The World’s Largest Box of Candy (That

The Hershey company is sorry but not sorry Confirming its competitive spirit before the Super Bowl, the company on Friday, January 31, broke a Guinness world record that was established two weeks ago by competing on Mars Wrigley

Now it’s official, Hershey claims the world’s largest chocolate-nut bar, Reese’s Take 5, weighs more than 5,943 pounds The 9-by-55-foot mammoth was revealed in front of a sea of ​​orange at Hershey’s Chocolate World along with many others exclaimed Anna Lingeris, Hershey’s senior communications manager and Reese’s brand ambassador “Are you ready to start this party” As Guinness judge Michael Empric explained peanut butter, caramel, nut, pretzel and pretzel The world’s largest chocolate confection, the team erupted into applause With that, the queen of “We are the Champions of Europe” entered the room

Confetti floats down #ReesesTake5 casts a shadow over Snickers with Guinness record for largest chocolate bar

pictwittercom/Kn6jQvFjpx — Sue Gleiter (@sgleiter) January 31, 2020 Not only did Hershey beat the record, she used the opportunity to cast a shadow on Mars

Earlier this month, Mars took the Guinness title for the largest chocolate bar weighing more than two tons “It’s in the spirit of competition

We saw them doing that and we were like, ‘Hey we have a chocolate and nut bar that tastes better,'” said Kaylee Dugan, a spokeswoman for Hershey READ MORE: Ranking 9 Hershey’s Kisses flavors, including Café Moka and Chocolate Meltaway The Snickers was launched in Waco, Texas, which consists of 1,200 kilos of caramel, peanuts and nougat and about 3,500 pounds of chocolate

Mars said she was using the bar to promote Super Bowl marketing The “Fix the World” commercial is a take on the old hippie Coke Classic ad and features a giant Snickers being lowered into a hole in the ground as thousands flock to the area in song Hershey’s took no time to respond with its own public relations

Super Bowl commercials for Title 5 also air during the third quarter of the game His ad takes a funny look at the fact Take 5 is “the biggest candy bar you’ve never heard of” It starts in an office where a man says he’s never heard of a bar while his colleague, Trish, starts eating one Their conversation erupted into a series of cliches that turned out to be true

What, were you born yesterday?” and so on Dugan said the workers spent five days building the bar, which was made by laying out ingredients and covering the bar in chocolate

The bar will be cut and distributed to employees of the Hershey Company The world has Michael Nolt, a member of Hershey’s R & D team, to thank for the idea

The bar debuted in 2004 “Employees love Reese’s

They love the brand,” said Dugan The spirit of record breaking is very rewarding – and before game day, @reeses took the Snickers record for the world’s largest chocolate bar 😍🍫😛 https://tco/wp67qbskdR pic twittercom/fh2q9PIWPc — GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWR) January 31, 2020 Thanks for visiting PennLive

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America loves candy so much that we wrote an angry song about how much we wanted it back in 1965, and we haven’t shut up since

And, in the irony of knowing how much we Americans love to eat chicken, America also loves a giant meal that doesn’t need to be very big

In fact, these two schools of thought have collided on several occasions, because a giant candy bar is cooler than a giant celery, mom

In this exciting spirit, we’re here to salute America’s greatest candy, but we won’t stop at just another Guinness Book of World Records

Sure, we could spend a few thousand words telling you about the 12,000 pound chocolate bar made by Chicago’s World Finest Chocolates, or the 7,000 pound lollipop made by See’s Candies in Burlingame, California, but what good is that to you, the reader? ?

It may excite you, but does it allow you to go out, find something awesome, and devour it in one sitting in what will likely be the last and biggest mistake you ever make in your short life ?

So we’ll stick with the world’s top candies that you, yes, you, irresponsibly, can buy this season

After all, you’re an adult, you might as well eat cake for breakfast because you made your own rules and, hey, we’re all going to die one day, and consuming sucrose is worse than drowning

The World’s Biggest Candy (Which You Can Buy Now)

Candy, in the sense of “sweet, food eaten with sugar as the main ingredient” has existed for thousands of years, first as a form of honey, and later the Persians and Greeks used the original sugar after discovering sugar stick in India

While most of the history of candy can be illustrated by a series of wood engravings that simply show people from different periods of history shouting, “Sugar sugar sugar, gimme gimme gimme!” The last few hundred years have seen incredible progress in the science of candy (covering it is possible) and this lucky generation has thousands of different ways to satisfy their sweet tooth

But there is one type of candy that is a great equalizer

Wait, we mean, “Big ass candy bars” Like these

Which you can, and should generally buy and eat in one sitting

So prepare every part of your body that should remove excess sugar (is it an endocrine system thing?) and prepare to get drunk on purpose at least one of these

World’s Largest Peppermint Patties (2 half-pound patties, $20)

While the half-pound candy falls into the category of “a little too much, but nothing too crazy by American diet standards” we felt we had to include the world’s largest patties because, well well, just the thought of eating too much food gives us a stomach ache

Like, we can google “you can overdo it and die from eating too much meat” but we don’t want to mess with the google image results there

The point is, for twenty US dollars, you can own enough peppermint to maybe (?) kill a grown man

Either way, you’re dealing with a mass-produced chocolate covered disc that’s the size of a Frisbee and, coming in at $10 per pattie, almost as expensive as a healthy one

Of course, we have to think there’s something satisfying about taking one of these drinkers in half, and when you’re done with it you’ll never feel the urge to buy a York Pattie at the movie theater The discount stops again, but as funny as this thing is, we’re just getting started

World’s Largest Snickers Bar (10 inches tall, 1 pound, $20)

The package says “Slice n’ Share” but don’t listen to them, you’ll want to eat this all by yourself, all in one sitting

Sure, it’s got 2,000 calories, and about as much weight as six king-sized Snickers bars thrown into an unholy mess, but if anything we’ve just given you two more reasons why you should eat this the problem of chocolate, nougat, caramel, and peanuts a At this point, you are teasing everyone who comes by your table saying, “Hey!

This is a big Snickers, can you cut me a piece? “No, Marge, that’s our Snickers, buy your own Snickers, arf arf arf DON’T KEEP US CHOKING SUGAR AND BOURBON MARGE “

Snickers is your second favorite candy bar, after the one that no one believes in

It has been universally described as, “Oh, I love Snickers, but my favorite candy bar is” and is a member of “can be thrown into the public pool as a practical joke ” family medicine

Ten inches of chocolaty goodness, this is the first Snickers bar that can be used in a penis joke without coming off as insulting, which has nothing to do with this story, it’s just that we’re forced to play it of the penis every time I praise something which uses “ten inches” as a descriptive adjective

World’s Largest Gummy Worm (26 inches long, 3 pounds, $24891 for 10)

Yes, you can buy these two-foot-long, 4,000 caloric gummy worms separately, but the fact that someone is selling them in a pack of ten amuses us forever

There’s something wonderfully American about someone making an impossibly large worm and then thinking to themselves, “Shit, they’re probably going to want to be able to buy a lot of this, right?” We’ll just assume that the price doesn’t factor in the shipping cost to send 30 pounds of brown sugar through the mail, although honestly, for $250, shipping should be included

In the 34 years or so since their release, however, gummi/gummy worms have become a dependable and delicious staple of the American dessert diet

Of course, part of the appeal of gummy worms is the ability to eat them with your hands, which is what makes this gargantuan product even more interesting

Apparently, this equates to about 126 normal worms, which sounds small to us, so we’ll just say it’s about a million sweat worms

Now is the part where we show how, when the worm is shown as one color and held up and down, the whole thing looks like a double-sided dildo

Is it wrong to point out that a giant candy bar looks like a sex toy?

Anyway, next candy

HERSHEY’S World’s Largest Leave (20x2x12 inches, 5 pounds, $45)

If you can’t justify spending $45 on five pounds of chocolate, you obviously put too much value on life’s nonessentials, like “rent” or “nutrition” or “your insulin” “

Here we have a Hershey bar about the size of a human body that is so big it has to be reinforced with a cardboard frame to make sure it doesn’t break under its weight

We have our chocolate giants

The World’s Largest Lollipop (approx

This thing doesn’t claim to be the biggest lollipop, of course, but if you can find a pork loin that weighs more than 10 kilos with a circumference of fifteen inches we will eat our shoes (which are also made of candy) (we may have problems)

This lollipop called “Gigantic Kaleidoscope Lollipop” has many names, including “destroying” and “Oh my God, it’s been two days since this started and it’s covered in ants, and they have a complex possession” , and when I did Trying to throw it away, they ate our dog, the ants ate our dog “

Big lollipops have long been waiting for comics due to the lack of understanding of the real situation

Real lemons are sucked or licked (listen, we know, tee-hee etc, let’s be big about this and move on without further attention) until you’re bored, and then bite everything inside a giant dove

Giant lollipops are a real exercise in frustration

Unlike the other items on this list, it’s not really meant to be shared, and should be eaten in one sitting, so you’re making a sacrifice when you drop ninety bucks on ten pounds of sugar stiff and corn syrup on a stick

World’s Largest Gummy Bear (26 pounds, $150)

What you see above contains approximately 1,400 gummy bears, making it a treat for diabetics looking to recreate the sugary Leaving Las Vegas experience

At 32,000 calories, we have to assume this was created in response to a candy-making 5-year-old asking, “Dad, is it possible to eat a lot of candy when you die?” Look at this unholy gum

This costs one hundred and fifty US dollars and contains two weeks worth of calories

By the way, here is the video they made to promote it

Here’s a video of a group of kids eating it

We are also sorry that we did this to you

We are also sorry that we did this to you

If it’s any consolation, assuming they ate this in one sitting, they’re dead now

Let’s clean up the mess with a video of someone shooting a 5 pound gummy bear bunch of times

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