The 12 Best Golf Irons in 2024

The weight of the golf irons matter a lot to building your golf portfolio, when you hit the ball with the iron, you might have felt it’s too light or too heavy, right?

So, it’s very important to decide your comfort zone in terms of the weight of golf irons, whether you are comfortable with heavier irons or lighter irons

If you are comfortable with heavier irons, then you should know all aspects of heavier irons, and don’t miss to gather the information about what is the heaviest golf iron, it may add value to your golf career

In this segment, there are many factors of which you must be aware, such as who makes the heaviest golf irons are heavier irons better or not for you, how you can make your irons heavier, etc…

What is The Heaviest Golf Iron?Who Makes The Heaviest Golf IronsHow Do I Make My Irons Heavier?1

By Rubber Coated Tungsten WeightsAre Heavier Irons Easier to Hit?How Heavy Should My Irons Be?Do Heavier Irons Hit Further?Pros and Cons of Heavier Golf IronsProsConsFinal Thoughts on Heavier IronsFAQs:Q1: Is It Better To Have Heavier Or Lighter Golf Irons?Q2: Should older golfers use lighter clubs?

What is The Heaviest Golf Iron?

Well, there are many heavier irons in the market, and there are also such companies that can make heavier or lighter golf irons on your custom orders

But seeing the readymade category of heavier or the heaviest irons, we have to mention the G10 as the heaviest golf iron in the market

Moreover, in the option of this one, there is a huge class of men golfers that use C7 to D7 golf irons as well

If a golf club is weighted at one gram, this can provide a full swing of 494 pounds

If a person determines that he or she should be swinging for different weights, the gradual weight adjustment could instead be converted to lighter swings coming in at 2 grams and heavier swings weighing 596 grams

Who Makes The Heaviest Golf Irons

Well, if you find over the planet, internet, sites, and manufacturers, you will find plenty of them who make heavier golf irons for golfers

the Boccieri is well known for making the heaviest irons, however, you have the option to make heavier golf clubs than the readymade heavier ones

How Do I Make My Irons Heavier?

The best option is that you buy an already heavier golf iron, case, if you have already bought an iron, and it’s not heavier according to your requirement, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the new one

You can add weight to it and can make it heavier according to your comfort

You need to just follow a process that I am going to mention here — you need to add weight to your iron club, but not randomly, it has a significant process that you must follow

First of all, you should know how many ways you can add weight to golf iron clubs, and which way is best for you

There are three easy methods to make your golf iron heavier — by adding weight screws, lead tapes, and rubber-coated tungsten weights

The weight is dependent upon whether the head has a removable screw and if there are heavier options

It is generally more effective to change the weight for drivers and putters than fairway woods or hybrids

Everything that is needed is a wrench to remove the weight you don’t want and replace it with the one you do, but you must use weights that are available

The head of the golf club is usually adjusted with lead tape to attain the right weight

Professional clubs often have a layer of lead taped to different clubs, making it easy to play around with its weight

The lead foil tape is thin, so layering it will make it easier to add more thickness

3 By Rubber Coated Tungsten Weights

Do away with lead tape and try rubber-coated tungsten weights instead

These can be cut and placed onto the club head for a better grip on the golf club

Rubber tungsten weights offer a safe, clean alternative to lead weights that are dangerous to handle but otherwise produce the same effect as a lead

In the example, 7 grams of weight is used in the same space as was used for the lead tape shown earlier (1-7 grams)

These are the common and easy methods by which you can increase the weight of your favorite golf iron

Now, it’s time to decide which one is the best for you, or else, better for you

So, let’s explore how to make your golf iron heavier with lead tape

There are many options and ways to increase club weight by adding lead tape

Adding tape to the club can make a huge difference

Add The Tape to The Toe: Stripping a tennis racket across your toes will help make you hit the ball at a downward angle

Add Tape to The Heel: If your golf swing includes having more weight on the heel of the club, you won’t have as many slices and will be better at developing a draw-spin

Add The Tap to The Front of The Sole: When you place a cassette (a type of adhesive tape) on the front part of the sole, this reduces spin and produces a lower ball flight

It also makes your club less forgiving

Add The Tap to The Back of The Sole: For more height and spin on your ball, the best method is a heel raise

The heel raise will move the golf club’s center of gravity away from the face, making it easier to get good contact with the ball

Are Heavier Irons Easier to Hit?

The common and ever-said answer is, yes, heavier irons are easier to hit, but, wait, it’s not the end of the logical answer

Well, the common and ever-said answer is also right, but it isn’t justifying the question, because, it can not be applicable in the same way for each golfer

It depends upon many factors such as the weight of a golfer, the type of course land, whether it’s greener, or drier, the common atmosphere, and many aspects

If a golfer’s weight is less, then it becomes difficult to balance the heavier iron for him, right?

Whether it is lightweight or heavier, it won’t affect your mind, balance, and game, as you have become habitual for it

Now, going technically, the heavier golf irons are good because it has more potential to stay stable than the lightweight golf iron due to more weight and center of gravity

You should play a lighter shaft if you have a slower swing speed and tempo

If your physique is heavy, you can use heavy iron shafts at 130 grams in steel

Do Heavier Irons Hit Further?

The golf ball is small and weighs less than 2 lbs

When golfer swings their golf club, the force they can change the way that the ball moves, depending on how fast they swung and which body parts they used to hit it

The final outcome of the golf swing, getting a ball into the air, is all determined by the force behind your swing

A heavier golf club, if swung at the same speed, will hit the ball harder and farther than a lighter one

A heavier club is more difficult to swing because of its weight, but it can be used for power shots if swung at high speeds

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Pros and Cons of Heavier Golf Irons

Moreover, before you buy heavier irons, it’s essential to go through their impacts, how much it is beneficial, and what are its drawbacks

In simple words, you must aware of the pros and cons of heavier irons

People with a heavy shaft in their golf irons tend to make better shots because the ball is more accurate

The decrease in the length of the shaft may lead to a loss in distance on heavier clubs

The shafts of heavier clubs, often provide straighter shots with less torque and less chance of slicing or hooking

If you hit the ball too high, then a heavier shaft will decrease the launch angle and reduce spin

With the heavier irons, the swing speed will be decreased, and you might lose the distance as well, so you would have to apply extra force

Seeing the next con, you will feel chaos to release the golf iron, as due to its heavy weight, it would be a little bit difficult to balance it for lightweight golfers

You know very well, that more weight of golf irons creates low swing speeds, so you will have less control over the greens

Best Irons For Beginner GolferBest Muscle Back IronsBest Cavity Back IronsBest Game Improving Golf IronsBest Golf Iron For SeniorsBest Golf Iron For LadiesBest Irons For The Money

Final Thoughts on Heavier Irons

We can conclude that the weight of iron matters a lot in your play, and consistent performance, and by the article, don’t judge that you must select the heavier iron because it gives you more benefit

You need to stick with your natural game, requirements, and comfortability of hitting the ball

As you know that the swing and swing speed with curve impacts your game, so choose the golf iron wisely according to your natural game and requirements

Q1: Is It Better To Have Heavier Or Lighter Golf Irons?

Ans: If you optimize your golf shaft with an appropriate weight, then you will have more success in accuracy and distance

More weight equals greater accuracy, and lighter weight means more distance

Q2: Should older golfers use lighter clubs?

Ans: If your swing speed is low, make sure you have Senior shafts when purchasing clubs

For maximum efficiency, look for lighter graphite and stronger metal in the clubheads

Golf is a game of control

Either way, everyone wants more distance, no matter the club

Drivers are obviously where everyone wants the MOST amount of distance, but everyone loves hitting a 6 iron a bit further as well

How will irons with the most distance help your game?

physiologically: if you are 160 yards away with a 7 iron in your hand, you’ll feel way more confident than with a 5 iron in your hand

higher launch angles = less wayward shots: longer irons launch the ball higher than other irons

The increased launch angle makes the ball much less likely to curve or fly offline

That makes sense, because a driver (lower launch) is much easy to hit offline than say a 9 iron (higher launch)

easier to hit higher lofted, shorter clubs: due to the loft and length of a 5 iron, it is much easier to hit a 7 iron

As long as they go the same distance, you’d always pick the 7 iron if given the chance

Now that we know the benefits of longer irons, let’s talk about the longest irons that you can buy today

To sum this article up in short, Callaway and TaylorMade are known for producing the longest irons on the market

They have released tons of different sets of game improvement irons that are focused more on distance rather than distance control

A lot of my picks will be Callaway and TaylorMade irons sets as a result

Who should buy the longest irons possible?

those that hit the ball shorter than average

those that feel like they are not getting enough distance for their swing speed

those than simply want to take advantage of hitting shorter length & higher lofted clubs on approach shots

Let’s talk about the longest irons that you can buy depending on your budget

Be aware that all links and pictures that you click on will take you to the respective iron sets available to buy on eBay The Longest Irons on a Tight Budget: TaylorMade Aeroburner HL Irons

However, you can still pick up a decent quality set of irons that fly further than the average set of irons

The TaylorMade Aeroburner HL irons fly super high and super long

They are one of the most forgiving irons that TaylorMade has ever produced

For these reasons, it is often times the set of irons that I recommend for newer golfer or for golfers that struggle with ballstriking

And this set of irons has all of the weight on the back and bottom of the club heads, which is great for launching the ball high in the air

If you want to save as much money as possible but still want a set of the longest irons for your budget, this is the best pick in my opinion

The “Best Value” Longest Iron Set: Callaway Golf XR OS Irons

If you want a set of irons that won’t cost $1,000 but that still provides longer distances, check out Callaway’s XR OS irons

They are from a couple of years ago, so they have reduced in price a good bit since then

These irons were made to do two things: 1) be long and 2) be forgiving

Distance control isn’t great, but that’s really only a problem if you are a lower handicap golfer

Game improvement irons like these (the OS stands for “Oversized” by the way) tend to fly a little further than players irons

So, the XR OS irons will fly further than the players clubs that were released at the same time (X Forged)

The Overall Longest Iron Set: TaylorMade 2018 P790 Iron Set

Dang, these TaylorMade P790 irons are long, slick, and just SEXY!

If you want the longest irons that you can buy today, these are the ones

The perform best in distance and forgiveness for 2018, and for good reason

Like the other irons, distance control lacks a little

However, these are a great mix between game improvement irons and player irons

If you feel like you are somewhere in between a poor and good ballstiker, these are great for you

As you improve, you’ll be glad that you didn’t stick with a super game improvement set of irons

Yes, they cost more than other irons, as they were just released

Many golfers keep their irons for an extended period, between 6 and 8 years, while assessing new releases every year to determine whether there is any innovative technology that will make golf easier and more fun

Golf irons are generally split into four categories that will be discussed in this article:

Players irons

Players distance irons

Game improvement irons

Super game improvement irons

As there are many articles available on our website detailing the key factors to consider when purchasing a new golf club set, this article will briefly touch on the aspects but focus on the features of the best golf irons in various categories

Top 4 Best Golf Irons 2023

The Composition of Golf Iron Sets

Most sets of irons consist of the following:

Mid irons

Long Irons

Long Irons

Long irons have low lofts with longer shafts making them amongst the most difficult to hit

Occasionally, golfers regard the 6-iron as one of the long irons

Over the last decade, more of the best golf iron brands changed the set makeup to start from a 3-iron

With the popularity of hybrid clubs growing and being sold separately, many brands have begun excluding the 3-iron

These include a 6-iron and 7-iron aimed at longer approach shots with a higher ball flight

The 8-iron and 9-iron are categorized as short irons to enhance accuracy on short approach shots with a high ball flight for stopping the ball on the green

Most sets include a Pitching Wedge (PW) and Sand Wedge (SW) as standard, but there are a variety of lofts available to suit your requirements ranging from 50 degrees up to 64 degrees and even higher lofts

High handicap golfers and beginners require more forgiveness and, therefore, a clubhead that offers forgiveness on a larger part of the face

The Best Golf Irons: In-Depth Reviews

Some reading is required to discover what are the best golf irons for you

The best place to buy golf irons clubs is online and we included links to trusted retailers

TaylorMade is renowned for producing some of the best iron set in the golf industry

The release of the P790 irons has placed them at the top, and is arguably the best-looking and performing irons to date

It comes with a clean look and a forged design and is loaded with technology

The technology incorporated into the P790 includes SpeedFoam injected into the club head to dampen the blow for an incredible feel

SpeedFoam is lightweight and, thus, should not influence your ability to generate clubhead speed

The original TaylorMade P790 released in 2017 did not have a forged clubhead but only the clubface

This did not stop it from becoming TaylorMade’s best-selling forged iron ever

In 2019 TaylorMade released the P790 with a thinner clubface and extra tungsten weight

Furthermore, the offset was reduced in the long irons while the short irons’ clubface was made more compact

Performance-wise, the P790s match the aesthetics and offer loads of distance at standard lofts

A combination of workability and forgiveness that most golfers should have envisioned

Dynamic Gold S300 shafts replace the KBS Tour shafts previously used in TaylorMade irons

The S300 offers a mid-spin and mid-launch ball trajectory

Although forged irons are generally aimed at better golfers, TaylorMade has produced forged irons that offer feel and workability with the forgiveness of a cavity-backed iron

Good feel and workability

2 Mizuno Pro 223—Best For Mid-Handicappers

2 Mizuno Pro 223—Best For Mid-Handicappers

The Mizuno Pro 223 Iron Set is one of the market’s most popular and trusted golf clubs

It is crafted from a soft 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel material, which gives the clubs a soft yet responsive feel

The clubs feature Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging technology, which creates a consistent feel across the set

The clubs in this set are designed to have a progressive offset, which helps the golfer square the clubface at impact for more consistent ball striking

The sole design of the clubs also helps reduce turf interaction and create more consistent contact with the ball

The clubs have a medium-wide sole and a slightly wider top line, which helps promote a more forgiving strike on off-center hits

These aren’t the old-school players’ irons that Mizuno is known for

We ranked these irons high because they are one of the best sets of golf irons for mid-handicappers who are gaining more control over their ball flight as they improve

Additionally, the Mizuno Pro 223 Iron Set has a satin chrome finish that helps reduce glare and improve the look of the clubs

Overall, the Mizuno Pro 223 Iron Set is an excellent choice for golfers of all levels looking for a reliable and forgiving set of clubs

Patented grain flow technology for optimal feel

New sole design helps players escape from a wide variety of lies

Larger face than other Mizuno irons

Re-positioned weight behind the face and around the perimeter for forgiveness

Signature professional look that all Mizuno irons have

Longer irons look pretty intimidating at address

3 Srixon Z 785—Best For Low-Handicap Players

Srixon’s Z 785 forged irons will make you fall in love with this great-looking set of players’ irons

Following the ever-popular Z565 irons, the Z 785 offers the same forged construction combined with forgiveness and a few tweaks to enhance the feel and add some speed off the clubface

The clubhead remains compact to provide the look and feel of a player’s iron with a slight offset and a generous top line

Mass distribution behind the center of the clubface offers a bigger sweet spot and more power

Moving the muscle portion of the back lower and toward the toe enables Srixon to move weight across the head and improve the MOI

Srixon’s VT sole technology provides excellent turf interaction

The wider sole of the Z 785 minimizes turf interaction for consistently solid contact

The hollow sound produced by short irons may not be appreciated by better players

The confidence-inspiring looks of the Srixon Z 785 irons with matching performance are almost sure to enable you to play better golf

Hollow sound on short irons

The Titleist T400 Iron Set Golf Clubs are an excellent choice for any golfer because of the design of the club

The T400s have a progressive set design, meaning each iron has been designed to optimize performance for its respective loft

This helps ensure the player can make the most out of every shot

The club faces also feature a thinner and faster face insert, which helps to promote faster ball speeds at impact

The result is a higher launch angle, more carry distance, and an improved overall trajectory

The thinner face also helps to promote better feel and control when striking the ball

The T400s also come with an aluminum topline and sole, which helps reduce the club’s overall weight

This helps to increase the overall forgiveness of the club and allows the player to hit the ball more consistently

The combination of design features, construction materials, and overall performance make the T400s one of the best golf irons for sale targeted at low-mid handicappers

Improved and innovative look

Same Titleist feel from a thinner club face insert

Progressive set helps mid-handicappers adjust to longer irons

Aluminum topline and sole reduce overall weight

Re-positioned weighting system improved forgiveness

Very little offset in the mid-long irons

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5 TaylorMade Golf Stealth Iron Set

The TaylorMade Stealth iron set features a modern design with a sleek black finish that makes them look great and provides a professional look on the course

The irons have a low center of gravity and a high moment of inertia, which helps golfers achieve a higher launch angle and a longer distance

The set also features a deep undercut cavity and a progressive sole width design that provide extra forgiveness on off-center shots

They have a thin, fast face that helps generate more ball speed and distance

The sole is also designed to reduce turf interaction so that golfers can hit the ball crisply and cleanly

Similar to Titleist irons, this set also features a progressive offset design that helps golfers square the clubface at impact and improve accuracy

For slow swing speed players, choose the lightweight graphite shafts to help you generate more club head speed and distance

The weight of the shafts is distributed evenly throughout the set, which helps provide a consistent feel and performance from club to club

The irons also feature an innovative vibration-dampening system that helps reduce vibration and improve feel

The modern design, low center of gravity, and progressive sole design all combine to provide a great combination of distance, forgiveness, accuracy and feel

Thinnest face you can get on irons for distance

Progressive offset for straighter shots throughout the set

Utilize special graphite shafts for the most distance

Not great for high-handicappers

6 Callaway Apex Irons

Apex Irons have a hollow body design that enables them to offer forgiveness within a desirable head shape and size, making them outstanding for distance and forgiveness

Unlike most other popular irons, the Apex series comes with a black coating with chrome

A sleek top edge on top of the precision-machined maraging steel face, combined with the hollow body constructions, provides an irresistible look and feel

In addition to looks, you can expect a trampoline effect, thus generating faster ball speed and penetrating ball trajectory

The weight distribution of the tungsten weights in the 17-4 stainless-steel body is targeted in the toe and heel areas offering maximum forgiveness

The sound off the clubface is quite impressive and supplements the good looks

Although in the upper half of the price spectrum, these irons offer great value for money as super game improvement irons

High ball flight with good distance

Black and chrome irons may not suit everyone’s style

Cleveland’s Launcher HB (Hi-Bore) Turbo is one of the most exciting super game improvement irons that offer a complete set, including a selection of wedges

It looks and feels extremely different from the competition with its progressively increasing head size as the club gets shorter and the number on the sole higher

The look is closer to a hybrid design than pure iron

Larger clubheads have a hollow construction with internal stabilizing ribs for the ultimate in forgiveness

Added on top of the large clubhead is the HI bore crown, with the weight distributed low and deep for a high ball trajectory and adding to forgiveness

Completing the large clubhead is the thin, high-strength, and Turbocharged steel face offering trampoline effects for increased ball speeds and distance

Lofts are strong to add distance to forgiveness

The set consists of a 4-iron through a Pitching Wedge, a DW that is also known as a Gap Wedge, and a Sand Wedge

Priced in the lower to mid-range for a set of irons makes, this an attractive prospect for a high handicap golfer requiring confidence-inspiring super game improvement irons

Complete set of irons including wedges

Large clubheads on mid-to-short irons may not suit everyone

PXG set out to design some of the best irons for golf that would provide both tour-level performance and forgiveness

The design and technology incorporated into this set make it a great choice for golfers of advanced levels

The PXG 0311 P GEN3 iron set features a multi-material construction that incorporates a hollow body, a high-strength steel face, and tungsten weighting

The hollow body construction allows for a thinner face, allowing for faster ball speeds

The high-strength steel face is heat treated to increase ball speed off the face

The tungsten weighting is strategically placed to allow for a high MOI (moment of inertia) and provide forgiveness on off-center strikes

The set also features a progressive set design, with every club featuring a different head size, sole width, and face progression

This allows for better control and trajectory throughout your entire set

The irons also feature a deep undercut cavity that allows for more mass to be moved lower and deeper in the head, providing a higher launch angle and increased forgiveness

The combination of design and technology makes these an excellent choice for skilled players who are looking to continue to work on their game

With tour-level performance and forgiveness, and a progressive set design, this set is sure to help you take your game to the next level

Hardened steel club face for added distance

Tungsten weighting increases MOI

Undercut cavity moves weight lower and optimizes launch angle

Progressive heads make all of them easy to hit

Looks a little weird with all the tungsten inserts

9 Wilson Staff Model Blade Irons

The blade irons from Wilson Staff are a strong lofted set of irons to add distance to its excellent feel

Although it is aimed at the better golfer in the players’ category, the clubhead size is comparable to game improvement irons

This makes the blade-forged irons suitable for a variety of handicaps

The narrow top edge and the minimal offset make it pleasing to the eye for better strikers of the golf ball

A forged club head manufactured from soft 8620 Carbon steel

With a hollow Power Chamber head filled with Urethane combined with the Power Hole technology, these top-rated golf irons offer a more flexible clubface while reducing vibration

Penetrating ball flight is a result of the lower spin generated from the thin-soled clubface

Stronger lofts add to the distance generated by the Blade Forged irons

Furthermore, the strong lofts enable the Wilson Staff Forged Irons to compete with most game-improvement irons in the ball speed, spin, and carry distance categories

The set comprises a 4-iron to a pitching wedge

It is a competitively priced set of irons offering good value for money to mid to low-handicap golfers

Look of a blade iron but with more forgiveness

Cavity back offers larger sweet spot

Lacks the wow factor looks of some mid-handicap irons

Titleist Men’s T300ii Golf Iron Set

Titleist is a premium brand that offers irons at the top end of the quality and price spectrum

The T300 range of irons is aimed at mid-handicap golfers that are at the cusp of joining the top one percent of golfers that can boast a single-digit handicap

However, it offers forgiveness that will enable good ball strikers to reduce their scores and handicap

This, combined with the quality of construction, makes this a durable set that you can carry in your bag for an extended period

Forgiveness is provided by the extra tungsten weight in the toe of the club head and a slight offset in the hosel

Although some golfers expect a drop-off in performance from this set of irons, the distance and accuracy remain at a high level

Overall, the lofts on the T300 range are stronger than much of the competition, and this adds to the distance achieved by every club

The set consists of a 4-iron through a Pitching Wedge; thus, no Sand Wedge is included

Good looking irons

Offers more distance and accuracy

Great feeling and workability

Not suitable for high-handicap golfers

The Callaway Mavrik Pro iron is another good-looking iron with its light satin chrome finish combined with a profile that will suit mid and low-handicap players

The compact clubface is visually appealing to the better player when placed beyond the golf ball

A thin topline and sole complete the player profile view

The Mavrik Pro provides the best control and feel of all the clubs in the Mavrik range

This includes the super-thin Flash Face design used on the iron clubface that offers a sophisticated face architecture for every loft, thus boosting ball speed and producing optimal spin

The additional tungsten weight is positioned to deliver the best possible launch and trajectory

Flush Face technology is geared to optimize launch angle and ball speed on the long irons, while the mid-iron club faces are aimed at providing optimal consistency, speed, and spin

Mavrik Pro short iron club faces are designed for optimal precision

The set consists of a 4-iron through a pitching wedge but no 3-iron and sand wedge

Additional options in the Callaway Mavrik range are the Callaway Mavrik game-improvement irons and the Callaway Mavrik Max super game-improvement irons

Thicker topline for improved forgiveness and feel

The high end of the price spectrum




Firstly, these cavity back irons are designed with a multi-material construction, despite them not looking like traditional cavity back irons

They deliver a higher launch angle and improved ball speeds with each shot

The higher launch angle helps the ball fly further and straighter, while the improved ball speeds provide increased accuracy and distance

Additionally, the clubs feature a new Max Impact Technology, which helps to maximize ball speeds across the entire face of the club

What makes these one of the top irons 2023 is a new tungsten weighting system

This system is designed to increase stability and increase forgiveness on off-center strikes

The tungsten weighting system helps to minimize spin and provides players with more consistent performance

Additionally, the clubs have a thinner top line and sole width, which helps to create a more aesthetic look for the clubs

Finally, the T200 2021 Iron Set Golf Clubs have been designed with the highest levels of quality control

Titleist is known for its commitment to quality, and these clubs are no exception

The clubs are designed with advanced technologies that are backed by rigorous testing

This commitment to quality ensures that the clubs will stand the test of time and continue to perform at a high level

High handicappers can take advantage of Titleist technology

Multi-material and hollow body design increases launch angle

Tungsten weighting system helps those with slower swing speeds create distance

Long irons are a bit more difficult to hit

Our team spends thousands of hours trying out and researching golf equipment to help you take your game to the next level

The Best Player Irons 2023—Buying Guide

Now that we got the golf iron reviews covered, let’s help you choose the right set

Cavity Backed Clubs—Available in Most Iron Sets

Cavity-backed clubs have a lower center of gravity that sits further back for forgiveness and to increase the launch angle

These clubs have become extremely popular, and some professional golfers use clubs with some level of a cavity

Blades are extremely unforgiving on any off-center strike and are mostly used by professional and highly experienced golfers that find the center of the face with every shot

Be sure to test these out before adding them to your golf equipment

Players’ irons are ideal for the top one percent of golfers

That is golfers with a single-digit handicap

Although they are some of the best-looking clubs available, it is only recommended for quality ball-strikers since the club heads are generally small and unforgiving

Center strikes travel further and provide exceptional feel and feedback, making these clubs ideal if you want to shape shots

Unlike players’ irons, players’ distance irons are suitable for a wider range of golfers

The clubhead size is similar to players’ irons while offering more forgiveness and distance

Game-Improvement Irons—Most Used

Game improvement irons are the most used category covering golfers between 10 and 14 handicaps

These clubs provide more forgiveness than players’ clubs, offering a larger clubhead, lighter shaft, thinner clubface, and a more prominent cavity back

The thinner face provides improved ball speeds and carry distance, even on some mishits

Super Game-Improvement Irons—Best for Beginners and High Handicappers

Super game-improvement irons are aimed at golfers with a handicap of 15 or higher

These clubs are generally not the best looking on the market due to the large clubhead

Their forgiving nature makes them easier for beginners and high-handicap golfers, though

This is quite a long video, but it will give you some valuable information in terms of selecting irons as well as the hybrid alternatives for longer irons

There are two main options for iron shafts these are:

Graphite shafts are lighter and can therefore offer greater swing speed but are also more costly

To be truthful, many won’t notice a difference between the overall distance of their full power shots unless the lighter weight or same length significantly affects that individual’s swing speed significantly

Best Irons 2023 FAQs

What Are the Highest Rated Golf Irons?

They’re best suited for lower handicappers, though

If you have a higher handicap, try the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo line instead for maximum distance and forgiveness

How Do I Choose Golf Irons?

If you need a little extra forgiveness, then a player’s set of blade irons is not ideal for you

If you need a little extra help with distance, you should account for that too

Something like the Mizuno Pro 223 series can help with both of those things

What Irons Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods uses a TaylorMade P7 TW Iron Set while on tour

These muscleback blades are designed for the Big Cat himself and could be quite difficult for the average player to get good results

Most of us require a more favorable center of gravity, while Tiger has such a close relationship with his clubs that anything he uses will feel very weird to the rest of us

Do Modern Irons Go Further?

Yes, they can; technology has improved over time to allow modern irons to launch the ball further

Yet, it depends on what the manufacturer has included in any particular set of irons as to how much extra distance the club can add

How Long Do Golf Irons Last?

A good estimate for the life span of a set of golf irons is 8 to 12 years

Try to keep them dry to prevent rust, although this is even hard to do these days with the advanced finishes that many of the best player irons all have

How Often Should I Change My Golf Irons?

You should change your irons when they are too chipped to provide the best ball flight or at around 8 to 12 years

Monitor the sweet spot, as this is the most important area to keep looking as good as new

The constant drive to produce better irons and the ever-decreasing sales cycle will damage your budget if you attempt to buy the latest technology release from your preferred brand

Although it is awesome to boast of the latest technology in your bag, it does not automatically translate to better golf and lower scores

Designers and manufacturers have vastly improved the technology and appearance of golf irons

If you carry irons that are more than 8 years old, you are almost certainly leaving your best game out on the course or inside your bag

Having reviewed the clubs above, there is one set of irons that makes me weak at the knees and earns the title of best golf irons and that’s the TaylorMade P790

They’ve released some extremely beautiful-looking clubs over the last few years

As a game improvement iron for mid-handicap golfers, you will have to look long and hard to find anything that compares

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