The Heaviest Smokers in the World

Ranking of the world’s heaviest smokers in the world, measured by the number of cigarettes smoked per person per year

Heaviest smokers in the world (Tobacco Atlas)

Now in its sixth edition, the Tobacco Atlas uses data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Bank to create the definitive global report on consumption, production, marketing and the effects of tobacco

10 lightest and heaviest smokers

These countries smoke the least and most cigarettes per capita

Heaviest smokers

The number of cigarettes smoked worldwide is decreasing In 2016, approximately 57 trillion (5,700,000,000,000) cigarettes were smoked worldwide If no action is taken, tobacco will kill one billion (1,000,000,000) people this century Tobacco is the world’s leading killer such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and chronic lung disease, as well as other non-communicable diseases Lower socioeconomic groups tend to smoke more Eight of the 10 heaviest smokers in the world are European countries

Chinese people smoke more than 40% of all cigarettes worldwide Cigarette consumption is projected to increase in many LDCs

For example, between 2015 and 2025, the number of tobacco smokers will increase by 24 million in Indonesia and by 7 million in Nigeria Andorra, Luxembourg and Belarus smoke the most in Europe Argentina, Canada and the USA smoke the most smoking countries in the Americas China, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea are the most smoking countries in the Asia-Pacific region Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria are the most smoking countries in Africa Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are the most smoking countries Middle East

Cigarette consumption by country – full ranking

The table below ranks the countries of the world by the number of cigarettes smoked per person aged 15 and over

The data is from 2016 and includes estimates of legally sold machine-made and roll-your-own cigarettes

Some countries may have been omitted due to insufficient data

RankCigarette consumption 49610Syria22917411Slovenia22364812Greece20785513Hungary20603414China20430115Lebanon20375416Armenia19856717Mongolia19824518Cyprus196 13519Austria19269520Georgia19177221Serbia18985722Ukraine18494123Kazakhstan1 ,27,7,1,27,1,8,20,1,80 17671626Estonia17599127Bulgaria17572528Moldova17472229Papua New Guinea16893030Indonesia16754931South Korea1,6673932Germany1,5995233 Japan1,5831634Tunisia1,5799535Croatia1,5788836Malta1,5279037Azerbaijan1 ,5255738Slovakia,15255738Slovakia,150Slovakia,1919 32741Switzerland14898042Samoa14706543Netherlands14598744Egypt14494145Solomon Islands14191346Kuwait14126 847 Kiribati 1,486 Poland 1 363 1049 Saudi Arabia 1 340 9650 Denmark 1 298 04

51 Lithuania1,2920252 Israel1,2807353 Romania1,2042754 Latvia1,1890955 Iraq1,1844456 Argentina1,1761357 Portugal1,1333958 ontenegro1,1008361Finland1,0988062France1,0898763Vanuatu1,0691664Vietnam1,0495765Algeria1,0466766Canada1,0213267Qatar1,0203468USA 1,0166169North Korea 9 932970Tonga9869371Ireland9765072Turkmenistan9621173Iran9365474Australia9169875Uruguay34pore81786sland Thailand 6825189 Morocco682 3190 Comoros5854091Maldives5608692St Lucia5539193Norway5527994Seychelles5436495Mauritius5424796Kyrgyzstan5195997Suriname5117498Nepal5116599South Africa50955100Mozambique05010

Source: The Tobacco Atlas

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