Heaviest Newborn Animals

It is normal for babies to be born between the range of 55 pounds to 10 pounds

In fact, the majority of babies born each year are in the middle of the normal weight range, while a small percentage are underweight or overweight

There is research that shows how or why babies are born normal

Normally, after a woman turns 35, she is likely to have serious problems related to ‘grandmother’s age’

Other factors such as a pregnant woman’s weight, whether she has diabetes or high blood pressure can affect the size and health of her newborn

Below is a list of babies who were born with excess birth weight

The 10 heaviest babies ever born

A teenager gives birth to a 15-kilogram baby in India

A 19-year-old woman named Nandini gave birth to a 15-kilogram, 244-inch baby girl in May 2016

She was born via a 30-minute cesarean section, at a government-run hospital in Karnataka, India

The mother, Nandini was 207 pounds at the time of her daughter’s birth and doctors feared that this would cause her to develop diabetes and affect the baby

A 15 kg baby girl is the heaviest newborn in India

On February 11 2013, a 21-year-old woman named Jade Packer gave birth to a 15 and 7oz baby boy at Gloucester Royal Infirmary

According to his parents, because the doctors and his family members did not know how he was doing, it was difficult to save him

Doctors gave him a 10 percent chance of survival and he was transferred to St Michaels Hospital

8 16-Pound Baby Born in California is one of the largest in history

Sosefina Tagula of California gave birth to a 16-pound, 17-ounce boy named Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva in 2013

According to his mother, he was born prematurely, and doctors believe he will weigh 18 lbs

Like his mother at 5 months old Sammisano weighed 25 pounds and had an insatiable appetite

7 16-Pound Baby Boy Born in Texas Hospital

In 2011, Janet Johnson gave birth to a 16-year-old, 24-inch-long baby at Longview Hospital in Texas

He is the oldest child born in the state

Janet was 39 when she gave birth and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy which may have contributed to JaMichael’s size

6 A Cape Town woman gave birth to a 76kg baby

In 2007, Cathleen Abels gave birth to a baby girl who weighed 16 kilograms and 9 ounces at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town

According to hospital officials, this is the biggest baby born in this hospital

She gave birth to her son Chesner naturally and according to some reports, the child had breathing problems and thus received help in breathing from the ward

5 A woman living in Brazil has given birth to a “big baby” weighing 17 kilograms

In 2005 Franasca dos Santos gave birth to a 17-kilogram baby by cesarean section at a hospital in Salvador, Brazil

Franasca was 38 years old when her son was born

Doctors at the hospital believe that her unusual size is due to her mother’s diabetes

The baby, Ademilton dos Santos is the heaviest baby born in Brazil to date

4 Russian Mother Gives Birth to a ‘Big’ Baby

Tatyana Khalina, who is 43 years old, gave birth to a baby weighing 17 kilograms and 5 ounces in September of 2004

She gave birth in a hospital in the Altai region of Siberia by caesarean section

In September 2009 parents Hananudlin and Ani welcomed a baby boy weighing 19 pounds and 2 ounces

His diabetic mother Ani had a complicated 40-minute cesarean delivery

She was 41 years old when her son was born

2 Carmelina Fedele – Heaviest Baby Born weighing 102 kilograms

In 1955, Carmelina Fedele gave birth to a son who weighed 22 kilograms and 8 ounces

He was born in Aversa Italy

Her child was the heaviest child recorded in the birth record

This baby made it into the Guinness World Records as one of the heaviest babies born in the world

1 Anna Bates – Born 28 Inch Long Baby

In 1879, a Canadian woman named Anna Bates gave birth to a boy who weighed 998kg (22 pounds) and was 28 inches long

She gave birth at her home in Ohio, USA

According to Guinness World Records, Anna Bates herself is 7 and 11 inches tall

This baby made it into the Guinness World Records as one of the most newborn babies in the world

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