Highest BC 6.5mm (.264 caliber) Bullets:

If you’re like me, the ballistic coefficient is one of the first things you consider when determining what type of ammo you want to fire.

Ballistic coefficient (BC) is important to keep your projectile upwind and not decelerate in flight, which affects trajectory.

The highest grade 6.5mm BC ammo is Sierra MatchKing 150gr, followed by Hornady A-Tip 153gr and Barnes Match Burner 145gr.

The tallest BC 6.5mm ammo for hunting is the Berger EOL Elite Hunter weighing 156g.

If you are new to ballistics, then “BC” stands for “ballistic coefficient”. It is a number representing how much a bullet will continue its speed without slowing down.

The higher the BC number, the better the bullet will maintain its speed at a distance.

I have compiled a table of the highest 6.5mm BC ammunition below.

All ballistic coefficient numbers are on the G1 scale as very few ammunition manufacturers report both G1 and G7.

Remember that these numbers are reported by the ammunition manufacturer.

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