High Quality CNC Bar Pullers from Royal Products

Royal CNC rod pullers

Royal CNC bar pullers can be used to easily automate any CNC lathe or turning center

Bar pullers improve productivity by allowing CNC lathes to run unattended, freeing up operators to perform other tasks

Royal CNC Bar Pullers are inexpensive, require minimal setup, and can be easily mounted on any CNC lathe

Royal CNC bar pullers offer many advantages over bar feeders:

Much cheaper than bar feeders — save 80-90%

Easier to set up and use — no electrical interface with machine tool control required

Bar pullers don’t use up valuable shop floor space

It is easily moved from machine to machine according to job requirements

Maintenance-free operation

Check out the compact rod pullers

Compact rod pullers and accessories

Excellent for small CNC lathes

Compact design reduces tool interference

The most cost-effective off-the-shelf automation available

Check out the heavy duty rod pullers

Heavy duty rod pullers and accessories

Rugged, heavy-duty construction provides years of trouble-free service

Available in round and square handle configurations

Inspect the combination rod pullers

Combination pullers and accessories

Unique design combines bar puller and cutting tool into one compact unit, saving turret station

Cycle times are reduced because the turret does not need to be indexed between cutting and drawing operations

Check out the coolant powered rod pullers

Coolant actuated rod pullers and accessories

No adjustment required – fingers close to rod diameter using coolant pressure to actuate

It can be used to pull finished parts from the auxiliary spindle, eliminating the need for an ejector

Handles 1⁄8” – 4 1⁄8” dia

Handles 1⁄8” – 4 1⁄8” dia

Handles 1⁄8” – 4 1⁄8” dia

Handles 1⁄8” – 4 1⁄8” dia





Royal Heavy-Duty CNC Bar Pullers

Rugged, heavy-duty design withstands the harshest manufacturing environments

Very easy to set up and use

The unit can pull round, square and hex stocks

Each rod puller includes one set of standard jaws and one blank spindle bushing

Additional capacity jaws sold separately

Additional holder sizes and styles are available

Please contact Royal for information

Royal Heavy-Duty CNC Bar Pullers – Square Shank

Most machines require a right-hand unit

If you need a unit on the left, please contact us

Royal Heavy-Duty CNC Bar Pullers – Round Shank

Replacement parts

Royal Heavy – Duty CNC Lever Puller Replacement Standard Jaw Set

Royal Heavy – Duty CNC Lever Puller Replacement Extra – Capacity Jaw Set

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