What Is The Heaviest Weighted Blanket In The World

Dumbbells are great because they are the most versatile piece of gym equipment you can have

But have you ever wondered what the heaviest barbell in the world is and how many people can lift it?

The world’s heaviest dumbbell in its entirety weighs 420 pounds (190 kg) and was manufactured by Armactool Inc, an Ontario company in 2017

However, the barbell was custom ordered by Peter Czerwinski, aka Furious Pete, and is not available in a commercial gym

Today I’m going to explain to you what the world’s heaviest barbell is that the world’s strongest man would give to lift (by all means read this one, you’ll love it)

History of the heaviest barbell in the world

There are a few companies like Rogue or Kingsbox that specialize in making ridiculously heavy dumbbells for powerlifters and strongmen

Most of these dumbbells (also called monster bells) weigh between 100 and 250 pounds

Around 1906, British Strongman Thomas Inch created a 172-pound (78 kg) barbell, which at the time was considered the heaviest barbell in the world

Inch was the only person who could lift this heavy iron casting from the floor

This overly thick handle makes it nearly impossible to lift a barbell and requires tremendous grip strength

More than 100 years ago, Thomas Inch traveled around the world to prove that he was the only person who could lift such a heavy barbell

What is the heaviest dumbbell in the world today?

The world’s heaviest barbell is widely believed to belong to Canadian competitive eater and YouTube personality, Furious Pete

In 2017, Peter Czerwinski created a 420-pound barbell that was made from two cast iron discs that weigh more than 200 pounds each, an 11-inch-long metal handlebar, and a safety screw that holds the weight together

According to Pete, the goal of this project was to shake up the current fitness industry and invite powerlifting celebrities to his gym to attempt to lift this barbell

These types of dumbbells are heavy, but they are too long and uncomfortable to hold

The idea behind his 420-pound barbell was to create a solid weight that was shorter but much denser, so it took up less space and was easier to hold with both hands

The handle of this 420 lbs monster is long enough to give people enough room not only to grab it with two hands, but also to wrap the lifting straps around the barbell

How to make the heaviest dumbbell in the world

The world’s heaviest barbell was made in Canada by a company called Armactool, a press that specializes in sheet metal stamping

Here in the video below you can see the entire process of making the heaviest dumbbell in the world

Common barbells in commercial gyms usually go up to 150 pounds, depending on the type of gym

Some gyms and strongman gyms that specialize in heavy lifting may have dumbbells up to 300 pounds

For example, Gold’s Gym is a network of fitness clubs that cater mainly to bodybuilders and weightlifters

They offer dumbbells that range from 5 to 300 pounds, depending on the location

I personally saw 300 pound dumbbells while visiting Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach

These gyms offer weight machines, barbells, and dumbbells up to 375 pounds (more on that later)

On the other hand, gyms like LA Fitness or Planet Fitness have a limit on how heavy weights they use

Most Planet Fitness gyms do not have barbells, squat racks, barbell pads, and heavy weights

The heaviest dumbbells on the fitness planet are up to 80 pounds (you won’t find dumbbells heavier than 50 pounds in some places)

The heaviest dumbbells at LA Fitness are around 120 pounds and the heaviest kettlebells are around 50 pounds

However, the weight of the dumbbells is not universal for all gyms in LA and will depend on which location you are in

What is the maximum weight of a barbell in the gym?

Generally, the maximum barbell weight available at a commercial gym is 375lb and is available at Powerhouse Gym in Yucaipa, California

This barbell is made of 36 10-pound plates (18 on each side) and a 10-pound handle that has enough room for both hands

Many people visit this gym not only to train, but also to see the legendary vault, a 2,000-pound steel door that holds 375-pound dumbbells

Inside the vault you can see an old bench, a bunch of cast iron plates and some dumbbells including a 375 pound beast

Who can lift the heaviest dumbbells in the world?

Few people can lift the heaviest barbell in the world

What is the heaviest barbell weight you can buy?

Overall, the weight of the heaviest barbell you can buy in stores varies depending on the type of barbell

For example, the heaviest adjustable dumbbells weigh up to 90 pounds, while the heaviest monster balls sold online weigh up to 250 pounds

Loaded dumbbells mean you can add or subtract weight using thin 5kg (11lb) steel plates

For example, Strengthshopeu offers Monster dumbbells that weigh 35 kg (77 lb) when empty and up to 105 kg (231 lb) when fully loaded

On the other hand, other brands such as UK-based Watson Gym Equipment currently sell 150 kg (330 lb) dumbbells

This barbell is solid, which means you cannot regulate its weight

Overall, the world’s heaviest barbell available to the public can be found at the Powerhouse Gym in Yucaipa, California

This barbell weighs 375 pounds and is stored behind a 2,000 pound safe

However, the world’s heaviest dumbbell ever made (it weighs 420 pounds) belongs to famous YouTuber Peter Czerwinski

Peter hosts a number of events at his gym where he invites fitness celebrities and challenges them to lift that weight off the floor

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