The Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds

They say “bigger is better” and it’s the same when choosing our partner for those who love huge candies!

But that’s okay, we just think of them as big, fluffy, love balls.

If you need a dog that will weigh more than the humans in the family, read on.

Also, one of the tallest dogs, the Great Dane has a height of 30-34 cm at the withers, and large males can reach 200 pounds.

What looks like a big polar bear is a dog called a Newfoundland.

The heaviest recorded Newfoundland was 260 pounds.

This is quite a gentle giant!

#3 – Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs are very large dogs at 170-200lb.

They are great companions, like all other drunken breeds, if you can handle their size and swagger!

#4 – English Mastiff

Although they are one of the shorter breeds, English Mastiffs can weigh up to 250 pounds.

Despite their size, they are easy keepers and require less exercise than other large breeds.

The Italian Mastiff is perhaps one of the most beautiful of breeds.

These dogs are short by breed standards, about 99-110 pounds.

Leonberger is like a lion.

Hailing from Leonberg, Germany, this large breed may look bigger than it is.

Although this breed has a very thick coat, it still tops out at 115-170 pounds.

Presa Canario hails from the Canary Islands, where he fought against the big games.

Because of this, this breed weighs around 80-130 pounds.

This French Mastiff cross is popular because of its canine star.

While many people want a dog with their famous cousin, they need to prepare for a home.

A Dogue de Bordeaux usually weighs 120-145 pounds.

These gentle giants originated as great working dogs in the Swiss Alps.

They were used as cart and rescue dogs, so their size is similar to that of a small horse.

Men weigh 264 pounds!

On average, the tallest dog breed is also one of the heaviest dogs.

The Irish Wolfhound stands about 3 feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds.

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