The 50 Greatest Songs to Play on Guitar – Tabs Included –

Share This Article:SharePinTweetWhen it comes to singing, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, some people can belt out a tune in perfect pitch while others struggle with the simplest of songsWhen you think about it, there are several factors that come into play when determining what makes a song difficult to sing: range, tempo, key signature and vocal tessitura (which is the specific way your voice resonates)This article will focus on the Top 20 hardest songs to sing based on these four criteria

We hope this list helps you find your new favorite song!

“Back In Black” by AC/DC The song is about a guy who wants to get into the rock and roll world, but he has no money

He feels like “I’m back in black” The lyrics are more than half of the words from this song

They start with “I’ve been too long away,” then sing through some other lines before singing another verse againThis repeated part goes on for two minutes until it finally ends after seven verses and five repetitions around four minutes later

That’s why this has become one of their most popular songs!It was first released only as a single release in 1980 and also appeared on Iron Man II soundtrack

The song was played during iron man’s first flight scene in an alternate ending2

“Dancing Queen” by ABBAAn international hit song famous for its catchy beat and memorable lyrics

It was released as a single on September 27

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody* is a song written by Freddie Mercury and recorded in 1975

It was released as an A-side single with “I’m In Love With My Car,” reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart while it peaked at number nine on The Billboard Hot 100 in 1976The song is a six-minute suite, consisting of several sections without a chorus: an intro, a ballad segment (refrain), an operatic passage (aria), and a heavy metal sectionRolling Stone ranked Bohemian Rhapsody #13 among their list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”4

“Hallelujah” by Leonard CohenThis song was written by Cohen and released on his singer-songwriter album Various Positions

It is one of the most popular pieces of music in history, as well as one that has been covered extensively over time (hence its title)Cohen wrote ’Hallelujah” about his relationship with singer Suzanne Elrod, though it was originally written and sung by John Cale on Cohen’s 1984 album Various Positions5

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones released “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” in 1965

It was the group’s second single from their album Aftermath, and it reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart while also topping several other charts around the world including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and NorwayThe song is one of few examples where Mick Jagger wrote lyrics as well as music for a track; he attributed this to his recent lack of inspiration at the time6

“Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin This song

Led Zeppelin’s best-known and most successful single, is a rock ballad with folk musical motifs

It was composed by guitarist Jimmy Page for the band’s untitled fourth studio album (1971)A quiet acoustic guitar intro sets the mood of mystery, but soon heavy electric guitars move in to create one of hard rock music’s most iconic riffsThe lyrics are from Plant’s perspective about travelling through an “otherworldly” realm before arriving at a stairway that brings him back to Earth where he can find salvation7

“Smoke On The Water” by Deep PurpleA song that is played in heavy rotation on classic rock stations

“Smoke On The Water” was released by Deep Purple as a single from their 1972 album Machine HeadWritten primarily by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and vocalist Ian Gillan while the band was touring England at great success during 1971-72, it tells of how they escaped an arson fire in Montreux near Lake Geneva where they were staying to finish recording their new albumIt’s one of the most distinctive songs in hard rock history with its instantly recognizable riff or lick repeated throughout both verses about what sounds like children playing: Diddly Dee…Diddy Wah (or Dickie Dee)8

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” By Simon And Garfun ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is a song written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

released as the title track on their 1970 album Bridge over Troubled WaterThe song was written by Simon and Garfunkel while the two were spending time in England during 1969The music for ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is composed by musician James Taylor, who had been performing with both artists as a rhythm guitarist on their previous album, Parsley Sage Rosemary And Thyme9

“Eleanor Rigby” by The BeatlesBrief Summary: Eleanor Rigby is a song written by Paul McCartney and released in 1966 that tells the story of Eleanor Rigby, who died aloneIt was also on The Beatles album Revolver, which came out in 1966 as well“Eleanor Rigby” has been covered many times since its release date and is considered to be one of the most iconic songs everParsley Sage Rosemary And Thyme10

“The Impossible Dream” by The Andy Williams It’s easy to understand why “The Impossible Dream” has become one of the most beloved songs in American history

1968 – Andy Williams’ last televised concert from his Christmas Show that yearIn this album recording, made just weeks before he died, you can hear how much love had penetrated every fiber of both singer and listener alike during these final moments together – a consummate perfection as sublimely bittersweet as any moment captured in music or film”11

“Hallelujah” by Leonard CohenThis is one of the most popular songs in the world

It is ranked as number seven on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 500 Greatest Songs” and has been featured on various television shows, movies, and commercials over the yearsOne possible explanation for its popularity: Cohen was able to make an emotional connection with his audience through simple lyrics that are poetic but not too abstract

He creates this feel-good vibe by writing about a romantic partner who does something nice like feed him breakfast in bed or take off all her clothes just to please himThe song also communicates a sense of longing–the protagonist sings about being lonely even though he knows that love exists and wants it so badly12

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra This song is one of the most recognizable songs in modern music

The song was released in 1969 and it became Sinatra’s signature song, but he never wanted to sing it at all because he felt that his fans would think it meant that his career had come to an endIt is a sad ballad about lost love with lyrics such as “And now these precious days are gone/l’m not afraid anymore”The 1973 version of this song written by Paul Anka has been adapted into Hindi Mandarin Chinese

“Imagine” by John Lennon The song was recorded in 1971

“Imagine” has been covered by artists including Stevie Wonder

Nine Inch Nails with Johnny Cash and many moreThe lyrics are about imagining the world as it could be if people lived in peace with each other, without any religious or political divisionsLennon said:” Imagine’ is like a greeting to people from me…It’s not telling them what it is I’m imagining; you use your own imagination”14

“I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton)” by Whitney HoustonThe song was first released as a single in 1973 and became one of the world’s best-selling singles for 20 years, selling over 13 million copies worldwide by 2011It is list on Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at number 124—and ranked ninth among “The 25 Most Powerful Country Singers” according to TIME Magazine”Dolly Parton wrote the lyrics to her famous hit “I Will Always Love You”, which she offered up for Houston’s use; Whitney recorded it with producer David Foster in 199115

“Somewhere Out There” by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram The song is a duet with vocals by both Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

It was written for the 1986 animated feature “An American Tail”The song was released as a single and peaked at number four on the “Billboard Hot 100” It also became a top-ten hit in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand Norway and SwedenThe video for this song features both Ronstadt (singing and playing piano) and Ingram (sitting beside her), along with animated segments from the film which are integrated into their live performance of the tune16

“All By Myself” by Eric CarmenAll by myself is a 1974 single written and composed by Carmen

The song was initially released on his debut album, “Eric Carmen”The lyrics of the song are about a person who has lost someone in their life and needs to find a way to go on without them

It is sung from the perspective of somebody whose lover had been killed in an accident – ‘I feel so alone’ he sings at one point; other lines include: ‘It’s just not fair’He states that he feels as if his whole world is slipping away – he says this through the phrase “All my dreams have vanished” which can be heard near the end of the track when Eric does it with such sorrowful emotion for emphasis17

“Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton The song was written about the pain Clapton felt after his son Conor died in 1991

In the lyrics, he sings of how “the beauty we love is always passing by” and that one day they will be able to walk together again with no more tears in heavenIn a video for MTV News when talking about “Tears in Heaven,” Eric said: “I wrote it at my house … I finished writing it on an airplane coming home from Ireland where we had scattered our younger boy’s ashes… It really just started out as this simple little instrumental idea — all these years later what people see now, which is tremendously emotional and very powerful — almost never happened”18

“The Sound of Silence” by Simon and GarfunkelThe Sound of Silence is a song written by Paul Simon and performed with Art Garfunkel

The lyrics are about the consolations, or lack thereof, that one might find in silenceThe lyrics of the song are about how people in silence have problems with loneliness, fear and despair

The singing can be lonely as well as frightening at times – which has made it one of the most popular songs among mental health professionals to help patients deal with depression19

“(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha FranklinThe song is the second of five songs on side two of her album, “Aretha Now” The title and lyrics refer to a woman’s sense of naturalness in herselfSo often women feel that they must be something other than what society wants them to be in order to find happiness

Franklin sings about how she doesn’t need anyone else but can just look at herself for all the beauty that she needs: “You make me feel like I’m living again”20

“Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn It was written by Marc Cohn, a singer-songwriter and musician from New JerseyHe wrote it while he had been living for some time in Memphis, Tennessee after touring Europe with his rock & roll band The Young Fresh Fellows before starting as a solo artistThe song was originally recorded by The Staple Singers using Cohn’s guitar and vocal arrangements, but the single, released to radio stations on January 19, 1994, was re-recorded with Booker T

& the MGs as session musicians in Memphis at Ardent Studios during December 1993Final ThoughtsSongs are a great way to express yourself and show off your vocal range, but not all songs will be easy for everyoneHave you ever tried to sing one of these songs?

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Looking for a real guitar challenge?

Maybe you’re just curious to see what some of the all-time hardest guitar songs are (so you can compare yourself against them)

Either way, what one finds challenging, another may find easy

But the songs found here?

So, let’s get to the hardest songs to play on the guitar

“Cliffs Of Dover” by Eric Johnson“Eruption” by Van Halen, A Difficult Guitar Song“Juice” By Steve Vai, One Of The Hardest Guitar Songs Ever“Far Beyond The Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen“Waves” by Guthrie Govan, A Hard To Play Song On Guitar“City Nights” by Allan Holdsworth“Get Out Of My Yard” by Paul Gilbert“Mediterranean Sundance” by Al Di Meola, A Hard Guitar Song“Play With Me” by Extreme“Through The Fire And Flames” by DragonForce“Tornado Of Souls” by Megadeth“Neon” by John Mayer, One Of The Hardest Guitar Songs Of All Time“Breaking All Illusions” by Dream Theater“FraKctured” by King Crimson“Jordan” by Buckethead“CAFO” by Animals As Leaders, Another Hard Guitar Song“Sultans Of Wing” by Dire StraitsHardest Songs To Play On Guitar, Final Thoughts

“Cliffs Of Dover” by Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is one of few guitarists who turned playing the guitar into an artform

Johnson doesn’t just play guitar

He’s intentional about every note he plays and how he plays them, uses plucked chords, riffs, and licks in favor of strumming, and is just as meticulous in crafting his perfect, violin-like tone as he is in fussing over technique

“Cliffs Of Dover” is not Johnson’s only hard song to play

But the intro alone combines dizzying speed with scary string-stripping and phrasing that only the most experienced guitarists can pull off perfectly

And that’s before Johnson settles into any semblance of a riff

After that, the song continues to evolve, and throughout, Johnson captivates with his guitar melodies (no vocals on this tune)

Other good Johnson picks that will put your fingers in a pretzel – “Manhattan,” “Zap,” and “SRV”

“Eruption” by Van Halen, A Difficult Guitar Song

If nothing else, the late and great Eddie Van Halen deserves mention because of how far-reaching his impact has been on modern guitar playing

Besides Jimi Hendrix, it’s hard to think of anyone that has had a more lasting, dramatic influence on the direction of guitar technique since

From frustrating whammy bar antics to non-linear riffs embellished with fills (rarely played the same way twice), there are numerous Van Halen songs that are sure to put up a challenge, especially if you want to copy them note-for-note

Many have emulated, few have come close to playing every note exactly as Eddie played it

“Juice” By Steve Vai, One Of The Hardest Guitar Songs Ever

If the only thing you knew about Steve Vai was that he played with the legendary Frank Zappa, you’d already have context for how skilled and quirky his musical sense was (and still is)

But where Zappa was more improvisational and looser with his feel, as a pupil of Joe Satriani, Vai had a strong theoretical foundation in music, serious compositional chops, and guitar playing facility like few other

The guitar instrumental “Juice” is the perfect meeting place of catchy melodies and dizzying guitar technique (almost like the A to Z of guitar playing)

But there is no shortage of Vai songs that will put up a serious fight, be it “Freak Show Excess,” “Blue Powder,” “Erotic Nightmares,” or otherwise

The image of a smoking guitar is a meme that’s existed for decades, and while guitarists like Eddie Van Halen surely played a part in perpetuating such imagery, it might be Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen’s frantic fingers that are the greatest contributing source

And it was on full display in neoclassical wizardry like “Far Beyond The Sun”

“Black Star” is another memorable pick for me, but It’s really a “take your pick” situation because of how similar many Malmsteen compositions tend to be

Guitar Chords: Songsterr

“Waves” by Guthrie Govan, A Hard To Play Song On Guitar

While he may not have found mainstream success (yet), Guthrie Govan is known as the consummate virtuoso in the guitar community, with the ability to play just about anything you throw at him – style, genre, artist, song, or otherwise

If those riffs don’t present enough of a challenge, then the blistering solos surely will

Guitar Tab: Guitar Lovers

Allan Holdsworth might have wanted to become a jazz saxophonist

Instead, his parents gave him a guitar, so he became an impossible to duplicate fusion guitarist

Given his choice of genre, it’s understandable that he would never go totally mainstream (despite his short-lived collaboration with Eddie Van Halen), but you also get the sense that he never really wanted to

Whether it’s his impossibly smooth legato leads or his beautifully articulated and clean stretch chords, there’s scarcely a song of his that’s easy to play

Just about all Holdsworth songs will have you sweating bullets

It was clear, even from the early days, that lanky and long-fingered Paul Gilbert was a guitar whiz

His work with Racer X and Mr Big amply demonstrated this fact, but his solo work since has only reinforced his astronomical playing ability

Stylistically, he’s like the unruly, illegitimate child of Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen, but it’s obvious that he’s taken inspiration from the likes of Pat Travers, Randy Rhoads, and Kim Mitchell too, and has a place in his heart for J-pop and other lighthearted pop as much as anything else

“Get Out Of My Yard” is an intense, wild, blazing solo from start to finish, but there isn’t a shortage of tunes Gilbert has played on that will give your guitar skills a serious beating

“Mediterranean Sundance” by Al Di Meola, A Hard Guitar Song

When it comes to shredders, many credit Al Di Meola with inspiring them to learn how to play ridiculously fast

“Mediterranean Sundance” is exactly as it sounds, but it should give you a good idea of what we’re talking about here

The scorching acoustic guitar licks on this track are simply surreal

Di Meloa’s electric guitar playing style is also worth a look

Nuno Bettencourt if often overlooked on lists like these, but that has nothing to do with his skills – which Queen’s own Brian May approved – and probably more do with the fact that Extreme only found mainstream success with “More Than Words,” an acoustic ballad, which was quite a departure from their “funk metal” wont

And I’m going to say something controversial here, but in terms of evolution and versatility, I would go so far as to say Bettencourt surpassed the late and great Eddie Van Halen

“Play With Me” comes from Extreme’s self-titled debut, and if the nauseating tempo wasn’t punishing enough, Nuno shows off his palm-muted speed licks, string-skipping magic, and neoclassical chops throughout

Power metal band DragonForce blew onto the scene in 2005 with “Through The Fire And Flames,” complete with fiery, video game inspired twin guitar riffs and solos

The music video version was chopped down to five minutes, but the recorded version clocks in at 7:22 with additional sketches and riff ideas scattered throughout

The appeal is instant, though power metal tropes are on full display, with embarrassing lyrical content (kind of emo – “life is so hard”), and an all-out freakshow speed excess (not just on the guitars, but on every instrument)

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman themselves said it took them a decade or so to master the playing style heard on Inhuman Rampage, the song this album belongs to

Metallica rival Megadeth never came close to outselling their peers, despite vengeful front man Dave Mustaine’s undying competitive spirit

Speaking of Marty Friedman, though, his guitar playing is always exquisite, and on “Tornado Of Souls,” it’s near impossible to duplicate

Maybe you’ll breeze through the intro and verse riffs without much problem

But it’s after that, that things start to heat up

The unforgettable guitar solo is melodic, lighting fast, and highly technical

“Neon” by John Mayer, One Of The Hardest Guitar Songs Of All Time

Many YouTube personalities – be it Tyler Larson or Paul Davids – make a strong case for John Mayer’s “Neon” being one of the all-time hardest guitar riffs to play

It’s certainly a challenge already

The combination of right-hand slaps and plucks with unusual left-hand chording make for a finger pretzel many guitarists take a long, long time to navigate (and Mayer sings while playing it! )

And while Mayer’s talent is not in question, a song like “Who Did You Think I Was” is very playable by comparison

With a name like Dream Theater, expectations are set

If you don’t wow your audience, you aren’t living up to your name

And while bands like these have a tendency of falling into musical ruts (everything starts to sound the same after a while), the talent on display is the real deal, including guitarist John Petrucci, whose tone is often superb

The 12-minute prog-rock epic “Breaking All Illusions” obviously has plenty of time to prove itself, but simply trying to memorize the entire song, never mind playing at the speed and accuracy Petrucci does, will prove a task big enough for mere mortal guitarists

The dual guitar attack of Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp is severely underrated

And while Belew will be quick to tell you that he’s not the most technical player in the world, he’s more than qualified to play in the somewhat obscure prog-rock setting of King Crimson, and Fripp is a masterful and experienced player whose fingers seem effortlessly fused with the guitar itself

What makes “FraKctured” challenging, though, are the various harmonized, cascading, and contrasting guitar riffs they seem to pull off so effortlessly

If the two guitarists weren’t perfectly in sync, this would simply be impossible

Guitar Tab: Songsterr

Guitar Tab: Songsterr

Guitar Tab: Songsterr

Guitar Tab: Songsterr

Guitar Tab: Songsterr

Guitar Tab: Songsterr

Buckethead is largely recognized as a masked Paul Gil… just kidding!

The catchy “Jordan” features some seriously fancy fretwork, including kill switch riffing, speed tapping, and seriously tasteful and melodic licks

“CAFO” by Animals As Leaders, Another Hard Guitar Song

Count on young instrumental prog-rockers to rock the boat

Relative newcomers Animals As Leaders’ “CAFO” simply erupts from the opening notes

Guitarist Tosin Abasi is simply otherworldly

It’s as if he’s absorbed every guitar technique on the planet, and now he’s a step ahead of mortal guitarists

The Dire Straits’ “Sultans Of Swing” features the fearful fretwork of Mark Knopfler, who doesn’t use a pick, and in this song, plays new licks and fills every four bars or so

Which might not seem like a big deal, but over the course of a 5:47, when there’s little repetition, it kind of adds up!

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Guitar Tab: Ultimate-Guitarcom

Hardest Songs To Play On Guitar, Final Thoughts

Those were some hard guitar songs!

Well, not really, because there are so many other challenging songs worth exploring, by the likes of Rush, Andy McKee, Cacophony, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Jeff Beck, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Prince, and more

If your favorite artist or band wasn’t represented here, we mean no offense – putting a list like this together takes something

Either way, the above songs should keep you busy for a long time to come

Work hard and have fun!Side note, do you want to learn to play guitar songs the easy way?

Many guitarists have pushed the envelope of guitar techniques in history

That is how we discover new ways to play guitar and make music

From crazy tapping solos to unbelievably fast picking techniques or very complex riffs to mind-blowing musical implementations, you’ll find various challenges to achieve on the guitar

Try to understand what is happening in the songs first, then practice the techniques patiently

I wish you all good luck and fun with this list of guitar gods!

This tune was recorded in the famous AIR Studios in London

In 1974 the progressive rock giants released their biggest mind-blowers of all time

The song is written in the 5/4 time signature and has a very fast tempo

Robert Fripp is the genius behind the fantastic riffs, arpeggios, and chord changes

Fracture Guitar Tabs

For years, this guy led generations to meet with innovative guitar techniques and musical capabilities

Since the late 70s, he has been included in the top 5 guitar virtuoso lists

This 1995 release of Vai is a swing-infused giant with a tempo of 200 bpm

Juice Guitar Tabs

Mark Knopfler is one of the other guitar gods who has taught us that you can make rock music without a pick!

This tune is one of his band’s biggest hits from 1978

You can find it on the self-titled album

It is insane how he can shift between melodies and beautiful chords

His playing is one of a kind!

Sultans Of Swing Guitar Tabs

If you are interested to learn more hard songs, check out my other list

Top 50 Easy, Intermediate, Advanced Fingerpicking Songs – Tabs Included

This song is one of the band’s masterpieces we all know

It’s maybe not the most challenging Metallica tune, but it is one of the hardest

Their same-titled 1986 album features it

The tune is a great example of how trash metal music can be progressive

You hear aggressive guitar sounds turning into clean epical realms and giving birth to beautiful solos

Master Of Puppets Guitar Tabs

Here is the most-known power metal, a speed metal band from the early 2000s

Every guitarist who likes metal music and started playing in this era knows them

As the band’s most challenging song, it takes you on a journey of various advanced techniques shifting into each other through a mind-blowing fast tempo

Through The Fire And Flames Guitar Tabs

When this band first came out, they took lots of guitarists’ attention

They released this tune in 2008 and recorded it in California

All the band members are genius musicians, but as the guitarist, Synyster Gates blows minds

His unique techniques and sound brought so much to the thrash metal scene

Afterlife Guitar Tabs

Here is another list of advanced songs you can play

50 Intermediate/Advanced Acoustic Guitar Songs – Tabs Included

After being a crazy vocalist for years in Black Sabbath, Ozzy started his solo project with amazing guitarists like Randy Rhoades, Zakk Wylde, and many more

This song was released in 1981

In this record plays, Randy Rhoades

He was an authentic guitar player, loved by many, and died unfortunately in a plane crash

He contributed well to the heavy metal genre

Mr Crowley Guitar Tabs

Here is another famous fingerstyle guitar player

He has written beautiful but challenging songs over the years

This tune was released in 2006 with his album Art Of Motion

McKee is using his guitar as a percussive instrument as well

He combines fingerstyle progressions, tapping melodies, and arpeggios with a percussive beat and bass walkings on top of it

Drifting Guitar Tabs

For The Love Of God – Steve Vai

For The Love Of God – Steve Vai

Here is another instrumental heavy metal song by the beast

You can find it on his album Passion & Warfare

They released it in 1990 with the labels Epic and Relativity

Check the music video clip of the tune on YouTube beside the live performance

He is playing with the god on a mountain!

You can see his techniques and how he plays as well

For The Love Of God Guitar Tabs

This tune is a 2004 release by the band

You could have seen it in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The band’s album Sonic Firestorm features the song

This track is a very challenging speed metal tune

They took the music of their influences, such as Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, or Helloween to another level

Fury Of The Storm Guitar Tabs

Eruption – Van Halen

Eruption – Van Halen

VH, one of the greatest guitar players of all time, recorded this amazing solo in 1977

It has a 1:42 length on the record, but he usually performs Eruption for more than 10 minutes on stage

This feast of guitar music includes examples of tapping, fast picking, an amazing sound, and the VH genie

He plays it in half-step down tuning

Eruption Guitar Tabs

He doesn’t only play the blues

If you believe that blues can’t be progressive or there is not much to do with the blues, check out this one

Firstly, he can play so fast, and his mind and playing expand in blues structures

He released this tune in 1983

He released this tune in 1983

You can find it on his album Texas Flood

Pride And Joy Guitar Tabs

This guy was an instrumental classical crossover pop player from the ’60s

He released this masterpiece in 1968

This record is a milestone for many guitarists

Williams plays arpeggios and chord progressions with a classical perspective

Tommy Emmanuel has an amazing performance with this composition

He took the classical playing of Mason to another level

Classical Gas Guitar Tabs

This tune is the first track of the fourth Metallica album, “…And Justice for All” The band released this progressive thrash metal album in 1988

The song includes fast-picked riffs, and its complexity grows with every minute

It is very hard to play

Blackened Guitar Tabs

If you know this guitarist from the glam metal band Nitro, you know what you are dealing with here

He is the master of speed, and he can play very emotionally at the same time

This one is a record from his 1991 guitar method book

Like his crazy left-hand positionings, fast shredding, and picking techniques he can use in every scale possible

Speed Kills Guitar Tabs

Here is the hardest Megadeth tune ever

You can find it on the legendary thrash metal album Rust In Peace

The tune starts with a riff, including harmonics, and goes to another one and then another one

It has 13 riffs and very technical lead solos

Tornado Of Souls Guitar Tabs

This track is the 10th song of the DT album, Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory

It was released in 1999 and became a milestone for 2000’s’ progressive metal music

The song has complex time signatures throughout the tune

The Dance Of Eternity Guitar Tabs

Here is another DT tune from 1992

Their beautiful album Images and Words features it

This album is the most fan collector studio album of the band

As with many DT tunes, this track also includes mind-blowing guitar compositions

Playing any DT song is a challenge for even advanced guitarists

The riffs and the melodies change almost every second

Pull Me Under Guitar Tabs

This tune is a 2001 release from the album Room for Squares

He received a Grammy award for his vocal performance with it, but he is incredible on the guitar as well!

This track is maybe the most technical song of Mayer

He shows every possible trick he can play on this one

And the sound of his guitar is fantastic here

Neon Guitar Tabs

Here is a classical masterpiece that guitarists have loved to play for years

The original piece was written in 1899 and is likened to the flight of a bumblebee because of its fast-changing patterns

Check out the live performance of Nuno Bettencourt as well to be inspired

It is not an easy song to play, so be patient

Flight Of The Bumblebee Guitar Tabs

Cliffs Of Dover – Eric Johnson

Cliffs Of Dover – Eric Johnson

This guy is another innovative guitarist

The song is one of his masterpieces from 1990

And it appears on his album Ah Via Musicom

The tune is considered to be a neo-classical rock song

He plays classical structures on his guitar with perfect technicality -a great composition!

Cliffs Of Dover Guitar Tabs

Far Beyond The Sun – Yngwie Malmsteen

Far Beyond The Sun – Yngwie Malmsteen

The 1984 release of Malmsteen is a grammy awarded piece as the best rock instrumental performance

He is another unforgettable guitar god who still plays fantastic pieces

In modern times, he writes unique classical pieces with a Fender Strat and an aggressive guitar sound

This piece flies from technique to technique, and it flies fast

Far Beyond The Sun Guitar Tabs

Here is a beautiful and challenging duet by two famous guitarists

You can find it on Meola’s album Elegant Gypsy

Paco and Al change from lead to rhythm according to each other and jam together on a flamenco progression

Al plays a steel strung acoustic while Paco plays a classical guitar

Mediterranean Sundance Guitar Tabs

This song is a classical guitar piece from 1899

It is a popular piece used as a soundtrack in many fields, like video games, movies, and TV shows

The tune is played with fingering

The same rhythmic pattern goes throughout the song with different chord progressions and melodies

Recuerdos De La Alhambra Guitar Tabs

Guitar Boogie – Arthur Smith

Guitar Boogie – Arthur Smith

This track is maybe not the hardest song on the list, but it was a mind-blower for its genre and time

It is a hillbilly boogie rock and rolls tune from 1946

So many guitarists recorded their versions over the years

From Tommy Emmanuel to Jeff Beck or Chuck Berry to Freddie King tributed, the guitar legend

Guitar Boogie Guitar Tabs

The famous band Rush writes this instrumental, progressive rock song

Their album Moving Pictures features it

They released this piece in 1981

When playing any Rush song, every guitarist should think twice

And YYZ is one of their trickiest tunes to play

Because of its complex timings and patterns in 10/8 time signatures, it is hard to play for many

YYZ Guitar Tabs

The tune is a 1999 release and appears on the same-titled album

This one is the band’s most famous song

You might have heard this speed metal band from the fantastic guitarist Paul Gilbert

As befits the name, this song includes various difficult techniques throughout the whole tune

Nobody does the tapping like Paul Gilbert!

Tecnhical Difficulties Guitar Tabs

This guy is one of the first guitar masters in South America

He wrote music for his entire life and should be one of the firsts who recorded his vinyl in the early 10s

This piece is a beautiful classical guitar composition with Latin influences

It includes harmonics, arpeggios, melodies, and complex progressions

La Catedral Guitar Tabs

This one is a bebop tune composed by Thelonious Monk

It was released in 1944, became a standard for jazz music, and was honored in the Grammy Hall of Fame in the early 90s

The song might not be the most challenging, but it has a complex structure

But it is so much fun when you play it right

Round Midnight Guitar Tabs

This song is a mind-bender

It is a progressive metal tune from 2009 and was released as a single

You can also find it in the 2006 Guitar Hero video game

The tune is already hard to play, and in addition to that, you have to deal with lunatic digital effects and setups to sound right

Jordan Guitar Tabs

Here is a gigantic death metal song from 2004

This band deserves attention and respect

The song is so hard to play

And they have so many songs like this

This song is played in A# Standard tuning setup with a 7 string-guitar

They play so fast

Frantic Disembowelment Guitar Tabs

This track is one of the most tricky tunes to play by Opeth

It appears on their 2005 album Ghost Reveries

The tune is written in DADFAD Tuning

And starts with a 6/4 time signature, then shifts into 12/8 in the middle of the song

Keep tracking the time!

Ghost Of Perdition Guitar Tabs

Arpeggios From Hell – Yngwie Malmsteen

Arpeggios From Hell – Yngwie Malmsteen

This tune wasn’t recorded for an album first

Now we can find it on a compilation album of YM called High Impact

It includes his recordings after 1993

The song is a neoclassical heavy metal tune

Malmsteen composed this one for a video for guitar players

It is called this because it has an extreme arpeggio composition

Arpeggios From Hell Guitar Tabs

The song was featured in Becker’s only studio album, Perpetual Burn, in 1988

It is his only album before he was diagnosed with ALS

Jason doesn’t need any other record to prove his playability, though

This track is a highly technical and difficult tune to perform for many guitarists out there

Altitudes Guitar Tabs

This band is a huge alternative metal band

It makes incredibly creative compositions

As one of the hardest tunes to play from them, Divinations is a must to listen to and practice

The song was released in 2009 and appeared on the album Crack the Skye

It is played in D Standard tuning

Both the solos and the riffs take time to understand

Divinations Guitar Tabs

You can find this tune on the 2001 album Le Bleu by King

You can hear on the record how he effortlessly plays it

This tune is written in DADGAD Tuning

It is one of the masterpieces of modern fingerstyle guitar playing

Phunkdified Guitar Tabs

Here is another Satriani tune from 1987

His fantastic guitar album Surfing with the Alien features it

It is the 55th song on the Guitar World Magazine list of greatest guitar solos

The song is an instrumental rock fusion tune

And it has an insane composition and is hard to play

Still, you see him playing it on stage like it’s nothing

Satch Boogie Guitar Tabs

Play With Me – Extreme

Play With Me – Extreme

This band is not a regular glam metal band at all

The band always pushes its genre’s limits and plays on the edge

Their self-titled 1989 album includes this tune as the album’s last song

Bettencourt plays this tune in half-step down tuning

Welcome to the combination of classical compositions with glam metal and not sounding bizarre

Play With Me Guitar Tabs

This band includes John McLaughlin as a guitarist

And it is already something challenging even to listen to the song

In 1973 this tune appeared on the same-titled album

The song is a jazz fusion, progressive rock tune

And the band uses crazy time signatures throughout the record

Birds Of Fire Guitar Tabs

The tune is the second song of the same-titled album

It is one of the greatest examples of neoclassical metal music

Perpetual Burn Guitar Tabs

Speed Metal Symphony – Cacophony

Speed Metal Symphony – Cacophony

Marty Friedman and Jason Becker form this band

Here is a 1987 release of the duo

Some say that they play even faster than Malmsteen on this record

Speed Metal Symphony Guitar Tabs

This tune is another song from Satriani’s second album from 1987

He produced it himself with John Cuniberti back in the day

The song has very sophisticated melodies and riffs

Ice 9 Guitar Tabs

Here is a very challenging song by a technical death metal band

It was released in 1999

It was released in 1999

It contains various time signatures to play

Extreme Unction Guitar Tabs

Let’s look into another neoclassical metal song by the guitar gods

This one is a 1995 release from an album called Magnum Opus

It requires lots of fast picking, sweeping, knowledge of complex modalities, reverb, distortion, a Fender Strat, and a big heart!

Vengeance Guitar Tabs

Pass is an Italian-American jazz guitar player

He has played with many jazz giants since he was even 14 years old

This tune is one of his most-known performances of all time

Django Guitar Tabs

This guy is an amazing guitar player

You must study his music if you are into folky, jazzy playing styles

The song was released in 2000 on his album Only and recorded in Germany

Mombasa Guitar Tabs

This band is making djent, avant-garde groove metal music

The tune is a 2002 release and appeared on its album Nothing

Pay attention to the complex tuning systems the guitarists use before you dig in

Closed Eye Visuals Guitar Tabs

Get Out Of My Yard – Paul Gilbert

Get Out Of My Yard – Paul Gilbert

This song is a fantastic instrumental guitar piece from 2006

You can find it on Gilbert’s album Get Out of My Yard

He plays this in EADEEE tuning

The first three strings are tuned to octaves of E

It is an incredible tapping performance

Get Out Of My Yard Guitar Tabs

This jazz fusion tune is from a 1989 album called Secrets

It is a challenge for any guitarist

Every instrument in this song is going wild and beyond comprehension

City Nights Guitar Tabs

Here is another djent band and its tune from 2009

The self-titled album has this track as the 4th song

The guitarist plays it with a 7-string guitar in standard tuning

On Impulse Guitar Tabs

There are so many geniuses and crazy people pushing the limits of musical structures in history

Be patient if you want to achieve your goals on your guitar

Practice well and listen to different kinds of music and guitar players from various genres to improve your musical capabilities

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