“Pontoon Boat Weight Guide: 9 Examples (With Weights

If you are going to buy a pontoon boat or tow a pontoon boat, you should know how much it weighs

In this article, I’ll provide the average pontoon boat weight and several examples

What is the average pontoon boat weight?

Also, the boat can hold approximately 2,000 pounds (9071847 kg) of weight

Furthermore, a pontoon boat trailer weighs about 1,200 pounds (544311 kg)

Here are some pontoon boats and their corresponding dry weight in pounds:

Avalon Eagle 16′-1,350 poundsSweetwater SW 2086 22′-1,775 poundsAvalon Catalina DRL 24’-2,050 poundsG3 Suncatcher X22RF-3,600 poundsSuntracker Regency 254XP3 27’-3,300 poundsSuntracker Bass Buggy 16 XL-1,565 poundsBennington Marine 30 QXSB-6,801 pounds

If you plan to tow a pontoon boat, your truck must have a towing capacity of 5,500 pounds (2,4948 kg) to 6,000 pounds (2721554 kg) because you’re not only towing the boat but also the other gears inside as well

Typically, an empty pontoon boat with gear and motor on a trailer will weigh around 3,700 pounds (1678292 kg)

So it would be best to have a truck that can tow more than 3,700 pounds (1678292 kg)

Read on to learn about the average pontoon boat weight, including the weight of 7 different types of pontoon boats

If you’re planning to buy a pontoon boat, you must know its weight so that you know if you can tow it with your truck

Typically, the average pontoon boat weight is around 2,200 pounds (9979032 kg)

However, there are various types of pontoon boats, and each has a different weight from the rest

Here are some examples of pontoon boats and how much they weigh

The dry weight is the weight, excluding the gear’s weight in the boat and the trailer, but includes the motor without gas

On the other hand, the wet weight includes the gas and the boat’s complete equipment

Below is the weight of 7 popular pontoon boats

The Avalon also comes in 14 feet sizes

This boat provides essential features that you can enjoy with your family

Compared to other pontoon boots within its size, the Avalon Eagle is made of high-quality material, with aluminum seat bases, stainless steel cleats, and anodized rails

This boat is 22 feet long and has a dry weight of 1,775 pounds (8051265 kg) and a wet weight of about 2,500 pounds (1133981 kg)

You have the option to add specific features, such as LED docking lights, wicker-wrapped seat boxes, captain’s chair, fire extinguisher, universal phone holder, and fish-finder

The boat also provides a canopy featuring a protective playpen cover, stereo, sink, transom shower faucet, standard stern fish seats, tachometer, and many more incredible features

Twenty-four feet long, this pontoon boat has a dry weight of about 2,050 pounds (9298644 kg)

Twenty-four feet long, this pontoon boat has a dry weight of about 2,050 pounds (9298644 kg)

The Catalina can accommodate 11 people and provide an optional centerline locker to store all your equipment

If you go fishing, you can get the trolling motor and the under-seat life well

This boat weighs 3,600 pounds (1632933 kg) with its trailer and motor and usually has a length of 22 to 23 feet

This pontoon boat is for passionate anglers due to its excellent fishing features

The boat also provides a great entertainment area, so you can do all the water activities you want

The Suncatcher is a perfect pontoon boat for a family fishing adventure because of its friendly and fishing features

The boat also has features that ensure you stay safe and secure

The console and the captain’s chair will help you maneuver the boat quickly

Weighing 3,300 pounds (1,497 kg), this pontoon boat has a package weight with a trailer that weighs 5,695 pounds (2,583 kg)

Its seating capacity is 15, and its weight capacity is 2,150 pounds (9752236 kg)

The boat runs on Verado 300 horsepower and provides a broad swim platform

The Suntracker Regency’s triple tubes increase security while you ride the waves as there is added buoyancy to the boat

This pontoon boat has a 16-feet deck length and an 8-feet width

The weight of this pontoon boat is about 1,565 pounds (7098721 kg), including a 50 HP outboard engine

Hence, you should have a truck with at least 5,500 towing capacity to tow your pontoon boat trailer

The boat provides a stereo system, which is Bluetooth accessible

7 Bennington Marine 30 QXSB 12-foot

It’s 30 feet and has a dry weight of 6,801 pounds (3084882 kg) that includes twin 450 horsepower outboards

Its trailer weight is about 1,250 pounds (5669905 kg), with fuel and gear weight at about 1,000 pounds (453592 kg)

The boat has a powerful twin engine, a windshield, and a power-folding arch

We have discussed the answer to the questions: “how much does a pontoon boat weigh?” and “what is the average pontoon boat weight?”

Now, here are some tips you should consider when buying a pontoon boat

Tips When Buying a Pontoon Boat of Any Weight or Size

Will you buy a brand new pontoon boat, or will you settle for used boats?

The first thing you would search for is a pontoon boat within this price

2 Know What Type and Size You Need

Before you scout for your pontoon boat, you have to know first what type and size you need

What’s the primary purpose of your pontoon boat?

Write down the answers to these questions, and add the other specifications you want for your boat

Generally, when you expect two to six people, you should select a pontoon that is 18 to 20 feet long

You will need a 22 to 24 feet boat for six to ten people, and for ten people or more, you should choose a 24-feet or more pontoon boat

How much does a pontoon boat weigh that is about 22 feet long?

An average-sized pontoon boat (around 22 feet long), including the motor, weighs around 2,200 pounds (9979032 kg)

An average-sized pontoon boat (around 22 feet long), including the motor, weighs around 2,200 pounds (9979032 kg)

3 Determine Where You Will Use the Boat

Your choice of pontoon boat would depend on these aspects too

If you plan to sail on calm and small bodies of water, you can choose a boat from 17 to 19 feet

Consequently, you should choose a boat between 23 and 28 feet when you plan to sail on rough waters

You can choose boats that are 20 to 22 feet long on rivers or lakes with moderate waves

Your activities would help you determine what type of pontoon boat you should buy

In case you want to sunbathe, your prospective boat must have an expansive deck

For watersport purposes, your boat’s engine must generate at least 90 horsepower to be able to accommodate and carry all your sports gear

Check your list against the features of the boat and ensure that the boat provides all your requirements

In cases when you’re buying a used pontoon boat, you have to ask for proof of ownership

First, inspect the engine, the hull, the floorings, the throttle, the gauges, the furniture, and the pontoon tubes

If you don’t know about boat parts, request a licensed boat mechanic to thoroughly examine the boat to guarantee no factory defects or damaged parts

You can use this warranty for repairs and part replacements – if the boat needs them – during the warranty period

Also, the lower a pontoon boat weighs, the greater risk it is of damage in the long term

Don’t buy the first pontoon boat that you find – even when you think it’s perfect for you

You may find a better boat than your first pick that comes at an affordable price

Don’t settle for an in-house boat mechanic unless you absolutely trust the seller

Also, ask the owner for the pontoon boat weight from the manual

This way, you will know for sure how much it weighs and so will know if you can tow it or not

Safety features should include an anchor line, life jackets enough for every passenger, an emergency kit, radio, a compass, signal flares, and a waterproof map

If the boat seller doesn’t provide all of these, you still have to buy these essential items to make sure you have the necessary emergency materials with you during your water adventure

Conclusion – Pontoon Boat Weight

The standard pontoon boat weighs around 2,200 pounds (9979032 kg)

This weight includes the motor

The boat can hold about 2,000 pounds (9071847 kg) of weight

With the trailer, the weight totals to 1,200 pounds (544311 kg)

With the trailer, the weight totals to 1,200 pounds (544311 kg)

With the trailer, the weight totals to 1,200 pounds (544311 kg)

Your truck must have a towing capacity of at least 5,500 pounds to be able to tow a standard pontoon boat

When your boat has a lower towing capacity, don’t fret because there are lighter pontoon boats you can choose from

Whatever activity you have set to do, have fun, and spend quality time with your friends and family in your new pontoon boat

What Is the Fastest Pontoon Boat in the World?

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Do you own a pontoon, or are you interested in getting one and want to know it’s weight?

Can the boat’s weight affect how you can handle it?

Here, we’ll talk about the pontoon weight

When you look for a pontoon’s weight, the essential purpose is to ease towing

Consider if you’ll tow the boat on a trailer or not

Buying a pontoon that you can’t manage or pull is a waste

Also, weight is a guide to knowing the number of people and loads the boat can carry

Learn to look at the boat’s dry weight

You can use some methods to calculate your pontoon’s weight

But let’s start with the average weight of these boats

Table of ContentsThe Average Weight of PontoonsWhat Factors affect the Pontoon’s Weight?How to Tow Your Pontoon?Conclusion

The Average Weight of Pontoons

All pontoons can never weigh the same pounds

Many firms that make pontoons say that the average pontoon dry weight is between 1300 to 2500 pounds

Expect the average weight to start from 4000 pounds

The extra weight comes from the wet weight like people, materials, fuel, and other items on board

This weight includes the machine but without the trailer, cargo, and passengers

Remember, this weight isn’t the fixed one

You can get some pontoons that weigh past this average weight

It will be tough to measure the pontoons using your dry eyes

Sometimes, an estimate of your pontoon’s weight is almost like the one the firm will give you

Many boat owners and riders estimate the pontoon’s dry weight using 100 to 150 lbs

So, for example, if your boat is 30-feet long, expect it to weigh between 3000 to 4500 lbs

It will help you choose the best trailer for towing

Below is a table that shows the dry and total weight of some famous boat models

Remember, these figures can change as boat firms update these models

Pontoon Model

Dry Weight in-lbs

Dry plus wet weight in-lbs

Lowe Boats Ultra 200 Cruise

This table shows that different models can’t weigh the same pounds even if they have the same size

But what affects a pontoon boat’s weight?

What Factors affect the Pontoon’s Weight?

Many aspects will affect the pontoon’s weight

So, here’s what will determine your pontoon’s dry and top weight

You can use an outboard or an inboard motor in pontoons

These motors add a significant number of kilos on board

So, the highest pounds your vessel can weigh together with the wet weight depends on the engine

Many pontoons can hold machines that weigh 50 to 500 pounds

You can get a vessel that’s 20-feet long and with a 50 HP motor

Expect the dry weight of the boat to weigh 250 lbs

Longer pontoons use engines of about 300 HP

Such motors make the boat weigh over 500 lbs

Remember, you can customize the boat using unique engines with about 450 HP

to the dry weight of your boat

If you use a trailing boat on your vessel, you’ll need an engine that weighs more

Remember, adding a trailing boat depends on what you want to do

Engines add more weight to the vessel than any other item

You can remove the fuel tank or battery from the pontoon, but the engine will still make the boat heavy

The number of gallons that your gas tank holds will affect the boat’s final weight

Larger gas tanks increase the boat’s weight

Most pontoons have gas tanks that can hold up to 30 gallons

As for a larger tank, they need more than 42 gallons

Remember, the fuel weight is part of the boat’s wet weight

So, if you have a gas tank of 40 gallons, your boat will weigh 180 lbs

A pontoon’s weight varies with your interests and uses

You can use your pontoon for tours, fish, or even swim

When you use your boat for fishing, you’ll need many items to help you have a great time on the water

Your boat will need coolers, rod racks that weigh 5 pounds, and seats that weigh at least 30 pounds

The other fishing items carry much less weight

Still, this equipment will impact your pontoon’s wet weight

As for the other uses like holding a party, you’ll need more seats

Sometimes, your pontoon will need other specs like a kitchen or tables

These features increase the boat’s wet weight

Your pontoon’s weight will increase when you use the anchor on it

Expect the anchor to make your boat more stable

Most anchors weigh from 30 to 50 pounds

What you’ll choose depends on the size of your boat and the model you’ll want

These tools add more weight to your boat

Remember, you can fail to notice the wet weight these items will add to your boat

So, together with the mount and ledge, your boat will have 50 to 80 lbs

The larger the pontoon’s size, the greater the weight

If a floating boat has a long and wide hull, the firm uses more materials to make the vessel

You’ll also find that the boat with a long hull weighs more pounds

When you customize a small pontoon, expect it to have more dry weight than bigger boats

Pontoons with more dry weight can carry more items

Most big pontoons have a deeper and broader hull to support more kilos

Remember, some pontoon boats have double-deckers

Expect such boats to have more dry and wet weight

Not all pontoons can carry the same number of people

It’s one of the main aspects to consider when looking at a boat’s weight

Remember, the people that a firm indicates for a pontoon are adults

If your boat is 20-feet long and with a capacity of nine people, expect the dry weight to be 1200 lbs

So, when it comes to the total weight and the wet weight, the kilos of every person are vital

Some people are heavy while others weigh less

It will help if you overrate the total weight of people when you focus on this aspect

You’ll get a pontoon boat that will be easy to manage

How to Tow Your Pontoon?

The main reason to know your pontoon’s weight is to help you tow

Remember to use the proper towing skills

You’ll enjoy your time as you tow the boat

So, as you move the vessel, you should know your boat’s weight and that of your trailer

The pontoon’s weight should balance on the trailer

No side of the trailer should carry more pounds than the other

Expect an accident when the pontoon boat’s weight exceeds the trailer’s carrying ability

Check on the driver’s door to see what your trailer can carry

A typical boat trailer weighs around 1200 lbs

So, if you put it together with the pontoon’s average weight, you’ll move around 3400 pounds

Also, if you want a safe towage, use a trailer that weighs at least 2500 lbs

Most pontoons are cheap and will help you have a sweet recreational time

But, when buying or renting any pontoon boat, you should know its weight

Check for both the dry and wet weight

It will help you know how much kilos the vessel can carry

Various factors will determine how much your boat weighs

Among the aspects, your boat’s engine is vital in determining the dry weight

Also, when you know your pontoon boat’s weight, it will help you during towage

Ensure you master the basic skills to tow a boat

So, can you now tell how much a given pontoon weighs?

Would you please share the ideas you’ve learned here with another person who doesn’t know?

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What Size Trailer I Need For a Pontoon Boat?

7 Tips To Buy Pontoon Trailers

11 Best Electric Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are made differently than a typical monohull boat

Because of this, people often wonder how hard it is to trailer them and how much they weigh

In this article, we’ll provide you with the ultimate pontoon weight guide so that you’ll know exactly what you can trailer and what you can’t trailer

Here’s How Much Pontoon Boats Weigh:

Pontoon boats typically have a dry weigh around 120 pounds per foot

A 25-foot pontoon boat will typically weigh around 3,000 pounds

The weight also depends on the engine size

The fuel tank can also add several hundred pounds to the total weight when the pontoon boat is ready to go

Here’s How Much Pontoon Boats Weigh:9 Pontoon Boat Weight Examples1) The Retreat 230 RFL (Lowe)2) The Retreat 250 RFL (Lowe)3) The Retreat 270 Extended WT (Lowe)4) The Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX5) The Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 DLX6) The Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 DLX7) Pontoon CX 21 C (Starcraft)8) Pontoon EXS 3 (Starcraft)9) Pontoon SLS 5 (Starcraft)Towing a Pontoon BoatWhat You Need To Know About Pontoon Boat ConstructionFinal Thoughts

9 Pontoon Boat Weight Examples

Pontoon boats come in many different sizes and styles so the weight can vary widely based on this

Also, some pontoon boats will have larger engines than others

This also adds to the weight and more often than not, a pontoon boat’s engine will add a significant amount of weight to the boat

To illustrate how much a pontoon boat might weigh, let’s take a look at some examples of pontoon boats

The Retreat 230 RFL is one of Lowe’s shorter pontoon boat models

This boat extends about 23’7” long and has a beam of 8’6”

The deck is 23’ long and the pontoons have a length of 22’3”

Each pontoon has a diameter of 25” in width

Depending on which model you go with, you’ll have the option to go with a 150, 200, or 250 horsepower engine

The fuel tanks for these engines range from 24 gallons to 50 gallons

With these engines, the hull has a weight between 2,600 and 3,000 pounds

The weight per foot is between 108 pounds and 125 pounds

The deck has comfortable seating for about 8 people but the boat is rated for up to 11 people with minimal gear

Maximum weight capacities range between 2,100 and 2,700 pounds on each of these boats

This includes the weight of any passengers as well as their gear

One thought to keep in mind is that this weight includes the weight of 2 reclining chairs, a driver’s seat, a passenger seat, as well as lounge seating

You could potentially tow this pontoon boat with a small SUV or minivan with a towing package

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This pontoon boat has an overall length of 25’7”, a deck length of 25’ and a pontoon log length of 24’3”

The pontoon diameter is 25” and the beam length is 8’6”

Engines on this boat range from 150 hp to 300 hp

Supplying these engines with fuel are 24, 30, and 50-gallon fuel tanks

Max weight capacities go from 2,300 pounds to 2,600 pounds

This gives the boat a holding capacity of between 12 and 14 people

The deck layout is similar to the 230 models with reclining chairs in the rear and a driver and passenger seat protected by a glass windshield

Additional features include a marine-grade stereo system, plush seating, and reclining chairs that swivel

There is also a heavy-duty boarding ladder located at the rear of the boat

A 9’ bimini top sits over the top of the boat to keep the passengers out of the sun

I’d recommend you get a large SUV or small truck to tow this pontoon boat

We have an article here about how reliable we find Lowe boats

The Retreat 270 has an overall length of 27’11” a deck length of 27’ and a pontoon log length of 26’3”

The weight of this boat is 3,500 pounds and the max weight capacity is 2,763 pounds

This assumes a 300 HP boat engine

Max person capacity is 14 while the max weight capacity is 2,763 pounds

The deck layout features two recliners in the back that can also function as semi-circle seating with a doorway out the back

In the front, there is semi-circle seating with a doorway leading off of the front of the deck

The center features a captain’s chair, a passenger seat, and a windshield that opens up to let passengers onto the front deck

As you’ve probably already noticed, this boat weighs a lot more than the previous models even though it isn’t much longer

A lot of this additional weight probably comes from the much larger engine size

Towing this pontoon boat is better left to trucks and large SUVs 4) The Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

The Sun Tracker 18 DLX has a 20-foot length and a 17’8” deck length

This boat does not come standard with an engine but they recommend that the owner get a 75 HP motor to put on it

Without the motor, the dry weight of the boat is only 1,495 pounds

The average package weight with the motor and the seating is 3,008 pounds

The fuel tank is 321 gallons which are not counted in the dry weight of the boat

With full tanks, you can expect to add several hundred pounds to the weight of the boat

Max capacity on this boat is 9 people with a weight of about 1,220 additional pounds

There are bench seats at the front of the boat as one side of the rear of the boat

You’ll also find a driver’s seat with a small steering console

There is also a ladder at the rear of the boat

Before loading up this boat, you could potentially tow it with an SUV or a minivan with a towing package

This boat has a total length of 24’2” with a deck length of 22’1”

The deck width is 8’6” and the pontoon length is 22’3”

The deck width is 8’6” and the pontoon length is 22’3”

Dry weight on this boat is 1,920 pounds but it has an average package weight of 3,754 pounds

This package weight includes a 150 HP motor with a 321-gallon fuel tank

At the rear of the boat is bench seating on either side

The center of the boat has a driver’s seat and console as well as another entryway

A bimini top is included with the package as well as a stereo system

The max carrying capacity on this model is 11 people and the max person weight is 1,500 pounds

This means you most likely won’t be able to reach the 11 person max rating if all 11 people are adults

A large SUV or truck will be needed to tow this pontoon boat

In fact, even small trucks will probably need weight distribution hitches and sway control bars to safely tow this boat

This boat has a length of 26’2” and a deck length of 24’1”

The deck width is 8’6” and the pontoon log length is 23’7”

Each pontoon log has a diameter of 24”

Each pontoon log has a diameter of 24”

The 24 DLX has a dry weight of 2,200 pounds and an average package weight of 4,361 pounds

This weight includes a 150 HP motor, bench seating at the front and back and captain’s chairs in the center

It also includes a rear boarding ladder and entry doorways at the front, back, and side

The max person capacity is 12 people and the max person weight is 1,685 pounds

Max person and gear weight are 2,350 pounds which must also account for the 321-gallon fuel tank

This pontoon boat model is one of the largest models Sun Tracker has to offer

As a result, it is also one of the heaviest pontoon boat models it has to offer

People who plan on trailering this boat will want to own a truck that is capable of towing about 5,000 pounds

Most small trucks with engines larger than 4 cylinders should be able to accomplish this

Most SUVs will not be able to tow this boat

However larger SUVs like Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans should be able to tow it without too much trouble

7) Pontoon CX 21 C (Starcraft)

The pontoon diameter is 25” around

The pontoon diameter is 25” around

Without an engine attached, it has a dry weight of 1,850 pounds

This includes bench seating at the front and a small L-shaped dinette at the rear of the boat

The deck of the boat is made from ¾” marine grade plywood covered in UV stable carpeting

Deck amenities include a boarding ladder and a bimini top

There is a 20-gallon built-in fuel tank for the recommended 125 horsepower engine

After adding the weight of the engine, the fuel, and your gear, you’ll probably need a larger SUV or truck but you may be able to get away with a smaller SUV if you opt for a smaller engine

8) Pontoon EXS 3 (Starcraft)

The EXS 3 is a 23’10” pontoon boat with a 102” beam

Each pontoon has a 25” diameter and the deck is made of ¾” marine grade plywood

Standard features on this boat include a stereo system and a bimini top

The maximum engine size that is recommended for this boat is a 250 horsepower engine and there is a 60-gallon fuel tank to support this engine

This would be a large and powerful engine for this boat but it would also add a considerable amount of weight

Even so, Starcraft has the boat rated for a carrying capacity of 11 people and 1,500 pounds

Optional features like grills, porta-potties and popup privacy tents can be included with the boat, but this will add to the weight and will reduce the total carrying capacity

The dry weight of this boat before the engine is added and the 60-gallon fuel tank is filled comes to over 2,100 pounds

As a result, you won’t be able to tow this boat without a proper tow vehicle such as a large SUV or truck

9) Pontoon SLS 5 (Starcraft)

This boat has a dry weight of almost 3,000 pounds and can support an engine size of 300 horsepower

A 40 gallon or optional 60-gallon fuel tank can be added to go along with this engine

Because of the boat’s size, it can accommodate up to 14 people and a weight of 2,590 pounds

This large number of occupants is possible and even comfortable for passengers as there is lounge area seating in both the front and rear of the vessel

Standard amenities include a boarding ladder and a bimini top

Even a small truck or large SUV would struggle to tow a pontoon of this size and weight

For a boat like this, you’d probably want to get a full-size truck for safe towing

Towing a Pontoon Boat

Even lightweight pontoon boats can be tough to tow

The reason for this is that these boats have a wide beam length

This creates more wind drag and taxes the tow vehicle’s engines and transmissions

All of the pontoon boats listed here would require the use of brakes on the trailer

This means the tow vehicle would need a brake controller to operate these brakes

Additionally, safe towing with a smaller vehicle would probably require the use of a weight-distribution hitch as well as a set of stabilizer bars

Another thought to consider is the average pontoon boat tends to run between 20 feet and 26 feet long

These boats typically have engines that range between 150 HP to 250 HP

The weights will vary but you’ll typically have over 3,000 pounds to tow

This means most vehicles will not be rated to safely tow a boat

Towing a boat with a vehicle that is not rated to handle your particular boat’s weight is illegal and can be extremely dangerous

For those of you who won’t be moving the boat very often, it might make sense just to pay someone to tow it a few times a year

This would help you save on boating costs and would give you one less vehicle to worry about

Otherwise, I’d recommend you go with a full-size truck for towing

A full-size truck will be able to handle the weight of the pontoon boat safely

When buying a full-size truck for towing, make sure that you add on any necessary suspension and transmission upgrades

Remember that these items won’t do you any good if you wait to add them after your suspension or transmission has been damaged

What You Need To Know About Pontoon Boat Construction

These cross members are both welded and screwed to the underlying pontoons

This deck is usually constructed of 3/4 inch marine grade plywood

The deck will usually be covered with marine carpeting as well

These boats will usually feature a bimini top as well

Pontoon boats will typically include a large outboard motor that is affixed to an aluminum transom mount

Otherwise, the engines might be mounted at the end of separate pontoons

Other than the engines and the fuel tanks, none of these materials are heavy in and of themselves

However, a large amount of aluminum and wood decking combined with the weight of the engines can make these boats quite heavy when compared to more traditional aluminum boats

On top of this, the pontoon boat’s trailer will carry some weight to it as well

These trailers are usually made of aluminum so luckily they won’t add too much weight to the total

When looking into pontoon boat weights, you’ll want to consider both the dry weight and the weight of the boat after it has had the engine as well as any other options added to it

Also, consider the fuel tank as well

A full fuel tank can add several hundred pounds to a boat

This is especially true on larger pontoon boats that may have fuel tanks of up to 60 gallons

In the event that you do decide to add gear or change engines, you’ll also want to know the dry weight

This will help you decide whether or not you’ll be able to upgrade to a larger engine in the future

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