How Much Does a Fender Stratocaster Weigh (All

How much a guitar weighs is one of the main considerations when buying a new one

Weight affects playing comfort and the feel of picking up, lifting, etc

The average Gibson Les Paul weighs 9 – 12 pounds, or 4 – 55 kg

Gibson Les Pauls are notorious for being heavy and cumbersome

This is due to the woods used and the thickness of the guitars’ bodies

But there are many different models and types of Les Paul

If you are interested in the specific weight of a particular one, read on

Table of ContentsHow Much Does a Gibson Les Paul Weigh?

How much does a Gibson Les Paul weigh?

How much does a Gibson Les Paul weigh?

It’s almost impossible to get the exact weight of a guitar

This is because the density of wood used will be slightly different for each guitar

Each guitar and each model will have different characteristics that make their weights different

But we can look at the averages to get a rough idea of ​​where the weight of a specific guitar model will be

For example, a Gibson Les Paul Standard will almost always be between 9-12 pounds (4-55 kg)

A Les Paul Junior is much lighter, weighing 31-36 kg (7-8 lbs)

Gibson Les Paul Weights by Model

The table below shows the different models of each Gibson Les Paul and their weight

These are approximate averages rather than specific weights, but will give you a good idea of ​​where each model’s weight is going



9-10 pounds (4-45 kg)

9-10 pounds (4-45 kg)

9-10 pounds (4-45 kg)

9-10 pounds (4-45 kg)

9-10 pounds (4-45 kg)

The Gibson Les Paul Standard weighs 9 to 12 pounds (4 to 55 kg)

The Gibson Les Paul Custom weighs 9 to 11 pounds (4 to 5 kg)

The Gibson Les Paul Junior weighs 31 to 36 kg (7 to 8 pounds)

The Gibson Les Paul Special weighs 31 to 36 kg (7 to 8 pounds)

The Gibson Les Paul Studio weighs 36 kg

The traditional Gibson Les Paul weighs 9 to 10 pounds (4-45 kg)

The Gibson Les Paul Tribute weighs 36 kg

The Gibson Les Paul Deluxe weighs 9 to 10 pounds (4 to 45 kg)

As you can see, all Les Paul models weigh around 7 to 12 pounds

There is a big difference between these models due to body size, wood used and hardware

Gibson Les Paul Weight Vs Fender Stratocaster

Compared to Stratocasters, most Gibson Les Paul types are heavier

Les Paul Junior’s and Special’s will be similar in weight to Strats – 7 to 8 pounds

But the Les Paul Standard, Custom and Traditional will all be heavier than a regular Stratocaster

Gibson Les Paul Peso Vs PRS

Gibson Les Paul’s and PRS’s are pretty similar weights

Most Les Pauls tend to be a bit heavier, with a range of 9-12 pounds, while PRS are mostly around 9 pounds

But Les Paul Junior’s and Special’s will be lighter than PRS’s

What Affects the Weight of a Gibson Les Paul

The body of the Les Paul is made from mahogany

Mahogany is a very dense wood, which makes the guitar heavier

It’s this heavier, denser wood that gives Les Pauls their full sound and longer sustain

It’s also what makes them known for being very heavy!

So if you want a lighter guitar, choose one that doesn’t use mahogany

The neck of the Gibson Les Paul is also made from mahogany

Mahogany jacks tend to sound a little darker than something like maple, but they are heavier

All the different parts of the guitar contribute to its weight

If a guitar has lick tuners, they tend to be heavier than normal ones

But for something like the Les Paul Junior it’s simplicity – a pickup, a volume and tone control, etc

Does weight affect tone?

Wood has a greater impact on tone than overall weight

Adding weight to your guitar using heavier parts will not improve or change the tone

But a denser, heavier wood, like Gibson uses mahogany for its guitars, creates a fuller sound and greater resonance and sustain

So now you know that a Gibson Les Paul weighs between 9 and 12 pounds

But it depends on the model, as the Junior and Special are noticeably lighter than the Custom and Standard

Overall though, the Gibsons are known as heavier guitars, especially when compared to the Fenders

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