“Celeste C-Side Levels – GameRevolution”

Think you’re done with B-sides and done with Celeste?

Celeste has little to do with playing C-side positions.

These short (definitely not sweet) bonus levels are a must for those who want to 100% complete the game and complete every level.

So, here’s how to unlock Celeste C-Side levels, including C-Side The Core chapter.

How to Unlock Celeste C-Site Levels

Understandably, it’s not so simple when opening Celeste C-Side levels.

Seven of the eight C-sides can be unlocked by beating the B-sides in Chapters 1 through 7.

That means finding cassette tapes, hiding one in each chapter of the main story.

How to Unlock Core C-Side in Celeste

So, you beat Chapters 1-7, found the cassettes, and beat those B-sides.

However, you will have a gap when it comes to Chapter 8: The Core.

To unlock the B-side (and work your way up to its C-side), you’ll need to find the eight blue Crystal Hearts in the main story and the seven red Crystal Hearts in the B-sides of Chapter 1. 7.

To unlock the Core C-Side in Celeste, you must complete the C-Sides of every other chapter as well as get all 15 Crystal Hearts.

Only then will the harder levels of the game be unlocked.

Each cassette to unlock B-sides (Chapters 1-7)

Each Red Crystal Heart (Main Story: Chapters 1-8)

Each Blue Crystal Heart (B-Sides: Chapters 1-7)

Only then will you be able to unlock each Celeste C-side level.

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