Introducing Gergoplex: The New Wonder Drug!

However, I’m still active in the communities and build/shipping boards As for the backlog, I’m up to May 5th (except for two orders) and I’m on track to clear it pretty quickly here

Thanks for your patience! I have a new board in development, Gergoplex!

It fixes a few connector issues in Gergo/Georgi, removes a few keys, and goes back to using only 1us

I wasn’t a fan of getting rid of the 15s, but Hergo’s main complaint was that their source was a problem

This board is similar to crkbd/helidox/corne with one big advantage The Gergoplex will only be available as an assembled PCB

By tradition, the case you don’t need can also be purchased The main differences between this and the crkbd are no OLED (which makes room for some extra keys), a single integrated controller (no dual MCU or promicro nonsense), an ErgoDox style extender, and fully assembled Stay tuned!

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