The 10 Largest Glaciers In The World (Mass,

10 Largest Glaciers in the World (Length, Location & Details)

The ten (longest) glaciers in the world are:

56 kilometers (35 miles)

56 kilometers (35 miles)

56 kilometers (35 miles)

56 kilometers (35 miles)

56 kilometers (35 miles)

Glaciers hold 69 percent of the world’s fresh water, and there are about 200,000 glaciers found around the world

Currently, glaciers, together with ice and the Greenland/Antarctica Ice Sheet cover about 10 percent of the Earth’s surface

In this article, we will look at the ten largest glaciers in the world (by length, not by area)

1 Lambert Fisher Glacier

1 Lambert Fisher Glacier

1 Lambert Fisher Glacier

Photo by Lutz Fischer-Lamprecht

The largest glacier in the world – Lambert Fisher – is located in Antarctica

It’s the world’s largest glacier, so it’s the best place to make ice cream

This ice covers about 8% of the Arctic Ice Sheet, which is 400 kilometers (250 miles) long and 100 kilometers (60 miles) wide

In some areas, the surface ice is up to 47 km (3 miles) thick

People don’t usually travel on these glaciers because they are difficult to access, and the Arctic is usually not a playground for us

2 Hubbard Glacier

2 Hubbard Glacier

2 Hubbard Glacier

Photo by Bernard Spragg

Hubbard is the largest glacier in North America at 122 kilometers (75 miles)

This ice is special for two reasons: it is a glacier and, despite global warming and because most of the ice is shrinking, this is advancing

This ice is called a “running glacier” because it is rushing into the Gulf of Alaska at a high speed (for a glacier, at least)

A glacier melt is when ice melts away from a glacier, which also occurs on glaciers, glaciers, glaciers, and rivers

It’s fun to watch from a distance, but it can be dangerous for anyone who comes too close

3 Fedchenko Glacier

3 Fedchenko Glacier

3 Fedchenko Glacier

Image from http://edcsns17crusgsgov/EarthExplorer/

This is the largest glacier in the world located in Tajikistan

At a length of 77 kilometers, this is one of the most beautiful views of the Karakoram Mountains

If you want to pass this one, you should go to the Gorno-Badakshan region and ask for the Pamir mountains

It is named after the 19th century Russian explorer AP Fedchenko, who first explored it in 1928 as part of a Soviet expedition to the Pamirs

Several weather stations have been located here for years, providing a wealth of information on the local climate

Fedchenko Glacier originates from the Revolution Peak ice field

Here, it receives ice from several glaciers before it begins to flow north

This glacier also moves very fast, reaching a speed of 67 centimeters (26 inches) per day in the center

Meltwater from the Fedchenko Glacier is the Surkhob and Amu Darya rivers

4 Siachen Glacier

4 Siachen Glacier

4 Siachen Glacier

Photo by Sadia17301

The Siachen Glacier is located between India and Pakistan, on the border between the two countries

The Siachen glacier is 75 kilometers (47 miles) long and an incredible 700 kilometers (270 square miles) wide

If you want to ride this bad boy, get ready for some serious writing

The area is famous for the power struggle between the Indian and Pakistani governments, and you don’t want to get caught up in the chaos

In fact, the Siachen Glacier is the “highest, deadliest and most expensive battlefield,” according to the India Times

The weather on the Siachen Glacier is terrible

Politically, this is a paradox, which is why it is still controversial after all these years

5 Biafo Glacier

5 Biafo Glacier

5 Biafo Glacier

Photo by Yousaf Feroz Gill

Biafo is Fedchenko’s brother and is also in the Karakoram Mountain Range – this time in Pakistan

Bonus fact: The Karakoram Mountains are one of the largest mountain ranges in Asia, spanning India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan

Biafo is 67 kilometers (42 miles) long and has a snow cover that is about a kilometer deep

Meltwater from the Biafo Glacier flows into the Indus River, one of the largest and most important rivers in India

At the head of the Biafo Glacier is Snow Lake, a snow lake that is a dream to hike

That said, it’s very difficult and requires some crazy planning, but it’s a bucket list item for any ice-skating enthusiast

Since it is very difficult to get there, less than 200 people a year have the pleasure of seeing these interesting things

6 Bruggen Glacier

6 Bruggen Glacier

6 Bruggen Glacier

Photo by David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada

This glacier in Southern Chile is 1,260 kilometers (488 square miles) wide and 66 kilometers (41 miles) long

Bruggen, also known as Pio XI, is a great runner, having advanced nearly five kilometers (31 miles) between 1945 and 1976

Bruggen Glacier, named by German geologist Juan Bruggen Messtorff, originates from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field

To see the amazing colors of this glacier, take a cruise

7 Baltoro Glacier

7 Baltoro Glacier

7 Baltoro Glacier

Photo by Guilhem Vellut of Paris

It is also in Pakistan, found in the Gilgit-Baltistan region

At 62 kilometers (39 miles) long, it’s a stunning sight

The rocky path to the Baltoro Glacier is the route to the K2 camp

Three other 8000 meter peaks are also at the head of the Baltoro Glacier: Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II

8 South Inylchek Glacier

8 South Inylchek Glacier

8 South Inylchek Glacier

Photo by Chen Zhao

The South Inylcheck Glacier is located in the Central Tian Shan Mountains in the Issyk-Kul region

It is 61 kilometers (38 miles) long and covers only 18 square kilometers (7 square miles), making it one of the longest glaciers

The hike to South Inylcheck is difficult, but there are regular campsites along the way

On this one-way trip, you start at At-Jailoo camp in the valley and climb to South Inylcheck Base Camp

This is between Khan Tengri and Pobeby Peaks, both 7000m and above

9 Jostedal Glacier

9 Jostedal Glacier

9 Jostedal Glacier

Photo by GLanting

Jostedal is unique because it is the largest glacier in Europe

Jostedal is the 9th largest glacier in the world and has a length of 60 kilometers (37 miles), and is an amazing 600 meters (2000 feet) thick

Located in the Sogn og Fjordane region of Norway, this is one of the few skiable ski resorts

Here, you’ll trudge through the poor country for about 2 – 4 hours, then dive into the ice

If you’re new to ice climbing, this might be the best place to start (if you’re fit enough to get there)

In Jostedal, there are several guided glacier tours available, making sure you have an experienced guide to help you through

Jostedal is enjoying its blue ice and the opportunity to climb inside some crevasses

You can even hear the ice melting

It’s fun and something you’ll remember for years to come

Batura Glacier

Batura Glacier

Batura Glacier

Photo by Akbar Khan Niazi

Also in Pakistan, Batura Glacier is found in Gojal district of Gilgit-Baltistan

The Batura glacier is 56 kilometers (35 miles) long

Getting to Batura is difficult, because it is close to our center

Once there, the trek across the glacier takes about five days, depending on the weather and your fitness level

The area is incredibly beautiful, and the locals are friendly and hospitable

Glaciers and Climate Change

The truth is that ice and water are melting as the world warms

As we head out into nature to admire and marvel at these amazing ice formations, let’s keep this in mind

Now that it’s all said and done, ride happily into the wonderful world of ice

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