The Largest Elk Population in Arizona is at Greer Lodge

One of the truly majestic creatures of the American West is the moose. Weighing up to 700 pounds, these mighty deer roam the mountains and offer a spectacular sight.

Greer, Arizona is actually home to the largest elk population in Arizona.

Therefore, when you travel to the cozy refuge of the Greer Mountains, you can definitely expect to see some big elk hanging out in some of the town’s meadows.

Climbing elk population in Arizona?

Moose used to be widespread throughout the Americas, but after the arrival of Europeans, their population declined significantly, and the species became endangered.

But recent efforts have helped moose re-enter new habitats, where they have thrived thanks to greater protection.

in 1913 83 elk were introduced to the Greer area and have since grown to more than 35,000, making this elk population in Arizona one of the most thriving in all of America.

Nestled among the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world, the moose is a beautiful and magical sight!

Of course, the increased elk population also comes with challenges.

But during the day, elk make a beautiful landscape throughout Greer as they graze in the meadows or wander along the roads.

Due to Greer’s remoteness and small size, these animal populations thrive in the area and are a great place to introduce children to wildlife and nature in general.

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