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Cream is an ingredient we use so often in the kitchen

In fact, we have just started buying heavy cream in advance

Then, the cream starts going all grainy and smelly

But, how can you tell when heavy cream has gone bad?

This includes the heavy cream getting a grainy texture, discoloring, growing mold, smelling rancid, and tasting sour

In this jam-packed article, we will look at exactly what heavy cream is and its exact shelf life

And, we will naturally have a more in-depth look at the signs of spoiled cream

Finally, we have included a quick guide on the best way to store your heavy cream and extend its shelf life!

We have all worked with cream

So, naturally, you know that it is another type of dairy product that is similar to milk

Extra light, thickened, double cream, heavy cream, whipping cream—these are only some of the many different types of cream that you will regularly find

Today, as you already know, we will be looking at heavy cream specifically

This is one of the most called-for creams in most recipes, especially baking ones

This cream is made from a fat layer that is skimmed from milk before it gets homogenized

Anything less and it becomes a different type of cream

Not all countries produce and sell heavy cream and it may even go by a different name

The close seconds to this cream (if you cannot find any) include products like whipping cream, thickened cream, and full cream

But again, none of these are heavy cream

But again, none of these are heavy cream

Unlike other cream products with a lower milk fat content, it whips a lot easier and quicker

Now, you may be wondering how heavy cream differs from regular cream

Regular cream usually contains between 15-20% milk fat

Heavy Cream Vs Whipping Cream

Heavy cream is often used to create whipped cream

As we have mentioned, heavy cream legally has to have a milk fat content of at least 36% to be labeled as such

Whipping cream on the other hand has a lower milk fat content of between 30-36%

Whipping cream is also referred to as light cream in some countries

While whipping cream does also create very stable whipped peaks, it isn’t nearly as good as when making it from heavy cream

Shelf Life Of Heavy Cream

Now, you may be wondering why we yapped on about different types of cream

The amount of fat in the cream drastically increases and decreases the shelf life and stability of the (fresh) cream

Simply put, the higher the fat content the longer the cream will last

Unopened heavy cream will typically last about 1-2 weeks inside a fridge

While the signs for rancid cream generally stay the same regardless of the type, when these signs start appearing will happen at different stages

And, it may help you in determining when heavy cream has gone off

Light Cream18 – 30%7-10 days2-3 months

Whipping Cream30 – 36%7-10 days2-3 months

Heavy Cream36 – 40%1-2 weeks3-4 months

Manufacturer’s Cream40% +2-3 weeks3-4 months

Now, the only exception to the rules is long-life heavy cream

This cream has been heat-treated to make it far more shelf-stable

But, that being said, it isn’t a cream that whips particularly well (even when labeled heavy cream)

How To Tell If Heavy Cream Is Bad

Luckily when it comes to dairy products, it is fairly easy to tell when they have gone bad

A grainy texture is sometimes the first sign that heavy cream is starting to go off

It is also usually accompanied by a sour smell and taste

It looks like there are thousands of sand granules mixed into the cream

However, this is in fact the first step in cream becoming fully curdled

If you are lucky enough, this texture is only just beginning and the cream can still be used immediately

The cream won’t have a sour odor or flavor to it

This is another key sign that any dairy product has gone off

A rancid, sour, or tart flavor is also an immediate sign that heavy cream has gone bad

This cream should be very fatty and have a rich, clean, and creamy flavor to it

Anything less and the cream is starting to go bad or has already reached the point of no return

If you suspect that the cream is bad but need solid evidence, do not take a big sip to test it!

But, if the expiry date has already been reached then there isn’t even a reason to taste it

Finally, if your cream starts showing mold or any type of discoloration, it means that it is spoiling

Can You Use Heavy Whipping Cream After The Expiration Date?

You should never use any dairy product that is open and has reached its expiration date

If you have a properly stored and unopened bottle of heavy cream, it will likely still be fine for 2-3 days after the printer expiry date

Once opened, pour the cream out into a clear glass bowl or cup

Then, smell it, check the color, and finally, taste a little drop if you absolutely must

If the closed container is swollen, it means that there is an overflow of bacteria that produces carbon dioxide

This causes the container to swell and is a dead giveaway that the heavy cream is bad

What About Long-Life Heavy Cream?

The expiry date for long life or UHT-treated heavy cream is usually printed as a “best before” date

Depending on how you stored the long-life heavy cream, you may still be able to use it up to a month after the date

You should still test the heavy cream before simply using it

How To Properly Store Heavy Whipping Cream

Storing heavy cream isn’t difficult at all!

As you probably know, all dairy products are highly perishable and should always be kept in an airtight bottle or container in the fridge

Anything higher than that and the creams’ shelf life won’t be as long

But, if it reaches below 338ºF (1ºC), the cream may start freezing, ruining its fresh quality

Furthermore, if you aren’t planning on using the cream immediately, don’t store it inside the fridge door or at the back of your fridge

And, at the back of the fridge, you run the risk of the heavy cream starting to freeze

If you want to freeze cream, you should also keep it inside a stable freezer

Don’t allow the cream to continuously freeze and thaw slightly

When you buy heavy cream, you should plan to use it within a couple of weeks of purchasing it

Some people wonder how to tell if heavy cream is bad

Usually, you can spot spoiled heavy cream by the kind of smell it gives off, the way it looks, and tastes

For example, heavy cream will have a sour smell when it’s bad and can turn clumpy or moldy

You should never use bad heavy cream for cooking because it will possibly ruin your dish or make you sick

Thankfully, most grocery stores will have both a sell-by date and an expiration date to help you know how long you can store it and eat it safely

Here’s some helpful information on how to tell if heavy cream is bad and what you can do to extend its shelf-life, so you can use a single container for as long as possible

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How to Know When Heavy Cream Goes Bad?

When you buy heavy cream in the store, each package will likely have a sell-by date and an expiration date on it

If, for example, they sell something too close to the expiration date, their customers won’t have a reasonable time to use what they purchase

But on the other hand, the sell-by date gives a good cushion where people can buy produce, frozen goods, meats, and dairy products without worrying they’ll spoil before they use them

In most cases, heavy cream will usually remain suitable for consumption between one and three weeks between the sell-by date and the expiration date

But, of course, if you buy it earlier than the sell-by date, you’ll have a longer time to use it!

One of the challenges with heavy cream is that people often buy a container because they need it for a specific recipe

After that, however, the heavy cream sits in the fridge for days or weeks

Here are some things you should do to check whether your heavy cream is bad

How Does Your Heavy Cream Smell?

The smell is usually the easiest way to know if your heavy cream is still fresh

Heavy cream usually has a fresh aroma

Of course, if it’s sweetened, you’ll smell that, but plain heavy cream will smell like milk, only somewhat more concentrated

If you smell anything sour or foul when you get close to your heavy cream, it’s a sure sign that it’s gone bad

Don’t cook or consume any heavy cream that smells “off” It can make you sick

How Does Your Heavy Cream Look Like?

Heavy cream should be thick with a smooth consistency

There shouldn’t be any clumps or mold growing in the cream

Another sign that your heavy cream is bad is if there’s a lot of water or clear liquid separated from the cream

Sometimes heavy cream becomes grainy

If your heavy cream smells good and looks normal, you should have enough confidence to give it a taste!

Heavy cream should have a plain milky taste unless it’s sweetened and used for homemade whipping cream

Can You Use Expired Heavy Cream?

It’s always best to use foods before their expiration date

Using expired foods increases your chances of getting sick or having your ingredients ruin something like a cream sauce or other recipes

How long is heavy cream good for after the expiration date?

To be safe, throw out any heavy cream past its expiration date

However, if you unknowingly use heavy cream that is a couple of days past the expiry date, it’s unlikely anything will happen to you

Will Spoiled Heavy Cream Make You Sick?

This is why it’s so essential to know when something has gone bad

Minor cases of illness that can result from using spoiled heavy cream include things like a stomachache or indigestion

Apart from this, consuming spoiled heavy cream can cause severe food poisoning which can make you extremely sick

It can send you to the hospital and, in the worst scenarios, it can be fatal so avoid taking or using heavy cream that you have determined to be spoiled

What Happens if You Cook with Spoiled Heavy Cream?

One of the biggest challenges with bad heavy cream is that it’s harder to cook with

Ideally, a good heavy cream will augment any sauce or dish you’re adding it to

When you cook with soured heavy cream however, the cream is much more likely to clump

It will also affect how everything tastes, so avoid cooking with spoiled heavy cream!

How Long Will Heavy Cream Last in the Fridge?

How long does cream last once opened?

Heavy cream should last around a week once you open it

If you want it to last as long as possible, keep it in a sealed container where air and moisture won’t get in

If you leave an open container of heavy cream in the fridge, it will go bad in a few days

It’s a relatively fragile ingredient, which is why heavy cream generally costs more in grocery stores

Heavy cream is not really supposed to smell sour

Heavy cream is not really supposed to smell sour

Heavy cream is not really supposed to smell sour

While it shouldn’t have a sour smell, a slightly sour smell doesn’t always mean the heavy cream is bad

Typically, you only want to throw away heavy cream if the smell is so off-putting you wouldn’t want to eat it

That, combined with how it looks and tastes, should be enough clues to help you decide if it’s still fresh

How Do You Use Spoiled Heavy Whipping Cream?

How do you use old heavy cream?

You’ve probably heard of sour cream, which is the same as slightly spoiled heavy cream

If you have heavy whipping cream, you can mix it to turn it into butter

Use a mixer to stir the soured heavy whipping cream to separate the whey

Heavy cream is the same as heavy whipping cream

Just be sure to read the packaging because some whipping cream comes with added sugar

It’s okay if you’re making homemade whipped cream, but you won’t want something with so much sugar for the dinner you’re cooking

Heavy cream is a fantastic ingredient for people cooking at home and in restaurants

Always check to see whether it’s still fresh before you use it

In addition, consider not throwing out old heavy cream that’s gone bad!

Instead, use it for butter, sour cream, and other delicious ingredients



For the most part, heavy cream is consumable without fear of spoilage

From whipped cream and cake frosting to hearty pasta, a decadent omelet, or a delicious cream of mushroom soup, there are countless reasons to always have a carton of heavy cream in the fridge

Considering that heavy cream comes in relatively large 16-32 ounce cartons, that’s not really difficult to achieve

Even if you add a generous dollop of cream to your dish, you’ll have plenty left over for adding to other dishes in the days and weeks to come

But how long can you keep an opened carton of heavy cream in the refrigerator?

Refrigerated, an opened carton of cream will keep up to 3-4 weeks

Remember to close the cap of the carton tightly before storing it on the middle shelves of your fridge, where the temperature is most suitable for dairy

If the heavy cream came in a container with a foil lid and you can’t reseal it as it is, put it in a ziplock bag or, better yet, transfer it from its original packaging to an airtight food storage container

That’s good and all… but, if you forgot when you put it in there in the first place, as it often happens, how can you tell if the heavy cream hasn’t gone bad?

Mold, curdling, and/or an off-putting odor are signs that a carton of heavy cream in your fridge has spoiled and you should no longer use it

If you suspect that heavy cream has spoiled, throw it away immediately so that others in your household don’t try to eat it

Curdling and a sour smell are usually the first signs that heavy cream is past its prime

Treat mold as a warning sign that you will most probably get food poisoning if you cook or eat the cream, so never ignore it

There’s also the fact that spoiled heavy cream can no longer be whipped—an unmistakable sign of spoilage to watch out for when you use it as an ingredient to prepare frosting for a cake

Now, it can be hard to determine whether or not the cream is curdling if you keep it in its original container because these containers are not see-through

So, before you add all the cream to your dish, pour a sample into a dark bowl or clear storage container to observe the consistency

After all, you don’t want to ruin an entire dish with spoiled cream, do you?

Why Does Heavy Cream Last So Long?

Heavy cream milk is basically the fatty part of fresh milk

With 36-40% milkfat (compare that to the 325% fat content of whole milk), there’s no wonder why it can make any dish creamy and velvety

Dairy producers make heavy cream by separating the fat from the milk at the processing plant

The high fat content of heavy cream provides additional protection against spoilage, there’s no doubt about it, but the main reason for its relatively long shelf life is the UHT processing, which many of us know as “pasteurization”

The Wrong Way to Store Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is a dairy product and a perishable food item

Tips On Storing Heavy Cream

Keep cartons of heavy cream refrigerated at all times, no matter if you’ve opened them or not

The best place in your fridge for storing heavy cream (and dairy products as a whole) is the middle shelf

Avoid storing heavy cream on the refrigerator door shelves

As the door opens and closes—and your fridge works hard to compensate for the loss of cold—the temperature on the shelves will fluctuate greatly and shorten the life of the cream

Heavy cream becomes particularly susceptible to spoilage once it’s opened

So only open that carton of cream when you’re sure you are going to need it, and, if it has been opened, cover it in a ziplock bag or move it to an airtight food storage container

Heavy cream is a staple in the American household

Your heavy cream should be odorless, not sour

As long as you keep these points in mind, you will not have to worry about any heavy cream mishaps

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