The Versatile Yabby Crayfish: A Popular Choice For

The yabby crayfish is a popular and versatile crustacean commonly found in Australian rivers, lakes and estuaries

It is a popular choice for fishing and can be cooked and eaten or kept as an aquarium pet

When it comes to size, yabby crayfish can vary in size from 2 inches to over 10 inches

A common yabby crayfish is usually around 4 to 5 inches in diameter

This makes it a manageable size for fishing and keeping as an aquarium pet

Wild fish usually reach a length of 75 cm (3 inches)

The largest is Astacopsis gouldi, which can grow up to 40 cm in length and weighs about 35 kg (8 pounds)

The official size limit is 65 mm, and it is important to keep the animals caught from being too large

Crayfish, which are freshwater crustaceans and are sometimes called small lobsters, can grow as large as 7 inches (including their claws)

The United States has 250 species found in rivers, lakes, swamps, ditches, wetlands, irrigation canals, and even backyards, in addition to 400 species found in other parts of the world

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The largest yabby ever recorded was 16 cm long, making it one of the largest freshwater crustaceans in the world

It was caught in the Murray River in Victoria, Australia and weighs more than 800 grams

Yabbies are a type of freshwater crayfish, and are a popular food source in Australia

What’s the Difference Between a Yabby and a Crayfish?

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Yabby and crayfish are both crustaceans found in aquatic environments, but there is a clear difference between the two

Yabbies are more elongated and can grow up to 15 cm in length, while crayfish tend to be shorter and rounder, and are usually around 10 cm

Yabbies have five legs, while crayfish have four legs

Yabbies have a pair of large claws on their front legs, while crayfish have smaller claws of equal size

In addition, yabbies are usually greenish-brown in color, while crayfish tend to be dark red

Yabbies can be found in deeper water than crayfish

The Yabby is slightly smaller than the crayfish and is often found in rivers and lakes

They tend to have a stronger flavor and less salt

Both yabby and crayfish are popular seafood, but which one you choose depends on your preference

© Australian Museum Some Crayfish

The Australian Museum is famous for its collection of different species of crayfish from around the world

The museum contains a variety of species, from fresh water to salt water, and from the smallest to the largest in size

The museum is dedicated to the conservation of these species and works hard to ensure they are protected and given the best chance of survival

The crayfish is a crustacean known in Australia by different names

The yabby and red claw crayfish are the most common found in Australia

Because of its small size and slow growth, the yabby is not economically viable outside of Australia; it is the closest size to its North American counterpart but is smaller in size, making it harder for businesses to sell

Crayfish and crawdads are not the same species; however, they are often referred to as one

There is no direct relationship between lobsters and fish; however, rock lobsters are often confused with crayfish in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Crayfish are not referred to as crayfish in Australia because they are two different species

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