List Of Items That Weigh 100 Pounds Or More

Motorcycles and refrigerators are common items that weigh around 300 pounds

This article will list things like a house or even an animal around us that weighs about 300 pounds

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An average motorcycle, in general, weighs about 300 to 600 pounds depending on the model

A dirtbike is on the light side and weighs only 200 pounds, while a sports bike like a Honda CBR starts at 300

An iconic bike like a Harley Davidson weighs 900 pounds, and when they have more add-ons, they can get significantly heavier

This may come as a surprise, but a refrigerator can weigh 300 pounds, especially those with French doors and side-by-side models

The weight can vary depending on the maker, but they weigh around 200-400 pounds on average

It is understandable since these types are known for their sufficient storage space

Most French door refrigerators can hold more than 25 cubic feet

Both types are also known to have improvements that follow the current trend, such as touch screens, indoor cameras, etc

4 sofa seats

A 4 seater sofa like the one you found at Ikea can weigh up to 300 pounds

This depends on the material and model

Some sofas can weigh more because they use hardwood and thick cushions

In some cases, the total weight of the frame and cushion can reach up to 1200 pounds

Those who can weigh more because they are two separate sofas with separate frames and cushions

Single size bed

A single size bed may be the smallest among all, but it can weigh 300 pounds easily

The frame alone can weigh up to 200 pounds, especially if it’s made of solid wood like oak

A metal frame is lighter by half

A regular spring mattress weighs starting at 100 pounds

If the bed has a head and canopy, then it can also add to the weight

Pool table

The material a pool table is made of determines how much it weighs

A low-mid table will weigh about 300 pounds

Construction for the table frame is also important

But since you are using MDF which is a layer of wood, the table frame does not hold too much weight

Southern Bluefin Tuna

On average, an adult Southern Bluefin Tuna weighs about 350 pounds

In some cases, they can weigh up to 600 pounds

However, this number is only half of their cousin, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, can

Unlike other tuna, southern bluefin tuna can regulate their body temperature, helping them migrate from cold to warm water to feed

As the largest primate, Gorilla primarily walks on their knees and knees

The most famous gorilla in the world is Koko

He was known to be able to communicate with people using sign language

Download Baby Elephant game

A baby elephant, or calf, is already 3 feet tall and 300 pounds at birth

A male African elephant can weigh closer to 400 pounds at birth

This is to be expected from the largest animal on earth

By the time they reach adulthood, a male elephant can weigh up to 7 tons

Elephants are known to be matriarchal herds

After the birth, the mother and the aunts help the calves to stand on their feet

Elder sheep

Did you know there are over 200 domestic sheep breeders worldwide?

This number does not include missing persons

On average, an adult ram (male sheep) weighs 300-350 pounds

Rams from large breeders such as Cotswold, Columbia, and Hampshire might weigh more

This number only counts the bodies, excluding the wool which can reach 11 pounds

The wild, iconic mountain goat, can grow up to 200 pounds

I put this animal in the list of animals that weigh about 100 kilograms


Dolphin is one of the most famous sea mammals

But did you know that the name “dolphin” refers to about 40 different species?

Including small dolphins in rivers in India and giant killer whales

There are four species known as whales as they are genetically dolphins

The average weight of an adult bottlenose dolphin is about 331 to 442 pounds

You can easily tell the difference between male and female dolphins since males are larger

Were you surprised by some of the items included in the list?

Can you name some other things that weigh 300 pounds?

Feel free to let us know when you find some more

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