“How Big Do Venus Flytraps Grow?”

This article will look at the dimensions of the Venus flytrap and the largest flytrap ever made

Then I’ll share some tips to help your Venus flytrap grow even bigger

Venus flytraps have a special place in the collective imagination thanks to sci-fi movies depicting giant carnivores eating plants

Venus Flytraps are thus a unique and intriguing group of carnivorous plants

As early as 1875, Charles Darwin wrote of the Venus flytrap as “one of the most wonderful [plants] in the world” in his published Insectivorous Plants

Venus Flytrap plants can grow to about 6 inches in diameter, with an average size of 4 to 5 inches

Individual traps will grow up to 15 inches tall, with individual leaves typically 1 to 3 inches in size

The Venus Flytrap plant can grow to about 12 inches tall

Under the best conditions, each Venus Flytrap plant usually has 4-8 individual traps, but there have been cases where a single plant has produced as many as 20 traps

According to Guinness, the world’s largest Venus flytrap is owned by Jeremy Harris of Colorado Springs

He is mentioned with a trap measuring 24 inches, making it at least an inch longer than other known traps

There is a Venus Flytrap cultivar and clone, Dionaea B-52, which is considered a giant Venus Flytrap

The traps of these varieties will reach about two inches, making them twice the size of the regular Venus Flytrap

However, this makes Harris Guinness’ measurements even more impressive – practically 24 inches for a standard Venus Flytrap

Venus flytrap size factors

Venus flytrap size factors

Breed sizes for Venus flytraps will depend on several factors

Different varieties will grow to different sizes depending on growing conditions and contributing environmental factors, including:

Sizes of Venus Flytrap Varieties

Sizes of Venus Flytrap Varieties

Venus Flytrap, regardless of the specific variety, is not a particularly large plant

Botanically known as Dionaea Muscipula, the plant will have a trap size of about one inch when it reaches maturity

The general sizes you should expect when growing a standard Venus Flytrap will depend on the age of your plant and can be roughly calculated as follows

The Venus Flytrap’s growing season is during the spring and summer months

When Venus flytraps come out of dormancy, they continue to grow more vigorously because they are well rested

Although these are roughly the average measurements for a standard Venus Flytrap, there are many different varieties of this species, several of which are slightly larger

Akai Ryu also known as Red DragonDionaea B-52 (Giant Venus Flytrap)Dionaea Big MouthDionaea DenteDionaea GinormousDionaea Green DragonDionaea Low GiantDionaea SD KronosKing Henry

Dionaea B-52 is also called the Giant Venus Flytrap because its trap length averages 2 inches, double the expected length of a standard plant

Another very large variety of flytrap is the Dionaea Ginormous, which mimics the size of a B-52

SD Kronos reportedly makes 15″ or slightly larger snares

The Red Dragon produces lures that are 1 to 2 inches in size, while the Big Mouth usually produces lures that are 1 inch in size

Most Venus Flytrap varieties have trap sizes that range from 1 to 2 inches

Top tips for growing large Venus flytraps

Top tips for growing large Venus flytraps

There are a few things you can do to give yourself a better chance of landing big Venus flytraps

Here are some top tips for promoting Venus Flytrap growth:

Do not use fertilizer from plants Too much fertilizer can cause problems such as stunted growth Allow the plant to go dormant so it can conserve energy for the growing season Cut Venus flytrap flowers – Cut all flowers to avoid competition for nutrients and water

This will allow the plant to gain energy to grow bigger instead of growing flowers

Following these tips should provide you with larger Venus flytraps

How big Venus flytraps get their last thoughts

How big Venus flytraps get their last thoughts

When cultivating Venus Flytraps, whether a standard or larger size variety, remember that even the larger varieties have limits to the size they will grow to

You won’t find traps longer than 2 inches

Venus flytraps are fascinating, and with proper attention and care, they will continue to grow and thrive for a lifetime, rewarding you with a unique addition to your home garden

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