How Much Does A Tennis Ball Weigh? Everything You Need To

That’s why people find it hard to figure out the proper measurements for a typical basketball

The initial basketball had a structure and weight similar to football

The Significance of Basketball Size and Weight

Before any fixed guidelines or regulations, all the basketballs did not have the same size and weight

The initial balls were only 16 ounces or 1 pound in weight, whereas the current ones weigh around 22 ounces or 14 pounds

Because of this discrepancy, players could not find any stable form in their gameThey often found it tough to cope with different materials of basketballs

Just imagine James LeBron and Stephen Curry playing with balls that have different weights

Also, there are differences in prices for specific sizes and weightsIf we were to talk specifically about weight, we have to mention the impact of proper inflation

A basketball needs perfect inflation in its composite leather build, or else the ball will feel either heavy or light

So, for your safety and performance, a perfectly inflated ball with the correct size is a mustNow that you know the importance of basketball weight let’s dive deeper into the burning questions

Although there are many sizes for a basketball, depending on the age, the standard usually indicates the NBA basketball

So, if we are talking about the weight of a professional NBA league basketball, it weighs around 14 pounds or roughly 623 grams (0623 kg)The circumference is 295 inches

The standard air pressure is maintained around 75 to 85 psi

NBA is the most successful and competitive basketball platform that every player dreams of playing

While there are many other associations with different designs, NBA remains the standardAccording to NBA standards and measurements, the right weight for Men’s basketball is 22 ounces or 624 grams

On the other hand, the circumference has a height of 295 inches

So, you get a sound idea of how much an NBA basketball weighsHowever, WNBA lowers the bar for both weight and circumference because of womens’ physicality

The maximum weight for WNBA basketball is 18 ounces or 510 grams, while the entire circumference is about 285 inches

If you are not familiar with ounces and pounds, don’t worry

The metric system uses gram as the unit of weight measurement, and here you will find all the data in gram format for your convenienceFor youth balls, the weight of a basketball of size 4 is around 397 grams

As we mentioned before, it is pretty light if you compare it with the other sizesAs for the size 5, the weight increases significantly and becomes 481 grams

It is not so tough to understand because this size is for children aged ten and more

That’s why the size and weight increase to match the build of the playersNow, some different leagues and associations partner with varying companies of manufacturing for their events

NBA is the standard basketball for any basketball player as it is the most competitive stage

They use a size seven ball that weighs around 623 gramsHowever, WNBA or Women NBA has a slightly different measurement

They use a six-size ball that weighs 510 grams, and the circumference also differs for having a 2-3 inch less width

These measurements also change if there is more air inflation pressure in the ballNCCA does not use balls from Spalding but Wilson

That’s why their men’s basketball weighs the same as NBA but has a different circumference of 30 inches

For women’s basketball, the weight is around 566 grams and has a circumference of 29 inchesThe International Basketball Federation (FIBA) also has different metrics for its basketball sizes

The basketball company Molten manufactures basketballs for FIBAWhile these all have the same weight of 566 grams, they feel slightly different in hand because of the manufacturing process

Men’s basketball has a 305 inches circumference, whereas the women’s one measures 29 inches

How Much Does a Basketball Weigh in-lbs ?

Pounds is the standard unit for America to measure weight

That’s why this section will focus on only featuring all the data in poundsThe NBA professional players use Spalding basketballs that have a maximum weight of 22 ounces or 14 pounds

This size 7 is the highest one on the standard scaleThe WNBA uses a similar basketball, but the size and weight become smaller

The women play with size six that weighs around 18 ounces or 112 poundsThe next size in line is number 5

These basketballs are mainly used in junior level for the age group of 9-11 years

The weight of a size five basketball is around 17 ounces or 106 poundsThey use these balls to practice and compete in official events or competitions

The size 4 is perfect for children who are just growing to love this sport

These balls weigh around 14 ounces or 0875 pounds

Youth basketball game or junior league basketball is the professional league for the up and coming stars

Instead, they use a smaller college ball

Also, sometimes they use youth balls that weigh less than professional NBA basketballsGenerally, youth basketballs are categorized as size 5 in terms of standard measurements

It weighs around 20 ounces or 125 pounds which is lighter than NBA basketballs

The circumference measures around 275 inches

Any young player below the age of 10 use this type of ball for their daily practices and gamesAnyone aged eight or below is permissible to use a size four basketball

This type of ball has a circumference of 255 inches which is significantly less than standard NBA ballsIn terms of weight, the average weight of size 4 is around 14 ounces

There’s also a size three or mini basketball with a circumference of 22 inches and weighs 10 ounces

How Much Does a Women’s Basketball Weigh?

That’s why the regulations regarding basketball measurement differ

Women have their separate league, WNBA, where they showcase their extreme excellenceThere are mainly two standards of league basketball sizes

The first one has a bigger diameter of 29 inches and a total weight of 567 grams or 20 ounces

This basketball is the standard size 6The other one has a smaller diameter than 28 inches, and the weight is also lighter at 510 grams or 18 ounces

Depending on the condition, match requirements, inflation, air pressure, and other factors, the balls are selected for an official matchA for international formats, the specifications follow the FIBA regulations

The Molten manufactured basketballs, while having some common materials compared to Spalding, differ slightly in size and weightThese basketballs have a High-quality synthetic leather construction

A GL6 basketball has a circumference of 29 inches and weighs 20 pounds

Know how to spin a basketball on your finger

What is the Inflated Weight of a Basketball?

Generally, an ideal basketball comes without any proper inflation

If you are playing in your outdoor basketball courts, chances are you won’t bother too much about itBut the same thing is not applicable for professional players who play daily

Without having adequate knowledge of standard inflated weight, you will end up underinflating or overinflating your basketballThe standard inflated basketball must weigh 22 pounds

However, the error margin for inflation is around 001-003 pounds

For college ball or a junior ball, the content can be adjusted slightly

How is the Air Measured in a Basketball?

Air is what resides inside every basketball

Perfect air pressure inside a basketball can drastically improve your game sense

However, to maintain good pressure, you need to know how you should measure the air pressure

Here, you will know you to keep an excellent air density inside the basketballThe standard pressure unit for basketball is psi or pounds per square inch

A basketball should have 75 to 85 psi pressure inside

The usual recommendation to measure the air pressure is to use a pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is a standard tool to measure fluid or gas intensityIt can quantify the total pressure locked inside a closed space

While calculating the air pressure, gently insert the gauge via the ball’s needle opening

The screen or dial will automatically tell you the psi inside the ball

Whether it’s basketball design, weight, or gears, anything will make you fall in love with the sport itselfIn this post, we tried our best to deliver the most reliable and accurate answers to your questions about basketball weight in different formats and leagues, as well as its importance

When you are young and starting, use a size four ball to learn the basicsAfter that, play with size 5 and 6 basketball before you climb your way through the top

So, when you are ready to play on the professional stage, you will not feel uncomfortable or hesitantLastly, one should never forget to check the air pressure of the ball

So, now that you know all about a basketball play without thinking twice about its size and weight!


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Beginners in basketball may believe that all basketballs are the same weight

A basketball typically weighs between 13 and 15 pounds (21 to 22 ounces)

The materials for the making of a basketball also affect its total weight

Let’s dive right into the article with Scott Fujita!

What Is The Standard Weight And Size Of A Basketball?How Much Does An NBA Basketball Weigh?How Much Does A Basketball Weigh In Grams?How Much Does A Youth Basketball Weigh?How Much Does A Mini Basketball Weigh?How Much Does A Women’s Basketball Weigh?

How Does A Properly Inflated Ball Weigh?How Is The Air Measured In A Ball?Final Thoughts

NBA Basketball Weighs 14 pounds

Although basketballs come in a variety of sizes, the NBA basketball weight is typically the average

So, if we’re talking about the weight of professional NBA basketball, it’ll be approximately 14 pounds

The diameter of the ring is 295 inches

The air pressure is another critical thing to consider, which requires a normal air pressure of 75 to 85 pounds per square inch

Every player desires to play in the NBA, the most competitive and successful basketball league globally

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The proper weight for men’s basketball is 137 pounds, according to NBA regulations and specifications

The circumference, on the other hand, is 295 inches tall

As a result, you have a reasonable estimate of the weight of an NBA basketball

Due to the physicality of females, the WNBA reduces the standard for weight and circumference

The WNBA basketball has a maximum weight of 113 pounds and a circumference of 285 inches

Youth Basketballs Are Size 5

Do not worry if you do not know what pounds mean

The metric system employs the gram as the measurement of weight

The metric system employs the gram as the measurement of weight

A basketball of size 4 weighs roughly 397 grams for junior balls

The weight of the size 5 climbs dramatically, reaching 481 grams

As a result, the weight and size of the players expand to fit their physique

Because it is the most competitive platform, the NBA is the gold standard for every basketball player

They utilize a 7-sized ball that is 623 grams in weight

The WNBA uses a slightly different metric

They utilize a 6-sized ball that weighs 510 grams and has a 2-3 inches narrower circumference

If there is more air inflation pressure in the ball, these readings will alter as well

As a result, their men’s basketball weighs the same as the NBA but has a 30-inch diameter

The weight of women’s basketball is roughly 566 grams, with a diameter of 29 inches

Basketball sizes are also measured differently by the International Basketball Federation

Although they all weigh 566 grams, the production process causes them to feel somewhat different in hand

Men’s basketball has a circumference of 305 inches, whereas women’s basketball is 29 inches

The pro league for up-and-coming stars is the youth leagues, also known as junior basketball leagues

They do not play regular basketball and use a more miniature college basketball instead

They also utilize mini basketballs, which are lighter than professional NBA basketballs

For conventional measures, youth basketballs are often designated as size 5

It is lighter than NBA basketballs, weighing roughly 125 pounds

The circumference of the ring is approximately 275 inches

This sort of ball is used by any young player under ten for their regular training and games

A 4-sized basketball may be used by anyone aged eight or younger

This ball is 255 inches in circumference, which is much less than that of conventional NBA balls

A size 4 is typically roughly 087 pounds

How Much Does A Mini Basketball Weigh?

An Inflated Basketball Weigh At Least 22 Pounds

Basketball sizes vary according to the gender, age, and skill level of the participants

For junior players in a school-level game, the ball may be of GL

The mini basketball typically weighs around 0625 pounds (10 lb) or 283 grams (g) and is designed for children aged 3 to 5

How Much Does A Women’s Basketball Weigh?

As a result, the rules for basketball measuring varied

Women have their league, that’s the WNBA, where they may show off their prowess

Basketball league sizes are mostly divided into two categories

The first is more extensive, measuring 29 inches in diameter and weighing 125 pounds

This basketball is a regular 6-inch basketball

The other one is slightly smaller than 28 inches in diameter and weighs 1125 pounds

According to the match requirements, condition, air pressure, inflation, and other criteria, the official match balls are chosen

While the Molten basketballs use some of the same materials as the Spalding basketballs, they are somewhat smaller and heavier

How Does A Properly Inflated Ball Weigh?

A Perfect Basketball Does Not Come With Sufficient Inflation

In most cases, a perfect basketball does not come with sufficient inflation

The same cannot say the same for professional players who play regularly

You’ll wind up over inflating or under inflating your basketball if you don’t have a good understanding of properly inflated basketball weight

The weight of an average inflated basketball must be at least 22 pounds

The inflation error margin, on the other hand, is roughly 003 pounds

How Is The Air Measured In A Ball?

Every Basketball Has Air Inside Of It The correct air pressure inside a basketball may make a massive difference in your game feel

However, to maintain appropriate pressure, you must understand how to gauge air pressure

Here, you’ll learn how to maintain a high air density within the basketball by psi, or pounds per square inch, which is the standard pressure unit for basketball

Inside a basketball, the pressure should be between 75 and 85 pounds per square inch

A pressure gauge is ideal for measuring air pressure, a standard instrument for determining the strength of a gas or fluid

Gently put the gauge into the ball’s needle aperture while determining the air pressure

You can measure basketball in several different ways in circumference, inflation pressure, and total weight

When selecting a basketball, keep in mind your gender, age, and league you will use it

Basketballs are sized and weighted differently in different leagues

As a result, understanding the proper size is critical to prevent getting disqualified from a game

Hopefully, now that you are familiar with basketball sizes and have discussed how much does a basketball weigh in pounds, grams, or ounces and how it influences player performance

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