The Heaviest Weight Ever Lifted – June 12th,

The Heaviest Weight Ever Lifted – June 12th, 1957 Paul Anderson Record Replay

It was June 12th, 1957 when Paul Anderson lifted 6270 pounds – a well-recorded and still unbroken record

Paul Anderson, of course was an Olympic gold medalist and Strongman

It’s probably due to being able to lift a lot of weight – rebound is often measured by this

However, one reason you don’t see rear-facing these days is that it requires special setup

(The only modern mover I know of is Steve Justa who talks about his unique arrangement of rock iron at Rock Iron) You’ll need a solid wood or iron tool and plenty of weight

In many shows, volunteers from the audience were used to stand on the stage as it was a very light and convenient source of weight

There is also a seat or a small chair below the platform which the carrier attaches to his upper body

The lifter then places himself under heavy weight and straightens his legs and moves the mat off the floor

Although deadlifts may not be the best lift for training these days, heavy deadlifts will never go out of style

Give it a try, but be sure to add weight slowly as this type of training is very demanding on your overall system

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