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I come from the Weight Watchers family!

My mother has been in Weight Watchers at different stages during my life, most recently she lost 90 kilos

This was a few years ago and she has been able to keep the weight off (she is still on WW)

I’ve done WW with him before, and late last year I returned to the show during some huge changes!

On December 3, 2017, Weight Watchers introduced the Freestyle™ program

This isn’t the first time they’ve revamped the program, which they do over time as they learn more about nutrition and how people lose weight

A lot of people don’t like the new program releases, but I really love them – because I get to benefit from all of WW’s nutritional research

I love keyboard shortcuts!

I also want to eat the foods that make me feel my best

So last year I jumped on the Freestyle bandwagon

I even made a zero point chili recipe that I ate all last year (and I know you’ll love it too! )

I went well with the program last winter and lost 10 pounds

This year I want to try to lose another 10 pounds (a few extra pounds I didn’t lose, plus a few that snuck up on me this holiday season!

Weight Watchers pointsWhich foods have zero points on Weight Watchers? Which fruits and vegetables are free on Weight Watchers? Tips for using the freestyle program Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods

Weight Watchers score

If you’re ready to jump in too, let’s go over a few basics!

I’m sharing a list of over 200 foods with you today!

The Weight Watchers Zero Point menu is below, including a free printable list

Despite this, the zero point dishes only apply to you if you are in the Freestyle program!

You can’t cross over – that means if you’re in the Smart Points program, you can’t pull foods from the Freestyle list and call them zero points

You must stick to Freestyle if you choose to use this list

Which fruits and vegetables are free on Weight Watchers?

This is the most frequently asked question about Freestyle, as fruits and vegetables had points in previous programs

Most fresh fruits and vegetables have ZERO points in Freestyle

You will notice that your daily allowance in Freestyle is lower than in SmartPoint points

It’s an unspoken encouragement to eat more fruits and vegetables!

This doesn’t mean you should go wild, but it does make it interesting for budgeting your daily points

I love it myself

You’ll get used to that over time

Important notes about zero-point fruits and vegetables:

Fruits should be packed without added sugar – fruit in its own juice is fine Beans and vegetables should be packed without added oil or sugar The following fruits and vegetables still have points: Avocados, cassava/yuca, olives, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, vegetable flour and pasta Smoothies and dried fruits are NOT zero points

Tips for using Freestyle

If you’re new to the Freestyle program and new to Weight Watchers’ zero point foods, you may need some tips

I know when I started!

Here are my top tips:

Just because some foods are now zero points doesn’t mean you should go crazy!

Try to find new ways to add these foods, but don’t just eat a dozen apples because you can

The goal is moderation and diversity in your diet Use Weight Watchers zero point foods as a base

I want to say to myself, “Let’s do something about green beans!” and then research/invent a delicious way to use them

Vegetables (and other healthy foods) don’t have to be rough

Pinterest is a good place to look Give yourself time

It takes a while to learn something new

Give yourself time Instead of just entering calorie information, use the recipe builder for Freestyle recipes

When you only enter calories, the WW app/online tool doesn’t know that some added foods don’t have points

You MUST use the constructor and tell WW what is in the recipe to get the correct calculation

Ready for the complete list of Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods?

Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods

Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods

Jump: A B C D E E F G H J K L M N O P R S T V W X Y

Bamboo shootsBanana Beans*Beans, baked, lean, canned Beets Berries, mixed Blueberries Blueberries Broccoli Broccoli Rabe Broccoli Broccoli

Cabbage (all varieties, including pickled) Calamari, grilled Cantaloupe Carrots Cauliflower Caviar Celery Swiss chard Cherries Banana breast, ground, 98% fat Banana breast or tenderloin, skinless, boneless or bone-in Clementines Coleslaw mix (yellow cabbage), packed cabbage, carrot and ceramic, on cobCranberriesCucumber

DaikonDates, fresh dragon fruit

Edamame, chunks or peeled Egg substitutes Eggplant Eggs, whole, including yolks Endive Escarole

Fennel (anise, sweet anise or finocchio) Figs Fish** Fish fillet, grilled with lemon pepper Fruit cocktail Fruit cup, unsweetened Fruit salad Fruit, unsweetened

JackfruitJerk Chicken Breast Jerusalem Artichokes Jicama (Yam Bean)

Mangoes Melon balls Mung bean sprouts Mung dal Mushroom caps Mushrooms (all varieties)

OkraOnionsOranges (all varieties)

Salad, mixed vegetablesSalad, side dish, without dressing, fast foodSalad, three bean salad, slippers, without dressingSalsa verdeSalsa, fat-freeSalsa, fat-free; gluten-freeSashimiSatay, chicken, without peanut sauce Satsuma mandarin SauerkrautChocolateSeaweedScallionsMussels****Spinach Sprouts, including alfalfa, bean, lentilSquash, summer (all varieties including zucchini)Pumpkin, winter (all varieties, including spaghetti)

TangeloTangerineTaro leaves and shootsTofu, all varietiesTofu, smokedTomatillosTomato pureeTomato sauce Tomatoes, all varieties including plum, grape, cherryTurkey breast, ground, 98% fat-freeTurkey breast or tenderloin, skinless, boneless or bone-inTurkey breast, skinless, smoked Turnip

Vegetable sticks Vegetables, mixedVegetables, fry, without sauce

*Beans including adzuki, black, broad (fava), butter, cannellini, cranberry (Roman), green, garbanzo (chickpea), northone, kidney, lima, lupine, mung, navy, pink, small white, snap, soybean, string, wax, white

***Peas including black-eyed, chickpeas (garbanzo), cowpeas (black peas, cowpeas, southern), young pods with seeds, green, pigeon, snow (Chinese pea pods); split, sugar cube

Ready to upload your list of Weight Watchers zero point foods?

Click the image below for a free printable PDF

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, but I do want to mention that Weight Watchers, Points, and WW Freestyle are trademarks of WW International, Inc

When I started the Weight Watchers Freestyle program, I was surprised at how many foods were considered zero points on the program

This is currently the complete zero point food list with over 200 foods to help you stay on track and help keep your points in the recommended daily and weekly range to maintain your weight loss goals

I’ve also made this list a free printable so you can print it out and put it on the fridge for quick and easy reference

Are you interested in more information about Weight Watchers?


Complete List of Zero Point Foods (with Free Printable)

Remember that all of these are zero points, including the fruit variations, as long as they are fresh, unsweetened or in their raw form

For example, applesauce with added sugar does not get a zero point, but organic or unsweetened applesauce does

The fruits of zero point

ApplesApricotsBananasBlueberriesBlueberriesCandleloafCherriesClementineCoconutPurpleberriesTalesDragon FruitFigsGrapefruitFruitGrapes (all varieties)GuavaHoneydew MelonJackfruitKiwi LemonLimeMango OrangesPassion FruitPearl OrangesPearlum

Zero point vegetables

Arrowroot, raw Artichokes Arugula Asparagus Broccoli Beans (black, adzuki, cannellini, garbanzo, kidney, Great Northern, lima, Pinto, etc) Beans, chilled (squeezed, fat-free, no added sugar) Green beans Eggplant Flower Root Kale Leek Lettuce (all varieties) Mushrooms Okra Peas Peppers (bell ) Pickled cucumber (without sugar) Pumpkin Radish Onion (green onion) Spinach Sprouts Pumpkins Tomatoes Turnips Zucchini

Zero point herbs and spices

Zero Point meat, seafood and poultry

Calamari, grilled Chicken breast (boneless, skinless) Crab (Alasaka king, Dungeness, queen, king) CrabsEggsBassfishBluefishCarpCatfishCodEelGrouperChubPalpalu LobsterMackerel FishClams, Music fish (Oysters) Clam Rout (rainbow)Turkey breast (ground, tenderloin) , and so on

99% fat-free)

Zero Point Drinks

WaterCoffee, black (without sugar)Coke Zero (all varieties)Diet Coke (all varieties)Fresca (all varieties)Gatorade ZeroSparkling Ice Water (all flavors)Tea, blackVitaminWater Zero

Zero point snacks

Applesauce, unsweetened Fruit cup (squeezed in a water container, no added sugar) Fruit cup (fresh) Vegetable sticks Yogurt (Greek, plain, fat-free, unsweetened)

Grab this Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods PDF (Free Printable) and keep it on your fridge for quick and easy reference!

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