How Much Tuna Should I Eat?

There are many different types of tuna out there, including canned with additives like oil or herbs, sandwich mixes, or just fresh tuna steaks

In this article, I’ll provide charts and data for everything you need to know about different types of tuna weight and nutrition, so you can get the exact information you need

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Weight, Calories & Nutrition of Canned Tuna

In the section below, I’ll go over everything you need to know about canned tuna, weight and nutrition, including canned tuna in oil and additives like mayo

Serving Size of Canned Tuna

Recommended serving sizes of tuna can vary slightly depending on where you look and pack size

As a general rule, one serving of canned tuna is the dry weight of half a standard 5oz can of tuna, which in the US is equal to 2oz or 57g

The serving varies slightly depending on which country you buy the tuna from and whether metric or imperial weight is used (oz or g)

Below are standard serving sizes for the United States in imperial weights and the UK, which uses metric weights

A standard US can of tuna weighs 5oz (142g), including additional liquid, usually water, oil or brine

The average dried tuna weight of a 5oz can is 4oz (113g), and half a can of this size weighs 2oz (57g) which is classified as one serving

A standard metric can of tuna sold in the UK weighs 145g (54oz), including extra liquid, with an average dry weight of 102g (36oz)

One serving of a 145g can of tuna is equivalent to half a can and weighs 51g (19oz)

Some brands have also started producing canned ‘no drain’ tuna, which weigh 110g and 55g per serving or half a can

Weight & Calories of Canned Tuna

The table below shows the conversion weight and calories for various servings of canned tuna

Calories are based on official data from the USDA (see link below) for canned tuna in water, but it can vary slightly between brands

Please note that the caloric value will be higher if your tuna is canned in oil, so you may want to skip to the next section to find the information you need

For more specific weight and calorie information for any meal, you may want to use the calculator at the bottom of this page

Canned Tuna With Extra Calories

The table below shows the calories for a serving (half a can of tuna) with some additional ingredients, often served with tuna to help you list the calories per serving

These numbers are based on averages and calories taken from top brand nutrition information; please note that calories may vary slightly for each brand of product

Canned Tuna Nutritional Information

The table below shows the high-level nutritional information for regular canned tuna, canned in spring water and unsalted

Fresh Tuna Weight, Calories & Nutrition

Switch to fresh tuna weight, calories and nutrition for raw or fresh tuna steaks

The data in the section below is based on official USDA data, but the numbers can vary slightly depending on the variety of tuna

How Much Does Tuna Steak Weigh?

The medium-sized tuna steaks you can buy from larger shops weigh around 100-120g per steak, although you can get heavier or thicker cut steaks from the fishmonger

The USDA confirms that raw boneless tuna weighs 16g per square inch, so if you don’t have a scale, you can estimate the weight of a tuna steak by measuring

A serving of tuna is considered as one steak per person or 100-120g raw weight

If you’re using cooked weight to calculate calories, keep in mind that fresh tuna will shrink to about 25% of its original weight once cooked

Fresh Tuna Calories

The table below shows the calories per tuna steak for various weights; this is based on USDA calorie data using raw tuna weight

Benefits of Fresh Tuna

Below is nutritional information for fresh tuna; just like canned tuna, the fresh version contains no carbohydrates, is low in fat, and high in protein

The calculator below will help you determine the calorie content of different types of tuna and any serving size

More Tuna Weight, Meals & Nutrition FAQs

What is the average weight of a tuna steak?

Medium-sized tuna steaks usually sold in packs of two weigh around 100-120g per steak, although you can get thicker steaks that are heavier

What is the dry weight of a can of tuna?

The average weight of a standard can of dried tuna is 102-113g tuna

To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from the USDA; The links below contain resource information in case you need it:

USDA FoodData Middle Canned Tuna Nutritional Information

Fresh Tuna Nutrition Information USDA FoodData Center

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