How Heavy Can a Letter Be for a First Class Stamp?

If you’re wondering how heavy a letter is for a First Class stamp, you’ve come to the right place

The USPS gives mailers some leeway when it comes to how heavy first-class letters are… but if your letter weighs too much, you may need to ship it

A first-class letter can only weigh up to 35 ounces per piece of mail

If you need to send papers or documents that weigh more than 35 ounces, a good strategy is to divide your mail into multiple separate envelopes with their own stamps

Learn more about the difference between postage and delivery

The amount of first class stamps (called “Forever”) depends on how much your letter weighs

As a general rule, one first-class stamp represents the postage cost for sending one (1) ounce of mail

So if your letter weighs two (2) ounces, you will need two Forever stamps

If your letter is under the 35 ounce limit, the USPS will likely only require four Forever stamps because that extra half ounce needs its own postage stamp to cover it

Each Forever stamp now costs 58 cents

You can use these stamps to send letters via First Class Mail, but remember that the USPS often raises the price of stamps

But, once you buy them, you’re good to use them forever!

This means you can buy a Forever stamp today for 58 cents and use it ten or fifteen years from now to send a letter by first class mail

You can pick up Forever Stamps at many different places, including certain drug stores around town, your local Post Office, and of course the USPS website

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