Boxing News: Who says boxing is dead? ï

Die-hard boxing fans tend to grind their teeth at the recent spate of exhibitions featuring former boxing legends, MMA fighters competing in sparring bouts, combined boxing/Verzuz events, and internet “influencers” battling it out in the ring

In the latest Harris Poll, boxing is now the fourth most popular sport in the United States, behind football, baseball and basketball

And before MMA

Before ice hockey

Before football

Before tennis

Before golf

And perhaps even more shocking is the fact that boxing is no longer just your grandfather’s favorite sport

Youngsters are flocking to the sweet science, even preferring boxing to baseball!

There is a market for celebrity boxing

Obviously, these matches aren’t at a high level, but they can be fun

For example, there’s a free stream on Saturday that features Game of Thrones star Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson against British big man Eddie Hall in a six-round boxing match

This spectacle is nothing more than sports entertainment, but it is still boxing

And the more people interested in watching boxing at any level, the better for the sport

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