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If you need to know how much lemons weigh, look no further as we have all the information to help you find everything you need to know about lemon weights

The quick answer is, one average sized lemon weighs around 120g (42oz), with the smallest weighing around 85g (3oz) and the largest weighing around 140g (49oz)

Read on to find out much more, including flavor, and slice weights along with conversions for multiple lemons

If you need to find out how many calories are in lemon, use the calculator in the link below:

Lemon juice calorie calculator

(In grams, ounces, kilograms and pounds)

The table below shows the conversion weights of a medium-sized whole lemon in metric and imperial weights:

These weights are based on average sized supermarket lemons and are based on an average of a selection of fruit

You can buy larger lemons (especially if you are lucky enough to live in a climate where lemons are grown locally) and there will also be smaller ones, but this figure is based on an average

The image below shows what average-sized lemons look like and how much they weigh in grams on a scale:

How many lemons are in a pound (and multiple lbs)?

Based on an average weight of 42oz (120g), there are about four lemons in a pound of lemons

As an example, the bag of lemons in the image above weighed just over 1lb (106lb) for four lemons

The table below shows the number of lemons you will get on average for multiple lbs (based on an average of 42 oz (120g) per lemon):

How much juice do you get from a lemon?

The peel of a lemon is often used in baking such as cake or lemon curd, but it’s not the easiest thing to weigh or measure in teaspoons, so I’ve done that for you

I cut medium-sized lemons with a fine grater and removed as much of the outer layer of skin as possible and the result was as follows:

The finely grated outer peel of one medium-sized (unwaxed) lemon weighs about two grams in total

This is equal to about one level teaspoon of zest per lemon

The images below show what the rind of a whole lemon looks like by weight and as a teaspoon measurement

How much juice is in a lemon?

I juiced some average sized lemons by hand to find out the average amount of juice a lemon produces

The average amount of juice that one lemon produced was 30g/30ml-45g/ml which is equal to two to three tablespoons of juice

The table below shows some more conversion measurements on weights of lemon juice:

How much does a piece of lemon weigh?

If you ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ take an average-sized lemon of about 120g (42 ounces) and cut it into eight slices, each slice weighs about 10-15g

If the lemon is cut into four pieces, then each piece will weigh about 30 g

If an average-sized lemon is cut in half, it will weigh about 60 grams

I hope this article has helped you to find out more about lemon weight loss, you may also find the following articles useful:

Lime weights (whole fruit, juice and peel)

An average lemon weighs about 2-3 ounces (006-009 kg)

Some larger lemons can weigh up to 4-10 ounces (011-028 kg)

This means that one kilogram of lemons contains approximately 5-10 lemons, at least of different sizes

Each slice (or wedge) that the lemons have is about 02 ounces (0006 kg) in terms of their weights

You can still make lemon zest regardless of whether you use whole or cut lemons

Lemon peels are some of the most popular forms of lemons

One lemon makes about three teaspoons of lemon zest

There are 071 ounces (002 kg) of lemon zest for each teaspoon

However, there are times when lemon peels are measured in tablespoons and an entire packet of juice

One tablespoon of lemon juice is three times heavier than a teaspoon of lemon juice

For each lemon you juice, the weights will be approximately 133 ounces (004 kg)

Examples Types of Lemons ad it’s Weight

The average weight of Eureka lemons is 043 pounds (0197 kg)

This thing makes them considered the big lemons

After all, the rest of the lemons tend to have 2-4 inches (504-1016 cm) in terms of diameters

The weights that Eureka lemons have make them almost on par with Meyer lemons

The lightest Meyer lemons are 588 ounces (0167 kg), while the heaviest are 9 ounces (026 kg)

This range makes Meyer lemons only slightly heavier than their Eureka counterparts

These Indian and Himalayan lemons usually weigh 8-10 pounds (363-454 kg)

Different varieties of lemons, such as Corsican and Yemeni lemons, tend to have close weight ranges to each other

According to you, it all depends on how the companies pack the lemons

They ship lemons based on the lemons’ and the cartons’ size

Therefore, every lemon in this company is either in 2-, 3- or 5-pound cartons (or 091, 136 and 227 kg respectively)

Finally, there can be several ways that we can use to measure the severity of the lemons

From adding flavor to recipes to helping your home shine, lemons are useful for so much more than just lemonade!

What is the weight of a lemon?

On average, a lemon weighs about 2 to 3 ounces (56 to 85 grams)

Meanwhile, a large lemon can weigh as much as 4 ounces (113 grams)

A wedge or slice of lemon usually comes in at about 02 ounces (57 grams)

The origin of lemons is unknown, although they were probably first grown in India, Burma or China

Lemon juice is about 5% citric acid, which is what gives it its sour taste

Did you know that lemon trees can produce fruit all year round?

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