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Weight of Metals and Alloys • Complete Metal Weight Chart

Metal Density in Metric and US Units

By Roof Online Staff • Last updated on September 26, 2022

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Copper Panels

Copper weighs 896 grams per cubic centimeter

Weight of Metal vs

Weight of Metal vs

Metal Weight

Metal Weight

Weight is the weight of something; The weight of an object is a measure of the force acting on the object due to the weight

Since weight is an inherent property of a specific object, it makes absolutely no sense to talk about the weight of a substance (like metal) in the abstract

To specify the weight of an object, it is necessary to have something to specify the weight of the object

Density can be defined simply as weight per unit volume, so the objects whose weights we list in the table below can be thought of as cubes of metal the size of a given unit volume (one square foot, one cubic inch, cube of one meter, and one centimeter cube)

For example: “500 pounds” is a weight value

“500 pounds per cubic foot” is a density value

Therefore, you can see that the values ​​given in our table are the technical density of the metal, since we express the values ​​as weight / volume unit

We called this web page “Weight of Steels and Alloys” instead of “Density of Steels and Alloys” to make it easier for people to find what they were looking for on the internet

Most people look for “metal weight” when they mean “metal density”

About this Iron Weight Chart

About this Iron Weight Chart

The following table gives typical weight (weight) values ​​for base metals and alloys in industrial use

In general, the weights of metals (or densities of metals, to be precise) we list were calculated from values ​​provided by sources such as Encyclopedia Britannica or the National Institute of Standards and Technology that we consider to be authoritative

The alloy weight values ​​were taken from the manufacturer’s technical data sheets and are actual weights of specific, representative products

In all cases, the weights of the metals we give are intended to give a general idea of ​​the weights of various metals, and should not be used if precise values ​​are needed for important engineering calculations

When accuracy is important, always refer to the data sheets of the actual, specific product you intend to use, or contact the technical department of the product manufacturer or material supplier

All the metal density values ​​we show are the density values ​​of metals at room temperature

Table: Weight of Metals and Alloys

Table: Weight of Metals and Alloys

Weight of Metals and Industrial Uses (Metal Density in US and Metric Units)


Pounds perCubic Footlb/ft³

Pounds perCubic Inclb/in³

Kilograms per Cubic Meterkg/m³

Grams per Cubic Centimeterg/cm³


Bell Metal (Copper, Tin 22%)

Beryllium copper


Copper (Aluminum Copper)

Copper (Phosphorus Copper)

Silicon Bronze

Cast Iron


Gun (Red Bronze)


Tin (White Tin, Metallic Tin)

Wrought Iron

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