“How Big Is A Watermelon? Melon Size And Mass

Cantaloupes are one of the smaller varieties of melon and one of the most popular due to their subtle yet sweet flavor

In this article, I’ve put together everything you need to know about cantaloupes when it comes to weights, servings, calories, and nutrition so you can find the data you’re looking for

Use our quick and easy charts along with our cantaloupe calculator to work out any serving weight or calories for any serving size

Because cantaloupe melons are a natural product, they all vary in weight and diameter

To keep things simple, I’ve categorized them into small, medium, and large so you can work out the average weight of your fruit

The table below shows the conversion weights (in metric and imperial) for each size of cantaloupe melon based on average official weights from the USDA

Weight Per Wedge of Cantaloupe Melon

Weight Per Wedge of Cantaloupe Melon

Cantaloupe melons are typically served in wedges which are easy to cut and eat

The average weight of a slice of cantaloupe will depend on the size of the melon and how many portions it’s been cut into

The data below assumes that a melon has been cut into eight individual slices and shows the conversion weights for each size of melon (see more information and diameters above)

Cantaloupe Melon SizeAverage Metric Weight Per WedgeAverage Imperial Weight Per WedgeWedge From a Small Melon55g / 0055kg19oz / 012lbWedge From a Medium Melon69g / 0069kg24oz / 015lbWedge From a Large Melon102g / 01kg36oz / 022lbTable to show the average weight of a wedge of cantaloupe melon (in metric and imperial)

The suggested serving size of cantaloupe melon is one cup of chopped (cubed) melon, weighing around 160g (56oz)

A serving of this size equals around 15 wedges from a large melon (cut into 8), two slices from a medium melon, or three slices from a small melon (see above for more information on melon sizes)

A serving of cantaloupe, which weighs 160g (56oz), contains 54 calories (in kcal)

If you need to work out how many servings you can get from a cantaloupe melon, then here’s the information you need

The data below shows the average amount of servings you can expect from a cantaloupe melon, depending on the size

This is based on a serving size of 1 cup, 160g or 56oz (see above)

Cantaloupe Melon SizeMelon WeightServings Per MelonWedge From a Small Melon441g / 012lb28Wedge From a Medium Melon552g / 015lb35Wedge From a Large Melon814g / 022lb5Table to show the number of servings you get per melon depending on size

Cantaloupe Cup Weights

Cantaloupe Cup Weights

If you prefer to measure in cups, then the data in the table below shows the conversion weights in metric and imperial for various cup sizes of cantaloupe melon

This information is based on the assumption that the melon has been chopped or diced into small cubes

Please note that weights can vary slightly depending on the size of the melon cubes and how much space they take in the cup

US Cup SizeCubed Cantaloupe Conversion Weight In Grams & OuncesCalories per weight 0341 cup160g / 56oz54kcal1/2 cup80g / 28oz27kcal3/4 cup120g / 42oz41kcal2/3 cup107g / 38oz36kcal1/4 cup40g / 14oz14kcal1/3 cup53g / 19oz18kcal

Cantaloupe Weight & Calorie Calculator

Cantaloupe Weight & Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out weight conversions (in metric and imperial) and calorie values for any serving size of cantaloupe melon

Cantaloupe Weight & Calorie Chart

Cantaloupe Weight & Calorie Chart

The quick reference table below will help you find conversion weights and calories for various servings of cantaloupe melon

These figures are based on averages and using official calorie data from the USDA, which confirms that 100g of cantaloupe contains 34kcal (or 034kcal per gram)

Cantaloupe Melon Serving WeightConversion WeightCalories Per ServingOne Serving (160g)56oz54kcalHalf a serving (80g)28oz27kcal25g09oz9kcal50g18oz17kcal75g26oz26kcal100g35oz34kcal125g44oz43kcal150g53oz51kcal175g62oz60kcal200g71oz68kcal225g79oz77kcal250g88oz85kcal275g97oz94kcal300g106oz102kcalTable to show weights and calories for various servings of cantaloupe melon

Cantaloupe Melon Nutritional Information

Cantaloupe Melon Nutritional Information

A serving of cantaloupe melon contains more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A and 80% of the recommended intake of vitamin C, making it an excellent choice for skin health

For more information on the health benefits of cantaloupe melons, take a look at this article at Nourish by WebMD

Nutrition TypeAmount per 160g Serving (One Cup)Carbohydrates816gOf which are sugars788gDietary Fiber08gFat018gProtein082gSodium30mg (1% daily value)Vitamin A100% daily valueVitamin C80% daily valueCalcium2% daily valueIron2% daily valueTable to show the nutritional information for canteloupe melon

More Cantaloupe Weight & Servings FAQs

More Cantaloupe Weight & Servings FAQs

How much of a cantaloupe melon is water?

For every 100g of cantaloupe melon, 902g is water, which accounts for their juiciness and makes them an excellent summertime snack

How many calories are in half a cantaloupe melon?

The average weight of half a small cantaloupe melon is 220g and contains 75kcal, half a medium cantaloupe weighs around 276g and has 94kcal, and half a large cantaloupe weighs about 407g and contains 138kcal

To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from the USDA FoodData Central; the link below contains the source information in case you need it:

However, its size is still a fuzzy problem for many cantaloupe lovers

Whether you’re trying to find a big one to make a melon basket or a cantaloupe that is small enough to fit your fridge crisper, the answers are here, waiting to be discovered!

What Is Cantaloupe Actually?

Cantaloupe is not only famous for its deliciousness but also for its significant nutritional value

Also known as rockmelon – cantaloupe is a part of the muskmelon family, which also includes honeydew, canary, casaba, etc

So don’t confuse cantaloupes with muskmelons

You can say cantaloupe is the best of its kind, with suitable sweetness, juiciness, and an unforgettable aroma (1)

A single cup of cantaloupe offers 64% Vitamin C and 29% Vitamin A based on the recommended daily intake (2)

Hence, cantaloupe can either improve your immune system or be an excellent antioxidant to help you against aging

The juicy flesh of cantaloupe also contains up to 90% of water

Therefore, the health benefits of cantaloupe include hydration, boosting metabolism, and controlling weight

So there’s no reason why cantaloupe shouldn’t be added to your dietary menu

The Average Size Of Cantaloupe

Though the medium size of cantaloupe is 5”, the modern species usually went beyond the scale

The size of cantaloupe has a wide range, but like most melons, it used to be divided into 3 common sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, based on the diameter

However, since cantaloupe is becoming more and more loved by people all around the world, its size has been developed and usually beyond the scale

Therefore, though the medium size is around 5 inches in diameter,  you can easily spot larger ones nowadays, and even some cantaloupes are labeled as  “2L” in size

In addition, since cantaloupe is in a round or oval shape, it meets the difficulty of measuring with a ruler

Instead, most farmers will count cantaloupe by its weight

Cantaloupe Species Ranking By Weight

There are uncountable species of cantaloupe all over the world with multiple shapes and sizes, which may take you all day to find the information you’re after

If you want to find out how heavy your fridge is once you put the cantaloupe inside, I got you covered

Here are the sizes of the most standout cantaloupes in order

North Carolina Giant Cantaloupe

North Carolina is where the largest cantaloupes can be found

As the name has suggested, this is the largest type of cantaloupe

With a mass of 20 to 67 pounds, its name has been written on the Guinness World Records book multiple times for the biggest cantaloupe record

People usually aim to sign their name on the World Record when purchasing the seed of North Carolina Giant cantaloupe

Athena Cantaloupe

Around 5 – 7 lbs weight, it’s among the largest cantaloupe, as well as most time-taking to ripen compared to other regular types

Therefore, if you plan to pick a cantaloupe to create a beautiful salad in a melon basket, this is what you should look for

Check out the comparison of Athena cantaloupe with the Western version

Halona Cantaloupe

Halona cantaloupe is also a type that comes from the East of the US, but it reaches maturity way sooner than Athena variety

This variety has deep green ribs on its rind with a weight of 4 – 5 lb and 5 – 6 inches in diameter

Divergent Cantaloupe

“Divergent” variety is a premium organic version of cantaloupe

And its pastel-orange flesh perhaps owns the best taste compared to other cantaloupes of America

This round or oval-shaped melon can weigh about 3 to 4 pounds

Arancino Cantaloupe

The combination of sweet Arancino cantaloupe with salty prosciutto will blow your mind

Arancino is a representative cantaloupe of Italia, and the European ones are often smaller than the US varieties

It usually appears at 2 – 4 pounds and 6 – 8 inches across, and serving with prosciutto – an Italian cured ham – is a perfect idea to enjoy this cantaloupe

Charentais Cantaloupe

Charentais cantaloupe is among the most desired fruits that come from France

Charentais is the tastiest type of cantaloupe and perhaps even among the most delicious fruit

Coming from French, this cantaloupe also originally has a small weight of about 2 to 3 pounds

However, due to its fame, some new Charentais cantaloupe species have been hybridized to reach 6 – 8 inches in diameter and weigh up to 6 pounds

Galia Cantaloupe

Though it appears green in the flesh, Galia Melon is actually a cantaloupe

Also known as diplomat cantaloupe, the Galia version has the same size as Charentais – 4 to 6 inches across and weighs 2 to 3 pounds

With cantaloupe netted skin but green flesh like honeydew, this is quite a particular type of muskmelon but still classified as cantaloupe

Sugar Cube Cantaloupe

This small cantaloupe contains a significant amount of sugar; that’s why it’s called ‘Sugar Cube’

This cantaloupe is among the sweetest and smallest types, as the name has told

These melons only weigh about 2 to 4 pounds, which is slightly bigger than a softball, but they contain 11 – 14% sugar in their deep orange flesh

Yubari King Cantaloupe

Also known as King melon, this Japanese cantaloupe is among the most expensive kinds of fruit

It also has extraordinary vibrant flesh and a perfectly round shape, which usually weighs 15 – 35 pounds

Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe

At the bottom of the table is the world’s smallest cantaloupe – Minnesota Midget

These cantaloupes can yield about 4 inches and weigh no more than 2 pounds in the best condition

Hence, it’s a perfect option if you want to plant cantaloupe in your small garden

See what Minnesota Midget cantaloupe looks and tastes like

Watch this video: Minnesota midget cantaloupe critique corner

Will The Size Show The Ripeness Of Cantaloupe?

Whether you’re referring to the size of diameter or weight, the answer is no

Cantaloupe will keep expanding and getting more watery during the ripening process, giving it more weight once ripe

Therefore, if you want to check the ripeness of cantaloupes, you should notice these signs instead: the rind, the stem, the smell, and the sound when you tap on it

First, a ripe cantaloupe should have the rind color of somewhere between yellow and green

A good cantaloupe should give a “deep” sound instead of the “hollow” feeling of the unripe ones

You’ll notice that the rind of a ripe cantaloupe isn’t as stiff as a watermelon’s, but it should not be too soft either

The sign of correct ripeness is the resilience when you press on the cantaloupe rind

See how to check the ripeness of cantaloupe like a pro

Watch this video: How to pick a cantaloupe

How To Store Cantaloupe For Specific Uses

Since cantaloupe is among the export fruits, it’s usually harvested and transported unripe so that the firmness will prevent the melon from damage

Therefore, most of the cantaloupe you’ve bought will need 1 – 2 days sitting on the counter to ripen

Once ripe, a cantaloupe can continue to sit on the counter for a maximum of 7 days before getting worse

Check out the fastest way to ripen a cantaloupe

Watch this video: How to ripen a cantaloupe

Therefore, it’s best to store your cut cantaloupe in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge

A Cantaloupe store this way can last up to 5 days, but it’ll be more enjoyable within 3 days of refrigeration

The freezer can store your cantaloupe for up to 1 year, whether it’s whole or cut

However, I recommend cutting your cantaloupe before freezing since you won’t be able to peel a frosty one

In advance, you can puree your cantaloupe then freeze it to make popsicles

A proper way to freeze cantaloupe that you must see

Watch this video: Freezing cantaloupe

How To Cut Cantaloupe Effortlessly

No matter what size of the cantaloupe you’re in hand with, you’ll have to remove its seeds and rind

Follow this easy instruction to cut your cantaloupe like a pro:

Step 1: Wash Your Cantaloupe

The rough netted skin of cantaloupe could be a perfect house for dirt and bacteria to stay

Therefore, always wash your cantaloupe with a stiff vegetable brush before cutting

Lay your cantaloupe on its side and cut both of its ends

If your cantaloupe is round, you can look for its stem scar and the opposite spot

Stand the cantaloupe on the flat base you’ve just created, cut through the middle of its flesh

Now that your cantaloupe is ready to enjoy!

You can either use a spoon to scoop out the flesh like watermelon or continue cutting it into the shape that you want

How to cut your cantaloupe safely and effortlessly

Watch this video: How to cut a cantaloupe

Suppose you’re having some fuzzy problems about cantaloupe size, don’t worry!

What is the biggest cantaloupe?

The biggest cantaloupe has been found at Hawesville, Kentucky, signed on the Guinness World Records on 5 August 2019

Since cantaloupe contains a high level of Vitamin C, it would be harmful to overconsume it

How many calories does cantaloupe contain?

Each cup of diced cantaloupe contains only 53 calories

How many cantaloupes are there in a purchasing box?

The most common cantaloupe numbers per box are 9, 12, 15, and 18

9 is the largest, and 18 is the smallest size of the contained cantaloupe

Why is cantaloupe bad for your health?

Besides the overconsumption problems, cantaloupe also brings up a peril of listeriosis

This is mainly caused by listeria – a bacteria that houses on the rind of cantaloupe

Is a honeydew larger than a cantaloupe?

Both of these melons have varieties of species with multiple sizes

However, the answer often is no since the regular size of honeydew is 6 pounds and the average diameter is 55 inches

At this point of the article, you had known how to pick a suitable cantaloupe size

Whether you’re looking for a big cantaloupe to serve your fruit salad in its rind, or a small one to use for a single-serve, they’re all available

However, keep in mind that no matter the size, all cantaloupe is delicious if only it reaches the correct ripeness and is stored properly

Don’t forget to let me and other readers know about what you think of cantaloupe in the comment section!

Cantaloupe: What’s the Difference?

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