What Weighs More Than a Pound? (Comparing We

In this article, I’ll show you some everyday foods and drinks that weigh a pound to help you quickly compare items as visual weight

Other than that, I’ve created tables to compare everyday items with weights of multiple pounds in case you need to compare more than a pound, so let’s get started!

If you’re trying to compare a pound to certain items, it’s helpful to know what a pound is, so here’s the info in case you need it

The pound is used for many measurements, such as weighing food and human weight

Many people track their weight loss in pounds, and it’s often helpful to have something physical to compare it to

A standard 415g can of baked beans, including the can (I used Heinz), weighs just over a pound at 470g / 104lbs per can

Check out the table below for more can of baked beans to weight loss conversions (round up or down to the nearest half can):

Weight in PoundsEquivalent Weight in Cans of BeansHalf PoundHalf CanOne Pound1 CanTwo Pounds2 CansThree Pounds3 CansFour Pounds4 CansFive Pounds5 Cans

The average McDonalds Big Mac weighs about 240g total, which means there are just over two Big Macs in a pound

Use the table below to find out how many Big Macs there are in other weight equivalents in pounds (rounded up to the nearest whole hamburger):

Weight in Pounds Equivalent Weight in Big Macs Half Pound 1 Big Mac One Pound 2 Big Mac Two Pounds 4 Big Mac Three Pounds 6 Big Mac Four Pounds 8 Big Mac Five Pounds 9 Big Macs

A pound cake gets its name from the weight and is a small loaf cake made in a one-pound pan that weighs one pound (16 ounces)

The table below shows more conversions from pound to pound cake:

Weight in PoundsEquivalent Weight in Pounds of PiesHalf PoundHalf PieOne Pound1 PieTwo Pounds2 PiesThree Pounds3 PiesFour Pounds4 PiesFive Pounds5 Pies

An average-sized avocado weighs about 150 g (53 oz) per fruit, which means there are about three avocados in one kilo

Use the table below to convert multiple avocados to pounds of weight based on one average-sized avocado (rounded up or down to the nearest half):

Weight in poundsEquivalent weight in avocadosHalf a kilo15 avocadosOne kilo3 avocadosTwo pounds6 avocadosThree pounds9 avocadosFour pounds12 avocadosFive pounds15 avocados

A small loaf baked in a one-pound pan weighs, you guessed it: a pound

The image below shows what a small loaf weighing a pound looks like in terms of size

The table below shows more loaf to kilo conversions if you need them:

Weight in Pounds Equivalent Bread Weight (Small One Pound Loaf) Half Pound Half Loaf One Pound 1 Loaf Two Pounds 2 Loaves Three Pounds 3 Loaves Four Pounds 4 Loaves Five Pounds 5 Loaves

A medium-sized jar or bottle of squeeze honey weighs one pound (16 oz/454 g)

For more honey to pound conversions, take a look at the table below (rounded to the nearest whole jar):

Weight in PoundsEquivalent Weight in HoneyHalf KiloHalf JarOne Pound1 JarTwo Pounds2 JarsThree Pounds3 JarsFour Pounds4 JarsFive Pounds5 Jars

An average sized egg weighs about 2 ounces/57 g each, which means there are about 8 eggs in a pound

The table below shows multiple egg to pound conversion weights based on an average sized average egg:

Weight in Pounds Equivalent Weight in Eggs Half Pound 4 Eggs One Pound 8 Eggs Two Pounds 16 Eggs Three Pounds 24 Eggs Four Pounds 32 Eggs Five Pounds 40 Eggs

The average weight of a raw hamburger patty is 4 ounces (113 g) or a quarter-pound, which means there are four hamburgers in a pound

Use the table below to calculate multiple burger-to-pound conversions (based on an uncooked medium quarter-pound patty)

Weight in PoundsEquivalent Weight in BurgersHalf Pound2 BurgersOne Pound4 BurgersTwo Pounds8 BurgersThree Pounds12 BurgersFour Pounds16 BurgersFive Pounds20 Burgers

The average sugar cube weighs 4 g (014 oz), which means there are 114 individual sugar cubes in one pound

Learn more about sugar cube weight conversions to pounds in the table below (figures are rounded up or down to the nearest whole sugar cube):

Weight in poundsEquivalent weight in sugar cubesHalf pound57 cubesOne pound114 cubesTwo pounds227 cubesThree pounds341 cubesFour pounds454 cubesFive pounds568 cubes

An average medium-sized apple weighs 41 ounces (115 g), which means there are about four apples in one pound; use the table to see more apple to pound weight comparisons (round up or down to the nearest one):

Weight in Pounds Equivalent Weight in Apples Half Pound 2 Apples One Pound 4 Apples Two Pounds 8 Apples Three Pounds 12 Apples Four Pounds 16 Apples Five Pounds 20 Apples

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