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As reported by the manufacturer, the average curb weight of Harley-Davidson motorcycles by category is as follows:

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If you want to find out more about the weight of Harleys, you’ve come to the right place


How Much Does a Harley-Davidson Weigh?

How Much Does a Harley-Davidson Weigh?

As a rule of thumb, the curb weight of Harley motorcycles varies between 480-960 pounds, while Harley trikes weigh anywhere from 1,100-1,270 pounds

What is the curb weight of a Harley?

The curb (or kerb) weight of a Harley-Davidson refers to the mass of the bike in running order

In other words, curb weight is the total unladen weight of the bike including the lubricants like engine oil, coolant, a full tank of gas, and standard equipment

Harley releases both the net and curb weight of their models, the latter of which is usually 20-30 pounds heavier

For example, the net weight of the lightest Harley-Davidson, the Nightster is 462 pounds, while its curb weight is 481 pounds

Another model in this sport category is the Sportster S with a curb weight of 502 pounds

Besides the sport line, you can also find some “lightweight” Harleys in the adventure family, as the curb weight of these bikes is 540 or 569 depending on the model

In contrast, the curb weight of cruiser Harleys starts at 556 pounds and goes up to 728 pounds

The heaviest 2-wheeled Harley motorcycles are arguably the full dress touring models with a curb weight of 820-963 pounds

As one may expect, the heaviest models in Harley’s fleet are the trikes with a curb weight of 1,118-1,269 pounds

Don’t forget that accessories like bags, engine guards, and windshields can also add a few pounds to the overall weight of the bike

Harley-Davidson Weight Chart

Harley-Davidson Weight Chart

ModelNet weight (lbs)Weight, in running order (lbs)Category2022 Nighster462481Sport2022 Sportster S487502Sport2022 Pan America 1250505540Adv2022 Pan America 1250 Special534569Adv2022 Pan America 1250 Special (GI )534569Adv2022 Forty-Eight545556Cruiser2022 Iron 883545564Cruiser2022 Street Bob 114631655Cruiser2022 Softail Standard642655Cruiser2022 Low Rider S650679Cruiser2022 Fat Bob 114653675Cruiser2022 Fat Boy 114671699Cruiser2022 Low Rider ST694721Cruiser2022 Heritage Classic697728Cruiser2022 Road King Special774807Touring2022 Street Glide ST778814Touring2022 Electra Glide Standard781820Touring2022 Street Glide Special792827Touring2022 Road King794828Touring2022 Street Glide796829Touring2022 Road Glide ST806842Touring2022 Road Glide Special818853Touring2022 Road Glide820855Touring2022 CVO Street Glide831866Touring2022 CVO Road Glide860893Touring2022 Ultra Limited880917Touring2022 Road Glide Limited897932Touring2022 CVO Road Glide Limited927963Touring2022 Freewheeler1,0851,118Trike2022 Tri Glide Ultra1,2041,243Trike2022 Tri Glide Ultra (GI )1,2041,243Trike2022 CVO Tri Glide1,2391,269Trike

The numbers are for informational purposes only!

As takeaways, we’ve answered the most frequent questions on the topic

How much does a typical Harley-Davidson weigh?

Based on our research, the average weight of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is 736 pounds

Harley cruisers weigh about 600-700 pounds while an average full-dress touring model weighs about 800-900 pounds

The lightest Harley-Davidson is the Nightster (481 pounds), closely followed by the Sportster S (502 pounds)

The heaviest Harley motorcycle is the CVO Road Glide Limited with a curb weight of 963 pounds, while among the trikes the heaviest model is the CVO Tri Glide with a curb weight of 1,269 pounds

How much does a full-size Harley weigh?

You can expect the weight of a full-size Harley to be in the ballpark of 700-963 pounds

As the name suggests, full-dress Harleys are the largest touring models equipped with fairings and storage boxes

The curb weight of these iconic bikes ranges from 820-963 pounds

How much does a 1200cc Harley weigh?

As a rule of thumb, a 1200cc Harley weighs about 500-600 pounds depending on the year and model

Why are Harley-Davidsons so heavy?

Harley-Davidsons are fairly heavy due to their heavy-duty frames, large transmissions, and big-twin engines

Many of them feature large fairings, storage boxes, and long exhaust pipes, which also contribute to their massive weight

But let’s face it, Harley-Davidsons are engineered for comfort and unique style rather than the best power-to-weight ratios!


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Nothing beats tearing through the streets on a powerful motorcycle with a monster engine

That’s why Harley-Davidsons are a favorite, being some of the heaviest bikes on the market

Harley Davidson bikes range in weight between 500-1000 lbs (2268 – 4536 kg)

The weight is affected by the model and the extent of personalization

For example, the SuperLow weighs 5445 lb (247 kg), the Fat Boy 114 weighs 6526 lb (296 kg), and the Ultra Limited weighs 8774 lb (398 kg)

Keep reading as we explore seven different Harley Davidson models and their weights

7 Harley Davidson Bikes and Their Weights

We’ve combed through Harley bikes to compile a list of some heavy and lightweight options

We’re focusing on curb weight—the bike’s dry weight combined with fluids and fuel—as you’ll never find yourself riding a motorbike without these

And, of course, they add a bit to the final weight

This chunky two-wheeler weighs in at a whopping 944 pounds (4282 kg) curb weight

This bike features the most powerful v-engine to ever be installed on a Harley bike

Plus, it’s loaded with a host of technologies that enhance maneuverability, acceleration, and braking

One of the biggest bikes in Harley’s mainstream lineup, the Road Glide Ultra weighs 937 pounds (425 kg) when fully loaded

With the sheer weight of this bike, it may have been considered a tiny car if it had four wheels

Its Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine delivers 90 horsepower at 5450 RPM, which is excellent for a touring bike

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3 CVO Road Glide

With its bold style and sturdy build, this custom edition bike isn’t the heaviest Harley on the market, but it’s definitely on the top of the list

It weighs about 884 pounds (401 kg)

This bike has incredible features, including a security system

So your bike is safe at all times

With its 105 horsepower engine, the CVO Street Glide weighs 866 pounds (393 kg) curb weight

With the CVO Street Glide, you can be sure of excellent road holding, efficient handling, and a comfortable ride

This bike is an 855-pound (388 kg) monster weighing the same as a German Leichtgeschutz LG40 recoilless cannon from WWII

Despite its heavy build, this bike uses advanced chassis control to give you smooth acceleration and braking

However, unlike any machine from the early 1900s, the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special boasts improved technological features like Bluetooth connectivity and a charging point

The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe has a low seat height of only 245 inches (622 cm), making it ideal for female riders

It weighs 697 pounds (3162 kg) and provides a smooth ride with plenty of power

Thanks to its low center of gravity, the Softail Deluxe is one of the most comfortable motorcycles for shorter riders

Another lightweight Harley-Davidson, the SuperLow, features a 255-inch (648 cm) tall seat and a weight capacity of 562 pounds (255 kg)

This model is an easy-riding chopper with excellent maneuverability at moderate speeds

The bike has an 883cc (088 L) Air-Cooled EvolutionTM V-Twin engine and is ideal for riders who like to cruise in luxury and balance

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Factors Affecting Motorcycle Weight 

The biggest factor that affects motorcycle size and, thus, weight is the engine’s capacity in cubic centimeters (CCs)

Other elements also affect your bike’s weight

When assessing a bike’s total weight, you also need to include extra gear


Each motorcycle model has features that affect its weight

Some models, such as off-road bikes, may need to navigate more difficult terrain, so they may need to be lighter

A dirt bike typically weighs less than 300 pounds (136 kg) and can tackle difficult terrain without crashing or getting stuck in the dirt

On the other hand, street bikes require balance and heaviness to stay on the road

Cruisers also have more features, which can contribute to their weight

Sportbikes are more focused on horsepower and speed than other motorcycles

A touring bike is also designed for long rides with a passenger, adding to the overall heaviness

Saddlebags can contribute to the girth and weight of your bike

Plus, a bike with a windshield and full fairing will be heavier than one with fewer square inches of fiberglass and plastic

However, these materials can only reduce your bike’s weight by a few pounds at most

What You Need To Know About Heavy Bikes

The Benefits of Heavy Bikes

Because of the additional weight, more force is required to knock the bike over

Heavy bikes have wider tires to climb over bumps, cracks, and potholes, and their weight is enough to counter strong winds, thereby making it easier to control the bike

Another benefit of heavy bikes is that you can load more equipment on them than a light bike

Heavy Bikes Can Also Be Disadvantageous

Heavier bikes need a more powerful engine to accelerate and stronger brakes to slow down

Also, heavy bikes require a higher level of concentration from an experienced motorcyclist because of their weight

New riders are often advised to start with lighter bikes which are easier to ride

How To Reduce the Weight of Your Bike

There are a few ways to lower the total weight of a motorcycle, whether you currently own one or are looking for one but want to reduce the weight

If weight is a major consideration, remember to account for the gear’s weight, as well as a full tank of petrol, while searching for a bike

Keep in mind that the listed weight on your bike is the dry weight: the weight of the motorcycle without gas or accessories

Get Rid of Extra Weights Onboard

Saddlebags, backrests, windscreens, and other accessories might add unnecessary weight to your ride

It makes sense to cut down your bike to its bare essentials, especially if you want to improve your gas efficiency

Removing your exhaust and replacing your steel sprocket with a performance alternative can drastically improve the appearance and heft of your bike

Although motorcycle technology has advanced significantly, many bikes still use lead-acid batteries

Investing in a lithium-ion battery is one way to reduce the weight of your bike

Precautions to take for maintaining a heavy bike include: 

Have it serviced regularly to avoid breakdowns: It’s common for Harley-Davidson owners to avoid maintaining their vehicles to avoid large expenses

But if you want your bike to last longer, you need to service it regularly

Don’t over-modify your bike: One of the main reasons Harleys fail is that their owners go overboard when customizing their rides

Replacing parts of the bike like the foot guards, the rearview mirror, or the engine frame can increase the bike’s weight, thus reducing the speed and efficiency of the bike

Frequently Asked Questions About Harley-Davidson Bikes

Why Do Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Weigh So Much?

A Harley Davidson can weigh up to 900 lb (4082 kg), and a fully loaded touring model can be heavier

This weight is due to the materials used to easily take in two passengers plus luggage, a stereo with multiple speakers, and other items

Harley-Davidsons tend to be heavy, with a characteristic look and style

Since 1903 when the first Harley-Davidson motorbike was produced, the company has been a brand to reckon with in terms of weight and durability

What’s the Heaviest Harley Davidson?

The heaviest Harley Davidson in the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) range is The CVO Limited, which weighs 944 lb (4282 kg) and is part of the CVO line

The Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra weighs over 936 lb (4246 kg) when fully loaded, making it the heaviest motorbike in the mainstream series

Can a Motorcycle Be Too Heavy?

If your motorcycle falls over on you more than a few times, it may be too hefty

Also, a motorcycle may be too heavy if you can’t lift it when it falls

Which Harley Davidson Is the Lightest?

Harley Davidson’s Street 500s and 750s are the company’s lightest motorcycles in decades

How Much Does a Full Dress Harley Weigh?

How Much Does a Full Dress Harley Weigh?

Full-dress motorcycles are usually touring bikes with relatively large body parts when compared to other motorcycles

The curb weight of full-dress Harleys ranges from 8107 pounds (3677 kg) for the Street Glide to 8267 pounds (375 kg) for the Street Glide Special and Road King

How Many Pounds Can a Harley Hold?

The carrying capacity of a Harley-Davidson can be determined by subtracting the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) from the curb weight

The GVWR shows how many pounds a motorcycle can carry when loaded with fuel and other fluids

Is There a Motorcycle Weight Limit?

Most motorcycles have a weight restriction based on a technical calculation

The weight limit for most bikes is between 350 and 450 pounds (1588 and 2041 kg)

That’s the weight of passengers plus cargo

Depending on the model, the weight of a Harley Davidson bike varies greatly

When looking to buy one of this company’s products, don’t forget to consider the weight of the bike, whether you are a new or an experienced rider

Harley Davidson motorcycles, regardless of model or make, never compromise on quality

All of the motorcycles have the trademark Harley look and design

Keep your bike in good working order and have it serviced

If you love heavy motorcycles but are concerned about the weight, adopt any precautions listed to keep riding your Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidsons are known for being big, heavy bikes with steel frames to support their bigger engines, transmissions, and everything that comes with both those features

Still, does that mean that Harleys can handle a good amount of weight for their size?

To make sure a Harley’s chassis and suspension system don’t get overtaxed, you’ll want to stay at or under the total weight the bike can hold

Continue reading for a good look into how much weight a big, ol’ Harley-Davidson motorcycle can handle!

Table of Contents

How Much Weight Can Harley-Davidsons Carry?What Harley-Davidson Models Can Handle the Most Weight?How Much Extra Weight Can You Load on a Harley?

What Is the Max Weight Limit for Passengers on a Harley?How Can I Know How Much Weight My Harley Can Handle?Can You Install Pegs That Can Hold More Weight?Can You Adjust Your Harley’s Suspension for More Weight?Can Too Much Weight Damage Your Harley’s Chassis?

How Much Weight Can Harley-Davidsons Carry?

The amount a Harley can carry is determined by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), a listed spec you can find in the manual, or by Googling a bike’s specs

The motorcycle’s factory weight needs to be subtracted from the GVWR to determine the actual weight your Harley-Davidson can carry

It should be noted that factory weight is not wet weight-the fuel and fluids for your bike add up to a surprising 30-40 lbs (14-18 kgs)

The bike’s wet weight should always be figured into the extra carriage weight

Most motorcycles can carry 350-450 pounds (159-205 kgs) in addition to the weight of the bike themselves

But the 6 different Harley models we surveyed could carry between 415-500 lbs (188-227 kgs)

Harley-Davidsons can carry, on average, more weight than other makes and models

We’ve got the basic stats to share that will help you know a few key Harley’s weight limits!

We went ahead and chose the Iron 883, Heritage Classic, and Dyna and the Pan America, Fat Boy, and the CVO Road Glide

These six cornerstone models can carry the following weight:

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America: 469 lbs (213 kgs)

Harley-Davidson FLSTFI Fat Boy: 477 lbs (216 kgs)

2022 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic: 435 lbs (197 kgs)

FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide: 453 lbs (205 kgs)

2020 Harley-Davidson Iron 883: 4155 lbs (188 kgs)

CVO Road Glide: 500 lbs (227 kgs)

What Harley-Davidson Models Can Handle the Most Weight?

In most cases, touring/adventure models and big cruisers are going to carry the most weight

That being said, the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide can handle the most weight, with an ability to easily carry 500 lbs (227 kg) of fuel, fluids, gear, rider, and pillion (if you’ve got a passenger rider)

These sleek hard-baggers are your best option for maxing out your weight-carrying capacity

Although we excluded trike models from most of our queries, a bit of digging into the Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide trike model showed it can only handle 496 lbs (225 kg)!

Another notable contender is the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, which can handle 477 lbs /216 kgs of extra weight, a pretty great cruiser or touring setup for big guys and gals, or long-distance riders who need every bit of carriage weight they can get

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How Much Extra Weight Can You Load on a Harley?

Still, extra weight means extra wear on your Harley’s suspension and chassis

If you have a preloaded suspension, it’s good to know an average weight you can use to calculate for any adjustments

The amount of extra weight you can load on a Harley depends on the rider and the bike, but you only need to subtract your weight from the total carrying weight of your bike!

If the average American weights app

Take into consideration the bike’s additional weight in fuel and fluids as well as all the heavy riding gear which you’ll need to pare off the total extra weight a Harley can carry

What Is the Max Weight Limit for Passengers on a Harley?

But make sure to quickly calculate how much their weight is adding to a bike that might already be groaning under other weight

The max weight limit for passengers on a Harley-Davidson can be determined by two factors-the passenger (or pillion rider) weight and the amount of extra weight you are carrying in your bags

Simply put, subtract the passenger’s weight from the extra weight total you’ve arrived at

This will determine if a passenger can safely ride along without putting too much wear on your suspension and chassis

We never recommend exceeding the carriage weight rating for your bike

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How Can I Know How Much Weight My Harley Can Handle?

If I weigh 170 lbs/77 kg and I’m taking my ‘94 Dyna Wide Glide out on the road, I need to do these simple calculations:

I subtract my body weight (170 lbs/77 kgs) from the motorcycle carrying weight (453 lbs/205 kgs) which leaves me with 283 lbs, or 128 kgs

We found riders wear somewhere between 15-40 lbs/7-18 kgs of gear when they ride

Now I subtract the weight of my leather saddlebags

If you have leather panniers, expect this weight to be 8-10lbs or 4-5 kgs

If you are rocking hard bags, this is an additional 25 lbs or 11 kgs

Remember to figure in your wet weight

The 1994 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide has 33 lbs or 15 kgs of fuel and fluids on top of the factory weight

If I use this simple formula, I know I can carry 225 lbs/100 kgs, which is a lot of portage if you think about it!

The more a rider or their passenger weigh, the less extra weight they can carry

Can You Install Pegs That Can Hold More Weight?

There would be a serious liability if Harleys were hitting the streets from the factory with footpegs that wouldn’t support the weight of just about any rider

You can install aftermarket pegs on your Harley to fit for comfort, get better shock absorption, or simply to look rad while you ride, but the pegs are all manufactured for a max weight rating much higher than the average rider’s weight

Several riders in the 300 lb/140 kgs weight range reported being able to stand up on their stock pegs with no worry that the peg would collapse or fail

If there is a worry as to the weight limitations that the pegs can hold, one mechanic suggests putting the bike on the center stand, getting up on the pegs, and pumping up and down, carefully so the test doesn’t knock the bike or rider over

If there is any stressing or cracking, replace the pegs before riding, but it’s likely the individual part is faulty

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Can You Adjust Your Harley’s Suspension for More Weight?

If you are consistently hitting the upper range of your Harley’s weight limit, you’ll want to look for signs of wear and tear on your chassis and suspension

Aftermarket suspension kits for all Harley-Davidson models are available, and having a preloaded suspension will allow you to adjust your suspension to sit higher

If you go back and forth between cruising and touring, we definitely suggest the preloaded suspension, as it can be adjusted with every fluctuation of weight that might do damage to your suspension system

Can Too Much Weight Damage Your Harley’s Chassis?

In addition to the suspension, a Harley’s chassis can become damaged

These areas being damaged can cause major malfunctions, limited control, and further damage to other parts of your motorcycle

Use the simple calculations we’ve included in the article to keep from overloading your bike, and as always, be adventurous, but ride safe!

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