What Happened to the F/V Destination After “Deadliest

A fisherman’s worst nightmare is an emergency at sea.

“Deadliest Catch” tells the story of all that goes down in Alaska’s turbulent Bering Sea. An emergency is a situation that a captain never hopes for.

But for the “Deadliest Death” crew aboard the F/V Destination, that call was never made. In 2017, Meshu left her port on her way to fill her crab pot and return home full of success.

While the crew was expected to deliver 200 pots of crab, the ship instead did not return home.

There were six workers on board.

She was thought to have tried to return in a severe snow storm.

Instead of trying to slow down and stop while the storm passed, the crew is believed to have tried to face the storm.

While rushing home, the ship capsized, killing all six crew members on board. Their destination is missing, and even worse, a dead call that was never made.

The ship is thought to have capsized in an ice pack that weighed the ship down with more than 340,000 pounds of ice.

In this murky situation, the workers probably never had a chance. “Everything that happened, it happened very, very quickly, and there’s no one left to tell their story,” Chris O’Neil, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board said. “The captain’s decision to proceed in conditions of heavy ice spray – without ensuring that the vessel had the stability to withstand the accumulation of ice – resulted in the loss of the ship.”

You wake up and you’re alive, and part of you wishes you weren’t there.” “The deadliest catch” The workers face other dangers at sea Not only the workers of the “Deadliest death” face dangers because of the weather conditions, sometimes the wildlife itself can be life-threatening.

During an episode where crew members Jeff and Josh are fishing for tuna, Jeff is seen in the water suddenly surrounded by a white tip shark.

As the villains continue to get dangerously close to each other, Jeff must distance himself to stop their interest. “This is scary stuff,” said Josh.

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