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Dave Sparks, a Weber State University student, has risen to become an entrepreneur and custom vehicle builder.

He started working for his uncle’s construction company before starting his own small mining business.

What is the net worth of Dave “Heavy D” Sparks?

Dave Sparks is better known by his stage moniker, Heavy D.

It shows his business creating custom cars.

That type of business can also be very profitable.

The price of the Heavy D is estimated at $600,000 as of 2023.

Bio of Dave “Hard D” Sparks – Age, Family

Dave Sparks, also known as Heavy D, is 38 years old.

The social media personality was born on January 6, 1985, and is of mixed race.

Although he has German ancestry, this man is an American citizen.

Dave is very proud of his ancestry and has taken steps to help those suffering from mixed family backgrounds.

Going through his family history, Dave discovered that his father had undergone major brain surgery for a brain tumor.

He never had a chance to survive the tumor after Dave was born.

Dave’s father, on the other hand, lived another 21 years because of his determination.

As a result, Dave, who saw his father doing auto repair and pizza delivery during his recovery, considers him one of his biggest inspirations.

Dave also refers to his mother as the best friend and patron saint of women.

Dave is the fourth child of his mother, who has always been the rock of the family.

She is a source of strength not only to her children but also to her husband, who is battling cancer.

Following that, Dave shares his success with his mother, who instills his perseverance and confidence.

Who Is Dave “Heavy D” Sparks’ Wife?

Heavy D’s Discovery channel bio said he met his wife Ashley in 2008 at church.

Dave and Ashley got married a year after they first met.

Ashley often says that her husband’s simple and down-to-earth nature is her best quality, and she is grateful to have such a wonderful man as her life partner.

Even after all these years of marriage, this couple still looks very young.

Their children—the oldest, Charlie, and sons Beau and Mack—are the spark that ignites their sweet love and lasting relationship.

The couple often take their children with them when they go on vacation and when they travel.

On February 12, 2019, Dave Sparks poses with his wife Ashley and their children at Monster Jam (Photo: Ashley Sparks’ Instagram).

Because of the kind of people that Dave and Ashley are, hopefully their children will be desired by many in the future.

Dave, creator of the Yamaha YZ80 and Mega Ram Runner, is now the CEO of one of the top automotive companies, DieselSellerz.

In addition to his fame as an automotive entrepreneur, Dave has appeared on numerous television programs, including The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno and his Discovery Channel series, Diesel Brothers, which he created with his business partner, Diesel Dave.

The self-made millionaire has amassed a large amount of property and net worth through his own efforts.

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