“Converting Grain Units – EUROPEAN GRAINS C

Maize, also known as corn, is sold in bushels

How much does a bushel of corn weigh?

A bushel of shelled corn weighs 56 pounds (25 kg)

A bushel of corn still on the ear weighs 70 pounds (31 kg)

A bushel is a unit of measure used to quantify the weight of a specific type of grain, such as corn, wheat, or soybeans

Interesting facts about corn

Before corn is sold as a bushel, it has a moisture content of 30%

That means after harvesting, this amount of moisture should be reduced to less than 25%

To do this, farmers wait for the corn to dry before harvesting

Grain dryers are also used to reduce moisture levels

Once this process is completed, it becomes easier to shell the kernels and sell the corn in proper measurements

Higher moisture content and lower price per bushel to reflect added water weight

How much does a bushel of corn cost?

As with any commodity sold in any market, corn prices fluctuate

Currently, the average price of a bushel of corn is $375

~Fun Fact~In 2017, 902 million acres of corn were planted and 827 million acres were harvested

This harvest yielded 146 billion bushels of corn!

Conversion Factors BARLEY (48 lb/bu)1 bushel = 021772 metric ton 1 metric ton = 459296 bushels CORN     (56 lb/bu)1 bushel = 0254 metric ton 1 metric ton = 3900 BHEANS & 3900 /bu)1 Bushel = 0272155 metric ton 1 metric ton = 367437 bushels Note on tons: British ton or long ton = 2240 lbs

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