How Much Does a Wet Towel Weigh? (Explained

Many factors have to be considered to figure out the average weight of bath towels, however, the average bath towel weighs between 500- 700 grams which translates to 11 pounds to 16 pounds

This does not mean bath towels can not be heavier or lighter than this particular weight figure outlined above, depending on your body mass, preferences, and financial capability— these are factors that can influence the bath towel which you purchase

Dry weight

Wet weight

Bath towel 35”x70” (90cm x 180cm)

Bath towel 35”x70” (90cm x 180cm)

Bath towel 35”x70” (90cm x 180cm)

Bath towel 35”x70” (90cm x 180cm)

Bath towel 35”x70” (90cm x 180cm)

Bath sheet 40”x80” (100cm x 200cm)

The actual weight of a towel depends on various factors like fabric, thickness and manufacturer

One thing that I have noticed is that larger towel weight is a sign of better quality and fabric

For example the Turkish towels that are very well known for their quality are typically on the heavier side compared to the regular towels

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Factors that affect the weight of towels

Below are some of the factors that should be considered while purchasing a towel to determine the perfect fit for you

Bath towels come in different shapes and sizes, whether it’s small, medium, or large, they come in these sizes to meet the requirements of the individual physique

It is basic logic that the bigger an object is, the heavier it is, applying that same logic to towels— the size differences in the towels are directly proportional to the weight

Large towels cover a wider body area than what makes them ideal for Adults, if you aren’t inclined to heavy towels, other types of large towels don’t have that much weight— I’ll get to that in a minute, I’ve got you!

There are several ways towels are woven, in case you didn’t know this, towels are a bunch of yarn that have been woven together to form a cohesive mass

Depending on the type of weave used to make the towel, it can affect the overall weight of the towel, because some weave techniques use more “yarn” than others which makes them have more weight

The 3 popular weave techniques used to make towels are; ring-spun, combed and twisted fibre, each of these weave techniques affect the weight of the towels differently, comparing towels of the same sizes but with different weaves of course

Cheap towels are made with low-quality fabrics, which tend to wear out after a couple of uses, since the fibres are light and brittle, it translates to the weight of the towel

Simply put, Low-quality towels of the same size weigh way less than Towels of high quality since the high-quality towels are made to be super absorbent and woven with top-notch fabric

Therefore, if you like your towels heavy and super absorbent, then you need to invest in a couple of high-quality bath towels, they will last and get the job done while they’re at it

Depending on the type of fabric which the towel is made of, it can greatly influence the weight of the bath towels

The popular fabrics used to make bath towels are Cotton and Bamboo, typically, Towels that are made with Bamboo fabric have more weight than their cotton counterpart

Cotton towels are super absorbent, have a longer shelf life and also dry way faster, however, Bamboo towels are more absorbent but take way longer to dry when it gets wet

Bamboo fabric is more expensive per square inch than cotton, I would go into the details, however, that will be a topic for another body of work

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Will A Bath Towel Scratch A Car?

Pros & Cons of Heavy Towels

Before you purchase bath towels that are on the heavy side, there are a few things you need to consider— The benefits and disadvantages, equipped with this knowledge, you can decide on the bath towel that best suits you and your needs

Towels on the heavy side, like Bamboo fabric towels, are typically super absorbent, which is the main goal for bath towels, am I right?

Imagine a bath towel that barely absorbs moisture from your body when you try to dry off

This doesn’t apply to all heavy towels though, some towels may be super heavy but not be as absorbent, although this always has to do with the kind of fabric the towel is made of more than anything else

Bottom line is, you have to check the quality of the fabric not just assume that because it’s heavy, it’s automatically super absorbent

Most large towels are usually super fluffy, I don’t know about you but I love towels that are absorbent and fluffy because they have an awesome skin feel and are super comfortable to use

The fact that it is painstakingly difficult to wash towels that are large and heavy is one of the major cons it presents

The large size makes it difficult to fit more than a couple of clothes at a time when you’re using a washing machine

And if you’re hand washing, it’s even worse, because you have to deal with all that bulk barehanded

Is the stress of washing the towels worth the other perks which it provides?

The weight and bulky nature of the bath towel cause it to dry very slowly compared to lighter bath towels, and this has many downsides

When the towels don’t dry properly, it makes them more prone to harboring bacteria and other microbial organisms, when bacteria start thriving in your bath towels, it will cause them to develop a foul odor

Bacteria will also cause the fabric of your bath towels to start to deteriorate which leads to you purchasing new towels after just a couple of months, always dry your towels in a well-aerated environment that has adequate ventilation— and did I mention, bacteria can also lead to several skin diseases that may affect your overall health if not taken care of properly

How much does a bath sheet weigh?

Typically smaller bath sheets weigh around 09 pounds (400 grams) whereas extra large bath sheets can weigh up to 3 pounds (1350 grams)

How many towels go in a washing machine?

It depends on the size of your washing machine and also the size of the bath towels you’re washing, when doing your laundry, the first step is sorting the clothes by color to avoid bleeding and whatnot

Therefore, when washing your bath towels, you should run it a couple of a time and try to avoid overcrowding the washing machine, to allow it to wash properly and also avoid damaging the fabric of your towels

If your washing machine is massive then you can put in as many as you want and try to limit overcrowding as much as you can

Why is my bath towel not drying?

It could simply be that your towel is dirty that’s why it’s not drying properly, or you could have used contaminated water to wash it which is causing it not to dry

Some towels are made with fabrics that aren’t very absorbent and when you wash them, they take a longer period to dry off completely

The best way to fry your towels is under low heat or a shade away from direct sunlight

Excessive Heat compromises the fabric of your bath towels, take note of that and save yourself some money

How long do bath towels last?

Experts say you should not use a towel for more than 3-5 years depending on how often you use them of course

However, some factors may cause that particular timeline to change, depending on how often you make use of the bath towels and your maintenance practices

Washing the towel often is something that always causes bath towels not to last, either by not washing it often enough or overwashing

There is a sweet spot for how often you should wash your towels, and you should find it, it varies between individuals

If you’re using the towels at least twice a day, especially bath towels, then I would not advise you to go a week before you wash them

In this case, you need to wash your towel after about 3 to 4 days, because if you’re using it at least twice a day, that means in 4 days, you would have to use the same towel to wipe your body dry about 8 times, that is more than enough to cover the surface of your towel with dirt and dead skins

Do not be that guy wash your towels often, stay hygienic

What are the standard average bath towel sizes?

The standard bath towel sizes are:

How Much Does A Bath Towel Weigh – Conclusion

The weight of your towels will vary if they are not made of the same fabric or if they cost different prices, expensive towels do not necessarily mean they are super absorbent– for some, you are paying for the “brand name” more than you are paying for the quality

Whether it’s Bamboo or Cotton Towels, always go for top-notch brands with a good track record of manufacturing highly absorbent and affordable towels like the Chakir Turkish Linens and Towels

An important noteworthy fact you should keep in mind is that, no matter how heavy your towel is, it will get heavier when it’s wet

Walk into any household’s bathroom, and chances are you’ll see a bath towel hanging on the towel rack

Well, towels have for many years been our shower companions, thanks to their ability to quickly dry our bodies after a refreshing shower

But even with their widespread popularity, most people don’t know even the most basic information about these essential household necessities

For instance, not many of us can tell the weight of a dry and wet towel, even though such information may come in handy when deciding how many towels to pack for a trip and where you should hang them

And with that said, just how much does a towel weigh when it’s dry and when it’s wet?

Read on to discover more about bath towels

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How Much Does a Dry And a Wet Bath Towel Weigh?

The weight of a bath towel depends on several factors such as its size and absorbency level

However, an average bath towel should weigh about 154 lbs

when dry and about 331 lbs

The weight of a towel isn’t cast in stone

It differs depending on a variety of factors

These factors include the size, absorbency level, type of weave, quality, and fabric

1 The Size of The Towel

More oversized towels will definitely weigh more than smaller ones of the same material

Some more miniature towels can weigh as little as 05 lbs

when dry, while the larger ones may weigh 2 lbs

2 The Absorbency Level

Absorbency level is the ability of a towel to soak up water

There are three types of absorbency when it comes to towels; low, medium, and high absorbency

The lower the towel’s absorbency, the lighter it will be when wet

On the other hand, a highly absorbent towel will be heavier when wet due to the more water content

Some weave designs use more material than others, which will obviously increase the weight of the towel

For instance, a terry cloth towel has a heavier and denser weave than a huck towel

This is because the terry cloth weave uses more loops per square inch than the huck towel

The quality of a towel also has an impact on its weight

A higher-quality towel made of superior materials will weigh more than a lower-quality towel made of inferior materials

Different fabrics used in making towels also have different weights

For instance, a cotton towel will weigh more than a microfiber towel

Sizes come in five different sizes from which we get their names; washcloth, fingertip towel, hand towel, bath towel, and sheet towel

Each of these types serves a different purpose

However, some sizes measure about 12″ x 12″

Since they are the smallest, people often use them for face cleansing or washing hands

Also known as finger towels, this variety is a tad larger than washcloths and usually measures about 11″ x 18″

As their name suggests, we use them to dry our fingers after washing our hands, but they are the most preferred for decorative purposes

However, these towels can also serve in powder rooms as guest towels

The hand towel is larger than the fingertip towel and usually measures about 16″ x 28″ and 18″ x 30″

These towels are often placed in powder rooms or near bathroom sinks for people to dry their hands

And much like fingertip variety, hand towels also do well for decorative purposes

Bath towels are the largest of the predecessors and measure about 27″ x 52″ or 28″ x 54″

And as you might have guessed from their name, bath towels are for drying our bodies after taking a shower or bath

Bath towels are of two different types;

The sheet towel is the largest variety

Usually, this towel measures about 36″ x 60″, but it also comes in a larger size measuring 40″ by 70″

Sheet towels are more often preferred in the master washroom, although you can also find them in guest bathrooms and half baths

We often use sheet towels for drying our bodies, but their large size makes them ideal for use as beach towels or pool towels

Yes, wet towels definitely weigh more than dry towels

Dry towels don’t have an additional weight from water, whereas wet towels have the weight of the water they’ve absorbed added to their overall weight

That means the weight difference between a wet towel and a dry towel depends on the water the towel has absorbed

A towel soaked in water could weigh more than twice as much as a dry towel

Yes, you can warm towels in the microwave, but not all types

Towels with metal linings, tags, and similar materials should never go into the microwave

You might have seen it in some movie and wondered whether it’s okay warm a towel in the microwave

The truth is that yes, you can warm towels in the microwave as long as they don’t have any metal details on them

Warming towels in the microwave is a great way to relieve muscle pain or get rid of the chill on a cold winter day

Adding essential oils is a great way to get aromatherapy benefits, especially if you intend to use the towel for relaxation or pain relief

You can use the towel to wrap it around your body or place it on a sore muscle

Where Do You Hang Wet Towels After The Shower?

You can hang wet towels on a towel bar, over the shower door, on a hook, or on a hanger

There are also many other creative ways to hang wet towels so they can dry quickly

For example, you can use a clothesline to hang wet towels if you don’t have any other options

You can also purchase a towel drying rack

You’ll find it a handy solution if you often have wet towels

Whatever method you choose, make sure the towels have enough space to air out so they can dry quickly

Also, spread out each towel as much as possible to minimize the drying time

Should You Wash Towels And Sheets Together?

You shouldn’t wash towels and sheets together because they come with different materials

Towels are typically made of all-cotton terry cloth, while sheets feature thinner percale cotton, linen, or polyester

Now, washing towels and sheets together might seem like a good idea

As much as they may all feature cotton, there’s still a big difference between the materials used to make towels and sheets and their use

That’s unlike sheets which are cozy and more gentle on the skin

That means different washing instructions

Washing them together might not get your towels as clean as you want them to be

Again, the two don’t take the same time to dry out

Since the sheets are lighter, they’ll take about 30 minutes, at least twice the time it’ll take for the towels

So, while you can technically wash them together, it’s best not to

That way, you are more likely to get the best results

Do Towels Dry Better on Hooks or Bars?

Towels will dry better and faster on bars than hooks because they’re spread out more on bars

When hung on hooks, towels remain bunched up and take longer to dry out since the surface area exposed to the air is minimal

We’ve different ways of drying our towels

While some people prefer to use towel bars, others use hooks

That means each towel will have more surface area in contact with the air, which will speed up the drying process

On the other hand, hooks tend to bunch your towels together

That limits air circulation and will make them take much longer to dry

So, if you’re wondering whether to use hooks or bars to dry your towels, go with bars

The weight of towels generally differs depending on the size and the material

But generally, a towel weighs more when wet than dry because the latter weight is of both the towel plus the absorbed water

But again, that doesn’t mean that towels of the same size will weigh equally when wet

It depends on the absorbency of the towel

Higher absorbency means that a towel can take in more water, which means it’ll weigh more when wet

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And to determine the right one for use, it is necessary to know the weight of a dry or wet towel

This will help in the optimal use of hooks and where they are to be used

How much does a dry & wet towel weigh?

An average bath towel weighs around 154 lb

when completely dry and around 331 lb

The weight of the towel mainly depends on the length of the towel and how absorbent the towel is

A longer towel will weigh more while a more absorbent towel will get heavier as it absorbs more water

How much does a dry & wet towel weigh?Small towels: Medium towels: Large towels: How to measure towel weight?Finding out the GSM and dimensions of the towel:Converting the length and width to necessary units:Finding the surface area of the towel:Getting the result:What sizes do towels come in?Washcloth:Finger Towel:Hand Towel:Bath Towel:Bath Sheet:Do wet towels weigh more?Can a command hook hold a wet towel?Final Thoughts

Towels can be categorized into small, medium, and large towels based on their sizes

Washcloths, finger towels, and hand towels belong in the small towels category

These usually weigh from 3-12 oz when dry

So, an estimated weight of a wet small towel would be from 4 oz to 14 oz

Bath towels belong in the medium towels category

A dry bath towel weighs about 1 lb

However, the weight of towels with different materials may vary

In the large towels category, are bath sheets

They are heavy and weigh about 2 lb

and 3 oz when dry and about 3 lb

and 3 oz when dry and about 3 lb

A thicker and more absorbent bath sheet will have a heavier weight

As mentioned earlier, the weights of the towels may differ from the expected weights due to the different materials that are used to manufacture towels

Also, because of how absorbent the material of the towel is, the weight of the towel observed may be different

How to measure towel weight?

If the GSM (gram per square meters) of the towel is known as well as the dimensions of the towel, the weight of the towel can be easily calculated by following these steps:

Finding out the GSM and dimensions of the towel:

Usually, the GSM of a towel is given

To measure the dimensions of the towel, use a tape measure to measure the length and the width of the towel

This may not be necessary since the dimensions of a towel may also be given alongside the GSM

However, the calculations require the dimensions to be in meters

As a result, the inches need to be converted to meters in a simple step

To convert the length and width dimensions obtained in inches, simply divide the value by 3937

This will give the length in meters and then, do the same for the width

As a result, dimensions in meters will be obtained

Finding the surface area of the towel:

To this, simply multiply the length and width that is calculated in meters

This will give the surface area of the towel in square meters

Finally, multiplying the given or known GSM with the surface area of the towel in square meters will give the weight of the towel

So, it can be observed that the product of GSM and surface area of the towel in meters gives the weight of the towel

Towels come in 5 different sizes

The 5 different sizes of towels, therefore, have 5 different names

It is considered to be the smallest towel among all the other towels

Since these have a really small size and are square in shape, they are perfect for cleansing the face and also for washing the entire body after a shower

Finger towels, unlike the washcloths, are rectangular in shape and typically measure about 18 inches long and 11 inches wide

Finger towels, also known as fingertip towels, are generally used for decorative purposes

Additionally, the small width of the towels makes them easy for use in smaller washrooms and by guests and can also be rolled or hung for decorative purposes

Hand towels are slightly larger than finger towels as they are usually 16′ by 28′ and 18′ by 30′

Hand towels are mostly used in washrooms and in the kitchen to dry hands

Having the larger variant gives the extra room for completely drying the hand and face and, similar to finger towels, can be folded or hung for decoration

Measuring about 35’ by 60’ and 40’ by 70’, bath towels are generally used to dry the entire body after a bath or shower

Also, the smaller bath towels can be used in drying the hair, especially thick or long hairs, and the longer one can be used for drying the body

Bath Sheet:

The largest in the towel family are the bath sheets, measuring about 35′ by 60′ and 40′ by 70′

Bath sheets can be considered oversized bath towels but are usually more fluffy, comfortable, and more absorbent

These are usually used in the master washroom or large washrooms and are used for drying and covering the whole body after a bath or shower

Yes, wet towels do weigh more

Towels when dry do not have any additional weight or mass other than their own

But when it is wet or soaked with water, the absorbed water increases the weight of the towel

The difference in weights when a towel is dry and wet may vary slightly or at large

The difference depends on the material of the towel, how absorbent the towel is and how long or how much surface area the towel has

The greater the absorbency, length, and surface area of the towel, the greater the weight difference between when it is dry and when it is wet

It should also be noted that towels that have a high GSM will be significantly heavier when it is wet than when it dry

A higher GSM towel will be more absorbent and fluffier than a towel with a lower GSM

Can a command hook hold a wet towel?

Yes, a command hook can hold a wet towel

Smaller command hook strips are designed to hold about 4 lb

Assuming, the wet towel is a standard bath towel, and it is wet, it may weigh about 2 lb

which a small strip of command hook can handle quite easily

If there are wet bath sheets that need to be hung, then a large command hook strip is suggested

A wet bath sheet may weigh around 4-6 lb

The weight of a towel, wet & dry, can be around 33 lb & 15 lb

But it largely depends on the absorbency of the material and the dimensions of the towel itself

A more comfortable, fluffier, and absorbent towel with a higher GSM will weigh more than a towel that is thinner and has a lower GSM

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