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Heavy engineering or heavy industry is a job related to the manufacture of heavy engineering products, large construction projects, production of various castings, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, machine tools, construction of buildings and infrastructure.

Heavy industry involves high capital investments, labor and a proper strategy to complete the process.

Heavy engineering plays one of the most important roles in the economic development industry, infrastructure development and growth of a nation.

Heavy engineering and industry also involve environmental and occupational hazards.

Heavy industries are one of the biggest contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases and it causes climate change, many employees and workers are also putting their health at risk because they work in polluted places such as coal mines, buildings, etc.

Transportation and construction is one of the largest jobs in heavy engineering and heavy industries, manufacturing of machine tools, production of modern shipbuilding, building infrastructures are also one of the largest jobs in heavy industries.

In modern days, economic development is one of the important factors for the country and the people, economic planning is based on heavy industry as a major investment area to start a heavy engineering project.

Modern ships are subject to heavy industry and the largest infrastructures and the largest ship engines and turbochargers are subject to heavy industry.

As the revolution in industry comes, heavy industry becomes one of the most important in economic and engineering development.

Transport and construction of the largest infrastructures are related to heavy industry.

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