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The average weight of a mattress is between 50 and 150 pounds

Mattress weight depends on size, thickness and material

An innerspring twin mattress weighs about 40 pounds, while a king latex mattress weighs up to 180 pounds or even more

Not every quality mattress is hard, but almost every hard mattress means that it is made up of a lot of material and has good quality and durability

Average mattress weight

Average mattress weight

Let’s take the queen size as a common mattress size because it is the most popular among shoppers

A queen mattress can weigh 70 pounds if it’s an innerspring mattress and up to 90 pounds if it’s memory foam

A queen hybrid can weigh over 100 pounds, while a latex queen size mattress can weigh about 140 pounds or more

The average weight varies greatly and this is due to three main factors – mattress size, mattress type and mattress thickness

Factors that play a role in mattress weight

Factors that play a role in mattress weight

Mattress sizes

Mattress sizes

If it is a small one, less material fits and it will therefore be a light mattress

Below is a table showing the weight of different mattress sizes

Depending on the particular materials in a mattress, it may weigh a few pounds more or less than that in the table

Still, this should give you a good idea of ​​how much a mattress weighs

Twin mattresses are the smallest of the mattress sizes, just 38 x 75 inches and they weigh about 40 to 45 pounds

The twin bed frame is typically a choice for a child or teenager Twin XL mattresses are pretty much the same but 5 inches longer

Twin XL beds are good for single sleepers who don’t need a lot of room to spread out Full mattresses weigh between 50 and 60 pounds

Some people can’t decide between a full and a queen bed, but we have a guide for thatQueen-size mattress weight is a lot higher

This super-wide mattress can be a good solution for a large couple or those who often share the bed with their small children California King mattresses have the same surface area as King mattresses and they would usually weigh the same

They are narrower and longer – 72 centimeters x 84 inches and as such make the perfect mattress for a really tall couple or a couple who like to sleep with a dog at their feet in a way that allows plenty of sleeping space for everyone

Mattress types

Mattress types

Construction plays a big role in mattress weight and this list will give you a quick look at which materials are light and which are heavy

Airbeds and air mattresses are the lightest mattresses because no material can beat the weight of air

Some of them can go on your bed frame, but don’t forget that air beds are much less durable than other mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the least heavy of the traditional mattress types

Memory foam mattresses typically weigh more than the innerspring because their entire body is full of material

In addition, memory foam mattresses are typically made of several layers of foam, some of which are quite dense and heavy

Hybrid mattresses typically include steel coils and a thick comfort layer

Latex mattresses weigh even more because this natural type of foam is denser and heavier than artificial foam

Latex beds are the heaviest – a king size latex mattress can weigh about 200 pounds

Do not forget about the mattress thickness – a high-profile mattress weighs more than a thin low-profile one

Beds that are about 13 inches tall use a lot more materials and therefore weigh more

A difference between a high and a low profile mattress can be measured in tens of pounds

Some bedrooms prefer high beds, but if mattress weight is your concern, you shouldn’t ignore mattress thickness

The main reason behind wanting to buy a lightweight mattress is usually with the person who has to deal with moving it

If you’re not one to change the sheets, rotate the mattress, or move the entire bed to clean, you probably won’t really care about mattress weight

After all, there are some really good, relatively thin and light mattresses out there

The main pro of a heavy mattress is that it is very likely to be of high quality and durability

Heavier mattresses tend to be firmer, but don’t take that as an absolute rule

There are soft memory foam mattresses out there that are also hard

In general, do not go for the weight itself – look for high-quality mattresses or at least the best compromise

What is the hardest mattress?

The heaviest mattress would be a Cali King or King size bed made of latex and with a high profile, as both Kings fall into the category of oversized mattresses and latex foam is the heaviest mattress material

So the actual weight of such a mattress can rise to over 220 lbs!

How much does a mattress weigh in kilograms?

A mattress can weigh between 20 and 80 kilos, depending on the size

A twin can be around 18-22 kilograms, while a king or a Cali King mattress typically weighs between 60 and 80 kilograms

Are Tempur-Pedic mattresses heavier?

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are known to be on the hard side

They actually take pride in their super-dense foam, a cube of which weighs a little over 53 pounds

You can usually find a memory foam mattress with a density of around 3-4 pounds per cubic foot

Why should you consider the weight of a mattress?

You probably don’t want a mattress so heavy that you can’t move or lift it yourself when changing sheets Here’s a really bad idea: browse bed frames and mattresses separately without checking the mattress weight and frame weight limit

If you need a new mattress that fits a bed frame from another manufacturer, you should check weights and weight limits

In this way, you are sure that your bed frame is not too weak and that it does not break under the weight of yourself and your heavy mattress Finally, shoppers who want a high-quality mattress should not focus too much on weight

They should know what types of mattresses there are and how to know which one is right for them

Do mattresses have a weight limit?

There is a weight limit for every mattress regardless of mattress type or size

Mattresses usually hold between 230 and 500 pounds of weight If your body weight is below 200 lbs

Otherwise, be sure to know how much your bed can hold If you need to know the exact weight limit of your particular mattress now, skip the guesswork and visit your manufacturer’s website

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