Man with “world’s biggest penis” stuns viewers with graphic

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A New York native with the “world’s biggest penis” has spilled the tea on some of the struggles she’s faced with having a titanic tallywacker – something she claims is still going strong.

The bombshell drops in the upcoming Channel 4 documentary “My Massive C – – k”, in which “massive” men describe their struggles with being sexually gifted, Jam Press reported.

“Since my testicles are also very large, I know the bulges are prominent,” revealed Brooklyn native Jonah Falcone, 52, whose volunteer measures a whopping 13.5 inches erect — more than double the US average of 6 inches.

“I usually wear pants or skirts when I’m incognito,” a phallicly endowed man lamenting his massive member, which also measures 8 inches wide.

The johnson falcon measures a whopping 13.5 inches long and 8 inches wide when erect.

Falco reportedly reported porn stars, movie stars and even Oscar winners — though he didn’t name them.

Falco is featured in the upcoming documentary “My Massive C – – k,” in which “massive” men describe their struggles with being sexually gifted.

Falco claims that his groin was getting so much bigger that it made it almost physically impossible to receive oral sex.

Falco said he first realized he wasn’t like the other boys when he was in elementary school, explaining: “I was flabby by four fingers when I was 10, so I already caught the attention of the other boys at boarding school.”

“More than twice as big as a flaccid as an adult (just over 8 inches soft, more so in high tide) he gets a reaction from the guys,” he added.

In fact, it was a schlong on the way to Falcone, who claims that he “recently got stopped by security at the LACESSO airport because of a huge unknown tumor in my pants that was detected by the scanner.”

“I was already flabby by 4 inches when I was 10, so I was already getting the attention of the other boys at boarding school,” said Falcon.Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Falcon claims he gets a “luminous” erection, although he believes it has nothing to do with his size.Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Falco claims that “I was recently stopped at the second airport because of a giant unknown tumor in my pants caught by the scanner.” Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Unfortunately, like the Blob of science-fiction films, the falcon’s enormous masculinity seems even greater, which paradoxically presented him with problems in the boudoir.

“For some reason, it’s even thicker because I can’t get oral sex because of the triggers, and it requires very slow penetration,” she says.

When the Falcon achieves liftoff, it often gets “luminous” – although the signal is not related to the size of the penis.

Despite his struggles, the California resident refuses to accept a penis reduction, presumably because of his celebrity status.

Falco has previously claimed to have cheated on porn stars, actors and even Oscar winners – although he has never been named.

“It wasn’t Meryl Streep – I just left it,” said Falcon, boasting, “It’s a real honor when actors and actresses say I’m bigger than all the partners they’ve had.”

Falcon is worried that people only like him because of his giant phallus.Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

“More than twice as big as a flaccid as an adult (just over 8 inches soft, more in the heat) gets a lot of movement from the guys,” said Falcon.

Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

Falcon said he was sick of strangers asking him to beat his will.Jam Press/@jonahfalcon1970

On the flip side, the male fighter is worried that men only like him because of his big penises, adding that he is fed up with the pleasuring of Will to free him.

“I’m sick and tired of them wanting to measure me in front of them,” Falcon fumed in a 2021 appearance on ITV’s “This Morning.” “I’ve done the mix ten times – that’s enough!”

Falcon is not alone with a wide range of problems.

In another story about “My Massive C – – k,” a UK man with a 9.5-inch penis claimed he was fired from a job because he thought he had an erection during an interview.

A man who claims to have “the world’s biggest penis” stunned breakfast TV hosts by showing them a detailed image live on air.

According to New York actor Jonas Falconis, his groin measures 13.5 inches – erect, and has a diameter of eight inches.

“For some reason with 13 more fingers I’m bad, or I’m egotistical, or I’m porn, or I’m dumb or I’m a whore,” said Britannia. Exercises in the morning Philip and Josie.

“Also, I am weak and tired of wanting to measure myself before them.

More than once again, Falco shocked the crowd with his painting – leaving viewers stunned.

Jonah Falcon, who claims to have “the world’s biggest penis”, stunned the TV Hosts at lunch by showing them the unfolded image live on air.ITV.

Falco said four years ago in an interview that his penis size was negatively affecting his acting career.ITV

“I’m sorry – nothing special,” said Falcon.

Jonas Falcon who is believed to have the biggest brain in the world.

Jonas Falco on

This TV show, London, UK.Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

While the well-endowed Falcon said it helped him sleep with celebrities, there are downsides — like being stopped by airport security when they spotted her with her leg down.

“Once I had a suspension, in the middle of my leg, and they asked me if I had a tumor, which I think would be somebody if they saw it,” he said.

Falcon said his groin was on the way out through airport security.

TV hosts were upset after seeing the image of Falcon.ITV

“I’ve learned that if I go through security and the ball behaves, it looks like a round ball.

According to New York actor Jonas Falcon, the penis measures 13.5 inches.Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

In an interview with The Sun in 2017, he also claimed to have a negative attitude towards his life.

“It hindered my activity because people wouldn’t hire me,” he said.

“They go Google ‘Jonah Falcon’ and then they say, ‘We can’t use that’ known as a penis.

Rather than measure up, Falco shocked his team with the image – leaving viewers stunned.Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

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