you live in a flat and have to take your bike up stairs.

They’re also a lot easier to cart around especially if you take your bike on a train from time to time.

Easy to pedal with the motor switched off

Most regular hybrid e-bikes that weigh more than 20kg can be pedalled with the assist off, but the extra weight quickly becomes a burden, even on the slightest hill – you will feel like you are cycling with a couple of panniers loaded with shopping!

When riding a lightweight electric bike, pedalling with the motor off isn’t an issue.

All the lighter e-bikes I have tested feel like regular bikes and the moderately extra weight doesn’t impact the overall riding feel.

Most lightweight e-bikes have lower-capacity batteries by design.

There are a couple of reasons for this – the main one is to keep the weight down, and the second is so the battery can be neatly integrated into the frame.

Lower overall weight will improve the efficiency of the motor, as it will not need to work so hard to produce the assist.

8-10kg can make one hell of a difference to a 250w motor.

Despite the relatively low energy capacity of the batteries fitted to lightweight e-bikes.

There are many ways to maximise the range of your electric bike without having to buy a spare battery.

An e-bike that looks like a regular bike

All of the bikes featured in this article don’t look like electric bikes.

This can have a few benefits – from an aesthetics point of view these bikes look a lot neater, and there’s no large battery pack dominating the frame.

Another thing is, there is still a bit of isolated snobbery within the cycling community regarding e-bikes and some riders don’t want to ride a bike that shouts out ‘I’M RIDING AN E-BIKE’.

Personally any cyclist who knocks someone for riding an electric bike is a backward-thinking idiot and shouldn’t be given the time of day!

Lightweight electric bikes are perfect for commuters who only want to use the electric assist to help with hills.

Because there’s very little weight penalty (when compared with regular bikes), you still have the feel of a normal bike when riding without assistance.

There are several lightweight models in my article featuring the best electric bikes for commuting.

Owning a lightweight electric bike isn’t going to be for everyone.

There are certain compromises like motor power and battery range, that will put a lot of people off.

I’ve ridden lots of light e-bikes and I prefer them.

They’re like having a good old-fashioned regular bicycle with the benefit of a helping hand on longer rides.

You still get a good workout, and you can still easily pedal beyond the assist cut-off.

What these bikes do is help to reduce fatigue and put the fun back into cycling.

Thanks for reading, and if you need any help or advice choosing the right electric bike, please leave a message in the comments below and I will aim to reply within 24hrs.

Electric bikes have taken the cycling world by storm.

On average, e-bikes weigh between 60 and 80 lb.

That’s too much for an average rider to lift, let alone carry up a flight of stairs or load into their truck.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the 11 lightest electric bikes you can get, most of which weigh at or below 40 lb.

We’ve included road, urban, and folding lightweight ebikes, including carbon fiber and aluminum models with hub or mid-drive motors and integrated batteries.

Why Get a Lightweight Electric Bike?

There’s no getting around the fact that electric bikes have more components than regular bikes.

The average ebike battery weighs around 10 lb but can go up to 20 lb depending on the size and capacity.

The average ebike motor adds another 10 lb, on average.

But ebikes also have a controller, additional wiring, and a display with control buttons that contribute a few pounds as well.

A lightweight electric bike is an excellent choice if you need to lift or carry it regularly, ride long distances, or combine commuting by bicycle with public transportation.

That’s a lot of weight that can make a big difference when you run out of battery and have to pedal up a slope or need to lift your ebike to carry it inside your home.

That’s why a lot of riders are looking into lightweight electric bikes that mitigate these downsides.

That’s why many riders are looking into lightweight electric bikes that mitigate these downsides.

The lightest ebikes out there are often easier to handle, especially for smaller riders, and also look sleeker.

In many cases, it’s hard to even tell that you’re looking at an ebike, as you’ll see below.

Lightest Electric Bikes to Consider in 2023

Lightest Electric Road Bikes

Motor: TQ-HPR50, 50 Nm, 250W

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 is a high-end lightweight electric bike built around Trek Bikes’s lightest 800 Series OCLV Carbon frame and equipped with IsoSpeed damping technology.

The Domane+ SLR 6 is the epitome of lightest electric bikes.

Its TQ-HPR50 mid-drive system is there to enhance your ride rather than take over and work instead of you.

You’ll get a real road biking experience with around 60 miles of assistance in Eco mode to make things a bit easier for you.

This carbon fiber ebike also boasts Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 carbon wheels that further lower the weight and comes with a Shimano 105 Di2 drivetrain.

The only catch is the $9,000 price tag, but it’s well worth it if you’re determined to go light.

Motor: Fazua Evation

Range: 50 miles (average)

Look E-765 Optimum is both a lightweight electric road bike and an analog bike at the same time.

It’s powered by a Fazua Evation drive unit that comes with a detachable motor and battery designed as a single unit, which gives you the ability to choose how you want to ride.

The E-765 Optimum is a high-end carbon fiber electric bike intended for endurance rides.

You can easily spend hours in the saddle thanks to a 250 Wh battery that provides 50 miles of range on average, according to Look.

However, if you often use higher assist levels, you’ll probably achieve less than that.

But even if you run out of battery, the 30 lb weight is quite low, so you’ll be able to pedal seamlessly with Shimano’s 105 2×11 drivetrain.

If you’re looking for the lightest electric bike out there, you should definitely shortlist Look E-765 Optimum.

Motor: Ebikemotion X35 Plus 250W

Range: ~40 miles (depends on use)

Bianchi E-Impulso is a gravel electric bike that looks like its Ebikemotion X35 drive unit was added as an afterthought.

It rides as a proper gravel bike and is indistinguishable from its peers at first glance.

Mahle’s motor and battery are there to help you when things get steep.

One downside every lightweight ebike has, including Bianchi E-Impulso, is limited range.

Depending on how you use the pedal assistance, you can expect around 40 miles per change, but that can fluctuate significantly based on a lot of factors.

Still, you get a lot of value for $3,600, such as a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork, Shimano GRX 600 drivetrain, GRX 400 brakes, and Bianchi’s modern geometry.

All in all, lightweight gravel e-bikes don’t get much lighter or cheaper than the E-Impulso.

Motor: Mahle X20 55 Nm

Battery: 350 Wh(Optional 172 Wh Range Extender)

BMC Roadmachine is one of the best-performing endurance road bikes out there.

Now it has a lightweight electric bike version as well—the Roadmachine AMP.

It’s powered by Mahle’s flagship X20 drive unit that’s designed to replace the older X35 model.

It delivers 55 Nm of torque while remaining hidden inside the rear hub.

The 350 Wh battery is installed into the downtube, but it can be removed if you want to lower the 29 lb weight further and go on an unassisted ride.

The BMC Roadmachine AMP may contend for the lightest electric bike title, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest.

Buy from Mike’s Bikes

Lightest Electric Urban Bikes

Motor: HyDrive 40 Nm, 250W

Trek Dual Sport+ 2 is one of Trek’s lightest electric bikes, but it is also one of its cheapest models.

It tips the scales at around 40 lb, which is quite impressive for a bike that costs just $2,400.

The Dual Sport+ 2, as its name suggests, is a hybrid electric bike built for mixed-terrain riding.

It’s powered by a HyDrive 40 Nm and 250W rear hub motor and a 250 Wh battery integrated into the downtube.

Together, they’ll assist you up to 20 mph for around 35 miles per charge.

This light electric bike doesn’t have many accessories, which contributes to its low weight.

However, it does have front and rear lights and a kickstand.

Other than that, you get a Shimano Altus 9-speed drivetrain, 650x50c tires, and MT200 hydraulic discs.

It’s a perfect choice if you want a simple e-bike to complete city commutes or explore off the beaten path.

Buy from Trek Bikes

Buy from Trek Bikes

Aventon Soltera is an affordable urban e-bike, ideal for speedy commutes and running errands around the city.

If you live in an apartment building, you should find it easy to carry it up a flight of stairs as it weighs around 43 pounds.

The Soltera has 5 pedal-assist levels and a throttle, that will help you maintain a 20 mph top speed.

Similarly, its 345 Wh battery will last for around 40 miles, depending on how you use it.

One slightly underwhelming component is the Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain, but most lightest weight electric bicycles in this price range come with similar specs.

The Soltera has an elegant and minimalist design thanks to an integrated battery and limited accessories (a kickstand and lights).

Buy from Aventon Bikes

MSRP: $1,925 (REI / Mike’s Bikes)

Motor: Hydrive MRC-250 250W

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 is a fun and lightweight electric bike perfect for any job that involves weaving through busy city streets.

It has a low-step aluminum frame that’s practical for urban rides and versatile 47 mm tires that prioritize comfort and stability.

The Treadwell Neo 2 features a 250W Hydrive direct-drive hub motor and a 250 Wh battery tucked inside the down tube.

The two will assist you up to 20 mph for around 47 miles per charge.

The bike also comes with an 8-speed MicroShift rear derailleur, which is a bit underwhelming, but it boasts a torque sensor which makes up for it in value and ride feel.

So if you’re on the lookout for the lightest electric bike with an upright ride position and great looks, the Treadwell Neo 2 checks all the important boxes.

Buy from REI    Buy from Mike’s Bikes

Motor: 350W geared rear hub

It’s the lightest ebike with a single-speed drivetrain on this list, and the only one with a carbon belt instead of a chain.

It has a quiet 350W geared hub motor delivering 40 Nm of torque and a concealed 250 Wh battery.

You can get around 20-30 miles per charge from the battery and the motor will assist you up to 28 mph.

Unfortunately, the Roadster v2 comes with rim brakes, which lowers the weight but is not ideal for an e-bike.

Though, if you want disc brakes, you can get the gravel version which also has wider off-road tires.

At 33 pounds, ebikes don’t get much lighter than this, and at $1,095 you get lots of bang for the buck in addition to the low weight.

Lightest Electric Folding Bikes

Motor: 300W (720W peak)

Electric folding bikes are typically not the lightest options due to their folding mechanisms that increase the weight.

That may not make it the lightest ebike overall, but if you remove the 48V battery and carry it separately, the XP Lite becomes quite manageable.

However, the $799 price tag means that some compromises had to be made, such as a single-speed drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes.

On the flip side, some positive aspects include a 300W rear hub motor, a throttle, front and rear lights, and multi-surface 20″ x 2.4″ or 2.6″ tires.

Overall, XP Lite is a decent, affordable lightweight electric bike that offers a lot despite the low price.

Brompton Electric C-Line

Brompton Electric C-Line

Motor: Brompton by Williams Engineering

Brompton is known for making some of the most compact folding bikes in the world.

The Brompton Electric C-Line stays below 40 lb, though it could be even lighter if it weren’t for the steel frame.

It comes with a bespoke Brompton front hub motor and a 312 Wh battery tucked inside a handlebar bag.

You can expect assistance up to 20 mph and a range of 20-45 miles depending on your use.

The C-Line is quite expensive, but it does come with a 6-speed internal gearbox, a 40 lux Busch & Muller headlight, fenders, and Brompton’s unique folding mechanism.

So if you want the absolute tiniest light weight electric bike, the Brompton C-Line is a solid choice.

Motor: 250W rear hub motor

Motor: 250W rear hub motor

Battery: 36V Samsung

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Range: 40 miles

Buzz Charter F is a worthy alternative to Brompton’s C-Line for riders who don’t want to spend thousands.

To clarify, when we say that, we refer to the weight of the bike and the folded dimensions.

The Charter F weighs just 35 pounds and rolls on 20-inch tires.

The motor and battery are not the most impressive, but they’re fine considering the $999 price tag.

You get a 250W rear hub motor and a 36V Samsung battery, so you can expect around 40 miles per charge and Class 1 performance.

Buzz Charter F also has a 7-speed drivetrain and simple rim brakes which contribute to its lightest electric bike status, but are not the best choice when it comes to braking power.

If we were in the market for a cheap, simple, and light e-bike, we’d certainly seriously consider the Charter F.

Buy from Buzz Bikes

What You Need to Know About the Lightest Electric Bikes

Lightweight ebikes are a popular trend these days, and there’s no doubt that there are numerous benefits to getting an ebike with a lower weight.

But are there any downsides to the lightest electric bikes?

What Is a Good Weight for an Electric Bike?

The weight of an electric bicycle can vary depending on its type, size, and components.

So how heavy is the average ebike?

On average, electric bikes that cost under $2,000 (or slightly over) weigh anywhere between 60 and 80 pounds.

However, some moped-style ebikes can weigh over 100 pounds.

Ebikes that cost upwards of $2,500 typically weigh a bit less, in the 50-60 lb range.

But this again depends on the components and the size of the battery.

So what’s a good weight for your electric bike?

Anything slightly below or around 60 lb is considered average; below or around 50 lb can be considered reasonably lightweight; whereas below or around 40 lb is a proper lightweight ebike.

The lightest weight ebikes usually weigh around 30 lb, though these are mostly carbon fiber road ebikes that cost thousands of dollars.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Buying the Lightest Electric Bikes?

This is also true when it comes to lightweight electric bikes.

As you can see above, there are no ebikes with beefy batteries and motors like those commonly found in the US.

Instead, you get more compact hub or mid-drive motors and limited battery capacity (250-350 Wh).

If you’re looking for a powerful Class 3 ebike that will do most of the work for you, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Most of the ebikes on this list are designed to provide auxiliary power to support your effort, rather than allow you to twist the throttle and forget about pedaling.

As the weight of an ebike goes down, its price invariably goes up.

So if you want a lightweight ebike, you’ll have to pay more for it.

Who Should Consider Buying a Lightweight Ebike?

While the lightest electric bikes are not for everyone and could be overkill for many riders, they can be especially beneficial for those who travel long distances or ride for fitness.

Compared to regular bikes, lightweight ebikes can give you a push on steep climbs or during strong headwinds without detracting from your riding experience.

They’re also great for riders who need to carry their bike up stairs or onto public transportation.

Regular ebikes that weigh around or more than 60 lb can be difficult to lift and manage for most people.

If you ride only occasionally for recreational reasons or to run errands around town, a regular ebike should be enough for you.

But if you fall into any of these categories, spending more on the lightest electric bike you can find will be well worth it.

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