Top 10 Largest Pumpkins in the World by Country

This is the official site that identifies the heaviest pumpkins in the world by country This is the current list of the 10 largest pumpkins grown to date

Europe has the 4 largest pumpkins recorded so far The world pumpkin record as of October 2021 is by Stefano Cutrupi from Italy at 1226 KG (27088 lbs) Go to the bottle page to see every pumpkin record by country

It is listed by country, state or Provence for the heaviest pumpkin in that region

To date, 24 new 2022 giant pumpkin records have been identified from around the world It takes a lot of time and effort to grow these huge pumpkins

Most of these pumpkin growers failed during the growing process

Some key factors in growing a large pumpkin are seed, watering, burying the vine knots, and removing other pumpkins from the plant

Knowing the parents of your pumpkin seeds can help you choose which seeds to grow

If you want to see pumpkin records, scroll down the page 10

2,5177 pounds by Rubén Mendi (1,142 kg) Rubén Mendi of Valtierrano was announced as the winner of the 2021 Giant Pumpkin Contest held in his hometown

Mendi presented a sample with a total weight of 1,142 kilograms, staying very close to the Spanish record he holds with the pumpkin he won the last edition with (1,15750 kilograms)

The world record is still held by the Belgian farmer Mathias Willemijns with a specimen weighing 1,191 kg Parents of this pumpkin, Dam 21837 Mendi, Sire 25519 MendiDQ – 2520 lbs, Mike Schmit – Disqualified Markesan, Wisconsin

2528 lbs by Steve Geddes (11467 kg) As we come to the end of the Top 10 Pumpkins, Steve grew this 2018 pumpkin in Boscawen, New Hampshire

Pumpkin growers belong to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth to compete with others with impressive pumpkin weights Parents of this pumpkin, mother 1911 Urena, father 1803 Gadberry8

2,5375 pounds by Don Crews (1,151 kg) [Photo: Gerry Lampow 1061 The Goat/Vista Radio] In 2022, Don Crews of Lloydminster broke the Canadian record with a giant pumpkin weighing 2,5375 pounds “This one was a little harder to fill

And you know it’s going to be a problem everywhere because it’s just a little too difficult compared to everything else they’ve faced there” Tipping the scales at a hefty 2,537 pounds, to break the old record by some 500-plus pounds for a squash produced in a single growing season Parents of this pumpkin, Mother 2365 Wolf, Father 300 Posada7

25519 pounds from Ruben Mendi (11575 kg) On September 12, 2020, the XII edition of the International Giant Pumpkin Fair was held at the Hotel Oasis de Bardenas in Valtierra

Once again, Valtierrano Rubén Mendi prevailed, who, in addition to achieving the Spanish record, managed to place his pumpkin as the second heaviest in the world At the weigh-in, Mendi confirmed his triumphs from 2017, 2018 and 2019

He won with a pumpkin that weighed 115750 kg (25519 lbs) on the scales

The second heaviest pumpkin was the British Paton brothers from the English town of Lymington, weighing 9345 kg

Due to the pandemic, the Paton brothers did not attend the competition in person He enjoys the hobby of growing large pumpkins and impressed Spain by winning a competition with a giant specimen weighing 11579 kilograms Parents of this pumpkin, mother 21837 Mendi, father self6

2,554 pounds, Scott Andrusz (1,1585 kg) In 2022, the Andrusz family in Lancaster impressed with their 2,254 lb pumpkin

Retired commercial farmer Scott Andrusz spent sleepless nights tending to a giant pumpkin in his field and finally came up with a new American record that only lasted a week – a plump pumpkin weighing 2,554 pounds

It’s not the first time they’ve tried to claim the record, and it’s not an easy task

They may tell you to consider the soil, raise the structure to protect it from the sun, protect the pumpkin from critters, and never allow another pumpkin to grow on the same vine Have you ever tried floating a pumpkin and rowing it across a lake?

It’s regatta time at the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta Parents of this pumpkin are Mother 2365 Vuk, Father 18855 Werner5

2560 lbs by Travis Gienger – (1161 kg) USA Pumpkin record of 2560 lbs In 2022, Travis Gienger of Anoka, Minnesota broke his old state pumpkin record of 2,350 pounds with a mammoth 2,560 pound pumpkin

It is currently the heaviest pumpkin grown in the US

Travis drove this pumpkin all the way from Minnesota to enter and win the $9/pound prize pool of the 49th Half Moon Bay Safeway World Pumpkin Weigh-in Championship

If he had broken the world record, an additional $30,000 would have been added to his winnings Parents of this pumpkin, dam 18855 Werner, sire SIB4

£25937 Ian & Stuart Paton – 185 Stones (11765kg) Well, the Paton brothers have done it again

This is a new British pumpkin record A pair of twins grew the largest pumpkin in the UK and weighed a whopping 2,5937lb – heavier than two polar bears Ian and Stuart Paton, 59, from Lymington in Hampshire’s New Forest National Park, beat the previous UK best of 2433lb and narrowly missed the world record by just 31lb One unique question about this pumpkin, was it grown in a greenhouse versus outdoors Parents of this pumpkin, dam 1875 Mendi B, sire 2005 Haist3

26246 pounds by Mathias Willemijns (11905 kg) The third largest pumpkin to date belongs to Mathias Willemijns of Deurle, Belgium

The pumpkin was weighed at the European Pumpkin Weighing 2016 The parent of this pumpkin, dam2145 McMullen, sire 1872 Willemijns2

26561 pounds from Ian & Stuart Paton (12048 kg) Ian & Stuart are from Lymington, UK

This is the largest 2022 pumpkin ever grown in the UK This massive pumpkin would make one gigantic lantern

The giant pumpkin weighed 2,6561 pounds and was grown by Ian and Stuart Paton, twin brothers from England The worst thing about growing a large pumpkin is transporting it to be weighed

Unfortunately, this pumpkin fell off the trailer during transport to the South Hampton Pumpkin Festival

You can watch a video of pumpkin loading on the trailer Parents of this pumpkin Mother 1940 Urena, Father (Pollinator) 23567 Mendi1

27028 pounds Stefano Cutrupi (1226 kg) Pumpkin World Record The largest pumpkin to date and the world record belongs to Stefano Cutrupi from Italy, originally from Bordighera, but who lived for many years in Radda in Chianti

The pumpkin was weighed at the Great Pumpkin Festival in Peccioli, Italy in 2021 This pumpkin will be taken to the European Championship held in Stuttgart, Germany for display and participation in the local championship weigh-in This pumpkin measured over the top (OTT ) at 1300 cm or 511 inches, but if you look at the photo it really doesn’t represent how huge the pumpkin really is

The Peccioli competition was very attractive offering prizes for giant pumpkins

Prizes ranged from eighth to first with prizes from 50 euros to 3 thousand for first place with a world record

Nice price for Stefano Cutrupi when he was paid 2 euros per kg for a new Italian record Parents of this pumpkin Mother 18855 Werner Father Self2021 World Record Pumpkin Weight 1226 KGDQ – 290785 lbs Ian & Stuart Paton – Damaged pump DisqualifiedG , but you can’t get an official world record if the pumpkin is damaged

This is not the end for Ian and Stuart and I’m sure they will go on to win the world record in due course

This pumpkin was grown in 2022 Giant Pumpkin Growing Records If you have a giant pumpkin growing record and would like to see your country listed, please email me Of course, your pumpkin must be weighed on a certified scale

I will not accept a photo of a five bath scale or some other funky method Old pumpkin:

Picture of the 2003 world record pumpkin and history of the world record squash Records refer to the location where the pumpkin was grown

If you grew a four-square pumpkin, of course, I’ll give you credit for each state

Hopefully the growers live in the same place where they grow their pumpkins

If you live in one state and grow pumpkins in another, your record will be listed with a footnote describing your record

Email me your stats, mcalpin1 @ yahoocom If you’re viewing on a mobile device, scroll right to left to see all the data Giant Pumpkin Records Worldwide Complete list of the largest pumpkins grown in that location in the worldState/Country/ProvincesNameCityWeight in poundsYear UNITED STATES        AlabamaTrent BoydCullman109214AlaskaDale MarshallAnchorage2,14722ArizonaScott Culp 69318ArzionaScott Culp 69318Articlean2018Arcawn69318Arckington Pom5King2018Arcawn2018Arcawn69318Arcown2018Arcawn2018Arcown2018Arcown2016Alex 519DelawareGivens, EdGeorgetown143617Dist of ColumbiaJoe MillsWash

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