The top 10 largest land predators

The largest predators – Top 10 The list of the largest predators includes terrestrial animals and, as in the case of two species: elephant seals and crocodiles, semi-terrestrial animals

Big cats The table shows four representatives of big cats: three natural species (tiger, lion and jaguar) and the biggest of cats: a hybrid (combination of male lion and tigress) or liger Other representatives of big cats: the leopard , the cheetah (the fastest animal in the world) and the puma – were omitted to make room for representatives of other species bear – the Kodiak, excluding the remaining representatives of bears (for example, grizzly), as they would dominate the list Crocodiles The largest crocodile is the saltwater crocodile and is the guest of our list

The remaining large predatory reptiles can be found in an independent list – The largest reptiles – TOP10

45020007103Polar Bear350-68010023101614Kodiak Bear360-6357503101605Liger3604503701656Siberian Tiger230-3103893501227Lion1601633-2504503701656 0120- 195769Hyena45-649090-1609210Wolf43-4586100-16085RecommendedThe fastest animals – Top 100The fastest birds – Top 10The biggest sharksThe biggest whalesThe most venomous reptiles

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