How much does the lightest KPOP Idol weight?

Contents1 How much does the heaviest KPOP Idol weigh?2 Why are Kpop idols so skinny?3 What are chocolate abs?4 Which K-pop idols prove they are perfect just the way they are?5 BTS fat shame?

How much does the heaviest KPOP Idol weigh?

Shindong is a singer, dancer and rapper of the k-pop group Super Junior

He is overweight and is the heaviest male k-pop idol at 90 kg

He is the only member of the k-pop world who weighs 90 kg

“Honey thighs” is a common term used by netizens and also hormonal men of all ages to describe a girl/woman with flawless thighs

Apparently, this expression is a short way of saying “sweet as honey” or “attractive as covered in honey thighs”

Why are Kpop idols so skinny?

Most Korean pop stars have very extensive diets prescribed by nutritionists

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7 female K-Pop idols with revolutionary wide hips

Apink’s Eunji

Apink’s Eunji is an apple hip model in Korea

Sujeong from Lovelyz

Lovelyz’s Sujeong has recently been attracting attention in Korea for her pictures in pants


What are chocolate abs?

Are there fat K-pop idols?

There are some kpop idols whose bodies or features don’t quite fit the ‘typical’ skinny kpop look, but they’re not what you’d normally call fat

Which K-pop idols prove they’re perfect just the way they are?

Although most Korean netizens criticize these K-pop idols for being “fat”, they are slim and healthy!

Here are nine idols who proved they are perfect

1 TWICE’s Jihyo

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PRISTIN’s fans allegedly refused to cheer for him, calling him “ugly” and “fat”

Although they have lost weight since their debut, Red Velvet as a whole was initially teased and embarrassed by netizens

Are there any disgraced idols in BTS?

However, there are some idols that they are ashamed of, some of them are: 2

Jihyo (twice) 4

Hwasa (mamamoo) 5

Hwasa (mamamoo) 5

Ailee (solo artist) I personally think it’s absolutely ridiculous that these idols are being shamed!

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