How much is Diesel Brothers star Heavy D worth?

Dave Sparks is a Salt Lake City-born businessman, television personality, and diesel enthusiast.

Most people know him by his nickname; ‘Heavy D.’ Dave and his best friend are the owners of Dieselsellerz; as the name suggests, their shop deals in the customization of diesel vehicles.

Sparks’ interest in cars can be traced back to his teenage years when he studied auto mechanics and fabrication.

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Heavy D is a restoration expert who appears on the television show, Diesel Brothers.

The show follows the day-to-day operations of an auto parts store in Utah.

Diesel enthusiasts will watch as Heavy D, and his crew assemble some of the scariest diesel cars ever seen.

The very first episode saw the diesel brothers taking on a unique challenge.

They brought in a rustic 1948 Jeep and turned it into a diesel powered monster.

Throughout the show, Dave Sparks is portrayed as an artistic person who doesn’t stress too much about budget constraints.

One example saw him go through a budget to transform their tow truck into a lifted monster.

Dave Sparks

Dave Sparks

Dave Sparks was always destined to venture into custom car design.

After graduation, Dave served as an apprentice to Rich Eggett, who became his mentor and close friend.

Despite enrolling in college in his 20s, Dave opted to drop out soon after to gain practical experience.

In this position, he began working with his uncle, who taught him how to operate equipment in his construction company.

The experience he gained here helped him start his own business when the time came.

Dave met his business partner who eventually became his friend, Diesel Dave, at a church event organized for the unaffiliated members of the parish.

Being handsome, Heavy D invited a few single women on a ride out of his truck.

Ironically, he also extended an invitation to Diesel Dave, maybe hoping he would be his wingman or something?

The decision to have him seemed wise as Diesel Dave helped him after a fuel-related accident.

How old is Heavy D?

Dave Sparks was born on January 6, 1985.

That makes him 35 years old now, and a Capricorn to boot.

If this doesn’t describe Heavy D to its core, we don’t know what other words could!

Heavy D’s Net Worth.

Dave Sparks makes most of his money from his diesel business.

The manufacturing and restoration company has proven to be very successful over a long period of operation in Utah.

It would be reasonable, however, to note that a few months ago, Sparks and his colleagues were fined a whopping $850,000.

It came after scientists filed a lawsuit against diesel trucks that collect and sell them.

The prosecution also found that Diesel Brothers had violated the Clean Air Act and Utah state law.

Luckily for Dave, he still has his reality TV show to fall back on.

Another source of income comes from Diesel Brothers Merch, which is sold to fans online.

In total, the net worth of Dave Sparks stands at $2 million.

Is Heavy D married?

Yes, Diesel’s brother star is a married man.

Heavy D’s wife’s name is Ashley Bennet Sparks.

Heavy D and Ashley Bennett met in church.

A look at Ashley’s Instagram page tells us that they share several similar interests.

In one post, for example, they can be seen posing on a yellow monster truck together.

Dave Sparks and his wife, Ashley Bennet, and children

We get to see glimpses of their relationship in several posts spread across their social media profiles.

He went on to add that Dave was his best friend.

More than ten years into their marriage, and Ashley still gets a thrill every time he calls her.

She goes on to describe Heavy D as not only an amazing husband but also the sweetest dad around.

The couple is also blessed with three beautiful children: Charley, Beau, and Mack Sparks.

His social media activity.

Dave Sparks’ favorite social media platform is his Instagram page.

In short, many of Dave’s posts show that he is a proud family man who loves his wife and children.

There are also several images of diesel-powered monsters, though that’s not surprising.

Dave has a Mastiff named Boerboel.

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