“These Idols Were Called Fat by Netizens But Are Actually

(Photo : MAMAMOO Hwasa | KAWIRI Jihyo | BLACKPINK Jisoo) Although many netizens in Korea criticized these K-pop idols because they find them “fat,” they are thin and healthy!

1 TWICE’s Jihyo (Photo : JYP Entertainment) Jihyo is a person with a big chest, and her body is curved in three directions, which makes her top look bigger than her actual weight

However, if you look at her stomach, arms, and legs, she is very small

The idol has worked hard to get in shape and has achieved a healthy body without dieting too much

2 BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (Photo : Jisoo Instagram) Unlike the others, Jisoo doesn’t have a prominent waistline

Most of his weight goes between his thighs and upper body

Although she looks heavier than her members at times, Jisoo is fit

3 Nancy from MOMOLAND (Photo : Nancy Bar) Nancy has an apple body, and most of her weight goes to her middle

However, if you look at his whole body, his arms, legs, and face are thin

Nancy has a curvier body than most idols, which caused people to shame her

Most of her weight goes to her hips and thighs, giving her an hourglass figure

Because of her fat thighs, Korean netizens mocked her as fat

However, if you look at the surface, it is very small

5 Red Velvet’s Joy (Photo : gallrof) Joy is the tallest member, and other Red Velvet girls are short and petite, which makes her look bigger

The idol likes to feel heavy in its thighs

Although Korean netizens initially criticized her for being fat, Joy played with her “sexy dynamite” image, and now people love her curves

6 TWICE’s Tzuyu (Photo : MAPLE DREAMERS) Tzuyu is very thin and looks like her

However, the figure has a large waist and thick thighs

Because of this, critics TWICE mocked her for gaining weight

However, TWICE fans know that this image has an hourglass shape and is very fitting

7 Yeri of the Red Velvet (Photo : Inkigayo) Maknae Yeri of the Red Velvet is slightly pregnant because of her bone, which makes her look good

Like Nancy from MOMOLAND, she has a short torso, making her look fatter than she is

However, in reality, she is fit and thin

He has thin arms and legs

8 Seungkwan’s SEVENTEEN (Photo : BOO-bit) When Seungkwan first appeared in his group, some people found him fat because of his chubby cheeks and round face

In fact, he is one of the few people in the group, who has long legs and thin arms

9 IZ*ONE Nako (Photo : Inkigayo) Nako is the shortest member of IZ*ONE and one of the shortest idols in K-pop

Because of his height, his legs and arms look heavier than they are

To be honest, Nako is thin and healthy

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